Connor McGregor ‘I Am Ashamed Of my Nations Government’ #IRELAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • It’s the MRNA weapons grade Bio weapon people have and it’s very dangerous Spike Protein factory doing its job a bit too quickly as it was designed to kill at different intervals along with enhancing diseases people who already have diseases so it looks like it’s killed with no probable cause ‘so they are trying to blame the unvaccinated ? Really ? Jabbed Footballers and Athletes dropping like flies along with young men getting myocarditis and a huge leap in heart problems caused by guess what the jabs and these morons think we won’t notice ? Live tv sports events fans dropping in the crowds all vaxxed to go to see their clubs through coercion along with music concerts all vaxxed dropping like flies ‘and numerous people dropping down heart attacks /strokes or dead world wide including politicians and news readers being seen live on tv and people still don’t get it> oh it’s covid! No it’s the injection and every other injection quickens your death WAKE UP!

    • Well said Conor this government have been feeding us lies and the Media for the last 20 Months 2 weeks to flatten the curb get vaccinated wear a mask keep your distance and now they want you to have Booster after Booster and fake Pcr Test when are the Irish going to wake up to see this government are laughing at us it is only the Flu Tony Houlihan and Nephet and this Government HSE and Media need to go

    • Its 9nly tough if you follow there bollocks. All fake the boxer the news reader and that twat pushing his drugs. I’m fucking sick of the game laying

  1. Think it’s not a smoke screen .. hopefully it will give others some impetus

    • Just listening to the blatant lies I cannot understand why the people are still not seeing through them!
      The look in his eyes when he says we will need 3 injections.

  2. Twitter pulled his account yet ?? won’t be long.

    There not allowed to, it’s not PC to go against the narrative and will get them Cancelled!!

    Real or Fake, take what ever we get support wise at this stage.

    Any proof 50% of the hospitalised Flu patients are unjabbed ?? looking like Jab is doing nothing against current flu going around from what I’ve seen for UK but was a few weeks back. Guess they won’t prove it cause they can’t.

    1 covid ( flu ) death 94 year old, 7 jabbed none care home, 13 care home jab deaths, I think I’ll stick to my side thanks.

    • I read that twatter is run by billy boy gates from hell’s daughter. So no surprises with all the censoring.

      • I joined Twitter today. I wondered how long I would last; I reasoned perhaps a week.
        I tweeted a question. It was based on a peice in The Telegraph talking about the mortuary’s in the hospitals being overfilled but stated it was not due to covid.
        My retorical question asked, The Telegraph has made it quite clear that the fast growing excess deaths filling the hospital mortuaries is not due to Covid19,, I wonder what is causing all these deaths. It was not posted and I was banned.
        I wonder if that is a record,, daddy must be very proud of his little daughter!

  3. All aside it goes to show them bloody jabs dont work anyway as Gibraltar has shutdown and most of them are jabbed…
    If they try to divide society with unjabbed and jabbed then anarchy will happen but then would that make control even more a option like stirring the pot so to speak…
    As there is no science behind any of this crap the last 2 years i can see this agenda falling to bits at some rate…
    Everything they done is illegal and against human rights and they are shaking a hornets nest as well

    • They haven’t done all of this BS for nothing, they got to know people would wake up sooner or later, the plan was role out jabs, so far it’s a lot of work for jab’s that don’t do anything, except a 9000 heart attacks and counting.

    • Look at Germany as well – 25K cases when no jabs, now 65K. “Vaccines are waning” – well if cases are 2.5 times when there was no jab thats some bloody wane, it’s waned so far it’s gone behind where we were with zero jabs.

    • Please use the word anarchy correctly, it’s important. Anarchy simply means, without rulers.It has no implication towards violence or chaos. In fact there have been anarchic societies and systems in the past that have been peaceful and prosperous. The media destroyed the word like they do with many words. Peace. X

      • Yes much like the term ‘OUTLAWS’ who were free Americans residing outside the jurisdiction of the criminal Federal Government.

    • U don’t say, bloody hell it’s like plying catch up with all the late comers.

