IRELAND Effectively CLOSE Nightclubs / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I seriously doubt their claimed figures for vaccine uptake. In Scotland they’re claiming almost 4 million have volunteered for the experimental vaccine yet on the various propaganda stations it’s wall to wall “why won’t people just get vaccinated. They’re selfish not getting it”.
    They fail to explain what I’m gaining by not getting it so not sure why I’m selfish.
    Too much propaganda to get vaccinated so I think we’d all agree (to use a fsm expression 🤣) they’re lying about uptake figures.
    Herr sturgeon is desperate to close everywhere as she wants to extend her passport system. Aberdeen FC deliberately capping their crowd to 9999 – she’s seething about that

    • Jab uptake is much lower yet they say high to get people to have them and make them feel guilty…
      Just mind games and coercion…
      If they can fudge figures and lie about everything since day 1 and shaft people then they will lie about everything else…
      The wheels are coming off this and then jab passes people will get fed up with using..
      I spoke to a few a they say something is wrong here and dont make sense…
      Even the world population statistics say hardly anyone has died of late of “it” and only ones with the test that is not used as a infection diagnostic tool🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Yep I agree, you can smell the fear from these tyrants, Satan is chomping at their heels for better results! You have to feel sorry for them……NOT

  2. If you don’t take the third jab your status becomes unvaccinated! Then the fourth and fifth and sixth jabs etc etc etc!

    • This ‘tactic’ was instigated in Israel…non compliant with the ‘booster’ go back to zero…..terrible coersive behaviour….surely people can see through this ….PLANdemic!!…

    • Also, if you haven’t had the booster and are counted as unvaccinated, if you get Covid and die, they can say you were unvaccinated, even though your immune system has been destroyed by your first 2 jabs!

  3. Whether largest jabbed population or not very soon those jabbed will be required to have a booster and if refused they won’t be considered to meet the definition of “fully vaccinated”. Such BS! 😤

    • I was watching an old episode of the BBC sitcom Porridge recently. The jab passport is a bit like being a trustee in a prison many years ago. Not that I have ever been incarcerated in one. If you are a good little boy or girl eventually you get moved off the toilet cleaning duties to the library. Then finally to the outdoor garden. If you are very lucky you might even get to pop down to the shops for the warden when outside on drain digging duty. But always remember you are still an inmate and one slip up and you will be demoted back down to Captain Bog Brush with another 6 months added to your sentence. Best advice , avoid prison in the first place.

  4. Hi Hugo,
    Your not wrong, there was only a handful of people at the last “protest”.
    What you must understand about ireland is this. Ireland & the Irish people are submissive by their very nature.
    And only really protest in large enough number to effect change when the issue at hand affects their pockets,
    IE: If the government said they are going to charge €1 per jab from now on, Millions would hit the streets…

    It has always been this way, even the fight against the British oppression was fought by only few.
    Irish people like to moan and complain about everything but ultimately do nothing………..

    • I’m Irish, and I have to agree. The vast majority are armchair warriors. Plus they don’t want the neighbours talking about them!

      • well I don’t agree, the Irish do rise when they see the enemy. Their Lying MEDIA Luring them towards a jab 24/7, will come crashing down. They will go completely bonkers when enough is revealed.

  5. There all fucked anyway…
    Had that spiking thing as well recently…
    Give it 2 years or less and they will be finished i reckon…
    Glad i am 47 but even if i was 27 i would not have some lab rat jab to get into a nightclub….
    There shit anyway nowadays…

    • The lab rat jab killed every animal it was tested on. That made it OK for humans! I’m 65 and I’d prefer to live like a hermit rather than have that shit injected into me.

      • Its never been put in people before and goes all round the body….
        People been well sold down the river with this…
        And it suppresses the immune system and will make them vulnerable to actual illness and not some imaginary one used for population control longterm

  6. I live in Waterford Ireland. I was also at that protest u spoke of on Saturday. There were only about 250 people at it tops. We dont know why no one is fighting/peacefully assembling and we are terrified. Ireland has become hell on earth

  7. Once the sheeple wake up and realize that this is nothing to do with health, they’ll know they’ve been taken. They need the unjabbed for two reasons. Firstly to divide society so they can keep imposing rules, and secondly to blame unjabbed doctors and nurses for the ever increasing wait times for other conditions.

  8. While draculaford party’s the night away not giving a flying fuck.

    • Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Johnson said the concept of what constitutes “full vaccination” will need to be adjusted – and said that getting a third jab would become part of that. Well, there we are. He said it. You must have ALL the boosters as they come out or you’ll slide back down the snake to the start and become as unvaccinated as the unaccinated…and your covie-pass will reflect that. What a glorious money making exercise in tyranny this is turning out to be!

