NHS 100,000 Staff Job Threats #LegalAdvice / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Oh Janie that is absolutely disgusting!! You know what I want to do, I just want to give you the biggest hugs ever! I say bring on the mega huge hugs to comfort everyone who is hurting, bereaved, angry and frightened at what is going on in this crazy world and our crazy country right now!!!!! We’re not robots, we are human beings with hearts, feelings and compassion for others, so let’s rebel and ignore those sick cretins in Government and give everyone plenty of hugs and cuddles to comfort them!!! I say up yours Javid!!!!!!! It clearly has been the long term agenda for the Government to make the NHS collapse so they can privatise it. That’s the stinking rotten Tories for you!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh how I deeply loath them all!!! My deepest sympathies to you dear poor Janie for your recent bereavement. I’m sending you lots of love right now. Lots of love from Carolyn XXXX

    • Thank you Carolyn
      Kind words it’s very sweet of you
      She was a great old girl
      Bless her soul.

      they allowed her to die in fear as the planddemic affected her before they decided she had cancer?
      I question it because she was healthy then diagnosed & dead within 6months?!

      I will Never forgive none them for her suffering …
      but for her my beautiful grandmother…
      I will continue to live & Never give in!

      You take care Carolyn
      Big hug back ok

      • Get ready for satanic meta World people
        Meta in hebrew =dead 🌍

      • What you mean Get ready!
        I have NEVER used social media

        & I been ready for Years!!

        They have controlled us for few hundred years
        Not just because of internet
        That was just the next plan!

        Have good day now.

  2. Good to see you back here again Darren. Hope you’re ok hun. Anyway I just want to also say that these people having the death shots are addicted, they’re jab junkies!! That’s what this evil government has turned people into!! How sick and evil is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What Javid is doing is blackmail, totally evil. Sick evil bastard!!! Please take care everyone and protect yourselves and those you love. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  3. This has never been the case with the flu jab, flu which kills thousands year in year out, so why with this? Makes no sense like all the rest of this bullshit.

  4. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet…..
    I’m pretty sure that these abominations coming from out of the mouth of our current world leaders are the unclean spirits coming out of the mouth of the dragon. So if this is true, then the beast with the mortally wounded head should be on the scene soon with his accomplice the beast out of the earth. Both spouting lies and deceit…
    Be careful that no one deceives you!

  5. the blackbelt barrister on youtube has all ready addressed this issue so check him out

    • Hi Kelly
      Yep good call I watched few things he has put up before so good luck if he helps these people?
      Fingers crossed a

      Take care

  6. They want our nhs to crumble
    We are not worthy
    as far as them are concerned
    Look how easy it is for him to stand there & make innocent people who try only to help others who are in need of appointments for issues, who just don’t want a injection,
    look at him making them feel anxiety, fear the lot !!
    I mean what ever happened to the Nightingale hospital ??!!! that was erected so quickly for convid death after death!????!!!!!

    more people are dropping dead of the vax & they know it!
    no one I know has died of convid!
    They tried signing my grandmother off with it & made us wait nearly two months to put her to rest because we fought to have her death certificate put to as what she died of – cancer so we had no choice to have to wait! It was not nice & only a couple months ago.

    Horrible horrible .. he has no shame!!! No feelings it’s Awful.

    bless us All
    Have great evening Everyone
    Cheers as always Hugo

  7. That Creature looks like something out of Dr WHO… He talks like the CEO of the Nazi Hit Squad is some kind of God…These politicians should have to work in a care home! or maybe not as it is now obvious they just don’t care!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  8. Javid Sanjit& Pritty Patel are being used to become bulies….they are playing with fire 🔥 in a desert 🏜 😳 🔥

  9. He didn’t say ALL NHS staff, just those with contact with patients, so none of the managers of the NHS will need to get the jab. Also they want to privatise the NHS, so when they sack so many from the care service and the NHS they can say it does not work, ‘but it will if we privatise it’.

  10. I’m a nhs front line worker 25 years service I’m not getting the vaccine, they will have to sack me, and I’m more than happy to not pay my mortgage and I’ll even drop the keys at the mortgage company.

