Northern Ireland To Bring In Passports / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Great wisdom Hugo thanks for your thoughts
    I find it pointless to argue anyway they are totally blind to what is going on so sad
    Stay strong every one

    • Hard to stay upbeat afyer news like that.
      It serms after nearly 2 yrs of hard work & lots of effort in Protesting /banner making etc.
      This Fucking Sick plan is just rolling ahead anyway… & as far as people Divide.. Wrll Yea… Yv gotta be a Total Fukin Moron & Ignorant cunt to go along with thus shit.. So Yea I can’t stand these people either.. Long time trying to explain & all the evidence is put there for thise that wanna research.
      So all in all Fuckem.. No Surrender

      • The public are too far gone mate. We lost the battle, but not yet the war. Don’t waste your energy debating with the brainwashed at this point. I think building our own communities is the only way.

      • I was told today that the police and army in Austria have refused to police the lockdown on the non-vaccinated. Also, remember that Germany were on the verge on winning the 2nd World War, yet they overstretched themselves and the Nazi high command couldn’t comprehend they had made mistakes and Hitler couldn’t get them united and back on side. And this Covid campaign mimics quite closely Hitler’s desire for war, the way he always blamed ‘the other side’ for him having to send in his army and that he was peace-loving and only wanted what historically had been taken from Germany. We will come through this; evil never wins.

      • @Keith Knight – king of propaganda:

        “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but later…”

        — The Jew, Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).

        “Germany’s ‘unforgivable crime’ before the second world war,” Churchill said,” was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny (Jew) world finance its opportunity to profit.”

        – Winston Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War 2001, orig. 1938.

        “The war wasn’t only about abolishing Fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so prevented this war from breaking out without firing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”

        — Winston Churchill to President Truman 1946.

      • Keith It’s nice at end your comment I appreciate that.

        Good n evil go well in hand
        As do love & hate.

        I been hated on for just saying No!
        That’s crazy
        I didn’t loose my lot
        while they went off poisoning themselves!
        This hole load bollox is about dividing us is crazy but on n up a

        Take care now

      • The great rush to poison humanity by the terrorist organisation called the United Nations and it’s allies in crime the world health? World economic forum will be its downfall it’s all on record NATO =NAZIS they never went away just changed and reinvented there selves ‘they NATO talked of depopulation years ago ‘and now being done poisoning humanity with a cure which isn’t a cure ‘for something that happens every year called the seasonal flu dressed up as a new disease ConVid 19 ‘the Spike protein is acting a bit too quickly knocking out Athletes and destroying young hearts it’s designed to Act like a slow release pill but it’s killing the fittest a bit too quickly but acts differently on everyone and they think we’re not noticing ? It’s hard to cover up footballers and fans all over the world dropping like flies on live `TV they are trying but it’s going to increase so let’s lockdown again and try and hide this? Deaths will increase and they can lock down just the unvaccinated? But that’s a bit stupid as again it will prove the unjabbed are not the threat ! the goverments are the murderous puppet and the masters giving out the orders are the terrorist organisation known as Nato and it’s cohorts =the new world Nazi party and it’s insane WEF Davos Death cult leader killer Klaus Schwab Mr Great reset build back better > No let’s exterminate most of humanity and do a Cambodian killing fields thing but this time let’s kill most of humanity create a fake pandemic include brainwashing and fear and slaughter billions of innocent men women children and babies ‘ the censorship is insane the real scientists are silenced but humanity is rising and all these Evil Actors is one of the most despotic crimes ever devised will be annihilated once humanity realises it’s been conned into taken something that’s not a cure but a death sentence and the already jabbed will have nothing to lose’ they will seek revenge ‘ so I suggest you Evil Bstards who are all involved seek seats on Musks rockets or bransons space ships there will be a whirlwind and Rage and revenge so fearce which will make what happened to Mussolini and his lover who were hung drawn and quartered look gentle as these crimes against humanity dwarf all crimes the tyrants that ever existed on this planet since the dawning of time .

      • Shame you defaulted to the old ‘Nazi’ Jewish nutmeg. The name of the game is JEWISH BOLSHEVIK COMMUNISM AND GULAGS, NOT GERMAN NATIONAL SOCIALISM – oh that it were!

