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  1. I stopped being scared long ago..tell these fkin retards to go dievwith cancer under a rock..NUREMBERG AWAITS YOU ALL…YOULL ALL BE DEAD THIS TIME NEXT YEAR…I CANT WAIT..so sheeple..take no fkin notice..wake the fuck up

    • It’s probably fair to say any one frequenting HugoTalks and many other non-fakestream media is already wide awake.

    • Quite right, they can’t scare us any more. The only end times is for them.

  2. Allegory for them saying they are coming in for the big kill Hugo.

  3. the Australian story, reminds me of what i said on here months ago. about having fine machines in the homes if you say something wrong, seems to correlate with what i said, another prediction coming true. prisoner in your own home. no thanks i’m to smart to not have one. there not out yet still got a bit of time left on this one expecting it soon though, hopefully ill be off grid by then.

    • I have found the perfect device – The Themis

      ‘Trigger warning’ device for classrooms and parties sounds alarm when it detects offensive language or jokes

      A new trigger-warning detector which sound alarms when it detects offensive speech has been unveiled at Dubai Design Week.

      The Themis is a lamp-sized device intended to ‘moderate’ debate in classrooms and universities and ‘manifest political correctness’ into a product.

      The small device could even be used to police language at dinner parties and family gatherings and its developers have said it hopes that Themis will encourage ‘self-critique’.

      Zinah Issa, who unveiled the device in Dubai, told The Telegraph: ‘Through the use of speech recognition and sound sensors we were able to program Themis to detect offensive terms – racial slurs, offensive jokes – through the microphone.

      ‘Extremely bothersome alarms last approximately two minutes, after which Themis turns off, allowing an open, understanding discussion among people on the possible trigger matter and the potential reasons behind Themis’s activation’.

      The device is named for Themis, the Greek goddess of justice and social order.

      Themis is being currently trialled in classrooms and universities with a view to a wider roll-out soon.

      • It appears that I commented before watching Mr Talks presentation. For that I apologise most sincerely.

      • Ho-Lee crap! Does dystopian science/social fiction write our history now? This is beyond disturbing.
        Then, there’s that thing with the scorpions… WHOA!

    • It reminds me of those exact machines in the film `Demolition Man` Chris………..
      “John Spartan , you are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality statute”. Ticket suddenly gets dispensed from a machine on the wall.

      • Yep! It’s called “predictive programming”

      • Yes I seen that film demolition man Tanya, also check out utopia 2019, theres a 15 minutes clip on YouTube with fine machines on the wall and have to do a breathalyser test to start the car, will open your eyes if you haven’t seen it. I cart get the full film anywhere, very similar to demolition man utopia it more detailed, where people police each other through the smartphones taking pictures which are GPS allocated. points for the snitch and bad points for you, going to cause problems and chaos if this comes in, I’m not complying to any of it though as I know where it leads it’s digital slavery.

      • @Tanya – that’s exactly what it reminded me of! Demolition Man! Perhaps like the film we will also be expected to “make love” without physical contact next, just a VR headset like the film!

      • Utopia can be downloaded freely through the usual channels. I have watched both series. Very good I must say. I am sure the fine gentleman Herr Talks will show you how.

      • HAH! You NAILED IT – It really was predicted/dictated in a cheesy movie as are MANY realities today. Amazing! Nice catch right there. ~V~

    • My apologies, but I had to laugh when you said I’m to smart. When the correct spelling should be I’m too smart. I am very sorry.

  4. Well the most important thing people in Egypt need to do to be safe when storms come and scorpions attack is to get vaccinated. 😂
    Seriously, am I the only one feeling like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole directly into wonderland? I mean you can’t make this stuff up even if you wanted to. It’s like if the queen of england would come one day and shout on tv ” off with their heads” I’ll just be “yeah, just another normal day”

  5. If we need people to fight any war can you imagine the WOKE, All Genders only 2 of course and the feminists getting drafted 🤦‍♂️🤣

  6. Love your work mate. Always spot on. One issue. When I’m watching your channel on iPhone and I turn it sideways and all of a sudden
    If stops completely or it freezes for ages and then starts again or starts from
    The start again. No idea why

  7. To anyone wanting to understand more about Russia and the west’s rabid Russophobic narrative, I recommend Alexander Mercouris at TheDuran.

