1. I don’t care how many times they say “coincidence” or “no proof it’s anything to do with the jab”. It’s fucking OBVIOUS this is NOT normal and IS BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING JAB!

    • These people have been murdered. This needs to be on a big screen, played all day, every day for as long as it takes.

      • No point there all prob jabbed up and boosters u can’t talk to stupid people. All u can do now is stop kids from getting jabs. Sad but it’s already happening iv seen mums lined up in pharmacist with babys and toddlers. I almost lost my rag . I did say something really loudly so the whole store could here me. 1 young mum took her baby home 1. They all looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. Friends family all of them have turned there backs on me. Its hard it has crossed my mind to get the jab I’m ostracized blanked cancelled out. Yet still I just can’t have it. I have more fear of the jab and the brain dead people still wearing masks then I have of fucking covid. It’s all fucking lies. I will never ever be a lemming. I’m alone then so be it

    • Spot on go back a couple of years and see how many healthy young men where actually having these problems. As that nurse said very rare. It’s the jabs end of story

      • Divide and conquer they are doing…
        Unjabbed v jabbed…
        Family and friends splitting up…
        They are accountable for crimes against humanity using people as lab rats to line there own pockets at others expense…
        I read so much detail about this so called pandemic and its medical fraud…
        Afraid people will have to learn the hard way in future

      • Great comment Tom

        It makes me emotional because it’s true what you have said

        They have become Cruel
        It’s chilling

        Take care now

  2. They are probably being overwhelmed by lies… just like the media… and the parliament…. and the police force… and the education system….. and the health-care system….

  3. Go Hugo! Great stamina to keep making these videos of exposing the crimes. We need you and your alike and we are much grateful for you. May GOD bless you! Thank you!

  4. I’m praying as I watch this video I’m sad, angry and disgusted with what is going on it’s so obvious. The truth will be revealed

  5. Bring to flower the shoot of Your servant David.
    Hasten the Second Coming of The Son of God.
    Each and every day we hope for your deliverance.
    Praised are You O Lord, who assures our deliverance.

  6. So so sad. I’m praying for the families of those who lost their lives and those who are injured because of it.
    I pray for many more to wake up to this lie!

  7. Mass murder live on t.v and we are just watching it ,talking about it ,nothing is changing …..

    • I think the evidence is mounting……………….Lawyers ARE priming themselves as we speak…….THE ‘TRIALS’ DO NOT END UNTIL MAY 2023……….and the ‘mandating’ still goes on……………..HOLD THE LINE FOLKS…………a very bumpy winter coming for all…………….

    • Bring the change into the corporeal world, live that change. We’re outclassed in the digital world.

  8. saw a brilliant video earlier today on BITCHUTE along the same lines title DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, “WHAT’S IN THE COVID-19 VACCINES”

  9. Shouldn’t the social media be calling this out and asking questions about the bio weapon that masquerades as a vaccine. What is so astounding is how easily and completely people are accepting the governments narrative. Some doctors and scientists say there may be something in the ‘vaccine’ that makes the recipient more accepting of their lot. We live in sinister times.

  10. On the Stew Peters show Dr Jane Ruby reported that the WHO have issued a document in which they state that a parent sending their child to school is thereby consenting to their child being vaccinated.

    • No , tey can’t use that excuse. gilllick competence only applies to a child that is at serious risk of harm and therefore a doctor will decide to allow the child to have a treatment without parental permission. This cannot apply to covid. Children are at virtually zero risk , therefore if the criminal NHS claims GIllick competence don’t stand for it, rip the needle ot of their stinking hands and if you can;t do that, citizen’s arrest them and shove them into a court

  11. What will happen when they can no longer hide the truth about the Covid drug (it’s not a vaccine)?
    They dare not risk the truth getting out. So what extreme measures will they deploy to keep it hidden?
    This should be focusing us all. It’s a train crash coming down the tracks.