  4. To early to say whether McGregor is being sincere or not. Only time will tell as we see if he maintains his criticism. But remember he’s blaming his Gov’t for shortcomings, which to my mind translates to not acting quickly enough. This is a far cry from exposing Covid as a huge hoax being used purely to control people and usher in tyrannical legislation under the cover of emergency measures.

    • This is very perceptive;The same is happening with Boris et al in the UK: Of course they don’t want individual governments any more… this all aids the push towards a central one world government…

    • You have to ask yourself – why did he delete his comments a few hours later? If you don’t fully believe in what you are articulating, then just don’t fecking say it in the first place. Time for some “celebs” to “grow a pair”. he’s not the first one to say something then detract their comments.Utter waste of space. No apologies from me as I am riled today and I won’t be detracting what I say. Lock me up for all I care, I don’t give a f***. I am nearly 60 and have got more spunk than the lot of them wokies put together.

    • Exactly. Sounds more like a call for.. Well, nearly anything.. But tougher!! He was one of the first big guns out in maybe April/May last year, calling on Taoiseach and Mark Mellett(!!) head of the defence forces to begin the “True Lockdown”. Calling on the armed forces? Then? He’s a cod.

    • on point. we need ppl with huge followings and respect to come out and state covid as the hoax it is. shame would be even if Connor McGreggor would say this the sheeple would prob just say well we all know hes a nutter and dismiss it. i think they know alot of ppl will wake up but too late. vax roll out continues at high speed and folks are getting either sick and dying or they’re getting changed into machines/robots! we need to work at getting ourselves independent.

  5. You could see that Leo was overcome with joy to be on CNN, couple of things: he first says about the booster “we are calling this…I am calling this the third dose, because some vaccines require 3 doses” he is pleased it was his idea to spin this as a third dose, he is a marketeer and a talking head. He also contradicts himself, “I always said we would need another winter before we could put the pandemic behind us…we may need to do this every winter” which is it. These fuckers are talking out both sides of their mouth. 50% of hospital patients unvaccinated, he doesn’t say 50% of covid patients, I believe most of these patients are there because they were ignored last year for all sorts of ailments, this is a backlog, everything is warped through the Covid, Delta, Corona filter that is the global media machine, these “experts” and politicians love their air time. Conor McGregor has made a lot of mistakes along the way, maybe a side effect of nurturing his own aggression, but he is not afraid to speak that’s for sure. I wonder if he will speak more about the more worrying aspects of this whole nightmare…

    • Ham Sandwich, on going yearly or bi-yearly mRNA injections are part of the on going Gates/Pharma business plan,, it is just a matter of one step at a time,, nice and easy catch a we monkey or a world full of them till they’re dead one injection at a time.

    • I doubt that, he’s deleted his comment. It’s always about the money. This whole fucking bollocks boils down to money . Notice how already the Liverpool thing has been sweeped under the carpet and once again covid jabs are all over MSM. Fuck the government, Celebs and MSM. Its getting boring now. LOVE is not going to stop this anytime soon. This is war from a lot of diffrent enemies and there all within. .

  6. What a complete low life absolute bastard that Leo is, for blaming the unvaxxed. Total fecking liar who knows it is the complete opposite of what he said – w***ker.
    Because of arsehole pricks like him, I have had a seriously depressing day where I admit I had thoughts of just getting out of all this shite.May the wrath of God come down on him and in the meantime the fleas of a thousand camels infest his arsehole!
    On another note, thanks Hugo for your understated humour! Going to bed now in a better place in my head. x

  7. Anybody can see that smug rotten faggot bastard is lying, you would think we never had people sick in hospital before, we have a third world health system in Ireland that has been failing for the last 20 years and these motherfucker politicians are the real virus. It makes me so angry to hear this dandy Ghandi spouting lies and propaganda when are we going to rise up and hang these bastards from the gallows.

    • Noel Martin, you are obviously not drinking the heavily fluoridated Irish water.

  8. It seems they need the 5 percent of unvaccinated to blame. Don’t get angry with vaccinated people even if they are blind, don’t help them create the divide. Sadly my parents got double jabbed even after I told them not too. But they have now refused the booster jabs and started to listen to me more now as the agenda is becoming more and more obvious.

