GIBRALTAR 100% Jabbed 🚫⛔ CANCELS CHRISTMAS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Do as you want, they don’t listen to us so we shouldn’t listen to them, you can guarantee their Xmas will go ahead, ignore all their illegal bullshit and live love snd be free

  1. Well, they certainly cannot say it’s the unvaccinated spreading covid infections!!!!! Morons!

    • Unjabbed cannot spread anything as there is no such thing as a spreader without symptoms..
      That was some myth brought out early last year…
      Besides the jabbed are making themselves ill every jab they have

      • Vaccinees will often contract the disease without having symptoms yet will be infectious. That is one of the many problems with vaccination as opposed to being naturally immunised.

      • TRUE vaccines make you immune from the disease….. This Jungle Juice certainly does NOT make you immune, hence this is definitely NOT a vaccine!

      • Don’t even joke they will probably say that lol

      • ‘You see the thing is……..’ 🤣🤣

      • Jeez -don’t give them ideas!! They’re already blaming dogs for spreading it !🙄

  2. Tell them to fuck off and mind their own business, don’t need some Muppet puppet twat telling me how to live my life. DONT COMPLY END OF

  3. I’ve been having a ding dong with an idiot from NZ on a YT video. Christ, it’s like pulling teeth, basically what it comes down to is they have decided to believe X, Y and Z and all they do is repeat their beliefs and what they believe you believe at you and claim you’re spreading misinformation and are a loon.

    I tried saying (as I have with many others) I’m not telling you what I believe, I’m telling you what the numbers say – you know, the science. But you might as well be talking to a cat.

    Anyway, while the jabaloons are pumping themselves full of this crap and trying to claim it’s making them safe, reality like this is so blatantly obvious it’s hard to believe some people just can’t ot won’t see it – all jabbed up and cases going through the roof = the jabs work.

    Insanity rules supreme.

    • I had something similar on reddit, I just gave up in the finish as the debate degraded into just them copy pasting the propaganda. I think in the offline world it’s a bit easier to debate as you are looking at the person and you can be sure they are not a troll. I think this Gibraltar case, the reply will be that the jab is wearing off and they all need more jabs. It would be good to check out what stages the jab rolled out there and grab some numbers before they are lost in the ranking on the search engines…

      • I am sure that I saw an article sometime, somewhere that Gibraltar had zero covid until they started jabbing. Time to do a bit of research…

      • Its called Being invested in a jab and its hard to admit you made a mistake, you know like going out and buying a brand new car only for your neighbor to say that’s a shit car you have but no matter how shit that car is you will defend it till the end

      • The car comparison is a good example of this BS. The car owner would fall out with the truth sayer rather than the geezer who flogged him the motor.

    • Totally agree with you.trying to talk those people it’s like banging your head against the wall.

    • They are suffering from a fixed delusion and that’s why it’s impossible to get through to them. If one is suffering even one delusion, one is not fully connected to reality and thus, is classified as psychotic i.e. insane.
      They would all need Sectioning and treatment in psychiatric units at this stage and that’s not going to happen. I’ve been upset, disgusted and even raging angry with them but I’m even past that now. I really do believe only God Himself could help them at this stage! All I can think of to do is to pray for them.

      • Paul Watson. Did you see the Esther Rant-son video, she is certainly ‘bankrupt’ of any spirits or morals. Your comment is so correct. I think that the jabbed actually feel as they have been fooled and because they can’t get angry with Doris Johnson or the person who jabbed them, they turn their anger on we Thinkers. My mrs. had TWO goes at me yesterday. She has just arrived home after a 3 week cruise round the Caribbean, I was discriminated against because i hadnt had the jabs. I only asked if on the ‘fully vaxxed and tested-to-the-eyeballs’ cruise, where passengers needed to shew zem ze paperz, and ALL crew had been fully jabbed and tested…. why did they have to wear face masks??!! She showed me a photo of her waiter… I couldnt see his fking face because of a huge blue waste-of-paper across his fizz-ogg ! She went on a right rant…. never mind eh? 🙄

    • Once you remember though that these are extremely scared people, then their ability to dismiss the realities is easier to understand.

      i) They were so scared of catching this thing called Covid. So scared instead of ‘thinking’ they just ‘reacted’ – and rushed to have these injections believing them to be ‘the miracle cure’.

      ii) Now they’re scared that these injections are doing irrepairable damage to them. They’re aware of the increasing evidence but are too scared to look too far into it for fear of what they’ll find.

      iii) They also see much of the tyranny unfolding but are too scared to believe it is deliberate, “How could this happen again, in the 21st century? There’s no way a democratic Gov’t would be so evil”.

      iv) They find immeasurably more comfort believing what is happening is due to a virus, than to believe it due to powerful, evil and greedy tyrants who have again been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

      They are in reality, scared cowards too afraid to face up to the realities. Such individuals always have been.