    • Dear awake and blessed friends, does anyone here know of a studio to let in Central London, around Kilburn or Holborn? Landlord must be unvaxxed, thanks

  2. Thing is if they lock down all the unjabbed and then say the cases have plummeted to supposedly show the jab works or would it be too much to just tell the truth new world government is already in place things not looking too good for us how the heck can we beat them

    • Dee, Beating them is simple, Education, and attitude, just remain positive.
      Show no fear or negativity
      Talk to people,
      Direct them to UK Column.
      Public Art Works.
      Ask Questions that only have answers that make no logical sense,, things will click eventually!

  3. Well, we lasted without passports for longer then expected, so won’t have to suffer as long before there end of times fake comes around.

    As long as i can go to Aldi and get pancakes, very little else would bother me. 🙂

  4. They brand cattle with fire & a hot rod……………………………………………….. NOW: THEM ARE BRANDING US WITH DIGITISATION & CHIP INPLANTS Elon Musk ….. ……. UK government ~ Home ~ Defence and armed forces ~ Guidance ~ Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm….
    A think-piece designed to set the foundation for more detailed research and development on human augmentation.
    Aswell as Vodafone with this …… Creating smart cities ~ The digitalisation of cities, underpinned by emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, edge computing and the further application of Big Data solutions, will be key to the transformation of cities to meet these challenges.

    With 55% of the world’s population living in cities, digitalisation can play a key role in tackling many of our cities’ most pressing challenges.

    Cities today face a range of challenges such as pollution, congestion and impaired mobility, personal safety concerns and economic inequality. These pressures accentuate the need for investment in economic and environmental sustainability to become future-ready and to improve citizens’ quality of life.

    Our IoT platform and technology are supporting cities to become smarter to adapt to the demands of urban growth, as well as improve the lives of the citizens within them………..
    & More Here ~ IoT in Smart Cities
    ~ Making cities more intelligent Overview Our IoT technology is at the heart of the world’s new smart cities.

    They enable a range of people-friendly solutions, such as intelligent transport, improved safety and security and remote monitoring and maintenance of public facilities….. & It go’s on
    IoT,, Internet of Things,, keep hearing this shit,,,, BOZOG Here in this vid'The-New-Normal'-Documentary-4YCGXHWNsfks:9
    Wind the vid to 31Mins 24 Seconds & Listen to what BOZOG is saying ……… The Internet of Things !! Watch the full vid if you want, lot of things we allready know & been through,, Few things i did’nt know …


  5. I hope they do lock down all the unvaxxed because then all the vaxxed will still go out care free in large groups and in crowded venues and spread Covid everywhere, this will then prove it was never the unvaxxed that were spreading it like they are so desperate to pin on us

    • We don’t need a lockdown to prove it is not the unvaxxed spreading covid – we know that already. Everyone should know by now that covid doesnt exist. The proof that covid doesn’t exist is that Boris was allegedly in hospital with it but where were the pics? If he really was in hospital the media would have had a field day and pics would have appeared everywhere. Lockdowns had nothing to do with public health, they were only there as a method to control people.

    • You do no covid is not real right ? Lol its made up goverment properganda ,a rêason to poison jab people to depopulate the uk.

      • What i say as it was never tested for a jab and if it was would of taken 7-10 years to properly make

      • I don’t know what I caught but it had all the symptoms they say are Convid1984. So I’m immune & they can shove their jabs & passport up their own asses.

      • @robalderson2 You’re not getting it – YET. No disease is CAUGHT! Illnesses are developed within our OWN BODIES, due to malnutrition (poor diet), poisoned water, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and too many toxins in our environment, whether close at hand, or at large outside in the neighbourhood in which we live.

        Research “German New Medicine”.

    • im thinking im sure they have thought of that so will make up some other lie for example a new variant or something if people start dying

    • It’s not spread by vaxxed or unvaxxed it’s spread by a needle branded as a COVID-19 vaccine that has this amazing spike protein factory the British government were so enthusiastic about when they first rolled this out it’s on record ‘ and it’s the spike protein that’s going to be creating a huge mess in humanity’s biology with sterilisation’and eventual death from the creation of every known diseases to man so no probable cause ‘but that was the intention it’s going tits up and killing extremely fit people ‘so NWO =NATO is in panic mode let’s blame the unjabbed ? Really that won’t work ‘I think games up !

  6. Just goes to show remembrance Sunday is a total sham all the poor souls that lost their lives for our freedom only for the same thing to be happening in our own countries now and yet people just go along with it .
    The unjabbed are being treated as the 21st century Jews.
    So therefore the 2 Great wars where for fuck all.
    Once bitten twice shy I will never donate or take remembrance Sunday seriously again .
    People have such short memories and jabbed or unjabbed dickheads going along with this BS and complying to it all are my public enemy No1 .

