BORIS IS LOSING IT! 😜 🐷 #PeppaPig / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Nothing this prick says is interesting he needs dragging out of office he’s a joke.

    • The Leader of the U.K. ..who is threatening Lockdowns at Christmas and injecting children who do not need to be injected.
      This is the man you people of the U.K are following who talks about Pepper Pig?
      People please wake up!

      • I still don’t think this is enough to wake people up unfortunately. It’s becoming embarrassing now.

      • I have never followed him, he is an idiot, maniac clown.. Talks about Peppa Pig when he cannot find his queues LOL

    • Perhaps Peppa Pig could replace Johnson …sure she’d do a better job!

  2. We’ll never forgive you Boris. He isn’t losing anything because he’s never had anything to lose. I’d vote for Pepper over this pillock any day.

  3. That was excruciating to watch! He’s running out of waffle!

  4. Terrified without his notes that he would give the You will own nothing and be happy agenda away so he had to move into Peppa Pig world. Twit! Sorry evil twit!

  5. I’ve spent long enough working in the theatre to know amateur dramatics when I see them. I think this is a pretend blip, you know like that moment in Panto that ‘wasn’t supposed to happen’ (but happens every single show). We all know Boris can talk shite for days and has high oratory skills and a daft/smug confidence in any setting, so why the fumble and repeated apology. Combined with that ridiculous miming of shuffling randomly through papers only to return to the one he had all along.
    I dunno, maybe he’s hungover or distracted; but I think he’s playing; I wouldn’t like to guess why.

  6. That was even worse than how the fool performed at the G7 and Cop26, do we want this as the person that represents England to the rest of the world?

  7. No sorry Boris we don’t forgive you. He’s lost the plot, it’s all unraveling.

  8. BIjoe I mean Bojoe asked us to forgive him three times. What is he asking forgiveness about?

  9. I can see poor Bojo in a home for the bewildered with Joe em em what’s his name ..ah yes Biden asking each other …who did say you were again, please?
    I wonder if the mRNA biological agent affects brain function also?

  10. That’s pepper and George with a swollen Hart and wheel chair Boris squeezing like a pig the fucking warthog!

  11. WTF is he bumbling on about, how is this man in power? His gaffs are catching up with that of Sleepy Joe Biden. Just booked Christmas Day meal for me and the family at local pub, the landlady said under no circumstances will it be cancelled regardless of what they try and tell us to do. They will not close again! The fight back is coming✊🏻.

    • Good on her! I found out about a website “” today, I hope it takes off. Helps you find businesses near you that will not enforce covid passport nonsense! Good idea I thought!

      • Went into local yesterday for a pint, it was absolutely packed, dare I say it actually felt normal, no questions, no signs, no distancing, no screens at the bar, not a single mask, it was great, from what I’m seeing both at work and where I live the vast majority now are no longer listening to any of it and don’t give a shit anymore, although the MSM would have you believe the absolute opposite! TURN OFF YOUR TV AND IT ALL GOES AWAY!

  12. The new Zealand horse face is looking a bit haggard as well I noticed!
    Great keep the pressure on..

    • Oh Ian, you did make me laugh out loud with “New Zealand horse face”🤣 couldn’t have put it better myself. 😂
      Solidarity my friend💪

  13. Getting trickier to hold the narrative, don’t forget to talk about peppa pig at the end Borris, engage with the crowd on a lighthearted note, forget about the vaccine stuff for a while as people are starting to notice your teeth..

  14. The evil establishment elite empire is finally collapsing, whether you believe in God or not, we are in a spiritual war against the evil establishment elite fighting for humanity..God always wins.

  15. I hear the planned lockdown for the UK (England at least) is set for December 15th.

  16. Have a check Hugo what The Northern Territories are doing in Australia. The military have taken people from their homes to ‘Quarantine camps’ if they test positive or are a close contact. Also the residents are locked down completely in their homes & can only leave for emergency medical reasons. I’ve put a link below to a video if you haven’t already seen it.

    • Yes, this is a worrying turn of events: “close contact” could mean you’ve spoken against government policies one too many times…

      • Exactly, these bastards could be using any excuse to drag people out of there homes!

  17. Well, I’m afraid I read between his Pig propaganda. Basically (as he said prior to the Pig bit) people could work where they grew up. So no travelling and stay in our little towns we built especially for you – no travelling across the country. Stereotype father pig – wtf!!! Sorry Peppa, you can’t have a daddy pig because we are changing his gender. His? Woke is a Joke. Are we supposed to be sorry for him? He’s clever. The bumbling nonsense that he does – he can’t play at being Biden because he’s done the buffoon bit way too much. Like crying wolf. I see you Boris for what you are and you disgust me to the nth degree. I’m surprised he hasn’t found the awful Tellytubbies yet!

    • on point mate with that its almost subliminal. its witchcraft the way they talk. theyre casting spells on the public.

      • Carrie is a fully paid up member of the “Eyes Wide Shut” club.She is Boris’s handler.Carrie is working,like Hillary Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell,for Lynn de Rothschild.

    • Like on hunger games with the district’s. David icke mentions their plan alot. I also think Boris mentioned Peppa pig because that book is out about Peppa getting a jab. It’s more social engineering.

      • Maybe he is making an oblique reference to a spit roast ceremony he had with David Cameron and George Osborne at his Bullingdon Boys ritual.

  18. Ah poor Boris! He is right. Peppa Pig is right up his street.

  19. He kept saying forgive me ,, we never will untill he’s facing a fireing squad or the hangman’s noose

  20. Nothing this man says, Nothing is by mistake!!!! This whole shit show is bound by fear, imagine your under this spell, this is for them, those victims looking for normality, even leadership I imagine. And what they are met with as they start to awaken is more nonsense, more fear and ridiculousness

  21. I think it is all part of the global script given to these so called leaders,they all act crazy because they are of course,but also to send the ‘normies’ into a greater sense of confusion

  22. Good grief! Forgive him! Hell would have to freeze over before I would ever do that, he’s got Biden syndrome what a joke..the wheels are definitely coming off his peppa pig bus 🚌 .

  23. I found it really funny.. making car noises and he loved peppa pig world..

    Boris should be a comedian… he like a 5 year old in a adult man’s body…

  24. Used to be a big Boris fan, now i despise him and every word is a lie.

  25. I think Doris is acting, maybe they’re planning moving him on just like half cock, to me this looks like a deliberate attempt to make him appear that he’s losing the plot, either that or the guilt is eating him alive from the inside out.. Time well tell

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