      • But you and your ilk have been repeating that over and over since 2008 😀 Meanwhile the markets have been soaring 😀 Anyone with money in the markets has made a killing, more than enough to absorb ‘a financial crash the likes of which we have not seen before’ 😀 Moral of the story: NEVER listen to the doom-mongers 😀

      • 😀 😀 The markets recovered soon after the ‘Great Depression’ 😀 The markets are ‘cyclical’ they go up and down whilst those invested in them collect dividends along the way:D What are you saying? That folks should have stayed out of the markets since 2008? 😀 It would be best for everyone that you quit giving financial advice and got back reading your comics, I mean graphic novels 😀 When the next market ‘correction’ occurs you will be able to say that ‘I predicted the financial crash of xxxx… because I have been predicting it since like forever 😀 And what about the ‘financial crash’ of 2020? The markets are now even higher 😀 As Warren Buffet would say ‘there was a sale on’ 😀 Oh yeah, and that other quote of his, when folks are fearful get greedy and when folks are greedy get fearful 😀

      • Erm.. Trev – the markets took 25 years to recover after 1929. It might not look like a long time when you glance back from 2021 and say oh, they’d recovered by 1954 – but if you were living it, it was a living hell.

        Go look at the graphs of the indices and the time to reach the previous, pre-bust highs.

      • The indices are not the be all and end all 😀 You (conveniently) forgot the DIVIDENDS 😀 Either you too stupid to understand my previous comment or you are being wilfully ignorant. Which one is it? 😀 Dividends that can also be re-invested/accumulated. Just pointing to the value of an index is for simpletons. Do you really believe that the readers of this esteemed blog are so stupid to fall for your sleight-of-hand and misdirection? 😀 Dividends, compounding etc. will have seen investors recovering their dollars long before 1954! 😀 As they say, it is not about timing the market, it is the time in the market 😀

      • And there he is in his short trousers with emojis blazing away like a child possessed.

        “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

        — President James Garfield, in the post-Civil War era (1881). Shortly after making this statement, Garfield was assassinated.

        “Either the application for renewal of the Bank’s Charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war. Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!”

        – Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

        “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

        — Nathan Meyer Rothschild

      • Stock Markets are being propped up by printing money in the trillions, it’s a house of cards and it’s going to fail badly soon, why to keep the appearance that all is fine and there strong.

        Trev, go Troll elsewhere, people stop feeding that damn troll!!

      • Well, in that case tear my remarks apart 😀 See you can’t 😀 It is YOU who doesn’t know your arse from your elbow 😀

      • @trev I already have with my previous comment with three truthful quotes in it, which you have ignored, or perhaps you did read them, but you’re so far up your own arse with bankster and stock exchange/Wall Street propaganda bullshit that they didn’t register in your dumb troll brainwashed mind.

        In a Radio 4 broadcast when Quantitative Easing began a bankster admitted that they were creating money out of thin air – that means just typing digits into their computers.

      • You don’t ‘print money’ 😀 You create money 😀 You can also destroy money like when you repay a mortgage the capital is destroyed 😀 Talk of ‘printing money’ is simplistic nonsense and belongs in the kindergarten 😀 And do you honestly believe anyone takes in the guff you post? 😀 And for your reference there are a couple of pdfs on the Bank of England’s website that explains money creation in the modern economy 😀 It is a LOT more complex than typing ‘printing money’ 😀 It is you and the truthdoctrine who are full of crap 😀

      • @ Turveyd It is YOU that is the troll 😀 You post the most outlandish guff imaginable 😀

    • It seems all they have to do is a quick “fact-check” and discredit anyone telling the truth by calling them silly names like conspiracy nut. Together with censoring facts (like a 6000% rise in footballers dropping down in the last 4 months). Either that or they’ll create “cyber attacks” to distract us all with chaos (and of course make it harder to gather and share information if the power and internet is getting disrupted)?

    • They’ll whack up the 5G and they’ll be so many heart attacks and strokes in the millions and car crashes and plane crashes the entire world as we know it, will come to a very sudden end for us, not for them ofcourse, we’ll be to busy trying to survive to and they’ll be to protected to get to and legal system would of vanished aswell.

      Train Crash, more like nuclear bombs all going off at once.

      Excuse will be Solar Flare not 5G ohh no, expect soon Jan 2022 realistically, before May 2022 for 99%, so I’ll consider myself wrong if not by then.

      • It does seem a bit bloody weird all of these solar flare warnings all of a sudden ! I don’t believe anything that’s put out there now…most of it just sounds ridiculous!
        Maybe this solar flare would be used as an excuse to manufacture a complete blackout….everythings online now it would be pure chaos….then the survivers could be offered sanctuary in a safe camp where there’s food and electricity (fema camp)
        Glad iv moved to a rural area !!

  12. this is the time for NHS workers to expose the vaccination agenda, theres is nothing to lose now, burn your bridges and help bring the establishment down.

    • Hi
      The Australia nurse did Good For her!!!!
      As you say shame ours don’t.