    • What makes you think ww2 did go the way we are told? What makes you think the government were on our side back then, not pushing agenders and that it’s only now the government are against us pushing agenders? Could it not be that the governments around the world keep creating and drumming to the same beat they’re just changing the scenario each time? People went to war, some died and some didn’t. People had the vax, some died and some didn’t. You had to stick to certain rules like blacking out your windows and doors at night, people would walk round and check. You have to stick to certain covid rules, covid marshals will walk round keeping check. You’re only allowed rations. You’re only allowed essential items. The list of similarities goes on. The rationing pushed forward the consumerism we’re drowning in today, which in turn is being used against us now with the covid pass. Most people didn’t go out for meals, to the gym, the theatre etc. The places didn’t exist or people didn’t have the money or time. Prewar people would use one bar of soap for washing your body, hair, dishes, clothes, floors etc. Think of all the different products that are used for those things today, when one simple bar of soap and sometimes some soda ash added would do the job. The war pushed a lot of agenders that are helping with the covid crap today. Does make you wonder

      • @Sammi and Tommy – watch “Europa – The Last Battle” about what really went on.
        Someone sells it on eBay on a USB stick (hours and hours of eye-opening viewing for £5) as it’s not easy to find for obvious reasons.

      • @Samii

        “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”

        — Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

        “The Second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

        – Rabbi Felix Mendelssohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942

        “I know who caused the war (World War 1) – The Jewish Bankers! I have the evidence here. FACTS!”

        — Henry Ford

        “Full Responsibility for the First World War, lies squarely on the shoulders of the International Jewish Bankers. They are responsible for Millions of dead and dying.”

        — (US. Congressional Record 67th Congress, 4. Sitting, Senate Document nr. 346)

  7. meanwhile….here in Vancouver we have just had a huge storm that caused huge landslides and cut us off from rest of Canada by road…..I’m expecting our local superhero(criminal) “Dr”?? bonny Henry to announce…..if you all get the “vaccine” there will be no more landslides…hmmmmmm

  8. Amazing what they are getting away with. Always go the opposite way… shop in Tesco… buy shares in Tesco… educate/talk to our floor staff… it’s likely that they are trying to take Tesco down as the UK’s second largest employer so that Amazon can be the new winner and we are all sold down the river once again!
    Buy Shares in Tesco or etc etc
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today

  9. when a place “Gibraltar” that has 100% jabbed has to cancel Christmas because of the rise in infections it does not take a genius to work out why Boris wants the over 40’s to take the booster. A rise in infections will follow and Christmas will be cancelled and the blame will be put on those sensible unjabbed people. .EVERYTHING is by design.

    • Absolutely crazy, all vaxed up and still covid spreading like wild fire. Have they completely lost there minds. Surely you would be asking questions. Wow crazy world and stupid idots just going along with it all. I’m getting sick of it all now. I will never go along with any of it. We’ll so the saying gos it’s always darkest before the dawn apparently?. I woke up on Friday just gone. All my apps had just disappeared of my phone ? Manly and most importantly my banking stuff. It took me all day to get it sorted. My phone company 02 which were so unhelpful I wish I could just leave but they have me caught up in a contract. They are a fucking disgrace and don’t care about there customers. I manged to get a phone guy from Samsung to check my phone .when I tell you I was shock how he got into my own phone and I could actually see him going through my stuff on my own phone , wow is that how easy it is. I had to download an app first for him to do this from play store . Blow me away how he was actually in my phone. He fixed the problem tho. I lost everything my pics my bank apps telegram important emails everthing. Luckily I backed it up but not telegram, I have to start all over again. All day Friday I was fixing this problem. Be warned people. You can wake up to find your stuff on your so called private phone has simple disappeared into thin air. Anything is possible. I think my son thought I was losing my mind untill he came home from work and heard the guy on my house phone helping me. Saw the guy in my moblie phone going through my apps. I’m so glad he saw with his own eyes and heard him , because I just felt no 1 actually belived me. I feel like smashing this phone up. That’s how upset this has made me. That this can happen and there’s fuck all you can do about it. If this was an elderly person who didn’t quite no what to do . Its fucking outrageous. I can normally fix problems like this , not this time. The actual Samsung guy was great . 02 couldn’t of give a fuck I’m sick of them. Be ⚠️. Its already starting with the banking stuff. .

      • Freaky isn’t it! Imagine what it will be like when everything is digital and cashless. If “computer says no'” you can’t even buy your bread and milk (no way of paying) or gain entry into a building (no pass). Or if you don’t play ball they can take your “credits” and you’re left with no back-up.