    Most of this current fake panicking is indeed centred around Ukraine. Since the 2014/15 western supported coup d’etat in Kiev, Ukraine is in a dire political and economic spiral downward. Kiev flatly refuses to implement the Minsk agreement and the West is not bringing sufficient pressure onto Kiev to implement it.

    The only threat from Russia is clear and understood since Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov publicly announced it – namely if Kiev attacks the Donbass again, Ukraine will be effectively destroyed. That translates to the Ukraine armed forces would be effectively neutralised. Something Russia could accomplish in a matter of days.

    So Gen Nick Carter – there is nothing “unpredictable” about Russia at all. She says what she means and she means what she says. You heard her red lines same as I did. You think the US will ride to Kiev’s defence and fight Russia on her own doorstep – not a chance.

    • I know many people from Russia and believe me they do not want another World War.Most people in Russia lost a close relative in the 2nd World War. 27 million dead in that war to liberate Europe from the Nazis but now some people in the West are trying to rewrite history and say that Soviet Russia played no part in defeating Hitler.

  8. Definitely fearmongering!I was sent a letter from NHS, I was picked randomly too get hyped up flu (covid)test!in recycle bin!just received a text message reminding me!when will they get the message!?also harassing me to have flu jab!it never-ending!

    • Just been to GP this morning. I hadn’t even sat in the chair and he asked me if I wanted flu jab ffs!

      • I work in the health sector. I’ve had 10 text messages since September with a date and time for my experimental jab,(from the equivalent of the NHS for my country). I just laugh and have great fun ignoring it. If someone can convince me out of my No ; I might as well have a sign on my forehead saying “you are in control”. They can persist, persist, persist all they want. No means No!
        I love the humour on this site. Humour is the best defence when dealing with this insanity. They want us to be scared, depressed, angry and miserable.

        “If God is for us who can be against us” and “God thwarts the plans of the wicked”.
        “God laughs at the plans of the wicked”. So should we.

      • wow, you got to see a doctor in person – last time I seen a doc, she offered me HRT, no blood pressure check, no blood check and no age asked, all within a couple of minutes of me asking her about nutrition lol, I know expecting a doc to know about nutrition –

      • I demanded to see one! I’ve been waiting for referral t

      • Hi

        I eventually got a long awaited MRI because I have spin problems
        They have found two bulging disc’s in my neck causing outrageous pain in my shoulder & they found arthritis running from my neck down.

        Like yourself I am currently AWAITING a long time to see a pain clinic!
        I have waited 6 months so far , still waiting?

        I am unable to do much & it gets worse each day
        I know it’s all being made harder because i defy having a injection which I will never have.
        They enjoy inflicting pain & suffering so I quite aware that’s why I am being left to suffer like a lame animal.

        I rest & wait patiently
        I don’t allow them to mentally destroy me as well.

        Good luck with getting your appointment have nice evening.

      • The time has come to take our health into our own hands and cut the ties to these murderous allopathic practitioners once and for all. The system is designed to keep people sick and milk them of all their worth while doing it. The system needs to be torn down. The body is incredibly simple when you step back and look at it from a higher perspective. We are a bunch of cells with two fluids, blood and lymph (lymphatic system). The blood is the kitchen and the lymph is the sewer that transports waste and toxins from our bodies. The simple truth of the matter is that 99%+ of the populations sewer system is backed up (lymphatic system) and people are walking bags of acidic waste (a condition known as acidosis) – pretty much all other conditions stem from this. Cancer is nothing more than an advanced stage of acidosis that manifests first in areas where you have genetic weakness. Test yourself (urine or saliva) with a PH strip and see where you lie. I’ll bet you’re ALL on the acid side of chemistry. You body WILL break down over time unless you restore your alkalinity. How do you do this? Primarily by eating fruits, and to stop cooking our food and destroying it in the process. Yes it’s that simple. We are frugivores by nature (not omnivores, carnivores or herbivores) and going on a mainly fruit diet with some veggies in there (not essential by any means, believe it or not!) will solve the vast majority of health issues people currently face. Don’t take my word for it, go on a fruit fast aka solid food vacation, and test an idea whose time has come. You’ll be in for a treat if you do!

        Please check out Dr Robert Morse ND on youtube and take your health into your own hands…
        John Rose – Solid Food Vacation info

        Stay strong out there guys, lots of love.