      • You have it Spot on my like minded friend. 👍. In short, they’re in too deeply now to change their mindset, they are just crossing their fingers that things will be ok.. 🤞🤞🤞. Good luck with that!!

    • @guaranteedcarfinancesite It’s called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE


      “When we hear information that contradicts our world view, social psychologists call the resulting INSECURITY “cognitive dissonance.”

      “For example with 9/11 we have one cognition which is the official story of 9/11, what our Government told us, what our media repeated to us over and over that 19 Muslims attacked us.

      “On the other hand we have what scientists, researchers, architects and engineers are now beginning to tell us, which is that there is evidence which shows that the official story cannot be true, so now we’ve lost our sense of security. We are starting to feel vulnerable; now we are confused.

      “9/11 TRUTH challenges the beliefs that our country protects us, keeps us safe and that America is “THE GOOD GUY!” When your beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety are created. In response to that our psychological defences kick in, and they protect us from these emotions.

      “Denial, which is probably the most primitive psychological defence, is the one most likely to kick in when our beliefs are challenged.

      “It is a very uncomfortable state to be in, and eventually our mind shuts off. Just like when a computer is over loaded, our minds get over loaded and we cannot handle it any more and we shut down.

      “What some of us will tend to do is deny the evidence that is coming our way and stick to the original story – the official story, and try to regain our equilibrium in that way.

      “Another thing we can do is decide to look at the conflicting evidence and be sincere and open minded and look at both sides of the issue and then make up our own mind about what the reality is.

      “Some will say ‘I don’t want to know The Truth or I become too negative and psychologically go down hill’ or I am not sure I want to know and that. If this is true down would be up and up would be down and things would never again be the same.

      “The say: ‘this is the way the world works and I’m convinced this is the right way the world works and 9/11 doesn’t fit into that paradigm, so I don’t need to look at the evidence.’

      “They will say: ‘I refuse to believe that that many Americans could be that satanic and have treated us that way – someone would have talked.’ But these are BELIEFS; THEY ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC FACTS or TRUTH, but these beliefs do keep us from looking at the empirical evidence.

      “Whenever we say: ‘I REFUSE TO BELIEVE’ we can be sure that the evidence coming our way is not bearable and that it’s conflicting with our world view much too much.

      “As I thought about all of these responses I realised that what is common to everyone of them is the emotion of FEAR. People are afraid of being ostracised; they are afraid of being alienated; they’re afraid of being shunned; they’re afraid of their lives being inconvenienced and they would have to change their lives; they’re afraid of being confused; they’re afraid of psychological deterioration; they’re afraid of feeling helpless and vulnerable and they’re afraid that they won’t be able to handle the feelings that are coming up. None of us want to feel helpless and vulnerable.

      “However, healing comes through facing The Truth, experiencing it, allowing the feelings to come in, so if there are feelings of fear perhaps these events are caused by something we haven’t thought about yet. Dark elements within our society for example. We let that come in and explore it. Let The Light shine on whatever happened. This will be the most powerful healing process.”

      — From a Jim Rizoli Youtube Video.

  4. There is no hope for the jabbed folk…
    There either going to get fucked up by these jabs longterm or still live in a mental prison after having them…
    Least with unjabbed people they have made there OWN choice not a choice by news and media…
    Freedom is free of mind body and soul as well…
    They dont have that the jabbed folk

    • a lot of them are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and will not admit they were lied to and believed the lies. They have injected a dangerous untested vaccine into their body’s will could prove to be lethal in the next year or so for them. A lot of them out of pride will keep believe the lies out of mainstream media and take the booster and turn on the unvaccinated that’s the whole point of all this its divide and concur