      • Hi Gina
        Lol, yeah they fill people with such uplifting facts don’t they the HORRAS

        I SMH!!

        Take care now

  10. Most country’s poor people give there lives for freedom now people are just dancing on there graves letting theses grovements take everything free away from you like really so angry who give them any power to do this do not comply to any of there pretend rules really that’s what they are once you realise that they really do not care about you it’s plain to see it’s just one word no everytime stand together they can’t win stay safe thanks Hugo from northern Ireland

  11. From the country that used to have job ads that said “No Catholics need apply” discrimination returns. John Hume must be rolling in his grave after all his efforts to get rid of segregation and fight for civil rights.

  12. From the province that in the 60’s had job ads that clearly stated “No Catholics need apply” and actively discriminated against Catholics in housing, and in many other ways, now back comes discrimination in a different form. John Hume must be turning in his grave to see the results of his efforts to bring civil rights to NI.

  13. From an earlier blog by Dr Malcolm Kendrick.
    Go to the link to see the graph.
    “Both countries [yes, Northern Ireland is not actually a separate country, it is part of the UK] did almost exactly the same things when it came to COVID19. They both have the National Health Service, they are as close to each other as can be – in terms of COVID19, and most other things. Here is the graph of overall mortality for Northern Ireland.
    Which means that something very dramatic happened in England, with regard to COVID19? Yet nothing happened in Northern Ireland. This, to me, is fascinating, although I cannot explain it. However, I know that if you were able explain why these two graphs are so weirdly different, you will be unearthing some critical truths with regard to COVID19.
    Of course, no-one is remotely interested in such anomalies. Instead, they point to a country like Norway and say – ‘Look how well they did with their rapid lockdown, and preventing people crossing the border’. No-one points to Northern Ireland and says, ‘look how well they did with all their….’ All their what? All their doing exactly the same as England.”

    So why do they need passports in NI, or anywhere else?

  14. The amount of fools that are ok with this is shocking. Northern Ireland you no longer have any hard men, the woman have more balls than ya all put together. Shameful

  15. So they can’t get people to obey with there strict religious crap, and let’s face it in Ireland its always been about religious belives, same as Italy. They controlled people with there own brand of a twisted Bible. Made people think they where going to be condemned to hell if they so much as step out of line. Over the years tho a lot of people have turned there backs on the controlled religious system, so how can you control people now I wonder. Religion has done that for donkeys years and now it doesn’t hold the same power, there has to be something in its place . Its all about control of the masses. I belive but not in there fake gods.

  16. Am in nhs- I will not bow down to this Tyranny, I will put my trust in God as man can lo longer be trusted 🙏

    • Amen! It will get darker but the Light is Brighter – JESUS CHRIST IS KING –

  17. I had a text from the “NHS” last week saying I hadn’t loaded their app. Why would I want to do that when it is nothing to do with health – but monitoring your every movement and I don’t mean in the back passage department, and none of their business! I considered it either a hoax or unsolicited mail from a thing that I’ve paid into all my working life and still do for absolute crap. Deleted and blocked. Bunch of quacks – thing is when I went for an issue that I know is wrong – I know my body and I rarely go to the quacks – they want to either treat the symptoms or not interested. Otherwise they misdiagnose and we’ve had that many times. Worst was a misdiagnosed heart attack – even after the ecg doc in charge of our surgery found an anomaly and decided it was nothing just back pain. A&E begged to differ as we went there afterwards, rushed to surgery and was treated so well – even the food was better than I remembered. Not the case nowadays.
    But what docs don’t realise that they will be expendable and when everyone is dead or murdered, they will be out of work and therefore not have their oversized funds, being be in the same boat as the rest of us with the universal income and the part timer quackers will lose their pensions too. That’s those that are left if they’ve also been jabbed to the hilt multiple times.

  18. Thank you Hugo excellent video and yes it’s tough at the moment wondering what comes next so thank you for your positivity . We have to stay strong and fight this tyranny

  19. “You must get on the train to your Destination” ‘Van Tampax’ Quoted in a past UK Briefing. 🙂

  20. You are what you think
    how true is that !!!
    Thanks Hugo 🙂 ttfn

  21. SPOT ON Hugo

    Really great share thank you
    I sharing as much to as many as I possibly can
    I just try to explain to my best ability without arguments with what you said – Don’t let them help Divide us .
    People are pretty worn out with it all

    So not giving in is My hope & reason to getting up in the morning
    It’s tough times but I won’t be being injected End off & I just live in hopes the people I chat to finally realise we are being made to hate one another.

