Tesco Christmas Advert Is ‘AN ABOMINATION’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • @senga well I’m 42 and I will not be having a booster and if I get a text or email or both from the NHS I will just block them. I’ve had 2 needless (very reluctantly) and that was too many. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until the age group was lowered. As I’ve said it’s so predictable now we could write a book on what happens.

      • And older teenagers will have two jabs instead of one now too!

  1. Good news nearly 2 years in and my first Convid death, old next door neighbour at my parents house and he was young aswell, only 94 LOL he had his life ahead of him, well according to my mom, tried to make her understand it’s just flu or at that age a cold, but no, she’s just had her booster!!

    Agreed with Carolyn, if any Aliens OMG I mean E.T’s that read this, feel free to abduct and probe me as much as you want, just take me away from this madness.

    The Cardiologist big public 1, that wanted to not treat the unvaxxed dying aged 52 after his booster of a heart attack, makes me smile every time I think of it 🙂 Maybe there is a god ?? LOL NO CHANCE!!

  2. Yes indeed we are in the end times, the Day of the Lord is coming very soon! The sooner He comes and sorts everything out, the better!!! I just want to meet my maker now, no point to life anymore, and like so many other people I’m absolutely dreading the winter and another lockdown. That really would be the end for me. Very sad to say that folks, but I honestly feel that if I passed away in my sleep tonight, it would be the best thing I could do. It’s clear to see that we’re unable to stop this insanity, it’s going to get much much worse, so I just want to leave this earth peacefully. Really don’t want to leave my husband, friends and family and my lovely cat, but I’ve come to the end of my rope with this crap.

    • End of Days, not religious at all, but there trying to reenact it, Rapture Fake Jab + 5G Xmas day I’ve got my cash on.

      Rewatch the Advert from a different perspective, the government screw us over with rules and shortages and power cuts, but we ignore, power through and ignore the bastards and have fun regardless, the advert is telling you to CARRY ON REGARDLESS, if only to help there sales mind LOL

      Not that fun is ever had at xmas ofcourse, Arguments maybe!

      • @Turveyed It’s nothing to do with RELIGION – God has no religion and following Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) is not a religious activity.

    • Carolyn – love is the answer. The evil people doing all this cannot defeat it. If we don’t fall for all the nasty tricks trying to divide us (unjabbed vs jabbed, masked vs unmasked, conspiracy “factists” vs followers of science etc) then they cannot break us in spirit. Stay strong. We need more Carolyns in the world. X

    • Ah! Then you will know that you have an important job to fulfil before He comes, and dying peacefully in your bed is most likely not it. The harvest is plenteous but the labourers are few.

  3. Two years have gone by, and I’ve not even had a cold! All this crap is so bloody ridiculous and stupid isn’t it! Unbelievable how dumb people are, so gullible and hopelessly naive believing everything the Government, NHS and MSM spout daily, makes my blood boil as of course it does everyone else’s! Apparently some school boys discovered a while ago that if they dipped a PCR test in lemon juice it gives a positive Convid result, so they were able to pretend they had it and skived off school!! Nobody was any the wiser!!! So if proof were needed that this whole thing is a sick scam, then there it is!! Cary Mullis who invented the PCR test said very clearly that it should never be used as a diagnostic tool, but of course he was ignored!! I’ve come to the conclusion that this world has gone complete insane because of everything that’s going on. Stop the world, I just want to get off!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you considered that The Father might be calling you to His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and that you’re here at this time in mankind’s history for a very special purpose, as are we all, as we witness these evil events transpire before our eyes.

  4. We haven’t shopped at Tesco’s for years, and after hearing about this ghastly advert, I will completely boycott them. Thank you very much for the heads up on this dear Hugo. When adverts come on the tv or radio, I always switch them off as I really hate them!! You’re doing a fantastic job here you, please don’t ever stop cos we really need you to help us fight this awful fight!! Bless you lots. Lots of love everyone from Carolyn XXX