  11. The vaccine doesnt stop you catching covid nor spreading it. We have the right to decide what we put in our bodies, the flu vaccine isnt compulsory yet thousands of people die yearly from it. 2/3rd of the people who have died from covid where double jabbed only a 1/3rd unvaccinated and thats from the government national statistics office! I had covid last year and I still have more antibodies than a double jabbed person. Guess the NHS will definately be on their knees when over 100k leave in april! Well done the british government.

  12. We need to drag these tyrant’s out of their offices and put them on trial.

  13. However much longer are they going to be allowed to maintain their fiction/cynical lie that it’s the unjabbed who are pushing up cases, hospitalizations and deaths, when increasing the evidence suggests that in fact the JABBED are largely to blame?

    • Don’t say vxd are to blame. First lot did so out of faith, likely even many of the drs who still are guilty of coercion with a jab they could not (BUT DID) claim was safe and effective. NHS never involved in anything like this before and good people could not be blamed for not seeing it for what it is.

  14. Join the Workers of England Union-the only union that stands up for YOUR RIGHTS as an employee. Dump your government lead union and join one that works for YOU NOW. Also, we are looking for English people that want to join the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY-not a british individual in sight as THEY are the problem us English are up against. If you can’t see what is happening to our precious country go to rumble 8pm Monday-Friday and watch the Full English-a true constitutionalist that is fighting for England and the English.

  15. Off grid anyone yet? They ain’t going to stop. So this is going to go for another 6 months, by that time the social credit system will be here by then. Like I said there good at buying time. There’s a force at work that’s anti human, imagine getting fined £500000.00 for not scanning a qr code with a smartphone. For not checking in. No check in no purchase 🙂 this systems finished we need to find alternative ways of living. Purchasing a plot of land or allotment or boat etc etc..

    • This is beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I always knew there was corruption, and then realised the establishment bodies, NGO’s and regulatory bodies, including the NHS, had been infiltrated. Schools as well, all academies now have their CEO’s in place. I still have faith that we will overthrow these evil leaders.

      • Keep strong Teresa we all in this together that’s something

        You always welcome to some my stuff I finally try & grow , might not be the greatest lol as I have no idea what I doing lol

        Have nice evening

    • Hi Chris
      We have gardens ect if we have to we could help one another to try growing?

      I don’t know just a suggestion
      I going start once I got enough cash together to buy things needed,
      I been educating myself on growing things in soils were I live & what compost ect.
      Keeping me busy thinking Positive.

      Have great evening

      • Hi Janie, why thank you. will bare that in mind, and get in touch. will see how thing’s go. things are not getting better, still feel in lockdown even though where not, more to come i feel, calm before the storm, seems to be getting worse most people are wearing masks again and still complying. will see if this awakening happens or not, and see away from this madness. depends how complying people are, its not looking great. I’m guessing 75+% are wearing masks again. the more people comply the more there going to throw at us. its ironic china is blueprint for the world with digital slavery and points system, and a so called virus came out of there. have a great day. fingers crossed we win this spiritual warfare. have a great day, stay strong, protect your energy…..

      • Ok Chris for sure sounds good idea.

        Yes so much going on- it’s as you say
        Just protect your energy’s

        I like that
        I stay positive with all I got that’s no lie
        But I No quitter!!
        As Many on here are not either!

        Bless Us all

        Yes you to stay strong,
        your going to need to Chris to plough my garden!
        Well not plough I only got a garden but Hey live the dream lol

        Take good care yourself now

  16. Do these CLOWNS want to close NHS service at all? …as there soon be nobody left to work because of coercion? THEY ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW US TO LIVE NORMAL LIVES…THESE CLOWNS MUST be JAILED…

    • Hey! They care so much about the nation’s health, keeping us all safe from the Con-or-a-virus, obviously, that they are thinking of loosing 100,000 NHS staff and 60,000 care home staff. Great idea, eh?? When will the sheep see through this scam??

  17. April fools day indeed! They are taking the mick! If this goes through, it will be all school staff next I suspect.
    As a carer who is refusing the jab said on tv today, why are they forcing it now? These carers worked through the “peak” of this “pandemic” and were toiling away for months, on the front line with little to no PPE, no vaccine, no idea what the risk of illness or death actually was etc. They are still alive and still willing to work in the care sector up to now, yet NOW a jab is being mandated? We are not in a “pandemic” anymore anyway???