    Cheers Hugo
    Have great day All

  22. They can shove there fucking passports up there hole.
    The ones with the digital passports and repeated genetic therapy injections will be dead soon enough!

    • Hi Ray

      Yes they can kiss mine !

      I watch many things that media don’t share of people out all over world protesting or doing something they feel is right about pushing back.
      I don’t go to protests for personal reasons but good luck & I appreciate Anyone who does go out & stand up to this Bollox !
      I do what I can in my own ways.

      Have good day now

  23. As an Englishman, I’d recommend to Northern Irish protesters to start publicly burning the union flag.

    That’ll start worrying the Westmonster politicos.

    With Austria now the first county to go full restrictions on freedoms to those who on’t want to have their bodies experimented on there is an appeal from Austrian citizens to organise protests outside Austrian embassies to co-incide with the largest protests in Austrian history. ‘Oracle Films’ telegram ( ) have more info on this as well as the appeal. It also claims Austrian establishment is now discussing ‘forced’ vaccinations for the entire country.

  24. Their directives are unlawful. First off, these are mandates, NOT law. And for a mandate to become enforceable by law, it requires consent from both parties.

    Sovereign law – Self-governed, having supreme authority – sits above any human laws, mandates and so forth and a Law CANNOT initiate the violation of a person’s freedom, nor cause them harm or loss. If a person decrees such a Law, then it is void and should not be followed.

  25. The health passports are like the very young oriental child in the film `The Golden Child`. He is the chosen one and has special powers. He gets kidnapped and the only food they offer him is blood tainted porridge I think. If he eats it he loses all his powers and becomes mortal. Secretly he eats a leaf a day to maintain his strength from a plant he has hidden away. I think we all have to be like him. Be patient , know your strengths and weaknesses , have faith and eventually we will outlive and outwit our enemies.

    • It’s good film
      I don’t watch films
      but years ago I did sit that one through
      Cool film

      hopefully you doing ok
      take care

      • It is a good film Janie. I tend to post a lot of quotes and references from films and tv. I personally think you can gain a lot of wisdom from them.
        I am doing ok love. I hope you are too. 🙂

      • Yes sure thing
        I watch stuff but it’s got be Really interesting for me to pay attention
        but when I do your correct it can be worth wile for sure.

        Great to hear your doing well
        I do read your post your a very interesting lady
        you speak your mind I like that in people. Thank you

        Have a great evening

      • Thank you Janie that`s very kind of you. Everyone is interesting in their own way.

      • Absolutely agree 100%
        With that me dear.

        All best now

    • Not seen that one Tanya. I do like The Shawshank Redemption though. Similar theme going on there too. The evil lot pulling the strings should know their “Judgement cometh and that right soon”.

      • @GinaW The biggest Achilles Heel they have is The Truth that thieves ALWAYS fall out, and that event is yet to occur, but happen it will, that’s 100% guaranteed = “Babylon is fallen!”

        Revelation 18:2 (KJV) And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

      • I agree – I hope to stay alive long enough to see them bicker as the greed for more money and more power drives them to bump each other off! They sold their souls and they will pay the price.

      • @Kelly, Glad that you agree. Not only their greed and lust for power, but also their HUGE EGOS, their belligerence and conceited arrogance – all these things will be factors in their downfall.

      • Hear, hear, let’s hope it is sooner rather than later for all our sakes! Have a great day!

      • Sorry me dear, I’ve got the page up, but waiting for mommy dearest and husband to be well out of the way before watching vids! Will definitely do so later when they go to bed!

      • Cor blimey! That was one interesting bit of research! I do think the vaers version is a bit more, um, “open” if that’s the word – our version is definitely hit and miss and most reports ignored and swept under the carpet with no proper data being collected – they can’t even keep that up correctly with number changes and those dead are resurrected. If they aren’t doing post mortems then there won’t be and how many are cremated to get rid of evidence? Both are under reported reactions and we know the deaths are many more. But compare our measly 1700 deaths to the vaers and it is obviously being covered up. There shouldn’t even be 10 deaths from this stuff. These people losing their lives because of an agenda is wicked. Any life lost or debilitated is sickening and my heart goes out to those suffering and the families of lost ones.
        I would also think that all of those batches are not exactly “safe” as we don’t know if they have delayed action contents. But certainly those batches with so many reactions and deaths across the states in one fell swoop immediately gives a person food for thought. But good news that people are waking up on Hugo’s latest.
        Thank you for that my friend. I do feel like a naughty child sneaking downstairs after everyone else is in bed, but hey ho, second (3rd, 4th 5th – let’s face it, I’m a big kid at heart) childhood and perhaps I should have a midnight feast to go along with my shenanigans! LOL!