    • @Jean – I suspect the people “randomly selected” to get a covid test for research purposes are the ones who have refused to take tests and the jabs! My household has had those “random” letters too! For two members so far! We are all untested and unjabbed. They really are desperate to include EVERYONE in this mass experiment! Makes you wonder what’s on the swabs too? Or if they are collecting DNA samples of something. But bucks in that too.

      Best wishes for your health, ladies x

  9. there also trying to start a war with Russia on top of what’s going, there creating as much chaos and fear as they can these satanic entity’s, i hold them fully accountable for what’s happening, its all connected, this awakening seriously needs to happen. we better wake up because there definitely anti human destroying our world.

  10. So, the UK wants to or is sending soldiers to help Poland guard against 4,000 middle east migrants on the Belorussian border.

    Meanwhile, in this year alone we in the UK have had over 20,000 illegal migrants enter the UK from across the Channel and very recently 1,000 in one day!

    Where is the UK military guarding our borders? Why not send those troops bound for Poland down to the southern coast of Britain instead? Instead of sending naval ships to the Black Sea and the South China sea – howsabout minding our own business and defending our borders instead?

    • But that would be too easy would it…we elect these muppets to do the right thing when the hell have they ever done that??
      Those offensive detectors they are introducing….mmmmm very similar to the ones in Demolition man 1993 when you get told off fined and have a little ticket pop out! For speaking your mind, we will all have to have 3 bloody seashells in the toilet next😂

    • @ hugo.. can you please tell me where and how to get the music at the end of your scorpion video.. it’s so relaxing… brilliant

  11. They, (the MSM) love to keep people living in fear of impending doom!
    The Cuban missile crisis, the cold war, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc etc.
    All to keep people distracted, and focused on something else.
    The Government, aka small hats, know what they’re doing, and know how to manipulate the public.

  12. In Egyptian mythology the scorpion is symbolic with Serqet , goddess of the dead.
    Hugo , in your recent video about the Tesco`s ad some of us were discussing specific parts of it on this forum. I pointed out that at 0:39 the woman is wearing a necklace which looks very similar to a Kingsnake. I wonder if we will get snakes here next.

    I have one of those electric fly zappers in the shape of a squash racket. Maybe that will be enough 🙂

  13. Australie leaves me staggered. Some of the things coming from there (worse than this dreadful gadget) are straight out the Nazi handbook. Now they are raging war on the children with this gadget.

  14. As well as the santanist that are planning their own luciferian edicts, GOD is pouring out Judgement on all those who have been scheming against His Holy Nation/people. He is judging the world. These things must come to past as GOD has planned. He is still in control.

    • No one can repent unless The Father calls them to His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ):

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

      Oh and Lucifer doesn’t exist: Exposing The Lucifer Lie:

      • Are you confused! No one can repent!
        He sent his only son, so we can” repent”
        .”Grace through faith in Jesus Christ”
        Jesus touched my heart and soul.
        I felt it! Lots of tears and pure joy.. I know the truth!!
        If you” repent ” with all your mind soul and heart. Jesus will hear you!!
        I am witness to the power of his holy name.

        ” I am the way the truth and the life. No one can come to the father in heaven except through me.
        Therfore whoever confesses me before men, him I will also confess before my father who is in heaven…
        Mathew 28 4
        All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me..
        Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you (gospels, gospels) and behold I am with you always to the end of the age…

        Luke24 12
        Thus it is written that the christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name..
        “Grace through faith in jesus christ”

        Truth doctrine
        What don’t you understand?you are a deceiver!
        You keep trying to stop people from going to the foot of the cross..
        Brothers and sisters!!
        If you feel it, go to the foot of the cross and you will know Jesus is the way. I promise you! If you know Jesus then you know the father.

        God bless!! Christ is king!!

      • @riverhope99 Your satanic doctrine is based upon the LIE that fallen man has free will and he doesn’t have free will, for he does Satan’s will – so YOU are the liar!!

      • So Charles, here is an analogy for you: according to your logic, we should all get j@bbed because we don’t have free will and we only have the one choice that the g0v presents to us?? 😀

      • My God! You are so lost!
        We have the free will to choose between good and evil.
        To do evil or good, to walk in the light or darkness.
        To follow the gospels of christ.
        And live according to his will…

        To speak truth not lies of the devil!
        I have told you the truth!
        And still you do not believe!

