WE SEE YOU BORIS! Public Wake Up / Hugo Talks #lockdown


118 Comments on “WE SEE YOU BORIS! Public Wake Up / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Johnson must think barbers are full of Covid but pie shops are the safest places on earth!!

    • Bojo the inbred clown & the govt would have to do a full lockdown because if they just had a lockdown for the PureBloods then the jabbed sheep would be woken up as they would then see the cases still raising and the deaths still raising and the jabbed sheep would realize it is them the jabbed that are the spreaders and them that are the dying. With just the PureBloods in lockdown the C0NV!D$CAM would be ended very quickly and the jabbed sheep would all see the C0NV!D$CAM and the Jab is the killer poison.

      • Everything they are doing is designed to push people to breaking point. Once that point is reached, people will revolt, which gives them the excuse to invoke martial law, and once that happens it’s game over. They will round up all the anti-vaxxers and put them in camps, where they will be forcibly jabbed. Once that happens, it’s the end of humanity as we know it.

      • What? Put in a camp and given a jab that millions of people have already taken? And what happens then? You just sit in the camp? Or do they take you through to the crematorium next door? You do spout some rubbish.

    • Arts collective in Holland 🇳🇱 has OMT doctor sacked as he has spoken out about 60% in hospital; double triple jabbed and very sick he says he can’t lie and saying no point getting jabbed

      • Big question i ask people is why get a jab put in you that was never tested on anything and is not a actual vaccine as it takes 7-10 years to actually make a proper one…
        Also they are still in 2-3 clinical stages…
        And also these RMNA jabs have never been put into a human before…
        These folk have been well and truly shafted…
        If i get called a anti vaxxer i say “its not a vaccine so im not a anti vaxxer”
        That stumps there tiny little brains

    • Nice one Hugo …as you say surprised it hasn’t been taken down yet!

      Keep up your excellent work!

      U da man!

    • Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens are all puppets to the Federal Reserve and the banking system. The banks run the world, they are the shadow government but control everything. The leaders you see are nothing!

      • Yes absolutely. Rusechilds at the top, Gates the front man.

  1. They are all hypocrites. They are playing the game the ORCHESTRATING EVILS BEHIND them ..PRE-PLANNED…

      • Impeachment,, just look at what is waiting to get in Boris’s chair STARMER,, he’s a nazi a vaccine nazi, we need someone who is independent of pharma and Rothschild/Rockefeller bankers and WEF psychopaths, including Prince Charles.

  2. Bojo let it slip that the booster will “make your life easier” in another clip I saw. Not even saying it’s for your health and safety anymore, just to make your life easier with all the sh!t they are bringing in!!!

    GPs are not avaliable now unless you’re dying.
    Their aim is ill,weak and old to die asap…HIDDEN BOSSES ORDERED…The only way: IMPEACHMENT TO THIS GOVERNMENT

    • Wow, sometimes I even question this forum as the trust level is very low with the online reality v the real world. I think that’s why the lockdowns, not to separate just, but to connect us to an alternative information source, people speak differently through technology, they become compressed as human beings into emoticons. But wow those string of comments you read out were like Mike Tyson fighting a self delusional Oxford (or whatever) “elitist” boy with a very strange way of speaking as a human being. I get now why Hugo calls them entities. Good on you Hugo, the Truth has a great way of smacking the “god complex” people of our society, from the dictator, to the doctor, to the scientist, to the nurse and eventually to the family home. The writing is on the wall now, the time for the sleepy people to wake would be great now. Never be afraid to tell the truth from here on in, for the truth will set you free (never knew I was a holy type) but come on, the truth ain’t coming from the top of this establishment, spread the word locally, by asking a question or calling something fucked up, you are giving others the courage to rise up, to know they are not alone, that we are human beings. The sleepy have been programmed, maybe nano particles are the size of a brain cell, who knows.

    • I’m not sure what impeachment means isn’t that an American thing can we just kick the bastard’s out

  4. This Cnut has to be brought to justice with appropriate sentence if & when found guilty. Hanging! We have to do it folks!