      • @Kelly The British Civil Service is manned by the most treacherous, devious, evil, lying bastards that God ever put breath into. To call them scum would be an insult to scum, but like the scum in dirty bath water they ALWAYS rise to the top and doctor all statistics to suit and promote their satanic agenda(s).

        “Thank you for that my friend. I do feel like a naughty child sneaking downstairs after everyone else is in bed,” = We must be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – thanks for those links. Yes, they are power hungry and greedy for it. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

      • @GinaW Oh yes, avarice and greed are all enveloping for these power grabbing narcissists and psychopaths, but underneath they have no loyalty to one another at all. All we have to do is survive the inevitable fall out! and perhaps that will be a little difficult = English understatement at its best LOL.

  26. Any successful magicians such as Harry Houdini and Paul Daniels used misdirection to create their illusions. What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes.

      • I totally agree. My post above actually comes from the film `Swordfish`. Which is a great example of watch what they do instead. This is why I love all the video clips people show of politicians etc not wearing masks and then shaking hands right after they have told everyone to do the complete opposite. Simple but effective.

    • Yes watch what they do, not what they say. Extreme example being an abusive, narcissistic type, those that say “I love you” as they beat you up!

  27. And also re that email Hugo got by someone saying what’s the problem went to the football, went to the pub, showed my pass, easy… what you can do with these passes, in terms of your freedoms, is designed to be reduced drastically. It’s the old carrot and stick as Hugo has pointed out. Where they want to take it is you’ll just be allowed to “exist”. The very basics of life (a very dystopian one). They’re not planning a future world full of leisure pursuits and fun, that’s being phased out. AND, just to earn those “priveleges” you’ll have to keep taking a life-changing or potentially life-ending injection for err ever

  28. time to boycott Amazon and Ebay, so if there’s another lockdown where do i buy clothes from

  29. It will be very interesting to see how they intend to enforce this across the board. If it’s just night clubs they usually have bouncers on the door who can get physical, but I don’t see it happening to granny as she enters Waitrose without a smart phone! LOL

  30. Germany only want jabbed on public transport eventually…
    Digital society reset yet these stupid ignorant brainwashed mask wearing hand sanitising bastards still think its about some virus🤷🏻‍♂️…
    My thoughts on them “ go away”

    • hang in there fella, your not alone. stay strong. ditch the smartphone if it gets to bad for you. i already got rid of mine, never comply to this pressure that’s getting worse, prepare your self mentally to go off grid so your ready for it. i feel it to, i feel my days are numbered at work because i wont comply, i’m ready for it mentally to go off grid. if you can get into some sort of mind set and prepare for it, im in a mind set now, a fuck it mind set do what you want mindset nothing to lose mindset, survival instincts are kinking in with me and feel under attack, everyone’s under attack, with this anti human force. got to be in a strong mindset, will not comply now. even if they bring in the mask mandates again, like the supermarkets, no mask no entry, don’t go if they bring it in again, because they cutting us off, prepare for whats coming. have B plan a ready. i’ve got camping gear and seeds etc etc, if you get that might help with peace of mind, i dont talk to masked people either i say i cart hear you and walk away there to far gone in there hypnotized zombie state. theres a bus that gos past me everyday, they all got iviz jackets on all masked up, smartphoned up, they all look the same robotic. i could never be on that bus. would have to be a pushbike job.

      • People have shown there true colours….
        Spineless, easily led, media slaves, gullible, stupid…
        My grandparents who fought in world wars 1 and 2 would be ashamed of these people…
        They would run away from a fight…
        Cowards all of them…

      • Hi Chris, you said it as it is. Well done for being so focussed, the only way to survive now is offgrid. These luciferian elite managing the govs will carry on till the end.

        Where in England or UK are good offgrid locations?

        Do you know any offgrid groups or small communities?

        I left the UK for South America, but wondering whether I should return to join a group offgrid?

  31. 9300 extra people than usual have died in the last four months in UK, NOT from “covid”. Surprise surprise it’s not headline news – it’s pushed to the back.

  32. I saw that. A way of depopulation and people who are so obsessed with Covid don’t even question it. Too busy obsessed with thinking they have to do everything they can to stop them dying of Covid 😳

  33. +9300 is only a +5% increase, not enough for a good depopulation plan.

