IRELAND Waterford 99.5% Jab IQ Test / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Pathetiic social distancing being respected at 2:48 in this video. As if 2 people are going to stand that far apart while chatting in the street. FAKE as always!!!!!

  2. a minor point but Waterford has a ferry port in Rosslare from Fishguard in Wales so UK visitors is a possible reason but we all know it’s in the jib jab.

  3. Yeah, exactly, it is done to avoid retribution as you said.
    It is a test if a brain can understand causality.
    However the Project Chaos is doing its best for you to lose the sense of causality.

  4. I’m sorry but I don’t care about adults and how they feel about the vax. I do draw the line at kids now being jabbed up. I was in my local pharmacy and there were young mums standing in line to get babys jabbed ? One very well spoken young women saw the look of horror on my face and bent down to her toddler saying . We must build up your immune system for the winter. That was it I had to say something and made myself heard . That no one needs these jabs but kids certainly do not . They are born with natural immune systems. At least 1 young mum took her baby out and walked away. 1 I dont care what those people lined up like they were waiting on the trains think of me. There child abusers all of them.

    • Thank you for speaking up and standing up for the health of their children!! 👍👍

  5. Lol recovers from what ? The flu..happens ever year. This is grating badly on me now. How thick can people actually be. Cowards

  6. BBC News on that festival, there saying, stop the event there are people going down, the using the camera to find these people, surely crush injury would all be in the crushed area, that is 100% a test and the the sign of things to come 🙁

    Solar Storms are alledegly BS getting stronger and keep hitting our tiny little planet every damn time aswell. LOL

    Solar Storm reacts with the Jab and billions die will be a headline when the world recovers from this.

  7. i’m near the border in donegal. i hear this a lot. what i don’t hear is anybody knowing anybody who has covid or died from it . we’re supposed to be a hub, biggest hospital in the county, deadly quiet until recently, ambulances never leaving their bay, staff idle and relaxed, and often mask less. i live near and was taking care of someone so got to see a lot of what went on. [ or not 😉 ]. and yet, all the people who don’t know anybody dying of covid will point at the tv and tell me we’re in a hub/the border/tv says, and this whole time there’s no learning curve 🙁

  8. Firstly full metal jacket, isn’t a bullet proof vest, it’s the casing around the lead of the bullet to stop the gun jamming, muppet!!

    It’s not “Covid” it’s any cold / flu, so basically the jab is making you more able to get colds/flu’s, it’s as we’ve been saying for ever, weakening your immunity so much so that mild colds will soon kill people.

    Sorry it’s the breakthrough infectons, that prove the jab works and nobody died so it saved everyone yeaaah jabs or because people don’t die of cold, well yet.

    Most have failed this IQ test and have been deemed not worthy of life, what happened at that festival, will happen again but on a bigger global scale, people just dropping dead, seizures and heart attacks, defo a test, failed test they expected more deaths ?? or a did it pass and they expected less deaths, find out soon,.

  9. i also believe they have to tell us what they are doing to escape karma. It’s clearly obvious what the problem is, the elite must be laughing at us. All the brainwashing and dumbing down has worked well.

  10. My guess is that the jab reduces immunity, making people more likely to catch COVID. A family member, who is a teacher, was coerced into getting the jab. Six days later she tested positive for COVID, despite working in a large secondary school for almost two years without catching it.
    I know that, a few years ago, the flu jab reduced T-cell count (i.e. immunity) dramatically in HIV patients. I saw it for myself while working as a volunteer therapist at a centre for people with AIDS. They had their T-cell count monitored regularly, and it fell dramatically after the flu jab. I reckon something similar happens with the COVID jab. Who is testing people’s general immunity after the COVID jab? Who is measuring their T-cell count? No-one.

    • When they first talked about vaccines I heard the whole idea of a vaccine would be to destroy the immune system. The vaccinated will become super spreaders and that’s exactly what’s happening.

      • all vaccines do this to some point. this fauxvax has no vaccine and only side effects.

    • can’t catch what does not exist and the test is useless/there to create a false narrative. people get autoimmunity from the fauxvax, as intended.