  5. Like the way idiots still say “they had covid” when its just from that swab test only which does not test for sickness🤦🏻‍♂️….
    This is all just for economic gain and control…
    Had a friend say today she is proctected by the jab as millions have died from “covid”🤦🏻‍♂️…
    I said “keep having them and see what your like in 5 years time or less”…

    No government “leaders” have had jabs and are laughing at the plebs having them to line there own pockets…

    Fear based control and manipulation…

    • Why did perfectly fit Healthy people queue up to find out if they were ill with the world’s most deadly virus? The fell for this hoax left right and centre, and played right into the hands of our corrupt government with a PM who wouldn’t know TRUTH if he fell over it.

      • Johnson will end up with a bad cold and a positive swab again in hospital on a ventilator like he claimed last year but just had a bad cold thats all…
        People are welcome to them jabs..
        They should have “spineless” badges given to them when done..

  6. Go on my channel and you can see Stanley Johnson wants to depopulate in an interview openyourminduk2 subscribe to my channel for Loads of truth content

  7. openyourminduk2 subscribe to my channel for Loads of content iv got Stanley Johnson in an interview talking about depopulating the UK

  8. So to summarize, the Covid19 “vaseline”…
    Does not provide immunity
    Does not eliminate the virus
    Does not prevent death
    Does not guarantee you won’t get it
    Does not stop you from passing it on to others
    Does not eliminate the need for travel bans
    Does not eliminate the need for business closures
    Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns
    Does not eliminate the need for masking

    If after reading this you still decide to get the “vaccine”, enjoy your untested Jab & don’t worry about those of
    us that don’t want it. After all, you’re safe, right??

    • I’ve been reading all these comments, thinking of commenting myself, but this one, this Is what I wanted to say…

      no vaxx here, and I get nurses visiting twice a week, who are ALWAYS masked, I am not…
      but they are… why are they masked as if I am a threat to them… or are they a threat to me???
      Get lost, my immune system is good enough to protect me… I have been to 34 countries in my life, rarely had a problem,,,
      YES, I have had both malaria and dengue fever, both mosquito born, but both times I was able to continue working in Africa…

  9. I’m a hairdresser working from home. 99% of my clients don’t wear a mask and about 15% are doctors, dentists nurses and covid scientists. None of them wear a mask.

    They breath a sigh of relief when I say its up to them if they want to wear it or not and they whip that shit off and take a deep breath

  10. The Dream Of Rome (2006) is a book by Boris Johnson where he compares himself to a Roman emperor. I truly believe he is one of the most hated people in the UK.

    • England and the English HATE the whole establishment esp. the civil service which, at present, really runs the uk as it tells every govt what to do and when and how…

    • If Boris is like any Roman Emperor he is Valerian, the fat greedy Emperor who persecuted the Christians, and when finally captured by the Persians, because of his unquenchable thirst for money and gold, they poured molten gold down his throat.

      I can see the parallel and hope Boris the Ignominious meets the same excruciating end for all the harm he’s done to good people, children, and the lives of babies he’s taken, the fat useless sack of shit.

      And his useless fat sack of shit father can go 2nd.

      • It was the parthians who defeated Marcus licinius Crassus, Laurence Olivier in Spartacus, who had poured molten gold down his throat when they captured him at carrhae. So the story goes.

      • I wouldn’t waste gold on the fat prick!! I’d force feed him pies!! Oh…bollocks!!

  11. file:///Users/edunwoody/Desktop/VACCINE%20EXPERT%20WARNS%20OF%20COVID%20VACCINATION%20CATASTROPHE.webarchive

    • The jab pass is called covid…
      Certificate Of Vaccination Identification

  12. I had Convid last October and can honestly say I haven’t been ill since. Not been poked by the goobermint either and prepared to die on any hill to fight for my bodily autonomy. F ing lock me up, don’t care. Cheers Hugo, your work supports a lot of people.

    • If they want to lock me up a pensioner for not getting the jabs well go for it
      I will have people to talk to,, 3 meals a day, and I will be warm and not afraid to put my heating on.

  13. Bojo is lying shit c..nt sell out to big pharma and should end up like Causescu

  14. People are waking up! I left a comment on there with 7 people i know with adverse reactions. Enough is enough! They’ll keep pushing and pushing.

  15. I really hope you are right Hugo, Everyone I know has cut me off for trying to wake them up! I can’t even bear to look at that fuck wit! How can he sleep at nights knowing what he’s doing??