    The ONS Data if they don’t edit it released Mid Jan for the 2021 Heart Attacks and Strokes should be interesting.

    Covid is that bad, they’ve shut my local hospital, Flu season hasn’t kicked in yet as weather is still mild.

    • I feel these extra deaths are just a taster of more to come (if people continue to get boosters in their millions like they have been doing). 15-19 year olds deaths from NON covid reasons were up 47% in the period of this year when their age groups were getting speared too (July-Aug?) compared to last year. Footballers/sportspeople having cardiac arrests is up 4000% in the last 4 months! This sh!t is not normal!

      • You can’t be serious. The Alexa video is fake. You can get Alexa to say anything you want. But you KNOW that. You also KNOW that the Deagal prediction is a load of rubbish. But there you go giving yet another airing. You have just exposed yourself as some sort of shill or deranged lunatic. You go on as if every piece of rubbish you spout is Gospel. And you have the cheek to expect to be taken seriously. Luckily I never have. But there must be some gullible people out there who vacuum up your crap. I think of you more as a comedian.

      • And while you are on, thebsdoctrine show us a link to orlandosentinel with that ‘prediction’. You can’t – because it doesn’t exist. It is absolute nonsense, satanic nonsense, put out to scare the weak-minded and gullible to death.

      • @Senga It was up and got taken down – I know, I paid the Orlando Sentinel site a visit as soon as I downloaded the video. It said “This page is no longer available” or words to that effect proving that it had been there and they, being devious arseholes like you, took it down.

      • That is VERY convenient. I am sure there is a conspiracy in there somewhere if I could be bothered looking which I can’t.

      • I won’t be pissing off anywhere. Why don’t you piss off you Devil-worshipping SATANIST. I imagine you as some Aleister Crowley type sat in a huge castle lighting candles and summoning the Devil. Either that or some stupid kid sat in their Mum’s basement. It is either one or the other.

      • Of course you won’t, you’ll just stay here trolling these comments with your mealy mouthed cognitively dissonant bullshit. In truth, I bet you’re crapping in your pants over the reality of this situation.

      • A self-proclaimed Satanist, Nazi (National Socialist), fan of Hitler, Holocaust denier, who blames everything on the Jews and you call be a troll?! Are you being serious? You are ‘aving a laff, surely? But I suppose you will just have to continue to jackboot your way around here issuing proclamations to watch ‘truth’ videos that are anything but, or is that too mealy-mouthed for you? And you haven’t answer the question, did or didn’t Your Fuhrer, Hitler, invade Poland? Yes or no, none of you mealy-mouthed nonsense.

      • “Nazi (National Socialist), fan of Hitler, Holocaust denier, who blames everything on the Jews!”

        LOL I am only Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) fan, and I am not a National Socialist, I am a White English Nationalist. Oh and the term ‘Holocaust Denier’ is an oxymoron, because something that never happened cannot be denied. If it happened, then it can be denied by those that refuse to accept the truth of it happening, but there is no Truth to the so-called Holocaust whatsoever, hence these honest Jews bear me out:

        “I denounce the Holocaust Religion, but I am not alone.”

        — The Jew, Gilad Atzmon

        “The Holocaust is a successful historical fiction.”

        — Chief Rabbi Arye Friedmann, (Suddeutsche Zeitung, December 12, 2006 p.7)

        “Hitler killed six million Jews who never existed, in gas chambers which nobody ever saw.”

        — French Jewish scholar, Prof. Roger Dommergue

        “The Holocaust never happened, it’s totally made up. The Jews are damned liars. There is not a shred of Truth to this holocaust.”

        — The Jew, Bobby Fischer, 11th world chess champion.

        As for the rest of your dumb comment, all that means is that I am informed and educated and you’re plug ignorant and uninformed.

        Self proclaimed satanist? You better provide evidence for that or you’ll liable for libel or slander. In the meantime you can choke on this:

        “We have corrupted the blood of all the races of Europe — perhaps we have infected them today.

        “Everything is Jewified.

        “Our thinking is in everything living, our spirit rules the world.

        “We are the masters, for everything that has power today is the child of our spirit.

        “One may hate us, one may drive us away, our enemies may triumph over our physical weakness, but we are no longer to be gotten rid of.

        “We have conquered peoples, conquered the races, defiled them, broken their strength, made everything rotten, lazy and corrupt with our stale culture, our spirit can no longer be exterminated.”