  5. Just seen a video on you tube with a lady telling Dr John Campbell about her serious adverse reactions she suffered after having the jabs. She had a terrible adverse reaction after having the first jab which was Astra Zeneca, but then made the stupid mistake of having the other two jabs! The second jab she had was Pfizer so they were mixed up too!!! She now has heart damage and urgently needs to see a cardiologist, but of course the medical establishment are completely turning their backs on her in order to cover up and hide what has happened to her! So evil this is, it makes me so bloody angry and even more steadfast in refusing this death jab! I’ve had none of these killer jabs, and I will stand up for myself, refusing to be bullied into taking this shit. No flu jabs or anything, I always make a point of refusing it all, as I’ve always realised how dangerous all this crap is. Natural immunity is by far the best way, and the really crazy thing is that if people are worried about catching a bug during the winter, then all you need to do to protect yourself is make sure you have a balanced diet with enough vitamins, especially C and D3, and you can also of course take cod liver oil which is absolutely fantastic for boosting the immune system during the autumn and winter. OK so it tastes horrible, but you can buy cod liver oil in capsules so you can’t taste anything, and you then get all the health benefits!! The really crazy thing which is so bloody obvious and infuriates me is that we all need our immune systems to be strong as an ox at this time of the year, and these jabs are completely toxic and destroy your immune system! I want to yell and box peoples’ ears to make them listen and use common sense!! It really isn’t rocket science you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhh sorry rant over, just had to get this off my chest!!!!!!! Take care all, have a good night. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Yes, I’ve watched the first 20 min. or so, but had to stop. My brain was getting short circuits from trying to understand why she didn’t refuse the second dose. Why is it so hard for people to say no, especially after they went through self-inflicted pain. Would they have to admit their decision wan’t a wise one? Or is it peer pressure, hysteria, or hypnosis they succumb to? I’ve had 3 letters and about 7 texts from the authorities although I don’t remember giving them permission to spam me. Natural immunitty it is, Carolyn. Thanks for the post, Mimz.

    • And you know what else is funny, in crazy instances of children dying from overheating in a car, left on their own by neglectful parents, no one says they caught a virus, neither in case or hypothermia is a virus mentioned. There is a whole spectrum of outcomes caused by imbalance in homeostasis, like improper thermoregulation being one of them. That is why a cold is called a cold.

  6. i usually always shop there … not any more ..re Morrisons..they dony pay sick pay to un jabbed so they dont get any more of my money either

  7. Blasphemy of the last supper with the 13 puddings on fire! Made the guy lighting them look like the baphomet with horns on his head in the dark.

  8. also add to this disgusting advert flights will be grounded, and no traveling, or no travelling without a smartphone vaccination pass, stock up on food cuz this will happen anytime now. its planned 100% its all going to kick off soon through to the run up

  9. More lunacy from Wee Jimmy Krankie

    If you can’t work from home wear a mask all day: New Covid advice being considered

    Scots could be advised to work from home and, if that is not possible, wear a mask all day at their workplace, according to a government adviser.

    Professor Linda Bauld was speaking before the first minister is expected to announce a widening of Covid restrictions on Tuesday.

    The public health expert, based at Edinburgh University and a pandemic adviser to ministers, said case numbers in Scotland remained too high and a recent rise prompted ministers to look at strengthening restrictions.

    She said capacity issues in the NHS left ministers with little choice but to look at tighter rules. However, she believes it is unlikely Scotland will follow some countries in mainland Europe in preparing for new lockdowns.

    Bauld said: “At the moment if we can distance in the office we don’t have to wear a face covering. They could change that. That would not be unreasonable.”

    • Uk hospital 96% full a week or so back, not saying why mind, they’ve admitted ambulances can’t handle all of the heart attacks.

      There using there Sirens sparringly aswell to hide how busy they are.

      Nobody middle aged doing CV in the gym, just weights lol well just me machines all mine lol

  10. Just watched it, I took as fuck you not stopping us have fun this year, yes it’s got all the bs in it, but all followed by fuck off and carrying on regardless like the British should be doing.

    There making fun of the BS maybe our side 🙂

    Remember Morrisons no sick pay for unjabbed staff, already boycotting them!

    Good song for the revolution that’s brewing to!

  11. Watched the advert these entity’s are hijacking our christmas, if you can read the symbolism there basically telling you, theres going to be fuel shortage, food shortage, lock downs, blackouts. Jab passports which is coming out 16 of December anyway. I. E no Christmas party’s just in time to destroy Christmas again. Buckel up Christmas is going to be shit again thanks to this lot. Make sure you bring your smartphone to see santa you must check in with the qr code, and have your covid pass ready. so we can track and trace you, also for further fines and repercussions for going out on the wrong time and wrong date when you broke the lockdown rule on Christmas day. You have also got the snitch that can take a picture of you out during a lockdown. I. E. What’s happening in Austria now lock down for the unvaccinated. I. E the social credit system, good points for the snitch, bad points for you. No cups of tea for you today with there carbon footprint bollocks. It could happen. it is happening . Unless this mass awakening happens

    • To quote straight out of the film `The Running Man`. There is a humongous tv screen outside on the street and the female announcer says:

      “Remember, zone passes are required at all times. Display passes properly. All inter-zone day workers with zone passes are reminded that curfews begin at midnight. Anyone without a valid zone card after midnight will be permanently detained. Cadre kids , don’t forget October is bonus recruitment month , earn a double bonus for reporting a family member. ICS your entertainment and information network remind you seeing is believing.”