  16. I’m a member of a triathlon club with over 100 members. All very fit and healthy people until they started taking these jabs. So many sick and being labelled as long covid. Only ones getting the rona are jabbed. Handful of us didn’t get jabbed and not so much as a sniffle in 2 years while the rest are having weeks and some months out from training due to health issues.

    • I’ll second that, Samantha. My uncle had a mini stroke after the pfizer, never been right since, chest pains, lethargy, doctor said it’s long covid – caused by the jab!! We don’t even know anyone who’s had a deadly virus round here, he needn’t have had put himself through the jab damage even if he did believe convid existed! Others I know have other problems post jab too.

    • 80% taking up hospital beds and dying are the unvaccinated you idiot, they should put all you anti vaxers on an island together so you can infect each other so
      the rest of us can live a normal life vaccinated.and healthy. You dumb ass woman

  17. Keep hearing reports about the Ulster Hospital’s A&E department being overwhelmed because of covid (its about 10 miles from where l live), but l clearly remember way before this virus appeared, that ambulances were lined up outside and the waiting area was packed and people were waiting on trolleys in corridors overnight and there were no beds etc etc. The situation has been the same for years. Only difference now is that the unjabbed are being blamed for it.

  18. ‘Let’s Go Johnson’ – you lying, scheming, scruffy bastard! – you are as worthless as an autumn leaf.

    • Actually leaves are quite useful and have a purpose …they take toxicity out of the living organism, rot down and provide nutrients for the next season.

      To compare the useless congenital idiot masquerading as a prime minister, when really he is a war criminal, is being disingenuous to foliage everywhere.

  19. Yep, he’s trying to wake everyone up….thats not the real Boris….all theatre…

  20. Boris is a big blonde walrus.i don’t think he’ll be in power for all of his term.

  21. Doris Johnson has room to talk about overpopulation he’s got children two different women all over Britain he has room to talk

    • He needs castrating to avoid pro creating nasty creatures like himself.

  22. I decline the Jab. If they try to force me it will be Abuse and against my human rights. Boris has serious Nazi tendencies. Did our young men die fighting for our freedom so that this obnoxious turd can destroy it in less than two years. Wake up people, fight back, regain your freedom before it’s lost forever.

  23. Had enough of all this nonsense.
    Don’t get me wrong I know what’s going on! Plutocratic coup de ta, the world will never be the same.

    • Yes, you’re right in what you say, but (sorry, but should be pointed out…) ‘coup d’etat’ is spelt the way I’VE just spelt it, and not the way you did… sorry, but correct spelling (and correct punctuation) is important.

      And yes, before anyone says “But the human race is in grave peril, here, with what’s happening, what does spelling matter?”, yes I’m very aware of the extreme peril which humanity is in. I’ve been trying to ‘wake up’ my family members and friends, ever since this nightmare began. But they chose to ‘not believe’ what I told them, and so stupidly rolled up their sleeves…

  24. Well that was good news indeed. Had to laugh at some of the comments. Now how about making our lives easier and take all kazillion stabs of those wondrous poison cocktails in one session (up the ringer if need be LOL! That was funny). Let’s see how you handle it, let’s see you curl up in absolute agony you disgusting murdering freak Boris. Same for the rest of the thieving genocidal maniacs in power. Let us all have a syringe each and line up to give him a dose for mankind.

  25. I vote we put Larry the No 10 cat in charge. He has more lives left than Dorris 🙂

  26. Depopulation Jab

    Covid 1984 is just the Flu re-branded so that the Evil Luciferian FreeMasons New World Order can murder the masses for the Depopulation Agenda!

    Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
    “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
    Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
    We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
    Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
    We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
    We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
    The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

    [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
    Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.


    • Such a paradox how medicine made so many advancements to save and extend life, only to then turn it around and start mass murdering people with medicines..

  27. It’s happening! The people are awakening! Let’s go! I am so happy.

    • Yep and you’d also be surprised at the amount of threats from people too, and people stating that he should tried and hung for democratic treason, genocide and much more but those comments are taken down because saying someone should be tried and give death penalty (even justified)! Goes against the FB terms and conditions. I for always leave comments and opinions on BJ’s thread and that B*st*rds should be hung but this is just my opinion!