      • I agree with a lot you write. there us also the Illusory Truth Effect syndrome, whereby if people are bombarded with lie after lie over long periods, then they will think it’s the truth, even if eventually, the liar tells them it’s a lie. Google it and see. 👍. I’m not telling lies, honestly 😉

  5. it makes a lot of sense. They are doing tests on small countries to analyse the response. eg: Australia (small in population and cut off), NZ, Lithuania, Austria

  6. Non Compliance will only Free you.The others have chosen their paths .

  7. Their ego and basic fear of death, the reason they got the jab, is now stopping them from seeing the have effed up. Denial. Cognitive dissonance. If you think it is bad now, they are going to freak when the penny drops. This will be the true test of compassion for the unjabbed.

  8. We the awake need to populate a large island (not Gib) and ignore the brainwashed.
    Who are they going to blame in Gib, there are no unvaxxed so they need to find another scapegoat! Maybe the Barbary Apes!

  9. The Gibs have been jabbed and cases soaring! Time to quarantine the jabbed to protect them from themselves…

  10. During the years of the Nazi regime, German doctors frequently argued that Jews spread disease (typhus). Millions of average law abiding sensible intelligent German citizens believed it. The issue wont be compassion for the jabbed. The issue is what the jabbed believe the rest of us are spreading and how that pressure change our lives. And 80 years later people ask ‘ how did that ever happen?’ How did we let one group of humans be so vilified by the rest of society?’. Because that’s what people will do if they’re fed a diet of lies that YOU are a danger to THEIR safety. I have no compassion for the jabbed. Fcuk ’em.

    • @TCX22 Lying propaganda bullshit. Jews were renowned for very poor standards of hygiene, and poor hygiene in the camps led to many outbreaks of Typhus hence the use of Zyklon B for disinfecting the clothes and bedding in the barracks.

      General Patton in his diary on the Jews:

      “I next came to appreciate the true nature of the people for whom World War II was fought: the Jews.

      “Most of the Jews swarming over Germany immediately after the war came from Poland and Russia, and Patton found their personal habits shockingly uncivilized. He was disgusted by their behavior in the camps for Displaced Persons (DP’s) which the Americans built for them and even more disgusted by the way they behaved when they were housed in German hospitals and private homes. He observed with horror that “these people do not understand toilets and refuse to use them except as repositories for tin cans, garbage, and refuse . . . They decline, where practicable, to use latrines, preferring to relieve themselves on the floor.”

  11. Time to riot In Gibraltsr ,set the place on fuckin fire ,it’s the only way to stop.the tyranny .

  12. They complyed just like in Ireland, also got what you deserve. Being lead to the slaughter house. Enjoy you monthly jabs or have you covid pass revoked. Sounds great over there having Christmas cancelled well done for complying, so glad I don’t live there. No going back now. Papers please…. Social credit system. ffs. Christmas will be cancelled Christmas day in the UK, Bojo said he wouldn’t rule it out. He’s been told to do it by his tele prompter, plus the tesco advert telling everyone what’s coming if you can read the subliminal messages. Im going to have a great Christmas in my hot tub. No mental health around for miles

  13. I live in Gibraltar and I’m Gibraltarian and it is a complete LIE that 100% of adults are jabbed. It’s more like 85% but that wouldn’t suit the world’s narrative that people still refuse to get the jab! We’re becoming a two tier society and people are clearly being discriminated – teachers have been redeployed for not being able to comply with wearing a mask for the entire teaching day, getting daily swabs or ultimately getting the jab! It’s nuts! Also perfectly healthy people who have decided to exercise their right over body autonomy and not have the jab, if in close contact to someone with Covid have to isolate for 10 days yet vaxxed people are free to go about their business. I invite you to look at the stats on the Government of Gibraltar FB page on who has COVID (vaxxed/unvaxxed). They are now using kids to boost up the unvaxxed numbers because they I’m sure will be coming for them….
    Don’t believe the crap you hear on mainstream media it’s all a load of rubbish!

    • A friend (?) of mine said ‘having the jab was a small price to pay for freedom’ on fb and others agreed with her. I despair! Her comment made me feel ill and sad in equal measure. So, so sad. 🙁

      • Yes,some of the people out there,will say the stupidest things to justify their taking the jab.I took it to protect granny,I took it to go on holiday(not realising that climate change bs will stop travel abroad and in this country ,15 mile cities comes to mind),I took it to go back to normal,when in reality they all took it because they’re all scared, cowardly sheep.