        “The pharisees accused Jesus of not being of God”
        Jesus said to them if you knew my father you would know me.
        Because you do not know the father you do not know me.

        I am the bread of life, whoever believes in me, will have eternal life.
        I have told you I know Jesus,
        I had my spiritual awakening in 2019.. Believe or not!!
        I know the truth! Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
        Give your heart and soul to Jesus, pick up your cross and follow him.
        You do not know Jesus! And talk rubbish, trying to lead the flock astray,
        Whoever comes to me I will never turn away!!
        I can’t believe you are so far from the truth.
        You!! Even reject the mother of the son of God..
        Holy rosary is a powerful weapon against demons…
        I am witness to it….
        I will not converse with you again. You know nothing of christ and his great mercy on us all.
        He suffered for us all, YES! even you!! We all have free will we are not robots!!
        Choose!! Heaven or hell!!!
        I pray for you!!
        God bless! Viva christore!

      • “We have the free will to choose between good and evil.”

        That’s not free will, that Satan’s will, whether ‘good’ or bad, that is, life beneath the branches of The Tree of The Knowledge of ‘good’ and evil = the fallen sinful condition. Sinners are slaves to sin and slaves have no free will they have to do their master’s will = SATAN’S WILL.

  15. We all been stung the last 2 years….
    Maybe they will say theres covid related stings from them scorpions?…
    Lets face it everything has had covid and has it with it nowadays…

  16. I bet you the God Thor would trump Themis, I’m thinking smacking the shit out of that thing with a Hammer would solve the problem.

  17. End of Days is what there trying to emulate, put me down for £10 Xmas day many fake raptured. ( want 10 : 1 odds on this takers? )

    Consider WW3 a backup depopulation plan to the Jab’s, incase they don’t work as well as expected, there all in this together, so it’s just an excuse to shoot people on mass.

    PC Alarm, damn I hate PC, we have PC to blame for the last 2 years, as your not allowed to think for yourself. ( which you just said LOL )

  18. FFS!
    I had an outhouse with scorpions covering the walls at my first house in Thailand.
    Mercifully, we now have indoor plumbing.

  19. Hi Hugo, since summer I am hearing your videos with one earplug only. Shortly after your videos begin I every so often hear a knocking sound, which is very annoying. I am hearing this sound in other videos which are somehow critical of the current situation too….. I watch very much podcasts and videos, but it is only in the critical ones. Do you have any idea, what this could possibly be? I am located in germany, and the sound is in videos in englisch and in german……

  20. just found this; Sky H/history – Bugs Of War

    A scorpion Blitz

    At the end of the 2nd century the Roman emperor Septimius Severus was on his way to wresting control of Mesopotamia from the local monarchs-that is, before a shower of scorpions helped waylay his plans, according to an account by ancient historian Herodian.
    As the Roman legions advanced on the desert stronghold of Hatra-desirable for its control of SILK ROAD caravan routes-King Barsamia and his citizens holed up behind its 40-foot high perimeter walls. The defenders crafted earthenware bombshells loaded with scorpions-which were so dangerous,that Persian Kings regularly ordered scorpion hunts & offered bounties to assure safe passage for the caravans.
    The locals knew first-hand that scorpions inflicted intensely painful stings & that their venom can induce irregular breathing, slowed pulse, convulsions-and occasionally death.
    As Severus’s men reached the walls of Hatra, scorpion bombs rained down, inflicting agonizing punishment on the Romans wherever they had exposed skin-legs,arms & worst of all, their faces & eyes. With arachnids deployed among the Hetreni defences, Severus was held at bay for 20 days, until his troops finally broke off the battle & retreated.