  28. And stop the immigrants? That dribbler didn’t say illegal… Just “immigrants”. See what the msm does to people?! Think where your ideas come from before you say them folks

      • I get it prescribed… sativex…. I am a cripple
        but I’m not allowed to grow my own

  29. rickh68…….so you had convid last October and can honestly say you have’nt been I’ll since……..🤥,or maybe you are worlds first patient to have convid,just like here in B.C. Canada where we had the world’s first patient was diagnosed by his trusty G.P. with………..CLIMATE CHANGE 😏, come save us grrrrrrreta

  30. It’s no good thinking about voting them out next time. 1. There is no opposition and 2. Even if you create a new party you can’t beat them at this game.

    We really need to be learning about anarchy and a new way of doing things. We can look after things ourselves. We do not need leaders. Anyone that wants to rule over others is the last person you want doing it

  31. Thank you once again Hugo for sending out this video. I was quite heartened to hear most of those comments which show people are waking up and refusing to have boosters. So many people ill after the jabs and that’s just the ones reported, there must be hundreds more who haven’t bothered to report their illness on the yellow card scheme.
    I have seen the videos a long while ago where Boris and his father say we should depopulate and yet he has 7 or 8 children himself! One rule for them and one rule for us.
    People are rising up, that is a step in the right direction.👏

  32. your days are numbered bojo and boiled egg head. the nightclubs will open properly soon, then i can have a much needed dance.

  33. Thank You, Hugo. This is excellent news, the peoples comments I mean. Seems like people are truly waking up now, finally. The tide sounds like it’s definitely turning, but there may be more crap thrown at us until we do win. But, peoples reactions are changing and can only get stronger.

  34. Quit clear the morgues are filled with people who have died and not with covid,, I know lots of people who have had covid they have all been fine other than an old neighbour, an 84 year-old retired nurse who was already receiving palliative care with small cell lung cancer. She is the only one I know who was said to have died “WITH covid” I now know 5 people now at this stage who have died after the vaccine,, one said to have died with covid. Why did he get covid post injection when he had worked all year as normal and without any health problems before having that injection. People while they may have been fooled at one time are rapidly seeing what is happening and if anything are more afraid of the “experimental vaccine” than any virus. People are not stupid!

  35. Thanks Hugo, cheered me up. What do you think their escape plan will be, use Fauci as scapegoat? They must have a damage limitation policy. I’d like to see more people awaken to what’s trully going on globally. It won’t be over just because people woke up to ‘Covid’. Other pandemics can be manufactured. It’s not time to be complacent, but time to be push forward more.

  36. After watching this, l nipped over to see the posting and the comments, of course. Apart from seeing the stats, they’ve all been removed. What a surprise! Lovely to see their narrative crumble. I had a verbal run-in with someone the other week. Still very hard to reach people. Regarding fb, peeps should watch Dave’s latest vid postcast offering. Very interesting as they always are.

  37. After watching this, I nipped over to see the posting and the comments – of course. Apart from the stats, they’ve all been removed. What surprise! It’s lovely to see their narrative start to crumble but it’s still very hard to reach people after having a verbal run-in with someone the other week. Regarding fb, peeps should watch Dave’s latest vide podcast offering. It’s very interesting and entertaining as they always are.

    • I only discovered David Icke’s work earlier this year but he must be quietly chuckling to himself. He has pretty much nailed it all along. People need to follow him, not their Doctor, Prime Minister or MSM.

  38. After watching this, I nipped over to see the posting and the comments – of course. Apart from the stats, they’ve all been removed. What a surprise! After having a verbal run-n with someone the other week, it’s still very difficult to reach people. Regards fb, peeps should watch Dhey ave’s latest vid podcast offering. They’re very interesting and entertaining as they always are.

  39. Nice one Hugo I bet after All u been doing to get info out over this last 2year bless you
    U must have had great pride in reading them comments because I certainly am pleased people are telling themselves Enough Is Enough!!

    Shame the comments still keep calling it Covid… it’s Flu
    which they also created like anything else Nasty they create & throw at Us! All just control!

    Our governments have treated us Worse than lab rats for Years!

    I share your stuff to anyone I talk with, vacation people just tell me how ill they were after & how now they having memory loss & all sorts strange reactions??

    So Don’t Comply
    Simply as that!

    Cheers Hugo

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