  13. In the fakestream media

    Over-65s without Covid boosters could be banned from public spaces, suggests Sajid Javid

    Sajid Javid has said he cannot rule out the possibility that over-65s who have not had a Covid booster jab could be barred from taking trains or entering restaurants at some point.

    Mr Javid’s comments came during a Sky News interview on Wednesday when he was asked to react to the introduction of such a policy in France.

    The Health Secretary said the Government was not looking at the idea “yet” but declined to rule out that it would ever be adopted. A Downing Street source later said the policy was not being actively pursued but added that the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic meant few potential measures could be ruled out.

    The comments come amid a tussle between ministers and Tory backbenchers about the possibility of bringing in Covid passports. Boris Johnson announced plans for only those who have been twice jabbed to be allowed to enter venues with large crowds, but they are being held in reserve in case the Covid situation deteriorates.

    Asked about France’s booster vaccines policy, Mr Javid said: “We’re not looking at that yet. We are very focused on our booster programme, as you would imagine.

    “Over 10.6 million boosters, I think, throughout the UK so far already, a record number of bookings, many people coming forward.

    “I think in due course we will have to look at what constitutes vaccination. But at this point, the most important thing is that anyone that’s eligible gets out there and gets their booster.”

    Asked whether that meant the policy could be introduced in future, Mr Javid said: “I can’t rule that out. And I think that we know now that the vaccines do wane and it is important that those vaccines, where it’s necessary… that those people get a top-up. But I think it’s something that we have to keep under review.”

    Booster jabs, a third Covid vaccine dose, are being offered to those aged over 50 or in vulnerable groups.

    There has been concern in recent weeks that not enough people who are eligible are coming forward to claim their boosters, with uptake slower than for the first two doses of the Covid jabs.

    People have to wait six months from their second dose before being allowed to take their booster jab, though the Government has tweaked the rules to make this easier in recent months.

    Those eligible can now book a booster jab five months after their second dose so they can receive it as soon as they reach six months. Some healthcare workers have been given flexibility to administer booster doses a little before six months if, for example, they are visiting a care home.

    • Good morning trev

      Hope your feeling better?

      Keep up the vits & makes sure u you rest up now.

      Have great day

  14. This is horrific! Such vibrant young people snuffed out in their prime. This is beyond evil, the vaccines should have been halted. Never created ideally of course, but halted. Young healthy people never needed them in the first place and they are useless for everyone. They are doing nothing but harm! The benefits they claim and reduction in “covid deaths” is all just fudging figures and creating illusions to suit the narrative. Deaths from all causes are rising, including teenagers in UK up 47% in summer, as of the time they started getting jabbed! Yet anyone who cares enough about this to try and dissuade school kids from getting jabbed and potentially save their lives and health is a “vicious liar” and harrasser! Everything is reversed, murderers are praised and those who speak the truth are demonised.
    And there’s a statistic – 6000% rise in footballers having cardiac events in the last 4 months?? Report on that shocker of a stat MSM you scumbags!!!

  15. I’ve just done a strenuous workout in my living room and my heart is beating so fast! If I’d been jabbed I’d be dead now!

    • YEP Literally, the forest is empty of aged 30+ bikers, even the gym 30+ are doing lighter weights and no CV, they know it’s true, but they won’t admit it, to not be called a conspiracy theorist, there SCARED!!!

      No birds around either, 2hours walking around, not 1 today, my cat hasn’t brought 1 home either in months, rats and more rats, this is 5G at work.

  16. Same people who push the jab are behind depopulation agendas, do the math.

  17. Too right Gina this is absolutely horrific, a total nightmare, and it’s getting worse with every day that passes. All those young lives lost for what???? Someone stop this madness before it is too late! I hate to admit here that I’ve actually felt suicidal at times during these last few months because of everything that is going on. I don’t think that I can take much more, and my heart breaks for everyone who has lost a loved one because of this killer jab. This world has gone totally insane!!

    • Look after yourself Carolyn. Have a break from the goings-on if you can, “unplug” for a bit. Concentrate on positive tasks like growing veg and getting out in nature.
      Sending a hug! X

      • Morning Gina

        I sending hugs to you both to …

        Have good Gina

    • Morning Carolyn

      You KEEP STRONG ok
      It is upsetting I agree
      but if we break now it’s letting theses SICK M,F,ers get what they want!

      Don’t let them do that to Anyone anymore!!