  12. I agree the Tesco advert is disgrace but most people missed the words of the Very Halloween ad “ get your pass because it’s Christmas “ subliminal propaganda. It is possible to find who wrote this advert, I bet the same people did the Tesco one.

  13. Hitlers home town Austria, lock downs there for the unvaccinated, papers please. We know where this is going. Smartphone vaccine pass please. Then the social credit system, sucking us in so we cart get out. Off grid anyone? Boycott the city’s, worse to come everywhere if this awakening doesn’t happen.

    • @Chris Yep, look no further than Bolshevik Russia in 1917-20. Were you aware that Stalin was planning an invasion of Western Europe when Herr Hitler preempted that invasion when he launched Operation Barbarossa, that is, his invasion of Bolshevik Russia in 1941.

  14. The sooner people realise that all publicly traded companies are majority owned by the same elite families the better. All indebted privately owned companies are also owned by these elite banking families. This allows them to control the narrative across the board, instantly. This is why all ads on TV tick the same boxes suddenly. All TV programmes and films have synced into this narrative too. It’s all the same people at the top. There is no competition in big business, in reality. How trusting and naive we’ve all been for too long.

  15. Well what do you know: My sister called in this morning, she and some friends have apparently “seen the light” and have vowed not to used Tesco again.
    Sis said “not if they are giving the stuff away”.
    They are also only going to use cash. She said she was sorry to me for: “thinking you were crazy for the last twenty odd years”.
    I don’t give a dam about the validation, I am just glad to see that people are finally starting to accept that there is something seriously wrong and it has all planned in advance.

    • Yes Charles Mackay was 100% right, all those years ago: “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

      — Charles Mackay, 1841

    • Well, if your sister and her friends have seen the light, that’s a few more to spread the word!

    • Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Validation is nothing but it does feel rather good to get an unexpected heart-felt apology.
      Sometimes we learn the hard way. Example: my friend’s relative in his 40s – very fit man, jogger, played recreational sports, had two strokes after his second dose, which he didn’t even need as he works from home. I hope it will open people’s eyes.

  16. Brought to you by the 77th Brigade – they have ways of making you people comply!

    Enjoy Christmas everyone no matter what they try and do to us – stay strong, stay cheerful and stay happy despite the tyranny – good times will eventually come round again so keep you and your family safe from this psyops – God Bless You All.

  17. I have long suspected Tesco of being a propaganda tool for the Government. I know of two managers who said a year or so back they had some mysterious articulated trailers delivered both refrigerated and not. Stock was being removed from shelves and stored. The staff were told it was a back up plan for speculated BREXIT shortages. Shelves were being stripped bare but by staff not shoppers. It made little sense to them as the logical thing would be to store extra stock.

  18. Or cars broken down with the E10 fuel, as it retains moisture so over the winter it will build up more in your engine etc 😡

  19. Not shopping at Tesco anymore. I think we should all make a complaint to them about this advert and say we are not shopping there. We shouldn’t just sit back and allow this. I am not on Facebook or Twitter and am not sure where to complain. I see the CEO is Ken Murphy but don’t know how to contact him does anyone know.
    Let’s give them bad publicity.

    • I don’t think anyone needs to make a complaint to DeTesco, in fact I think people should avoid complaining, complain with your purse, starve them of your CASH, hit them were it hurts,
      Tesco are not needed there is plenty of shops, that are honest in there marketing, and glad of your custom.

  20. This is a blatantly demonic advert aimed at people who are asleep and have no idea of the Spiritual battle going on. I pray we would all wake up and turn back to Jesus, before it’s too late. What does it profit a man if he gains all materialistic goods, disregarding where they come from. (eg material mined by kids in the Congo to make batteries for electric cars!) but ignore their own souls.

  21. If any supermarket is going to bring in the nazi passport it will be tescos, stay away from them.

  22. Had to laugh at the tweets saying one more reason to shop at Morrisons. Morrisons refuse their staff sick pay if they aren’t jib-jabbed. All these big companies are as bad as each other. Like when my local Lidl went cashless way back in March 2020. I haven’t been in one since.