    • Yes, well all my family have had the clot shot (except me and my hubby,.and we are a big family) but it killed my dad back in March (he never got the 2nd shot) but he’s not here to tell the tale anymore. F****cking murderers.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that. I have a heart problem and did my research and vulnerable people with illnesses shouldn’t of even been offerd this poison. Yet they where. No fucking way I’m getting this jab. So had to have blood test , gp told me my cholesterol is at heart attack level. Gave me a script for Saturn’s I read the leaflet inside and he’s given me a mixture of drugs that could kill me. So fuck it he can stick it all up his arsh, I can get my own cholesterol down . He came out of retirement making out to d his patients a favour when all the time he’s a pharmaceutical drug dealer. Ever time he writes a new script for pharmaceutical he cops a nice back handa in his bank account. Even my pharmacy was ringing me worried about me on these new pills I don’t take lol. If I’m going to have a fucking heart attack it will be down to me. I’m not going to be yet another covid death lol. You are spot on they are all murdering wankers. I’m so sorry for your lose. ❤❤❤

    • Really good to hear that. I’m praying people that have cancelled me out of there lifes will actually have a rethink of the fucking total stupidity of it all. Its getting boring now. Same old same old bollocs game playing.

  9. Former snooker star and world champion Peter Ebdon has spoken oiut many times and basically been mocked, mainly because he didn’t have the reputation and following. Ronnie O’Sullivan has been doing the exact opposite.

  10. This reminds me of back when the recession kicked in and Ireland’s banks needed to be bailed out, massive bank corruption, international white collar crime, shady investment practices as well as corruption at the wholesale level with Insurance fraud and ratings agencies, the ordinary working people paid the price and Enda Kenny, our Taoiseach at the time appears on a European news channel saying that we, the taxpayer, “lost the run of ourselves” and now were bankrupt. Looks like this is round two of negotiations and dodgy deals…politicians are probably the most corruptible in our society with their insatiable appetite to climb the ranks no matter the cost. Lies lies lies, we’ve all been hearing them, for years, in every country and we still pay their salary while they self impose bonuses. What disgrace and betrayal. Sorry for ranting on.

  11. I do hope no-one assassinates Varadker. I want him to stand trial, be found guilty of treason and THEN face punishment. That punishment should be that he is placed in stocks in a public square of Dublin, where he will be guarded to protect his life. People will be able to go up to him and either defecate on him, or throw urine or feaces on him. This should be cleaned up at the end of the day, where he will remain in stocks and the operation repeated the next day. This will continue until he dies of exposure or disease. His body will then be stuffed and placed in a glass cage in the square as a permanent reminder of what happens to traitors.

    I can’t think of a more fitting end to someone who has spread so much bullshit.

    • Varadker is a treasonous wart on the face of Ireland, and guilty of genocide of the Irish people as soon will be seen,,, even as a failed Dr he knows the risk of forcing medical experiments!

    • Stocks for vaxxine darts! Public free to throw as many injections into them, as their bodies can handle, given that they love them so much! Then its Tower time for head chops and their heads on spikes (fitting for their choice of bioweapon) and bodies to rot in Gibbets on permanent display!

      • Spot on , was just thinking the same thing . X

    • Same as Doris and all the other traitors in uk . There is no opposition, no one standing up in the governments around the world giving the people vocie. All this LOVE stuff isn’t working its time for people to get real now. This is a world war against the very people that voted them in. I didn’t vote as there all the fucking same. I should feel sorry for the vaxxed up but I don’t, they have treated me like I’m shit on there shoes , smug tossers. Probably not feeling so smug now tho. Boosters ever 6 months so I heard. This has made my life shit but my truth is my truth and I can’t go against the truth.

      • I feel for you mate. I’m lucky, I have family who are all on the same page and extended family who are mostly on the same page. Their number one goal since the 1960’s has been to break the family. It’s funny, I hated Margaret Thatcher, with her speech:

        ‘I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand ‘I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!’ or ‘I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!’ ‘I am homeless, the Government must house me!’ and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first.’