  14. In the Netherlands the same. 2020 no vaccines and QR pasports, very low cases and little hospitalisations, everything stable in general. 2021 85% got ‘ the juice’ and QR pasports everywhere and cases and hospitalizations are going trough the roof!! On top of that, more extreme and draconian rules now then back in 2020. Even the vaccinated are starting to smell the coffee and feeling backstabbed and fooled by the goverment. So there is hope! The goverment and MSM desperate blaming the unjabbed, but I see that even within the goverment a lot of politicians and jabbed people in general don’t believe that lie anymore.

    The divide and conquer game doesn’t seem to work now. Because the unjabbed are allready left out society and the majority of hospitalizations now, are indeed the vaccinated eldery. So hold the line folks, in 2022 we will breath again and justice will come. It looks grim, but this horror will also come to pass and truth aways win!

    • Glorrry glorrry hallelujah. I love these odds. Prayers care working. What was intended for evil is being turned around for our good.

    • Alex Belfield put a video out two days ago saying he’d had a leaked memo sent to him that said Doris will drawer a line under this BS by March 2022, just before the sacking of non-jabbed NHS workers.

      • No offense,but I wouldn’t trust belfield as far as I could throw him, he’s ex BBC ,a shill if ever I saw one.

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…. S’up to you. 👍. Belfield once said ‘ everyone is entitled to be stupid, it’s up to them’ 😊

  15. If you want a non-political party to vote for in England, Scotland and Wales you can now:
    THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY also if you are told you have to have the jab or loose your job:

    By Statute and Common Law the owners, operators, managers and Directors of care homes must have Employer Liability Insurance for loss, injury caused by the said “vaccine” they must show evidence of this to the employee. This is a criminal offence that occurs from the date they sent the letter instructed the employees to have the jab (death shot). Everyday from that day is a fine day, of level 4 fine on conviction, meaning if the letter instructing you to have the jab was 30 days ago, that is a fine of £2500 x 30 = £75,000 – 60 days = £150,000 etc.

    People here is the link to the Rumble video of the Rubin Report and Locals owner and rumble owner. Please add a rumble to my comment and show them the English exist! We the English need their platform.

    Here is the link to the employee letter.

    Care Home Employee letter

    for more information go to TheFullEnglish 8pm Mon-Fri and get the TRUTH about the fake elite controlling England the last significant colony of the british empire…England will WIN !! It’s God’s will…

  16. Glorrry glorrry hallelujah. Our Lord Jesus Christ works in mysterious ways 🙏. What was intended for evil has been turned around for our good …

  17. The government’s of the world will now claim that the vaccine is not intended to stop you from catching Covid 19 but will prevent serious illness…..and people will believe it! It never ends!!

  18. Yep Crazy!!

    UK Government, admitted the jabs stop the body creating antibodies therefore leaves you open to reinfection again and again, got the screen shots, but can’t upload pics.

    Months back, heard a rumour of clots in the legs and people finding it hard to walk, nothing until today seen a few, asked the 1 if she was okay, asked if needed a lift, new symptom after her jab, stuck her in a passing taxi paid the fare.

    Getting crazier rapidly, we’ve been lucky in the UK Passport wise atleast so far, could be in a Auss, or Wales or Scotland.

    Phase 1 Jab all is nearing it’s end, Phase 2 starting soon and this worries me!!

    Ages ago, I was saying eventually the jabbed will be too scared to leave there houses ever and the unjabbed will have to do all the work and look after them, looks to be coming true, maybe go get my jabs after all!! 🙂

    • I am in England too love. Here is a happy thought for you. If you end up in the labour camp you might find yourself getting chained to me 🙂

      • I’m Holistic ( Dirk Gentrle Holistic Detective style ) and you’d be surprised how charmed a life I live, so see you soon 🙂 And being in the labour camp will turn out to be a good thing, all will be fine as the universe has a plan for me, unless that plan is killing me, then I’ll be dead so won’t care!!

    • The steward of our Community Centre has blood clots in his calf that have damaged his foot. It is looking like he will lose it due to gangrene. He’s been hobbling around for a few weeks. At the time I did ask him if he’d been jabbed, he reluctantly told me that he had. He’s a nice fella and continues to work even with fresh bandages each day and wearing a sliced-down-the-middle carpet slipper on that foot. Another victim. I bet he’s not on the adverse reaction list though! Shame on them bastards!