        — Dr. Kurt Munzer, Jewish novelist, “The Way To Zion”

        If you reply try to make it less emotional and more factual, there’s a good boy, or is it girl?

      • I don’t pretend to be a historian or revisionist historian like you appear to be. I wasn’t around at the time of the world wars, maybe you lived through both of them. I only know what I learned at school about the Nazis and the Vikings. My grandfather hated Churchill. He said he was a war-monger. I am not sure but I think he extended the second world war. Lost papers in the post like Thatcher did. And, oh yes, I have watched Schindler’s List. And another one about a boy in striped pyjamas. I don’t have a vast reference library like you probably do sitting up in your Bavaran high castle jackbooting around the place in SS uniform and barking out ‘Heil Hitler’. Now, go an be a good little boy, or is it girl? and get back to polishing those jackboots.

      • With the internet YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO REMAIN IGNORANT. Truth seekers seek out The Truth and LEARN! THAT is something that you have NEVER DONE!!

        “I only know what I learned at school about the Nazis.” You mean you only know what you were programmed, indoctrinated and brainwashed with. You learned NOTHING at school, apart from how to read, write and do simple numbers.

        Looks like your grandfather had an active brain in his head, unlike his grandson. And why do you think he, like thousands of British soldiers, hated Churchill? Because the bastard was a subversive traitor, that’s why.

        Hitler made numerous offers of unconditional peace to Churchill both, before 1939, and after Dunkirk where he let the British escape unscathed. These offers Churchill immediately binned WITHOUT any Cabinet discussion. Here’s the real Churchill:

        “They cheered me as if I’d given them victory, instead of getting their houses bombed to bits.”

        — Winston Churchill remarked after the first Nazi air raid on London Sept. 7, 1940 which killed 306 people. Churchill deliberately provoked Hitler by bombing Berlin’s civilian areas in August 1940 for a month.

        “We will force this war on Hitler whether he wants it or not.” — Winston Churchill 1936

  34. How can the so called “vaccine” be waning?,we all know it’s an endless series of gene therapy injections,that apparently self replicate in the body,so surely it is WAXING NOT WANING….?,anyone got any thoughts on that 🧐

  35. Jabs=top up passes….

    They are clearly not getting there own way with this now…
    More propaganda has coming about jabs saving lives and all that crap…
    There clutching at straws yet again

  36. When the media first started talking about health passports in Australia months ago, the most nonsensical part was that they said they would be brought in at what was supposed to be the very end of the health campaign, once they reach their magic protective number of people jabbed, 85% or whatever, when life was supposed to go back to normal and at the point when no passport should be needed.

    Nobody seemed to have a problem with this or call this out. Why would you care if someone has the vaccine or not if you believe you’ve hit the mythical herd immunity.

    Later comes the fake surprise that the vaccines wear off and repeated boosters are needed. Lucky our governments just so happened to have already ordered enough vaccines for the next 3 years of bi-annual boosters. And look! – the passport and two-tiered society are suddenly relevant in making sure all the people keep up to date with each booster.

    Well I’m sure everybody who watches Hugo saw this coming ages ago. Here’s my predictions: if they succeed at the end of this, Covid will eventually wrap up and they’ll phase to a more general list of viruses that you’ll need to be pre-treated for 2-4x year if you want to continue to be allowed into general society. Besides regular schedules, they’ll have emergency patches when they find a ‘new threat’ or decide to deploy something they’re cooking up for biowarfare.
    The passports will morph to a single red cross warning your anti-virus patches are out of date. Report immediately to an injection centre or go into isolation until you do.

  37. I have lost two friends over this. My oldest friend. He is on board with the tyranny and i don’t see how he can be my friend when he supports policies which will leave me unable to go anywhere, take part in society and possibly land me in a camp in future. Ther is a big elephant int eh room because if the subject comes on we row, but you cannot avoid it when it affects your whole life and future. Soemtimes you have to leave people behind. they have chosen their path and they are walking blindfold. We wiill need a parallel society adn black market. I’m okay with that.

    • Morning

      We are all different & yes unfortunately this BS of last 2years is causing a divide it was their plan for A long time.

      Don’t let them break your spirit live your life why you can theses people in power don’t care about us, our views or concerns they Never have!

      Keep speaking your mind & be yourself don’t let theses people do what they trying to do.
      We are stronger in numbers so just keep saying No!Stuff ya jab crap! & if none your friends don’t like you trying look out for them then they were never really good friends in the beginning, good – good friends stick together, help each other, good friends don’t doubt each other.

      Have great day
      Cheers for good comment

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