      Good luck sweetheart you have a great day now
      Put some Happy music on I do when this all gets like my head caving in LOL 😉

      Have nice day Carolyn & everyone

    • I would imagine most the population have felt like that at some point in the last 19 months, but you have to hang in their Carolyn. I know the establishment want us dead whether by suicide or vaccine and it is this knowledge that keeps me going. I WILL NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.!
      This video is upsetting but the information to protect these people has been out there since last year but they chose to ignore it or insult the ones giving it, so whilst it upsets me I cannot get to down about it. The more young people taht die, the more untenable the Government’ position becomes.
      In a post truth world it is going to be a long hard battle but try and take a step back for a while.
      Have faith in yourself Carolyn, you will come through this. My best wishes to you.

    • Hey Carolyn x
      So sad to hear you have been really struggling and have felt suicidal….please stay strong….you seem like a lovely person….
      It is so hard to deal with this crazy agenda – some people seem pretty chilled about the whole thing but I also have to admit its freaking me out a bit…I feel like we all have an advantage over everyone though as we are the lucky ones who know whats going on….hope you are bearing up…knowledge is power ….take care you x

  18. The Government clearly hates its own people and wants us all dead!! But WHY??????????????

  19. Totally agree with you Alan Davies. All those NHS workers who will be quitting after being subjected to blackmail by this sick, twisted and evil Government have absolutely nothing to lose now, so yes they should all show courage and speak out. The truth must come out now about what is going on, and these NHS workers have a duty towards the British people to stop hiding what they’ve known all along, that this is an evil scam, in order to stop more people dying from the killer jabs. The problem is though that so many people are hopelessly brainwashed so will ignore them. I feel total despair right now, I really do!

    • Health Workers still have a job until April, because they don’t want them talking, by April they’d of pulled the plug and this will all be over and millions dead or dying.

      3 Jabs = 5% survival chance next 12months, 2 jabs 15% survival rate.

      Houston was used as a test, the Elites where in there private secure seating area, witnessing there little test and getting all excited, that’ll be GLOBAL and 100’s of times worse soon.

  20. It’s so dystopian. Really scary. But we must stand strong and resist all demands to take this killer vaccine!! Keep thinking I’m going to wake up, and it’s all over. Life back to normal, if ever that’s going to happen????????

  21. Perhaps they just need a few more boosters!!
    Lambs to the slaughter.
    Zero sympathy

  22. How not to weep at all this senseless horror.
    How not to yearn for blood to replace the tears.

  23. I am watching and i am in tears this is so awful

    The bagpipes & words are AMAZING!!!!!!
    It’s hard to see the screen for crying.

    I spent yesterday contacting the people I love telling PLEASE DONT TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS POISON!!!!

    Take care Every one
    Thank you Hugo for all you do it must be so upsetting for you to put this stuff together

  24. The fact that none of this is headline news on the BBC or any MSM makes me despise the MSM even more.

  25. Aww dearest Janie and Gina, thank you both so very much for your loving support and compassion to me, reaching out like that! I will most certainly take your excellent advice. We all gotta stay strong and keep soldiering on despite the absolute horrors going on around us! So easy for this crap to get to people, but we mustn’t let those scumbag politicians win as they are bullies, and this is an abusive relationship we have with them! Please take really good care of yourselves everybody here. You guys are absolutely wonderful, and I feel deeply privileged and honoured to be part of this amazing group. I will keep you all in my prayers. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Morning Carolyn

      Bless you to 🙂

      Life Is A Battlefield

      Have great day now.

  26. The guy on the video who doesn’t seem to know why the hospitals are filling up should look at the vaccine risk assessment info by the vaccine manufacturers on the European Medicine Agency site. VAED and VAERD vaccine associated enhanced disease and respiratory disease had been identified as a risk way back. It has been carefully explained in layman’s terms as “long term effects of Covid “ Hmmm!

  27. Computer models out again today….
    100,000 predicted dead in germany or something like that and oh guess what?…
    There blaming the unjabbed for it….
    So now its blame culture against the unjabbed and there to blame if restrictions come in…
    Not the government’s who single handedly destroyed lives for there own economic gain…
    Unjabbed wont get any freedom into places turns out in some countries..
    They also predict many unjabbed will die…
    Just same old bollocks like last year and yet more propaganda…
    Now there targeting certain people

  28. Just been to a hospital in Lincolnshire. It is jam packed with the over 60’s mostly. The paediatric unit has been taken over by them. Conclusion – the over 60’s were the first batch to be jabbed.