    • Even half the self-serve tills in our Lidl take cash as well as the cashier tills??

  23. I’ve just watched this year’s Tesco ad on YouTube and last year’s ad (the no naughty list one) I thought last year’s was shit but this year’s is worse. I mean Santa might have to quarantine really?

    • Turns out kids have to keep apart in his grotto….
      And he keeps apart from them😄

  24. Go to Tesco and fill a caddy with loads of stuff from the fridges or freezers then walk out.

    I’ve been boycotting Tesco so long now that I can’t remember the original reason. But they just keep giving me new ones!

    • They would stop you if they saw you doing that and ask what you were up to long before the trolley was full. You don’t think they are watching you? Nobody fills a trolley from the freezer section.

  25. Well there was no face nappies in the video…
    I think there just saying none of this rubbish the last 2 years is not going to stop them functioning normally but the jab pass is almost definitely a in your face sign…
    I mean lets face it this government is pushing another shutdown for whatever reason as there is yet again no science behind any of there rules…
    Think in the main people are sick of the lot of it and even the sheep probably are but you get the self righteous jab freaks that have a huge sense of there own importance…
    They will be dead probably in a few years or less anyway

  26. We live a few hundred yards from a Tesco Express. Just recently, I noticed a man working outside, putting up boards with all the usual crap on them, ‘social distancing’ etc. These are PERMANENT boards, which tells you something. I also noticed that Lidl and Waitrose have removed any such signs from the entrance. Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys (Argos) are all working with the government, from what I can see. Argos don’t make it clear that you can still walk in and pay cash. We must resist. (I left some flyers in a Waitrose trolley recently, with the number of deaths from the shot etc. I saw an old man (older than me!) look at them, screw them up then walk to spray his hands. Totally brainwashed.

    • I see them stupid keep apart things that still left on the pavement even now….
      And them Ridiculous screens😄 in the shops…
      I find it all a bit comical in a way as about now people are going back to type with there behaviour with the avoiding of others and this thing where they turn there head if you walk past them in case they breath in your air😄…
      Seen it all before and its the only thing i can do is laugh at them

      • Tom not sure why it is but those things seem to topple over when I pass them,, must be my vibration!

  27. By the government’s own admission double vaccinated can still catch and pass on the modified influenza strain called covid 19.

    Which logically begs the question what is the point of a vaccine passport exactly?

  28. Tesco is/was the Biggest UK Employer – This is all part of the destruction – DO THE OPPOSITE – All Shop at Tesco (don’t buy anything if don’t want to!) Complain about their advert, complain about the shortages, complain about the lack of cash tills etc – All support / show interest in your MP – All Support Your Police – Only by doing this will we enforce the changes we want and most importantly get rid of your TV. Or just shop at ALL Die.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

    • £120 a year to join a ‘truth cafe’? Even Tesco don’t charge £120 a year to join their cafe.

  29. Reminds me of a satanic ritual like the astroworld, these entity’s coming through into our reality I. E. a portal, these entity’s are connected to the Internet and there harvesting our energy through fear. Plus through the smartphone if they get that far. a world we car’t see. Now coming into our reality which we are starting to see now. There’s something in it. Very soulless and dark. There not happy that’s for sure. And I’m not having any part of it. I do think we live in many realitys we cart see. The simbolisim is becoming the dominating factor everywhere coming into our fluistion… There’s something in it thats kept from us. Energy harvesting comes to mind. Causing chaos with there planned pandemic and jabs around the world. We are in a human pandemic they have created, there after us all trying to suck us in so we cart get out, especially linking us up to a smartphone. I. E transhumanism. Basically cut you off if you don’t do as they say. Which is pushing me more and more to go off grid, gut instincts are telling me everyday that somethings very wrong in the world and feel under attack I feel its all a lie. Somethings planned I don’t like. You know, what’s there next move, consentration camps papers please. Won’t be papers now will be smartphone vaccination pass. frightening times. I wish I could time travel I would go back to the 80s tomorrow

    • totally agree with all you said., i watched a load of documentarys last night about living off grid, away from all this madness, and its more appealing to me every day this shit show carries on., and yep, i would love to go back to the 80’s too, i was a child back then and would love my son to grow up in those times., he now 5 years old and i feel so guilty for bringing him into this evil world. But i will fight to the death for him, this all has to stop and shame on tescos, disgusting advert!!!

