What’s Going on In Sainsbury’s?? Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I’ve decided to re-brand myself as a Jab Jew , I don’t follow Judaism but it might wake up a few people to understand this is exactly what the Nazi’s did to society

  2. It’s not a passport barrier YET!
    As we all know that’s what it will become.

    • If its just a shopping app, why does the gormless worker reply “we’re not allowed to say” when asked what its all about?

    • I am not going there then from now on. The system is to allow for having no staff after the great culling take place over winter.

    • I have seen them at tescos , its meant to be to make shopping quicker. They haven’t got it on the door tho. It was a big tescos I saw it in London. It wasn’t in your face and no one was could even see it. Its all bollocks. Have you seen all the new bank cards being advertised on TV recently, its also making me sick how they are even telling people to pay of for a quick cremation? Take the stress of the family and let them celebrate? Celebrate ffs. If I lost a family member its not a fucking party. Also there even telling young mums to take out life insurance cause they need to think of there kids if the worst should happen? If people can’t see by now they never will. I rember when the first ads started for the over 50s funeral plan, I couldn’t belive they were actually telling people to start paying of for a funeral and that was at least 3/4 years ago. I thought I could smell a rat then, I remember falling out with my younger brother who actually wasn’t even 50 and said I think I will take out a funeral plan. All because the TV says so. They can do 1. Now it’s a quick cremation. I actually received 1 of these quick cremation things in the post last week. I really think it’s getting way out of hand now. I’m also getting letters about the TV licence bollocks. Debt companys sending me letters about debts I don’t owe. Its like I’m being bombarded from all angles. The TV licence letters are unreal . They actually want to come in and have a quick look around the house. I kid you not they think they have a right to come into people’s homes to look around. Wtf is going on in this world. Nick me then ,take me to curt fine me put me in jail I don’t give a toss.As for a quick cremation the government can do that can’t they lol , fucking front of it all.

      • It is called ‘scan and shop’. it has being going for a long time. You go around the shop with a scanner. And your bags are ‘randomly’ checked. And if they find you haven’t paid for something you are barred from using it. Waitrose has them too, not that I can afford to shop there, but I can see the scanners at the entrance door as I walk by on the way to a budget shop.

      • Do you still get a free P. Arker pen ‘just for enquiring’?

      • It seems to be over 30s funeral plans now. Funny you mention ‘TV Licencing’. I haven’t heard from them for months now. Should I be worried? Do you think I may have dropped off of their mailing list? Or have they ‘opened an investigation’? Whatever, they won’t be getting a penny out of me.

      • Morning

        Really good comment
        And I sorry to say I have had similar happening
        I had knocks on my door
        Tv license, gas board they coming out work work like insects!
        I don’t open door
        I know who is ‘invited’ to my place.
        any other knock can Feck off!!!

        They going to try to keep doing anything they can to keep us depressed & feeling all ‘outcast’ … I shake my head!! Lol

        It’s not going happen because I won’t let it!

        Drive careful I say to them who come pounding at my door with bad intentions.

      • You need to actually cancel your TV licence, it is simple to do. Not paying it is not good enough, they will keep onto you.

      • Evening Mark

        I have cancelled
        I don’t need it or watch tv

        let’s be honest as well
        they don’t deserve our money with the Crap they actually put on it anyways

      • Exactly, TV Licence is paying for the British Brainwashing Corporation / Paedo-harbouring Corporation and they get plenty of funding from Bill Gates anyway!

    • Was all about some virus wasnt it😄…
      How the brainwashed have fallen for this…
      Thanks to them though for getting us normal folk in the shit now…
      I will save a punch in the face for one eventually

  3. Boycott, Boycott, Boycott. Do not comply, Voice your anger and concerns on every media platform, and to anyone and everyone. Go anywhere that is not partaking in this new world order takeover. So that also means boycotting Tesco`s, do not give these places your business.