      • So if they don’t die, then they’ll be stuck at home as unable to walk, what a sick sorry state the world is in.

  19. Just looked up Gibraltar vaccine rollout, they had 97% vaccinated back in March according to the Guardian..

    So, they will definitely be saying that the vaccinated are past the 6 month stage, so these vaccine rollouts by in large across the world took place 6 months or more before the “flu season”, wonder if there is another nation where they rolled out later in the year…

  20. Thinking about………..

    UK Government, admitted the jabs stop the body creating antibodies therefore leaves you open to reinfection again and again, got the screen shots, but can’t upload pics.

    This means ignore Convid it’s BS, but if they can’t form antibodies then they can get the exact same Flu and Cold over and over again, heard rumours of people testing positive for Aids aswell, linked to parasites that are claimed to be jabs which do just this aswell.

    Should prove to be fatal often mind, just constantly ill with the same bugs, maybe 2 or 3 same time = dead ??

    Too confusing, trying to make sense of this madness, don’t like not knowing what’s Phase 2, got to be 1 or all this BS for not much.

  21. I read a comment from some in Gibraltar saying not everyone is jabed I suspect this article is has been put out as a excuse to jab 5 to 11 year olds

  22. A friend who had to attend a jobcentre or whatever they are called the other day told me that it was full of young Afghan men with perfectly groomed beards pretending that they couldn’t speak English. The staff member had a set of headphones plugged into his computer and was apologising to an Afghan saying that it can take up to 20 minutes to get an interpreter on the line. These interpreters earn vast sums of money too. The UK is a joke.

  23. It’s the Gibraltar Variant of course!
    coming to a pub near you!
    Santa can’t bring it so they’re getting the Easter Bunny to tuck his eggs in and slide down your chimney with it.
    So get Jabbed up Ya Bunnies
    Thousands are dying to get it!

  24. This is an obvious attack and attempted take down of Christianity. The first ever lockdown happened just before Easter 2020 and closed churches for the first time in history. Satanic minions are at it again.

  25. The jabbed not listening to reason. Is that caused by something in the jab? Something that renders them docile and compliant to government propaganda?

    • Most people don’t like engaging their brain, there is very little cognitive activity in their front lobes. Those prefer shortcuts and to be told, rather then figure out for themselves. The other factor is humility versus pride. Even when confronted with pure facts, they can’t admit the reality as it would crush their false sense of hope and their worldview based on illusions. Quite frankly we all hang up on certain assumptions that are like a veil in front of our eyes without knowing. Everyone has a blind spot. It would be an act of true character to stay patient with each other.

    • Not sure, GF pretty awake not 100%, had jabbed as likes cruises to much and since is 95% sheep, 5% of the time, she starts to see it, then retreats back to sheep.

      Can’t tell if it’s Jabs, or she’s scared shitless and just wants to think all will be fine.

      • Good point, Turveyd. I have over-generalised it. Some of my friends also don’t agree with what’s going on and yet took it to be able to travel (but to me that’s the category ) What a paradox, wanting to have our freedom back by trading it away.

      • *the category _let’s get back to ‘normal’_
        (Also my father didn’t have a choice has he travels internationally for work, so it is not all that black and white)

  26. Where is the official government report to say they are going into lockdown- I can’t find anything except some advice to avoid Christmas gatherings?