        The antithesis of this is where we are now. Where people trust the scientists, the doctors and their Goverments, pretty much like the Pied Piper. They will follow them over the cliff without the slightest doubt in their minds.

        Not me.

      • ” when the whole world is running towards the cliff, the person running in the opposite direction appears to be the crazy one” C S Lewis

  12. There is no way that 95% are vaccinated, these blatant lies, they’ll be lucky if 50% are vaccinated. No way.
    Unless they’ve injected them with some saline.

  13. Turning the screw on the unvaxxed around Europe total violation of human rights .
    Time for everyone to take up arms now against this oppression .
    They can bring in what ever rules they like I’m just taking no fuckin notice they can have my job take my house and my money but that jab is going nowhere near me and when thet try yeah I’m going to end up dead but I guarantee someone is going to end up dead too.
    As for the already jabbed fools they will end up the same way after the 6th booster, but I will die a free person laughing my arse off.

    • I’m on your bus my like minded friend! I’m alone in my beliefs in my group of ignorant friends. They have no Idea what’s a-comin’ ! Just one old school friend can’t understand this BS either and asks pertinent questions. She is shunned by her friends too. 😟. We WILL need to take up arms to protect ourselves, I believe.

    • Same as me, they will have to kill me but I will be taking 1 down with me. I will not go out with out a fight. Nothing to lose is there really . They have taken my friends my family. Divide familys. All these loved up peaceful protest have done sod all. We are a aughing tock in the uk. We have it coming at us from all sides. Time for us all to get real now. Engough is enough.

  14. Varadkar………………. sounds like a propper Irish name, dont it …………………………… Replace man with Varadkar in the vid below

  15. I think Connor is quite genuine, and correct about Leo. The world and his wife knows Leo is talking shit, in fact on the video it is clear he can’t stop talking shit,,, very nervous shit drips from the lips of LEO this last few months !

  16. @floki, thank you so much for the laugh, brightened my evening.

  17. Good to have Conner speak out but sadly its a call for more government intervention. The 3 year thing, repeated twice gives you the classic “33” they love to drop, when not using 66, 666, 322 etc. Or perhaps Connor is a little punchdrunk from all the MMA and genuinely thinks its been 3 years of this utter tyrannical fraudulent BS! Certainly feels that way.

  18. Thus is part of it they want to get rid of the governments thats why the governments are being blatant its just a massive hate campaign to start ball rolling to remove government so they can move in with one world giverment

  19. It’s 2 years since this shit has started but I have friends who also think it has been 3 years already. Other say that they can barely remember how it was before covid and that these “rules” have been around for as long as they can remember.
    So this kinda means people have gotten used to the “new normal”.
    Very 1984 vibes all around me

    • I actually think these jabs are affecting people’s memories and minds. I’m not joking I find a lot of people are acting very odd since these jabs have been dished out like smarties. . They don’t seem to be thinking straight. Altho it could actually be they are seeing they have made a huge fucking mistake now. All I care about are he kids and the elderly. The adults that look down there noses and maybe regretting the poisoning I have little sympathy for. Like they told me I was a conspiracy therapist and going to kill my family.

  20. 50% of Convid patients in hospital are not jabbed???? So the other 50% are jabbed??? So the jab clearly does not work! The bullshit does not stop coming from these parasites nothing they say makes sense, now you need 1 2 3 4 5 6…… jabs as all the others did nothing FFS, he’s going to check in x2 weeks if cases are falling but is on CNN to state cases are rising??? What changes in x2 weeks??? These people and the people still listening to this shit are insane!

  21. Your man has spoken out fair play, but
    Only time will tell – once again,
    WE unfortunately have been fed serious amounts of lies & deceit & now being treated like ‘Leper’s’ !!
    so we may have trouble believing sadly, as we have done on many topics here.

    Time always tells.