  4. We as a family visit Sainsbury’s sometimes four times a week. If this takes place in Wombourne, then it’s Lidl for us.

    • Lidl is just as bad. My local Lidl was the first to go cashless way back in March 2020. I was shocked. I expected is to be the likes of Tesco. Anyway, I haven’t set foot in one since. All these big companies are as bad as one another.

    • That would just be another attempt at an Adhesion Contract – like Mandates which you are not obliged to accept. Take the phone from them and then you’re bound by the contract.

  5. Sainsburys are full of people at the inside chemist getting jabs
    They were queuing today
    So that’s my last trip to Sainsburys

    I changing to a local chemist as I need regular meds unfortunately with my illness

    Sainsbury’s the new jab centre!
    And all the people I noticed had a few quid they were masked & moody
    It proves the rich are out for each other
    Don’t reply saying’ o it’s been this way for ages’ because I know & I can’t be arsed keep getting down about this
    So Sainsbury’s can kiss my back end ! End of story
    I using local shopping now day I don’t want mix with people who look down on me when I not even bothered about them.

    Bye Sainsbury’s they greedy & I won’t miss them & they can have the brainwashed people

    Cheers Hugo

    • People getting jabbed in Sainsbury’s eh? Everyone I know round here has to travel 20 odd miles for their booster and still happy to do it the numpties lol.

      • I know Gina craziness

        And theses people travelling should remember really
        They not being kind to the environment driving so far either
        Mr Johnson flys from Scotland to London, London to Scotland but that’s fine to!
        No environmental issues there apparently ..mmmmm
        Porkie pie ..I think he lie

        Have nice evening hopefully you keeping good take care

  6. I recommend people go into slaveburys, fill up a trolley and park it without paying for groceries, that will annoy them big time!

    • I unfortunately have to go to a Tesco store tomorrow for one item.
      I shall fill a trolley and ditch it when full. This could lead to a new hobby!

    • No , I find it so childish as the staff is not implementing the rules. Just stop.shopping there.

  7. Same as depressco’s the barriers are up & waiting for the sofware upgrade to pass status……………………….. No notices as yet but got a screen / reader on the posts ……………. So F’kin obvious,,,, ………..

    Dress a TURD with salad cream,,,, UNDERNEATH it is still a Turd ……………!!!

  8. Made my blood boil…idiots these big supermarkets…not using any of them anymore..farmers markets and local grocery shops avway forward!!

  9. It has all been planned with military precision and all aspects are being brought in through a lockstep with the big corporations all moving step by step to the same goal…digital identity and digital everything.

  10. This is clearly firstly about surveillance and tracking what you buy and secondly a precursor to vaccine passports – I buy local, organic fruit veg and pulses etc and canned goods from a small independent company….clothing I buy from sources that are independent and support the causes I support but what I never do is buy from big companies whether it be UK based ones or multinationals

  11. It’s called The Internet of Things. First they want people to play with their phones, but in 2030 people will’ve to have a microchip in the bodies, otherwise they won’t be able to buy or pay. Transhuman Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset, it’s what those antichrists want for us, to control our minds and to empty our souls.

  12. Grow as much of your own food as you can, even if it’s a pepper plant in your windowsill. Not only will it taste better and give you some indipendence, it’s less money in someone else’s pocket.

    • It’s the only way. We have started making our own bread, and it is so,,so easy. We grow our own, have stocked up with tins, flour etc., and will only shop at farmers’ markets, and fish shops. When will people wake up to this tyranny and realise it has zero to do with a scam virus.

      • Instead of buying flour, buy wheat grain and a hand grain mill. The the grain will last indefinitely if stored correctly. Also have a look into pressure canning and dehydrating food.

    • Hi
      Yes I been watching vids on how make outside safe cooking oven that runs off wood bits ect
      Got admit I no builder but it looks well affective n my daughter a builder so she help when she gets time she says so I looking forward to seeing how it goes?

