BORIS IS LOSING IT! 😜 🐷 #PeppaPig / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Cringe!!!!!!!! You know what I would really love to see happen. All the politicians completely crack up and have a mental breakdown after all this shit, so all the truth comes out and everybody around the world see this scam for what it really is and gets revenge on them for all the damage they have done, all the devastation they have caused these last 2 years!!! We all know that Boris likes to play the buffoon, but I want to see him completely crack up and turn into a complete real genuine wreck! Let the house of cards come tumbling right down right now!!!!!!!! Justice has to prevail!

  2. why’s he asking for forgiveness. we’re never gonna forgive you

  3. How long more of this shit show do we have to endure! I’m losing the will to live.

    • Losing the will to live serves no purpous, watching how pathetic they are serves a purpous, it is real education. It is obvious that Boris is feeling the squeeze and he is not on his own, he will pay for his crime and pay dearly/

      • Hey Ray? Fancy seeing you here! It’s P, and I know how you spell purpous!! If it’s a Ray who has no idea who I am, please disregard!!

  4. The disappointing prospect is that despite his previous employers telling us that Boris was an untrustworthy character, the people still elected him, suggesting a level of intelligence and enquiry that will not question (indeed will agree) with the next set of restrictions (15th Dec?) that his government imposes.

  5. looks and sounds dubbed to me! i used to support boris but he needs to step down now

  6. How far this jabbering lying idiot has fallen since “Have I Got News For You.” his ‘finest’ hour. The lying scum at the BBC should have given the plonker a full time job.

    • Yep all been downhill since he spluttered foolishly and oh so charmingly when put on the spot for.. Arranging a brutal beating for someone wasn’t it??!! Anyway, I think he’s acting here.. Ridiculing us.. Fits the profile.. Remember his Bain quoting inaugural Mayoral address in 2012? He’s actually taking the piss

  7. Three times Bumbling Boris asked for “Forgiveness” but he will not be forgiven, and while he may be loosing the plot I have no doubt he will loose his head for real along with many others.

  8. I have just returned to the UK after living on a tiny desert island for two years. This Covid stuff surprises me but somebody was really taking the piss when they said this man was elected as our Prime Minister two years ago! FFS I am not stupid enough to believe that! Of too unpack my bags, isn’t it cold…brrrrr.

  9. I’m not too surprised at the Peppa Pig reference, but the shuffling thro’ of papers whilst saying what sounds like ‘Forgive me’, which he says three times…… unsettling. ‘Forgive him’ for what exactly? This seems like a coded message to me. Anyone else notice it?

  10. He knows what he’s doing he’s acting the clown while they murder kids. It’s to throw you off the scent not old Bojo he’s not compliant with all that stuff he’s a lovelble buffoon act. Not buying it him and the rest of them should face the hangman’s noose.

  11. There is a subliminal message with this forgive me mantras. He is pretending to have lost the plot….

  12. He may be a psycho but he ain’t losing his marbles. Scripted rubbish but no doubt with some subliminal messaging.

  13. I hope that he ends up like Caligula or Romania’s Nicolae Ceaucescu! They all need to hang from Traitors Gate or Tyburn Tree! “If you don’t take an interest in the political process then you deserve to be governed by your inferiors” PLATO

  14. Hes trying to play the nice guy and get people to say how silly he is….
    Hes a wolf in a fat sheeps clothing…

    • The sheep spends its life scared of the wolf only to be eaten by the shepherd

  15. that was awful to watch
    The elected leader of a powerful country,
    has that as a speech

    Cheers Hugo

  16. Remember the stupid twat last year when he was supposedly in hospital with the INVISIBLE ENEMY and he thanked nurses Luis from Portugal and Jenny from New Zealand for saving his life,Ha ha ha ha ha,and I bet he was getting get well cards from ‘normies’ #human muppets

    • But he wasnt in hospital. If he had really been ill with covid there would have been pics of him in intensive care with the headline ‘imminent death of PM’ or something similar all over the press. But there wasnt so it was clearly fake news. And in fact he was in America at the time having talks with Gates

  17. Sounds like subliminal messaging. Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series that revolves around an ANTHROPOMORPHIC female pig. Definition of anthropomorphic 1: described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes – anthropomorphic deities. 2: ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things – anthropomorphic supernaturalism. Stay well away from the dna changing nanobot death jab.

    • Yes Jane way more to that than off the cuff ramblings. He looks like he’s acting to me

  18. He going Lets Go Brandon!!! WTF. see they have to pretend, maybe even to themselves, that they haven’t lost all critical thought. They have to pretend they are not insane. To who? to the gullible twats who fall for their insanity!

  19. This reminds me of the time last year when Vallance let one rip during a press briefing on covid. He tried to cover it up by fumbling with his papers on the podium but it did not pass unnoticed by both Hancock and Whitty who looked across the room as the microphone picked up the fart. Apparently farting is a symptom of covid so Vallance has the reputation of being a ‘superspreader’

  20. May be reaching here but I think it’s code. Full reduction is 77 (peppa pig world) also saw articles with 777 in which is odd. Then the pics of a huge gold ship coming from space people are sending in. I think somethings coming and they know it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. I think the British translation of ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ is ‘Let’s go Peppa!’

  22. Did you notice he said ‘forgive me’ thrice like a catch phrase :)! Oliver Goldsmith did much the same when he ‘conceived thrice and brought forth nothing.
    I would have thought he would prefer shriek but then again ‘animal farm’ Orwell preferred pigs in his use of character leaders. Think it was to do with the noses in the trough expression.

  23. ‘Forgive me….forgive me….forgive me…’ No Doris, we will never forgive you. There are now millions of us awake, and we are very, very pissed off. My advice: start making your escape plans now.

  24. Comparing the real world to Peppa Pig world….seriously Boris you may not be like the angry Oz but you’re clearly just as desperate!!
    The more we resist the more they squeeze, the more they squeeze the more we resist and the crazier they act, I think we finally have them on the run

  25. Peppa Pig world, is that the same as The Village ?
    Mk Ultra ~ D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – Street Names: LSD, Acid … Maybe he has been spiked
    Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known colloquially as acid, is a psychedelic drug. Effects typically include intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception….
    Make him spout a load of goblyde gook & flaf about like a pigeon in a box too many times & get rid of him,
    To bring in someone with more intent to bang us up more & cause total restrictions accross the country. Zone Locking, Cant travel , Cant do shit !
    Someone like Deep State Kier Stammer ……… Who would love to make more restrictions & bring the country into meltdown in a truly apparatchik commie way
    Makes you wonder

  26. I believe his Pepa Pig mentions is because he has a baby recently, so he must have been watching it with his son.

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