  11. ‘Increasingly, in larger plants in the UK and elsewhere, carbon dioxide is being
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  12. “A change in attitude to taking risks”. In other words he was saying “People who are sick of being locked down are trying to find some happiness by living their lives as near to normal”.

    • And if you can’t “start acting normally” (ditch the mask, sanitising, distancing, sitting with windows open in winter, acting like everyone around you is a leper) AFTER having the jabs, then what’s the flaming point???

  13. 66 days in hospital? (That magic number again) With lots of lovely photos for the media of the fully PPE’d staff and the guy in his sick bed with his oxygen mask on?
    Excuse my cynicism, folks…….(lol)

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me if 99.5% of the whole of Ireland is dbl jabbed.

    • They said 10 million in the uk have had boosters which is bollocks….
      Johnson applauded them apparently…
      Same figures that lied over death rates and fudged the figures to fit there narrative and also there was no way 90% had both them earlier jabs…
      There now threatening lockdowns at xmas if people dont keep having them jabs….
      Its really not mandatory is it…?
      Oh and back in January “only the vulnerable and elderly will gab jabs everyone else”…
      Bunch of frauds and liars the lot of them that only care for economic gain and control

  15. Monaghan is actually ON the Northern Ireland border so leaky as hell, and yet we’ve the lowest rate — so what was that argument again?

  16. And Monaghan IS on the NI border. So the “explanation” that it is UK people coming over just does not hold.

  17. The Kung Flu doesn’t kill anyone & hasn’t killed anyone at all, 100% of people who died actually died from other causes, like being put on a ventilator in Hospital, I know plenty of people who caught it & got over it, myself included.

  18. How can anyone watch sky news, it’s one of the biggest fake , false news channels around.. they are all lunitics and sociopaths….

    Dont watch sky news. Or the BBC..

  19. This idea that they are dropping clues to cover their karma was featured strongly in another of Hugo’s videos from about 7 months ago. Does anyone have a link to that video please as I’d like to watch it again OR, failing that, is there a way to see all these videos in thumbmails on one page to make it easy to find instead of having to scroll back for half an our looking for it? I can’t look on YouTube because many of the videos are considered too spicy to be there.

      • Cheers Hugo. I see them there now. By the way, another UK footballer went down at the weekend with chest pains. The Hamilton Accies youngster ironically with the name Jamie Hamilton, a bright prospect at only 19 who came into the 1st team last season.

  20. If businesses followed THIS science, then NO BUSINESS would allow JABBED people into their establishment as it looks as they are the jabbed are the most likely to get the old Kung Flu! Dont try to make ‘sense’ of ‘nonsense’, it fries your brain!

  21. I was so pleased that the ‘overwhelmed’ NHS staff managed to find time to line the corridor and clap as this man left the building. Its a fking pity that they were not on the cancer ward accepting new cases in there!!!!!!! FFS!

    • Yes, I noticed that. Why not just say 10 weeks? Journalists exaggerate all the time, so it would have neen fine to say 10 weeks… but no, they had to get the 66 in there, even if it was true.

  22. Obviously mathematics needs to be given more emphasis in the current curriculum instead of gender studies.

  23. This is my third attempt to leave a reply, but it seems that you are censoring my post. Is this true or will you post this?

    It’s a fable that ‘they’ think that they have to tell you in advance or make it obvious that it is a deception in order to avoid liability or karma.

    They believe that the ‘Law’ is ‘Do what thou wilt’ (Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law).

    What is important (for ‘them’) is that people have illusions and delusions. These separate you from the Natural Intelligence and take away your Natural Power.

  24. Fake virus, fake variants, fake tests, fake vaccine served up 24h day by the fakestream news. There’s your answer

  25. Believe me, so many people here soak up everything they are told and just won’t question anything. I’m depressed to report that the people who couldn’t wait for their first jab are still as euphoric about getting number 3. They are so loyal to and defensive of their jabs that they can’t tolerate any discussion, even when confronted by unavoidable facts. We’ve lost good, close friendship through this. We haven’t argued but I know they avoid us and probably secretly pray to God we get Covid and die- just to prove their beloved RTÉ were telling the truth!

    • Keep the faith, sadly these people are going to come a cropper, and it is sad, none of us want for them, whatever they wish upon us.

