Watch AUSSIE Protestors SEND MSM On WALK OF SHAME / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • There are two links for the video. It is the green text next to the words Brandnewtube and Rumble. I watched it on Rumble, and it worked fine. Just an FYI in case he uses this format again.

      • thank you. just need copy past text name in brand new tube or another one.

    • You go on links to other sites because of censorship probably 😅

  1. That was really powerful! The TRUTH always comes out the Governments know that we ‘know’ if enough say no it stops (sorry to state the obvious). I’ve always thought that we all need to stand together regardless of jab status! TOGETHER we can stop this before it’s too late! When I think back 2 years ago I want to cry! All this shite has changed so much in our world. Without my faith in God I’d be a total mess! Keep the faith, a REVIVAL is coming & the Evil will continue to be exposed! 🙏🏼

  2. This is the way to go, hassle the fuck out of the MSM don’t let them broadcast, shout over their broadcast, lying SCUM

  3. Does anyone get the feeling that the tide is starting to turn? And if one nation liberates itself do you think that will form a ripple effect around the world?

      • It can’t be stopped! They can’t even slow it down anymore! Get your pitchforks and burning torches ready!

  4. Tide is turning but the truth of everything needs to come out MSM need to come down or report what’s really happening , a shock is now needed to wake the sleepers

  5. I am here to just do a Job he says” with no Guilt as to what he is doing just like in this Country. Gutless, just like all the people that will not stand up for the Freedom of the Human Race.

  6. There are powerful people controlling ‘this’ Agenda…….there MUST be some people ‘fight back’….

  7. I can only imagine that these people are the people that Desperate Dan is referring to as “Extremists”. I’m honestly taken back at just how controlled the crowd are, lets face it the media have did so much harm in the last year,, in fact who knows how long as they are all tools of Rockefeller Rothschild Banking Cartel,

  8. No police present they should ripped his limbs off ,time to fight evil with violence ,for 2 years now peaceful protests have done fuck all , stuff keeps getting worse not better !


  10. Europes having a major feels like last push to get more jabbed, people are waking up, 1 year to late.

    Sadly Dan doesn’t give a shit, Dan will get elite status from his doings and will never have to even think about money again or his family ever, !ife of luxury, while we get to pretend we live in the hunger games universe and not good for the plebs i assure you 🙁

    • Agree that bloke is way too comfortable in that crowd. I wonder if it is real or set up to show a calm and collected Dan versus an angry crowd. He should have been afraid and he just wasn’t

  11. “You’re not in any physical danger mate” – and there lies the problem.

    They know this and mistake our kindness and non-violence as softness (while labelling us as extremists!), and so, like a bully can get away with it again, and again, and again.

    The only time it will change is when they are not safe and they, and the Police thugs protecting him, all get a damned good kicking and realise there ARE consequences.

    I’m sorry, I hate violence, but when they have the media, the politicians, the laws, the banks, they know the harm they are causing but don’t care and do it anyway, and unleash the Police onto the public to inflict completely unreasonable violence – well, there is only one thing left when you have no voice, and that’s to fight fire with fire.

    • I Agree, blowing them up on mass, as a lesson to there replacements works for me.

      But, then martial law and no more protests, it might get to the point where what the hell, screwed either way, might aswell make them pay.

      Catch 22 sucks!!

      • When you see what Melbourne people have put up with, without hardly ANY protest, then you realise that it’s we Thinkers that will have to organise ourselves into groups ‘ to keep ourselves safe’ 😉. We need ex military leaders to guide us all. But direct action will be required eventually, I’m convinced of that!

  12. Who is this guy? I assume he’s an executive of an Aussie MSM but I don’t know his name or which outlet he runs.

  13. DICTATORSHIP . !!!!! Lets Not Forget Idi Amin ~ “If we knew the meaning to everything that is happening to us, then there would be no meaning.” ~ Idi Amin……………. BOZOG is Idi Amin

  14. He is just a Puppet!

    Double Speak ….All around the World!

    Isn’t it time the Puppeteer Stood up and showed The World who they ARE!

  15. Someone told me today that in Austria the army and police have said they will not police the lockdown of the non-vaccinated. Is this true?

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