  27. ‘We are on the verge of a global transformation.
    All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order’ – David Rockefeller 
    What does the globalist’s ‘Great Reset’ really mean?
    It means the whole consciousness has to be taken away from humanity, so that their intelligence is destroyed. 
    According to them people have to be converted to carbon copies, their originality has to be destroyed, otherwise this whole Neo-Nazi reset will be impossible.
    Klaus Martin-Bormann Schwab and his merry band of sociopaths are doing something very, very wrong with humanity, and for certain reasons.
    They want you to remain slaves, they want you to be always afraid, they want you to be always greedy, they want you to be always ambitious, they want you to be always competitive.
    They want you to be unloving, they want you to be full of anger and hatred, they want you to remain weak, imitative, obedient carbon copies.
    What is the antidote?
    Intelligence is naturally rebellious.
    Intelligence cannot be forced into any servitude.
    Intelligence is very assertive, individual.
    Intelligence cannot be converted into a mechanical imitation.
    If you are intelligent, you will solve all your problems yourself.
    Intelligence is enough to solve all problems.
    In fact, whatsoever problems are created in life, you have more intelligence than all those problems.
    Intelligence is intrinsic to life.
    Intelligence is a natural quality of life.
    Just as fire is hot, and air is invisible, and water flows downwards, so is life intelligent.
    Intelligence is not an achievement, you are born intelligent.
    Yet a person who has no understanding of this is continuously a victim of mind, of so many thoughts, of fake globalist narratives, because they have no insight to give them a center.
    Thinking is the absence of understanding.
    You think because you don’t understand.
    When understanding arises, thinking disappears.
    What is understanding?
    Understanding is pure intelligence.
    That pure intelligence is originally yours, you are born with it.
    Nobody can give you intelligence.
    Knowledge can be given to you, absurd narratives can be given to you, but not intelligence.
    Intelligence is your own sharpened being.
    Through deep meditation one sharpens one’s being.
    Through meditation one drops borrowed thoughts, drops all false narratives, and reclaims one’s own being, reclaims one’s originality, reclaims one’s childhood, innocence, freshness.
    Out of that freshness, when you act, you act out of understanding.
    And then the response is total, here-now, and the response is because of the challenge, not because of a government’s false narrative.
    Try to find your hidden understanding, and the way is to drop thinking.
    Each child is born, as a very, very open phenomenon, utterly intelligent.
    But we jump upon them, we start destroying their intelligence.
    We start creating fear in them.
    You call it teaching, you call it making the child capable of coping with life.
    You create more fear in them.
    They then begin to lose their intelligence.
    And your schools, colleges, universities, they all make them more and more unintelligent.
    They demand foolish things.
    They demand foolish information to be crammed in which the child and their natural intelligence cannot see any point.
    For what?
    That child cannot see the point.
    Why cram these things?
    Remember, I am not against education, I am only against these forms of so-called education. 
    Critical Race Theory?!
    This world can become such a great, intelligent world if individuals are allowed to be themselves, helped to be themselves, supported in every way to be themselves, and nobody comes in and interferes.
    In fact, nobody manipulates the child.
    Intelligent people always trust themselves.
    Their trust is absolute about themselves.
    How can you trust anybody else if you cannot even trust yourself?
    Remember, meditation is needed only to undo what the society has done to you.
    Meditation is negative, it simply negates the damage, it destroys the illness.
    And once the illness has gone, your well-being asserts itself of its own accord.
    Intelligence is to make the utmost use of the present moment that is available, the future will come out of it.
    If this moment has been lived in delight and joy, the next moment is going to be born out of it.
    Intelligence has to spread all over your life.
    It is not a Sunday thing.
    And you cannot do it for twenty minutes and then forget about it.
    Intelligence has to be just like breathing.
    Whatsoever you are doing, small, big, whatsoever it can be done intelligently.
    So, be intelligent.
    Bring in the quality of intelligence.
    And the more intelligent you become, the more capable you will be of bringing more intelligence into your life.
    Each single moment can become luminous with intelligence.

    • I love this, I shall copy it and keep it with me. Now I shall definitely use the meditation I learnt when practicing Aikido to keep me positive and sane. Thank you @lienChrist.

    • Good day, Christ! When I see a long text I usually d not read, just frome the beginning. But this was special one. I started to read and enjoy it till the last word of your text!!

    • I disagree, some VERY intelligent people have been sucked into the Bolshevik Communist dogma. I know some very intelligent people who are the most stupid people you could ever imagine.

  28. If the freedom vaccine worked, the globalists doing this would be holding Jabralter up as a thing of wonder.
    They cannot and it is so sad for humanity as this is the blueprint for the way it is going for us all.

  29. The quest for fully vaccinated is never meant to end. They will re define your ‘status’ according to your compliance. All you need to do is obey every last demand until you die and be happy. Thanks Hugo and to you all

  30. They can cancel their demonic holidays like Christmas. Its never a believer of Jesus’s holiday. Its a pagan thing. Since I began to know the truth I cancelled or uncancelled, I ain’t bothered and so are true believers. They underestimated us. Since March 2020 when they started to announce their tyrannical laws, we have been praying and prayer is the most powerful silent weapon and the devil can’t do anything about it. So anyone thinking of the worst, chilax and join us in praying 🙏. Until we have been removed from this diabolical earth, they cannot touch us.