    • It’s a way to bring mandatory vaccination through the back door with it being less obvious. Get people used to the idea, then in time expend it to all work places.

    • Never been a pandemic….
      Its a smokescreen for digital society reset

      • @Tom, yes WE know that , but even for thse people who believe there was one should be questioning why these mandates are being made now, so late in the day. The horse has bolted.

  18. Why wait till April? why not just sack them now if their so confident they are morally and legally right? They know this not to be the case so they are attempting to bolster threats with times and dates hoping to get some of the last remaining holds outs that don’t want the jib jab. If they wins this they will target all employment jobs next with the same threats, by putting pressure on your employer through legalisations, not
    Laws remember, there’s a big difference.

    • videoman1959, I know many many people who had both injections who now adamant they will not be having any more, many are frightened for the future and having ran head first into the first two thinking they were doing the right thing.
      They did there research late but at least it was in time to protect there kids.

      • I know a few they will not let there kids have that spike protein crap stuck in them and even fellow workers i know refuse that booster jab thing….
        If they shutdown the country again over swabs that count for nothing as they do not test for any sickness i said to people just carry on regardless and ignore there unlawful rules…
        Many will as well as people are sick to the back teeth of it as a whole…
        Except the conformists but i think they like the drama of it and telling there friends “my friend has covid, my mum had covid, my neighbour had covid”…
        Makes them feel important with the virtual signally face nappie on…

    • Dan the Man – I have two thoughts :

      1. The goal of the Jab will already have been achieved and it will make no difference – just a last desperate push.


      2. They will ramp up the narrative that it is the unvaxxed causing the massive death rate and the public will cheer them on

      Personally I think some thing in line with 2 much like you suggest – rolling out legislation company wide while simultaneously increasing the pressure on health services to maintain narrative.

  19. PLEASE!!! What am I missing here???? What makes a double vaxtermination jabbed person any safer to have around than a Thinker, who is waiting for the results of the experiment? Surely ( if the killer virus is as dangerous as it’s being portrayed) both type of person can Catch and Pass it on? Why are the dirty, Unvaxxed being discriminated against??? What is the difference? Why isn’t anyone asking this simple f’king question???!!!!!!???!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Maybe they have a short window time before the true effects of the vaccines start to show. You can’t fight the system if you are unhealthy and ill. If anything you now become more independent on the system. Like heroine addict wanting his next fix, they’ll do anything.

      • Very true, Dan. Just like we Thinkers will not bend over and take the vaxtermination jabs, the sheep HAVE to keep taking them as they’ve already had 1,2,3…or more pricks, and hope it keeps them safe! 😂😂😂

    • The reason is simple videoman this government is british…there isn’t one English mp in westminster…most of our establishment are either fabians, marxists or communists ffs…why would a government who is supposedly looking out for its citizens have a communist advisor(Susan Mitchy)??? The british have always hated the English and England but it loves taking ALL our hard earned cash and wasting it all around the world….if you haven’t figured that out you need to do some research…why wouldn’t the british electoral commission allow a party that gives YOU back YOUR RIGHTS to be voted for…the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY are waiting for the british to allow us to vote for ENGLAND…we’re the only party the English can vote for as we would go back to a small main government(real conservatives-not these commie tories ffs) and remove the wages as true Englishmen do the job for the love of England-that’s what made England great not all these money-wasting corporations that the britshits installed on us-we didn’t vote for any of this…the british establishment is nothing more than a divide and conquer government-all different cheeks of the same ar*e ffs!! Also all you medical staff-look at the workers of England website-they work for YOU and NOT YOUR EMPLOYER-the establishment hate them as they have won every case to date and they’ve only been going less than a year but they are winning and loads of people are joining them from every type of employment…Have good evening everyone…

    • And before this “covid” nonsense, people would have a vaccination purely to protect themselves from an infection. It was never to protect others? Now we are expected to inject ourselves for others, even if we are in a healthy, low-risk group! Or naturally immune. That’s if you believe there is a virus etc.
      Trouble is experts on the news keep saying the jab reduces transmission so the majority of people fixate on that and ignore things like the obvious discrepancies like the county in Ireland Hugo reported on! Even double jabbed people they know getting “covid” left, right and centre isn’t enough to sway them into doubting the jabs! Then there’s little me in the corner of their eye, unjabbed, uninfected this whole time! A miracle really, given I’ve not even complied with the silly rituals to avoid “infection” for 20 months. They just can’t see it’s all a load of rubbish to push other agendas!