      • Your analogy may be closer to the mark than you think. I can see a time when the no-boosters who are late to change their minds find that: ‘As it’s been X months since the first two shots you will have to start from the beginning, one shot, two shots and then your over-due booster.’

  9. The fighting Irish are long dead and gone. I’m Irish and I’m sick of it. Our young people took the jibby jabs so they could have their lives back but….. I have been on many protests but we need to wake up the masses.

  10. They complyed they got what they deserve. Taking my freedom away while I’m protecting yours from the tyranny happening ffs brain dead look where you are now. Might be to late now. This is what happens you comply. Papers please ffs. They will regret it.let alone with jab damage, with booster shots coming. No booster then covid pass is revoked. as they said in the matrix people are willing to dye to protect the matrix. Apart from the 10% of us, fuck um do what you want. as long as I’m not daft enough to take it or have a smartphone ill be just fine. With self respect in tacked. Got to stand strong and speak strong and say No. Where are all the men. Its laughable. When are people going to wake…….

  11. So an environment in which everyone must be vaccinated has to close early to prevent the spread of the virus that every patron is vaccinated against

  12. At 04:00 – 04:10 on Hugo`s video he quite literally highlights exactly what this is about.
    There is a very old saying `All roads lead to Rome`. Hundreds of years later all roads ( or road closures in this case ) lead to the jibby jabby.

  13. It’s all water off a ducks back now, we know the plan, I don’t like it so I am under no pressure to have the experimental gene modification treatment.
    More people are coming round, Boris is looking a bigger fool every day.

    • It’s just whether it’s too late to change anything is the question. I guess if enough people don’t accept the measures they’ll have no choice but to back down like in France.

      That or instigate some form of marshal law and lock up as many as they can in the 7 new super prisons they’re building.

  14. There are a few of us who haven’t accepted it but not enough. It’s every man for himself now.

    • We need to pull together jabbed and unjabbed.
      Divided we fall, they know that hence all the division the past 15 years.
      Divide and conquer

    • I live in Ireland and they say in the press that EVERY person in Ireland over 70 is jabbed. Well I am 71 have not. I would rather have red hot pins poked in my eyes. and I know of other over 70’s that also refused . Lies lies, and illusions. Because of this I have not been outside my gate for four months, and not seen nor talked to a single so called human being other than double jabbed postman or delivery person. How long does it take to go insane?

  15. They will try anything now to get people to have them jabs but then again businesses will suffer for it as well…
    More people comply the more it carries on….
    Be a few with egg on there faces what are left eventually that will realise they been well shafted by all of this…
    I see people back to 2 metre shit now and face masks but i ignore them…
    They offer me nothing…
    Far as places with jab passes go i dont attend them anyway…
    I have read the jab passes will eventually require you to have everything about yourself on them
    Glad i wont have one then

  16. It’s unbelievable people still trust ,these lying tyrants!the more you comply!the more your freedom’s die!

  17. An extra motive could be that it was becoming too obvious that a) people didn’t go to places where a passport was needed (unless they had to) or b) not that many people got jabbed as official numbers claim, as I am pretty sure that attendances were much smaller than pre lockdown.
    Who wants to be among a bunch of docile sheep, anyway?

  18. Living in Ireland, but not being Irish, I’d say the Irish people are generally lovely people, but the way they allowed the church to rule over them for so long shows how much they are comfortable in compliance. The put upon Mrs Doyle character in Father Ted is accurate. Happy in servitude. Not everyone, but too many. From my own experience I’d estimate the jab uptake has been very high, though not as high as we are told. In fairness though, the state broadcaster is probably worse even than the BBC for propaganda (if that is possible). I was surprised that Sinn Féin have gone along with the lies. I thought they would have had more backbone. Freedom fighters no more.

    • JOE -Scum Fin have no backbone because in the t*rr*ri*t state there are repercussions.Look at a video a while back from COMPUTING FOREVER on Hugo Talks.
      Whinge and moan all day about the “Brits” and Boris,DUP because there is no comeback.
      Open your mouth about corrupt treacherous Dadee or whatever these bootboy Goons call themselves and you get a 3am cowardly visit

  19. We all knew this would happen. They told youngsters they would miss out on their social life if they didn’t get jabbed, no jab = no nightlife. Now they’ve fallen for it, the clubs are forced to shut anyway!

  20. I am Irish and live in Ireland. In my place of work less than half the workforce have had the injection. Which makes me seriously doubt the claimed numbers, many of those I work with had the two injections are saying they will not be having any more passport or no passport they don’t give a fiddlers, the injections don’r work and seem to make things worse from what we can each see.

  21. Add hotels to that!! Let all the resteraunts and pubs get locked down and go bust! Serves them right for going along with this crap! I believe 90% jabbed as you know by the shops ! People masked and still crapping it! Must have seen easy 20 people in cars on there own with a mask on and i was only on the road for an hour!

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