    Have great day Every one
    Cheers Hugo fella

  22. you forgot another Irish celeb Van Morrisson and and English man Eric Clapton both of whom have released anti covid manufactured hysteria songs as well as speaking out about their grave concerns for what is being done to the people
    and Eric has done interviews highlighting the adverse injection reaction he suffered which almost ended his career and cost him many thousands in lost performance revenue

    • All about money, I’m afaird if the first jab fucked Clapton up then someone please tell me why he went on to have a second? I mean it don’t make any sense. Poor Mr Clapton hey

  23. Van Morrisson and Eric Clapton have done sterling job opposing what is being imposed

  24. Spiritual warfare.
    Easier to fool people than convince they have been fooled.

    • Yes mate! And there are millions who will fight tooth and nail to claim that they haven’t been hoodwinked, but they have their doubts and therefore attempt to ‘ shoot the messenger’ who educates them.

  25. Austria to go into full lockdown as Covid surges

    One in three Austrians is not yet vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in Western Europe
    Days after Austria imposed a lockdown on the unvaccinated, it has announced a full national Covid-19 lockdown starting on Monday.

    Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said it would last a maximum of 20 days and there would be a legal requirement to get vaccinated from 1 February 2022.

  26. Australia has just reinstated lockdown blaming the unvaxed and says they “ORDER” A MANDATORY VACCINATION for all their citizens by 1st Feb!!! …if that doesn’t start trouble then nothing will !?

    • Okay…just 2 apologise 4 my stupid post of getting Austria mixed with Australia haha . Typical me really…I never really do my homework on these things lol….anyway …I apologise…not Austria!!! Australia!??

  27. Booster vaccines to be added to NHS Covid Pass for travel

    Travellers who have had a booster dose of a Covid jab in England will be able to prove their vaccination status using the NHS Covid Pass from midday.

    It will enable quarantine-free travel to countries such as Israel, Croatia and Austria, which have a time limit for vaccination status to be valid.

    Third doses will not be added to the domestic pass as they are not currently needed to qualify as fully vaccinated.

    Last week booster jabs were extended to all over-40s in the UK.

    • There jokers and must be getting desperate or turning full on NAZIS murders.x

      • Can you tell me who the German National Socialists murdered? Strange how you believe the lying media whores of the 1930s and 1940s, but don’t believe the lying media whores of 2021! Perhaps you can tell me what year it was that they suddenly became lying whoresons – 1950? 1960? 1970? 1980? 1990? 2000?

    • Hope there’s no more than a third placebo jabs…im quite looking 4ward to less people…..interesting vid though 🤔

      • @Dan, you might not be so keen on the idea of less people when the services and infrastructure of society start falling apart, and/or when there’s no one there to do the work and provide all those essential services.

      • Iv already got my head around an infrastructure collapse ….Will be going off grid hunting and gathering dude

  28. Covid passes: Swansea cinema told to close for defying law

    Anna Redfern, who manages the cinema in Swansea, said she would not be implementing passes for customers
    A cinema has been told to shut down after the owner defied the law and refused to ask for Covid passes.

    Earlier this week, Anna Redfern, owner of Cinema & Co in Swansea, said she would not be complying with the Welsh government rules.

    Notices were pinned outside the premises, stating the business had not carried out a Covid risk assessment.

    Ms Redfern confirmed to the BBC she had been told to close by Swansea council, but would not comment further.

    • The bastards have no LAWS!! All they have is MANDATES and they are NOT LAWS – they’re ADHESION CONTRACTS of The UK Corporation which we are NOT OBLIGED to sign through our agreement by obeying them.

  29. McGregor isn’t sincere. He was online acting badly in a scripted vid last April or May, calling on Mark Mellett and the Armed Forces to get cracking with the “True Lockdown”. Who knows what the game is, stir up some trouble, provoke some unrest, discredit govt criticism (he keeps saying three years! Also, while he’s got loads of fans, loads more think he’s a yahoo), but I’ve no doubt he’s got handlers.

  30. Why do we care how many cases there are or have been, its the deaths that are important ffs! They just quote cases, they dont say how many have died from covid, or how many have died from the flu or how many have actually recovered! They need to start telling us how many have died as a result of having the vaccine! STOP WITH THE CASES FFS!

  31. Anyone who calls their political masters INCOMPETENT hasn’t a clue. These political criminals are VERY COMPETENT at their criminality. So it looks like McGregor is still inside the box, so make of it what you will.

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