      Take care

    • The problem with making your own bread, at least with a breadmaker, is that it makes you FAT. The bread is too tasty. They turn you into a house end in no time. That is the No.1 reason that breadmakers end up being given away or end up in ‘charity shops’. It is a lovely smell to fill your home with. I like to bake a loaf, and give it away to a friend or a neighbour and make them fat. I will have to be desperate before I eat my cacti collection, I’ve had them growing for years.

  13. This is training for the AI blockchain when you have your ‘social credits’ on your phone to buy all your needs, no credits no entry. Just another string on the same bow once the sheep are all trained the strings will be combined and drawn together as a noose.

  14. Just think , you have to go through `gates` and then get a `bill` afterwards. Just reverse that.

      • I do my best haha 🙂 I`m doing great love. You take care too love.

  15. I remember a while back @Hugo you did a video asking if anyone had noticed anything strange happening at there local supermarket if any changes with the entrance & exit… And very slyly my local “TESCO” has got barriers that you have to go through, slowly getting us used to seeing barriers at the entrance, and no doubt they will upgrade the barriers to have the scan “BULL”shhh when they try say NO JAB NO ENTRY “Vax Passport”

  16. there to watch your purchase history and track and trace your carbon footprint etc etc so they can cut you off if you have hit your carbon footprint max ffs. all planned being transhumanized, another place to boycott, no jab no smartphone no food manipulating people further to need a smartphone. lets see if people comply or not. basically says to me no phone no entry there just installing them for the future, same as vaccine centres, built to stay, as well as painted signs. think we all know now we are not coming out of it. there coming for the unvaccinated, because we know to much, and wont comply, that’s why there locking us down, to get us to comply, question is whos going to crack and have it and what it will come down to, someone i know someone who was totally against has succomd to it, and got doable jabbed (twat) because is missis wanted to fly, great time to be single.

  17. Well, that’s me out. Don’t have a smart phone and not getting one.

  18. I never go to sainsbury’s anyway but since the yanks took over a lot of these supermarket everything’s gone on The downward spiral have you quite happy to go local.

  19. Why they was chucking out cheap contracts on top of the range phones early 2020..
    When i said the jab passes are for society people laughed at me…
    Saw one of them the other day who laughed and said “whos the dickhead now eh?..”…
    The sheepishly walked off funny enough and pardon the pun

    • I saw an add on tv somewhere recently where they were advertising the new I-phone 13. They were offering the new contracts for 10s of pounds a month cheaper if you handed in your old phone. I thought hmmmm , the old burn your bridges tactic eh. No going back to the old ways when you realise what`s in store for you. Once that door closes behind you it locks shut. I have never owned a smart phone. I have an old pay as you go one for emergencies only , not even texting , nothing. Technology in my life for the most part stays in the house. When I walk out of the door I am free as a bird.

      • They even try to screw people over for being PAYG with an “emergency only” phone by robbing the credit if the phone is not used for a certain amount of time! Bar-stewards!

  20. Pubchem. Com you will find all the patterns for covid 19 dating back as far as 2005 this shit will be Google patterns for scanners which will be 2020 patterns it’s all lock step and planed all patterns no shock to owns them

  21. I have worked in Retail for 35 years and never seen quite the looks of this,they don’t want our Business now . WTF!! 🙂

  22. Thank’s for doing what your doing, realy appreciate you spreading truth & real news hopefully the sheeple will wake up in time…

  23. When people suggest filling trolleys and leaving them at the checkouts.. they must fill trolleys with fresh items from the bakery, fresh bread etc, or fresh fish and meat, and frozen items, to cause maximum disruption, keep doing it, leave one trolley and go and get another. Even better, organise a shop with 20 or 30+ people, and make sure to empty the shelves from the bakery and fish and cheese departments.

    • The idea of stacking trolleys full of goods and leaving them lying around the store is in principle a good idea if it was the management of Sainsbury stores that would bear the brunt of the protest. But it wouldn’t be. It would be ordinary staff who would be affected, shelf fillers would have to put the stuff back. A better idea would be to find some way of targeting Sainsbury’s management. Although I have to admit I am not sure what that might be.