  20. All whilst Boris wanders around a hospital with no mask.on 🤔
    …..This is what happens when paki cnuts take over the Govt.
    Having said that I don’t really give a flying fuck about these threats because I just do not care

  21. Is this Javid character a comedian by any chance, coming away with jokes like this, get a grip
    man come into the real world you can’t make up the rules to suit yourself and your cronies,
    also Javid bear in mind you try and implement this and you will be seriously short of NHS
    workers so take note matey the public have had more than enough of your making up the
    rules on the pretence that it’s for your own good and your grannies, there is an agenda behind this.

  22. It’s incredible what they think they can get away with. Are the masses really that stupid, that they believe ‘vaccinating’ one stops transmission to another? if you look at the like/dislikes on youtube you get a different picture, all over youtube you can see this. People are waking, they are just afraid to face it head on, but that will change. The politicians are self deluded and they will take it too far.

  23. People are dropping all over the place with heart attacks, Ambulances are running all over my town 24/7 the death spike is happening meanwhile that Demon keeps pushing the jab. If you are not sharpening your sword by now you need to be. Start buying up some arms you may need them soon when the People finally go to War against the Government in response to the War they are participating against us the public .

      • Doncaster and work around the clock so see this happening all hours.

      • I start taking more notice were I live as it goes that’s good point.
        I look up what they look like
        Because I really don’t know what I looking for?


      • I believe there’s a 5G connection with LED street lighting, that is, thousands of mini masts hidden in plain sight, but that needs verifying, so don’t quote me.

      • Omg
        There is 3 in my street which is only small & a dead end.

        Thank you
        Thank goodness I not vacuumed

        Have nice day

      • You could quiz your local council and ask if they have 5G masts within, and/or or a freedom of information request if they refuse to divulge.

      • Thank you

        I have a look
        I am sure I read on BNTube some time ago that the street lights Were of 5G.

        So cheers

      • And ok I understand on the verification
        Nothing is easy theses days for sure lol to find out 100%

        Take care

  24. Do these CLOWNS want to close NHS service at all? …as there soon be nobody left to work because of coercion? THEY ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW US TO LIVE NORMAL LIVES…These CLOWNS must be JAILED

  25. Anyone in Social Care or NHS do not resign !! However don’t say you won’t ever take the jab just say you are waiting til they are out of clinical trials or more information is available . Play them at their own game . It is so wrong to make anyone take a medical intervention for any job without long term studies !! We have to fight this all the way !!!

    • Exactly that…honeybeez…l say that amongst my family/friends (if they want to listen)..l told the People who phoned via Medical Centre…inviting me for my jab….please write this down…
      ^l’m waiting for the trials to be co^played in May 2023….THEN l will look at the data and make a decision…..l had ALL the symptoms April2020…very unwell ..blue lips too!!…some time to feel strong again…BUT…lm banking on herd/natural immunity…..my own immunological defences kicked in and l survived…..late 60’s now..l will take my chances….”thank you for your call/concern…goodbye!”

  26. So , logically then. If all 100% of the front line NHS staff refuse the jab and say up yours and the Government carry out their threat and sack the lot of them. The whole of the NHS will effectively collapse. There will be no E&E , no ambulances , no nurses etc. Even if some of the admin staff keep their jobs nothing can work unless the whole system works. That is effectively what Javid is saying.

      • They do Gina. It is a controlled collapse. A game of chess. As many people have already said an aweful lot of people all over the world have woken up. But they do it anyway because they believe that they can convince enough of the sleepwalkers that the illogical is logical. We can all see it because we are switched on. But many can`t because they are still switched off. If that makes sense.