  30. I do not shop at Tesco anymore. I stopped at the start of all this, the arrows on the ground and the PA adds were desperate. I use the local fruit and veg shop, slightly more expensive but the produce is better. Told my local Tesco (Craigavon) have one checkout that is accepting cash and local people are resenting it. Tesco have been trying to push cash out for about 18 years now. They are a horrible company totally dishonest with how they play with prices to make you think it is a offer. I have nothing but resentment for Tesco.
    I am amazed that Santa is not a Transvestite delivering covid genetic therapy to kids. Tesco don’t know when to stop but they will learn,,,,, eventually!

  31. Not just tescos though is it from what I’ve seen of the adverts on a friends tv this evening the phone companies seem determined to inflict digital tyranny on everyone this Christmas too

  32. It was Tesco`s where they were stopping customers and checking goods and receipts before they left at their Rotherham store wasn`t it ?
    I just watched the video for their ad on YouTube and at 1:06 it looks like there is a child is tucking into a barbequed human leg ! Or am I mistaken.
    Utterly disgusting advert from start to finish. I actually know a family member who works for them. I really pity the poor bugger.

    • The leg looks weird indeed. Picnic in the snow = fastfood at home with no heating? And did you notice the choc. bunny at 0:59? Are they saying restrictions again till March/April? Aat least we are told in advance 😀

      • Also look at the necklace at 0:39. I did some checking and it resembles a Kingsnake , either Common , Californian or Eastern.
        Ah yes that cute little bunny wabbit. I think they are trying to tell us that.

  33. Tesco – Retailer of food …..and specialists in NWO propaganda.
    I reckon they have seriously over estimated just how dumbed down the people actually are with this childish but menacing advert. May it act as a turning point for those who havent worked out whats really going on yet.

  34. This is *the best* thing since London’s Theatre “Rythm of Life” ad. Tell-a-vision programming at its finest. Thumbs are going down quickly 🙂

  35. & This is why i have been calling them ………………….. – Guantánamo Bay – Scince the bullshit lockdowns started
    Guantánamo Bay detention camp, also called Gitmo……… Which i often cut down to when walking around there ( not much choice at times ) & they play them stupid message propaganda shit parrot fashion Mk-Ultra bullshit without the LSD…. Most time dont cut down just Let Rip ……………….
    tesco = Depressco morelike Control Freak Propaganda Merchants ~ All Part Of The Great Fuckset ~ tesco Fuck Off !!!

  36. Hugo why didn’t you show the advert I don’t whatch live TV I will probably never see it so can’t judge for myself

  37. Tesco advert started with someone saying ‘This year nothing’s stopping me’ and ended with Tesco saying ‘nothings stopping us’ I think Boris might disagree with that! Plus they are using a Queen track so Tesco should be sued MILLIONS for royalties

    • Never shop at the place anyway. All these major supermarkets sell processed shite that’s a slow acting poison. Shop local everyone and stop supporting these multi national globalist stores.

    • Do you think Tesco would be so stupid as to use a Queen track on a major TV advert campaign and not bother paying the royalties. As if Queen aren’t likely to find out. The truth is that the remaining members of Queen have sold their souls to the Devil for a few extra clubcard points. Well, probably a lot more. RIP Freddie Mercury.

  38. I’m never surprised anymore… 🖕🖕🖕 you powers that be …. yours is eternal damnation… this pain you put us through is but a fart in the wind…

  39. It didn’t take long for YouTube to take off the comments! Only the dislike button to go now then…..Tesco’s what a shower of shite! Disgusting abomination!

    • I’ve just been able to comment, mind you seems like I was the only one, I’ll check, maybe a fluke.

      • No censoring calm, but it’s easy to lose the post, if you rush and don’t let it post then refresh it’ll be lost.

        I lose many on the tablet aswell, keep email and name same or it’ll delay posting aswell.

      • Held back is a new ID and Name that’s all!!

        Well atleast moms letting me see him, know he’s jabbed and she’s a covid coward, madness hey!!

      • How are Tescos – a Jewish founded corporation, Nazis? OK, I know Isra-hell is a Fascist state, but Isra-hell doesn’t export that political dogma, nor do they allow any other western nation to hold Fascist views. Perhaps you had not thought about that.

    • I looked on there, and it said ‘no comments’, which seemed strange, so I commented, and it still says ‘no comments’. We’ve got the measure of you, YouTube.

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