    • That “booster” is only phase 2 clinical trial and so is the influenza pill they are bringing out…

  29. Thank you very much dear Mark, Dan and Janie for your loving support to me today, hugely appreciated. Hope you and everyone else here’s ok today. I’m trying to be strong as I’e got a lot going on at home at the moment too. Never a dull moment here!!! Anyway you guys are absolutely right, we can’t let this shit get to us as those evil bullies in government will win, and we mustn’t let that happen! I’m keeping sane by trying hard to count my blessings; wonderful hubby and everyone we have in our lives here who we love so very much; our beautiful and absolutely adorable rescue cat Izzy, lovely home and all good things which bring us joy. I really enjoy playing my piano when I feel well enough to do so, that is very good therapy right now, as sometimes I end up playing for at least 2 hours at a stretch!!! Thankfully our neighbours are very kind and don’t complain about it, they’re very tolerant! I’ve had some wonderful cuddles with our Izzy yesterday and today. She’s such a loving little honey bun, and we love her dearly. Izzy is such an incredible comfort to me through the stormy times, so gentle and affectionate, I just don’t know what I would do without her!! The power of prayer is also of course a wonderful thing, so I just have to cling on to my Christian faith through these insane times, and cuddle my hubby as often and as much as possible!!! At a time like this it’s very important to reach out to friends and family, but I have to avoid talking about the death jab etc because my views are totally contrary to everyone else, and I don’t want to fall out with anybody over it. Oh how I wish things were so very different, and that life was normal!! But I’m very thankful to have you guys all here to share with, you are all so very wonderful!! Anyway have a good rest of the day everyone, please take care. Lots of love from Carolyn XXX

    • I’m glad you have the support of your husband and you have your music and ur faith….and your cute cat 🙂 ta ta for now Carolyn:)

    • Bless Izzy & bless you & you hubby for giving her a home…

      Hugs for Izzy to Carolyn !!

      Have a wonderful evening ok.

  30. Thank you loads my dears for your loving support today, I’m a very lucky lady indeed!! I will share with our Izzy your lovely messages, she’ll be well chuffed!! Have a good evening everyone. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  31. Hi again everyone, hope you are all ok here. Just one crucial question to ask here is this. I’ve heard that Patrick Vallance has said that convid is not really a problem now, apparently climate change is the current serious thing to worry about! So if that’s the case, then what the hell is egg head doing threatening care workers and NHS front line workers with the sack if they don’t get jabbed???????!!!!!!!!!! Now 70,000 NHS nurses are going to quit, and 60,000 care home workers will lose their jobs too for something they have been bullied and coerced into having that they clearly don’t need at all!!!! This Government have shot themselves in the foot with this one!!!!! What are peoples’ thoughts on this one? Lots of love, Carolyn

    • The government have clearly showed they don’t care.

      What happens,
      no one can say,
      it’s that bad it’s hard to answer some questions because every thing is such a state!?!?!

      But keep your chin up ok
      Things have been so mental last few months Carolyn
      I don’t think anything they do is shocking Us no more.

      Take care

    • Carolyn, we just have to realise that the tosspots in government have other agendas to see through and their decisions have nothing whatsoever to do with a “virus”.
      Take care and stay sane. X

  32. why are so many doctors and nurses going along with this mass murder? do they think it is right? or are they just jobsworths?

    • Most nurses appear to be as brainwashed as the rest of the population and grew up with the “vaccines and medicines are good” taught as outright fact. They have no more idea exactly what’s in these jabs as you or me. I don’t think any are deliberately killing people. I don’t think you go into that line of work – one of the hardest jobs going and not well paid – without caring about people.
      Just my opinion.

      • Correct again. The term ‘useful idiots’ describes them perfectly – sadly, no different from the volunteer soldiers in 1914 who signed up and died for nothing, or worse, got their bodies gassed and mutilated and died longer slower deaths.

      • Well said. But they must have a doubt?

      • @GinaW Yes, what gets me with the hospital staff is that ALL THROUGH 2020 when there was supposed to be a bubonic plague style pandemic going on with mass deaths everywhere, their killing centres (hospitals) remained frickin empty, so one has to assume they all have brains the size of a pea, or they really are so dumbed down, indoctrinated and brainwashed (stupid) they’re totally incapable of any critical thought and/or of questioning ANYTHING!!! They truly are LEMMINGS

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