      • Hi Pete

        Finding the management might be tricky I’d say lol
        as they probably out on the ‘private only owners’ golf club or sunning it up some place exotic having a good old laugh at Us poor souls.

        Good idea though Pete.

        Have great day

  24. Sainsbury’s top bosses now the COVID passports are coming out soon. These new barriers will quickly become QR codes for COVID passes too. I don’t see how convenient they are neither. Remember when you could just walk in anywhere without reaching in your pocket for a phone and waiting for some screen to say yes or no.

  25. Hugo, the point you’re missing here is the number of people that will be made redundant that were once employed on the checkouts. I always use the staffed checkouts and pay cash.

    • But shouldn’t these God-awful jobs be automated out of existence? Would YOU want to be stuck on a till all day? It would do your back in. End up in a wheelchair. I used to work in retail and we all feared doing a spell on the tills, much better being on customer service or something, anything, but being on the tills. Even standing around on the self-service tills is better As always you come over as all high and mighty, holier than thou as you pretend as if you are doing the lowly proles a favour by keeping them stuck in a crummy job. I suspect you go to restaurants, go to manual car washes as well, to keep some more lowly proles in what you call a job.

      • Unfortunately you have missed the point – in this world beggars cannot be choosers, and any job is better than no job at all. Try engaging your brain before commenting. In the meantime I will continue using staffed checkouts, whilst you serve yourself at the automated checkouts, like the pleb that your are and selfishly end someone’s employment.

      • ANY job, even if it ruins your physical and mental health is better than NO job. I don’t think so. Do you work for the jobcentre? This is the sort of rabid, right-wing nonsense you would expect the likes of Iain Duncan Smith to spout. If you spent some time on the tills or doing a back-breaking menial job you would soon change your mind. Time to get out of your Mom’s basement and get a real job instead of watching truth videos all day. And yes, I will continue to use the self-service machines, and you can lump it.

      • Spare me the left versus right bullshit. Labour hate the working man/woman and have nothing but contempt for them. Here’s your first lessons:

        “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Tories and NeoCons) are Trotskyists”

        — Eustace Mullins

        “When I was in my 20s I was a Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, revolutionary Bolshevik and I had opinions roughly equivalent to Mr Cleverly’s Conservative Party now – which has become an extraordinarily left-wing party since then.”

        — Peter Hitchens

        “ANY job, even if it ruins your physical and mental health is better than NO job. I don’t think so.”

        In this world I do think so, for as I said, beggars cannot be choosers, but if there’s no jobs at all, thanks to self-righteous arseholes like you, would you prefer that they starve or join the homeless?

      • ‘right wing’ was just a way of plotting Iain Duncan Smith on the political map. I know that Labour are far, far worse than the Tories on those at the bottom of the economic totem pole. I don’t bother with politics anyway. I have never even voted once.

      • No, I don’t believe that people should be starved to death or made homeless, but I do believe in a robust system of social security something I suspect you are violently opposed to. You should thank yourself lucky you are not in a beggar’s shoes but fortune can change in the blink of an eye, none of us kow what our future holds.

      • Social Security, so-called, is just a plank of the Communist Manifesto – here are the other 5 planks .

        Britain and The USA are Bolshevik Jew Cultural Marxist states in all but name.

        Here are the top six Planks of The Communist Manifesto:

        1) A Private Central Bank
        2) A Graduated Income Tax (Extortion)
        3) A State Indoctrination and Conditioning (Education) System
        4) A State Health Care (Disease Management) System
        5) A State Welfare System (sole reliance on the nanny state)
        6) Abolition of Privately Owned Property = You will own nothing and be happy = Klaus Schwab

  26. I think the supermarkets have been in on this agenda for a long time. They have taken over, destroying local businesses and paying producers hardly anything so they go bankrupt. It’s all been part of the plan to centralise food and then control access to it. They also got so much support from government to do it, tax breaks, allowing zero hours contracts etc. 1 in every 8 pounds in the UK is spent at Tesco and they have started to sell more and more things, killing small local shops. Also the supermarkets were the first to track spending habits using the loyalty cards.