    • 👏👏👏👏👏 well said those of us that are at one with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ are just sat watching this madness unfold. Look to the sky we will be home soon 🙏

      • I do not celebrate Xmas or look up to a tree for they are pagan idols.
        I focus on the birth of christ our saviour and giving to those who have not..
        We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
        Through him we have also obtained access to faith..
        Onto this grace in which we stand and we rejoice
        In hope of the glory of God.

    • Agreed! Whatever they stop me from doing is ok by me, I don’t do those things anyway, I am happy to stay home, live simply and mind my own business. They can have Xmas as far as I am concerned, my household stopped celebrating it 5 yrs ago. as Christians who realized it is just a pagan festival dressed up to cover up pagan festival, it is not mentioned in The Bible and is not the date of Jesus birth. I agree our battles are fought on our knees (so to speak) in prayer.

  31. Seeing as they are all jabbed it makes the following two points crystal clear and without argument:
    1) Having the vaccine actually encourages the virus to spread or enables you to catch it more easily. Or new strains are breeding in the jabbed as the virus fights the poison.
    2) It is the vaccine that is making these people ill through acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
    Whatever your stand point it is true to say the Vaccines are doing the opposite of what they are meant to do.

  32. Some news from la-la land

    ‘Slap-head John Swinney has warned that Scots could be required to show a negative Covid test as well as proof of vaccination before being allowed to enter some settings.

    The Deputy First Minister and Covid Recovery Secretary said that this “theoretical option” was under consideration as part of a discussion on whether vaccine passports should be expanded.’

  33. Nobody, as yet, has told me what they do with all the dead bodies from this virulent virus? Why aren’t the crematoriums reporting their inability to cope with all these extra stiffs. When the bubonic plague (a real pandemic) was in full flow, in London, they struggled to find places for all the dead bodies.

    They also have all these ‘cases’ and yet none of them result in deaths.

    • Well the gov have a contract offering for extra body storage over the next few years. I wonder what that is for? are they expecting a higher number of deaths in the next few years?

    • Extra body storage being setup everywhere for the next 4 years. 60 racks setup outside the morgue in Hereford a few weeks back, that guy was doing more.

      Cremation Vans have been spotted aswell, for what’s the come, truely a bring out your dead and wait while acid rips off there flesh, then the crush / burn the bones and hand back to the ashes, sounds lovely. Flushing the waste down the sewers ” you’ll be drinking your granny “

  34. Lying scum now say infection rates are high based on a fake diagnostic tool…
    And javid says “world beating vaccination” policy😄..
    Turd he is as the lot of them

  35. Everyone here is still talking as though covid exists. David icke says it doesn’t and they’ve just rebranded the flu. Also the virus hasn’t been shown to be isolated. He also suggests the symptoms of “covid” are similar to radiation poisoning that could be caused by 5g. Add the jabs into the mix that I feel is weakening our immune systems and you’ve got real problems.

    • Not everyone.
      1. There is already a concensus on here that CoughID-19 is a term for the electronic ID pass.
      2. Yes, cough-it and influenz-ed cough-it were rebranded for this purpose and the NHS Helpline 111 says it all really 🙂
      3. Yes, virus hasn’t been isolated nor purified. And guess why, virus is a cellular waste. This dead debris is not able to reinfect other host organisms. That would require a miracle of resurrection. But if you eat sh!t, you get food poisoning, and when you shoot adenovirus from shimpanzee cr@p mixed with HEK cells (and that’s just an example in case of AZ) then, well..
      4. Yes, radio-frequencies have an impact on health and mental well-being and can cause symptoms that mirror other illnesses. Call it the art of wrong diagnosis.
      5. Yes, jabs decrease ability to produce T-cells and result in lowering immune response.

  36. I’m sure there’s still one or two unvaccinated left on Gibraltar who are infecting the rest. They’re the one’s who are causing this. There can’t be another explanation.

    • I presume that you are being sarcastic? The unjabbed don’t spread IT any more than a jabbed person….. if IT is even out there!

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