    • Not quite. You have to do this gradually using a portion of placebo jabs – so those people will think the Vx is fine, they become the vx advocates. Think about it. The vxing will go on for years – the passport has 8 yrs of spaces for the next and the next…until depopulation is achieved.

  27. They have not “ considered “ the consultation it was a whitewash . We all know it doesn’t stop you spreading it ! Savage Jabid was determined to do this all along

    • Noone says that and why can double jabbed fly, enter gigs, given concessions but can get covid and spread covid, hypocrisy, you couldn’t make it up. Im struggling daily with all this s*hit. How can take your rights to your body. They need permission for donations after death.

      • Wearing them masks is bad enough for folk and having them jabs…
        They are basically shortening there lives longterm…
        I reckon still this is like a practice pandemic what the john hopkins foundation said about in 2019…
        The ones that fail have been brainwashed enough and stupid enough to buy into it at there cost…
        The ones that survive use proper research and have common sense…

      • The common sense is in all of us
        as you say it’s who prepared to Use that common sense

        unfortunately I have never trusted none theses snakes!

        Loony s they turning into now

        it’s crazy

        We not
        We use common sense

  28. You are right…he loks like an entity….perhaps the silly fool is trying to wake up the sleepers….

  29. We also need to know why natural immunity in those who have had “the flu” is not being taken into account – This has been verified by many experts to be far more robust than any vaccine.

  30. It appears to me that this is against the Nuremberg regulations that where put in place after the second world war. This is coercion to take a medical procedure. He needs to be brought before a world court and tried.

    • Exactly….god knows where those highly paid Human Rights Lawyers are….perhaps madam Chere Blair should be contacted….oh but wait…her husband former PM TB is the …PASSPORTING TZAR FOR OUR GOVERNMENT….what a bunch of bleep bleep BLEEP….HOLD THE LINE folks!!!….its going to be bumpy winter….keep safe….we have a ‘story to tell!!…..good honest people need to be around as witnesses…when the ‘trials’ begin!!….in Nuremburg….

    • I foresee a time many many many years from now. I will be standing there with everyone else. It will be like the survivors of WWII have been in recent years but instead we will be explaining to people what the 2nd holocaust was like. How their `great reset` failed but took many lives in the process. It isn`t a nice thought. But it is the reality.

  31. They will just try to make another excuse to fire you. Don’t quit unite with like minded people.

    • In a very few cases they may try this but the bosses would be equally skating on very thin ice with the subsequent tribunals.

  32. Javid is talking through his arse as usual and what a big arse.
    The NHS can’t afford to loose members of staff. It is impossible to get nurses as it is, things are so bad they are employing nurses that can only speak pigeon English at present.
    Javid needs his neck seen to.

  33. See you in court, bring it on mother, stick together don’t comply, rather top myself than inject that shit

    • Most in courts corrupt. Probably told they will get a placebo….idiots if they believe that…they will go too as costing too much1

  34. Liars from the pit of hell. This man is a demon . Government plan to sell NHS to their mate Bill
    Praise God the Holy One of Israel. His will will be done for He is Sovereign. Believe, repent and be baptised. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth Amen.

    • Isn’t Bill Gates jewish.the rothschilds rockafellas Kissinger all of Congress

      • Yes Bill Gates and the Rothschilds are Jewish and Kissinger is a German half-Jew, but the Rockefellers are not Jewish, they’re shabbos goys, like Trumpstein and Bidenstein.

      • Oh and the Jewish lobby controls Congress.

        “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that…I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

        — Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3rd 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael Radio.

  35. It was recently reconfirmed by PM Johnson that jab does not stop the spread nor protect the injected person getting cv. Johnson staff now saying the staff must get injection to protect vulnerable is a nonsense.

    • Nothing has to make sense anymore were in a dictatorship there is no need for discussion just do as your told. And as for by April 1st if that doesn’t tell you something 🤣 they are taking the piss and people are just sitting there excepting it.

    • Yes you NHS staff work through the winter when you are at your busiest then we’ll sack you come the summer. If I were them I’d be looking at going off sick with stress for the next 6 months on full pay of course.

  36. SURELY NO ONE CAN FORCE IT WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT AS THE LAW STANDS ? And it’s NOT safe and NOT effective so why would anyone have it anyway ! People are dying FFS

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