    I have typed it off screen i found on searching_- Bugs of war & above came up
    It took flippin ages to type lol because i a one finger typer lol & have not great schooling skills so hope it makes sense,
    & i have no idea if any relevance? but seems Mmmmmm to me?

    cheers Hugo
    take care all


  22. That gadget reminds me of the device they use in South park the movie to stop the kids swearing. How sick is this.

  23. @Hugo – The Seventh Seal was broken in Australia in the year 2000 and was completed in 2002, this was after the Dublin Ultimatum & The Writing on the Wall, don’t let them fool you with what’s coming, this really matters – http://www.synchronicitywins.blogspot – God will not let her children down and neither should we let each other down, this wishing for others to die because they were duped into taking the covid jag is just bloody ruthless and totally negative – what kind of God do you think governs, one of hatred and loathing where she wants her children to die or one full of love and compassion where ultimately she opens the eyes of all her children – the truth of the matter is that most people are inherently good but there is, among us, a small percentage that want to make it miserable for everyone else, don’t let them guide your mind into wanting the ‘sheeple’ or the ‘normies’ to drop dead with cancer or worse, we are all the same beautiful beings being shone in the mind of God, so stop being like your masters and wishing others dead because that makes you just the same as those you complain about…

  24. Turveyd I agree, i am getting the feeling too that they are creating revelations. This is a spiritual/moral war of good against evil but I do get the sense that they are playing us with their overt satanic stuff now. Pushing this narrative so we are diverted from their theft and rape of the people and the land while they build back better a new financial/slave control system and own it all. Thanks Hugo and all who comment.

    • If The Father is not calling them how does that happen? Read this: Matthew 13:10-11 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN.

  25. I recently donated blood. They always ask if you beforehand if you have had contact with anyone with any infectious disease, AIDS, smalllpox ect. They did not ask anything regarding covid, no tests, symptoms or vaccines? How does that make aens during a ‘deadly pandemic’?

    • They are just robots collecting blood. My cousin donated blood after her 2nd vax – I was horrified. how can this happen?? I think the only requirement was that she had to wait a few weeks after her shot and and then she was free to spread her blood around!!

  26. Thetruthnotdoctrine, my education has only just begun these past two years or so, please forgive my lack of knowledge, I have so much to understand. I do agree they own all on a material/commercial/financial level and need to get rid of us creditors before we realise that they have stolen all we think we own. I think they want to re create and control all on earth down to the last leaf hence GMO and tracking of everything. The craftsman instead of the Creator. Thanks for the reply, your input is always interesting.

    • My comment was not a criticism, and we’re all learning, it’s just that I have been at it for longer than most, and like to share my knowledge – some are receptive, others are not and reject it.

  27. They can make it rain cats and dogs whenever they want they pump chemicals into the atmosphere and make the rain. Not so sure about the scorpions, it’s the 2 legged scorpions you have to watch out for.

    • @Noel Martin They control the weather through HAARP and Nexrad technologies. This involves controlling the Jet Stream which has a strong influence on our weather. What you should be noticing is these very mild/warm autumns we now experience, and when we get round to March/April/May we experience severe frosts which damage trees and plants that are just coming to life after the winter. All this is being done deliberately.

  28. People need to wake the hell up and realise its all a game! The powers that be are playing the shit out of us all and if you only took the time to learn about gematria, numerology, myths and legends, zodiac, astrology, the Greeks, Romans, ancient Egypt, signs and symbols, different religions etc you would see straight through it and that they use all of these against us and code them into everyday life. Like Hugo said a lot of things seem too be named after gods and the like, he’s right eg hermes delivery, Nike, apollo 11, the film juno, isis all gods/goddesses. Just like this scorpion utter bullshit! Hundreds effected by scorpions while we are in the zodiac of the scorpion, scorpio at the moment? Bit of a funny coincidence that one and all these coincidences, what just happen all the time naturally? Like shite the do, it’s because someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes, faking this illusion of life that they have built up around you. Like hell are the UK and Russia on the brink of war. That’s not to say that they’re definitely not going to go to war, what I am saying is it’s all fake, an illusion. As the leaders of countries are all in cahoots, all in one big club and we’re not in it, not even invited. The reality of it is they’ll sure play that they’re upset with each other, but they’re all best buddies really. Forming people’s realities like clay into any form they wish, playing god.

  29. Themis is not a new invention it is clearly displayed in movie demolition man everytime someone swears a gadget. on wall beeps then you hear a message about violating some code and issues a fine. deduction of credits as no cash in a dystopia. So right on time for clown world.

  30. Because God is real and so so good, there will be no war until mankind gets closer ti Him and grows stronger in the Holy Spirit, in order to face a ww and then the horrifying 3 and 1/2 years of antichrist rule. Let us turn to God. And when I say God I mean our Lord Jesus Christ.

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