    • Hi
      Yes because they robbing gits!
      By selling everything

      they made the small business have to work harder at try to keep people to remember they still existed
      as advertising is Highly expensive
      Then the small business over heads were higher so rents were so high profit was near impossible
      so yes the supermarkets have been planning this with the governments for years I believe that to.

      Smaller shops by Fresher goods as most go market daily

      I did with my mother n father many a morning at 2.30am year’s ago out in the lorry, buy, load n back to sell that morning we worked hard hours

      But the supermarkets were to much competition in the end.

  27. He clearly says “This is PREPARING us for the COVID passport.” He doesn’t say it is for the CV pass but that it is preparing us for it. And it most certainly is. Tesco were in the news recently for introducing receipt checks as you go out the door, but I have found that Sainbsury’s have already regularly checked receipts as people leave the store. They make it out to be a security precaution, and a ‘mistake’ as the alarm goes off and people think they’ve stolen something, but then a security guard comes along and checks it and they all go about their business – unaware that this is preparing them for ‘checks’… Why can’t people see this?

    • I would just walk past them. They have no legal right to detain you. And if they so much as laid a finger on me I would sue the hell out of them for compensation. All they can really do is bar you from the store since it is a private space.

    • I’ve had that before, I’ve paid for everything at the till and the alarm still goes off as I exit the doors! Push comes to shove the onus is on them to prove you’ve stolen something if the guard runs out to question you. Even if you refuse to show (or don’t have) a receipt! By all accounts the self-service tills only give you a receipt if you select “print receipt” button on screen within 5 seconds of the option appearing. Many miss the chance when busy with their purse and bags.

  28. We are all guilty of working for or shopping with these big corporates in the past… the damage has been done to your small businesses so there is no way back for them in the short term. However before these criminals introduce the robot in their warehouse we still (only just) have the power. So lets take at least one back.. Tesco.
    Remember when this unravels your small retailers will have no buying power and if Amazon gets hold of Tesco then you may as well run to the woods!
    Buy Shares in Tesco
    http://www.shareview.co.uk or https://www.etoro.com etc etc
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today

  29. Yes shop local is the key. Speak to your local butcher, Green grocer whoever and ask them are they aware this shit is coming. They need to know their rights to avoid ‘laws’ that ain’t laws. They need to know they can do well when we all abandon supermarkets and shop local. I will never enter a supermarket again from today

    • If you have ever lived in a small village miles away from supermarkets you will know that these small, local shops rob the living daylights out of you. And don’t get me started on mobile shops.

      • Not so, the prices that the supermarkets sell at are the same as the prices the local shops pay their suppliers, and they have to make a profit or go out of business. You also pay for the convenience of using them – if they weren’t there what would you do?

      • You are right and thetruthdoctrine below is wrong. Supermarkets buy in bulk and get discounts.

      • How am I wrong? when I said that supermarkets sell at prices the local shop have to pay their suppliers for. E.g. if a supermarket sells a tin of beans for 50p the local shop will pay 50p for that same tin of beans from his supplier, he therefore has to sell it for 60p in order to make a profit which always makes him dearer than the supermarket.

  30. Besides the obvious entrapment, it is putting staff out of work. My local Sainsbury is closing due to a fall in custom. I used to use it to buy all my groceries but that ended when I was approached by a member of staff enquiring about my mask. I left ,my trolley and never spent another penny in Sainsbury, I was delighted when I heard the decision to close the shop!

  31. Local Co-op made me laugh with the traffic light turning green and a voice saying, “It is safe to enter the store”.
    This however is a whole different league if it ends up as barriers denying access to certain people…

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