      Anyhow, one thing I’ve noticed recently is the numbers of people with non-covid severe chest infections requiring 2 doses of anti-biotics because the first lot can’t shift it.

      This has been going on for a while, but if minor colds etc are causing these kinds of problems now it’s going to be carnage through winter.

      • Look up chlorine dioxide and Jim Humble and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams… yes I do believe that mms might be the detoxification for the jab!… also suramine and shikimic acid!

      • No chance of them taking MMS – that’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ and they would rather DIE!!!!! No different from Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil cure for cancer.

    • Yes it’s terribly sad. I kind of have parallel relationships with those around me. One relationship which excludes Covid and we care about each other, and the other relationship which is a nightmare realm. It’s important to keep them separate.

    • Ireland is well and truly hypnotised. I can’t get thru to anyone and am no longer trying.

      • How do you expect to get through to anyone in Ireland when the black frocked devils will have been going round telling them to get jabbed up? Popery was always Ireland’s satanic problem. Sorry to have to say it ‘cos I love the Irish, but they are accursed.

    • Yes, I noticed that. Why not just say 10 weeks? Journalists exaggerate all the time, so it would have neen fine to say 10 weeks… but no, they had to get the 66 in there, even if it was true.

  26. It’s kind of like saying “here’s this super duper sun cream that will stop anyone from getting sun burn or skin cancer”.

    99.5% of the people use it, and then, even though it’s not that sunny, they have the highest number of sun burns and skin cancers in Ireland.

    “Ah for sure, but it’s because they are being complacent now and going out in the sun, if they’d stayed out of the sun this would never have happened.”

    Welcome to the utter shite the media are trying to pass as sense. The fuckers need fucking hanging.

  27. Well Romania, my country, has the lowest vaccination rate in the EU and for the last 2 months we have a humanitarian disaster. The hospitals are full in the icu with very sick covid patients. We already had a really bad health system that was stretched to the max before the virus. We transport critical patients with military airplanes in the netherlands, denmark, Germany, Austria because our hospitals are overwhelmed. My cousin who is a doctor says their ER is full with patients with covid and they have to turn away other patients to smaller town hospsitals that are not in such a bad state as the covid patients. Now we basically have the highest death rate since WW2. So I don’t know what to say about that.

    • Well what I’d say is this: In 6 months you’ve gone from 10% double jabbed to 30% double jabbed, so you’ve increased the number by 3x. In that exact same time numbers of deaths have increased by 3x.

      The state of your health care system determines if people need to be shipped away, but you tripled the jab recipients and the death tripled in the same time.

      If you think more jabs is the answer – well, good luck, because as your jabs have gone up the deaths have kept perfect step with it. So double the jabs to 60% (2x) and deaths will be at 2x.

      Triple it to 90% (3x) and deaths will be at 3x.

      Or do you believe that tripling jabs exactly correlating with a tripling of deaths, means if you triple them again now the deaths will go down?

      Look, calculate and think.

      • Actually the number of deaths and hospitalizations is double compares to before the vaccines at a number of infected at least 5 times higher. And I am not talking from official data. I have friends and relatives that are in the medical system. Last year theyntild me everything on tv and in the official numbers is exagerated now they are telling me they are under-reported. It’s bad and 8 out of 10 people that end up in hospitals are unvaccinated. Yes they are old, still. I had friends end up in hospital with lung problemd from covid because they refused to think covid exists. Again it is personal experience not msms bs. Plus also from.peesonal experience I am telling you that 1/3 of the vaccinated are in reality “vaccinated” meaning they payed to get thet shit qr code but didn’t take the vaccine, but in official numbers they appear as vaccinated. I think paying to get the qr code isthe worst thing possible. Cowards who are afraid tomlive withbtheir choice. Things aren’t that simple. The fact that they use this virus to usher in a dystopian society, I agree. On the other hand some people are dying
        Maybe it was their time to go but to deny it in order to feel comfortable….

      • Look up the reasons for death up until the commencement of the Holocough – nothing changed after March 2020 – people carried on dying with same ailments that had always taken them – ALL the cov-yid stats were fabricated – the whole thing is a LIE!

      • Through a FOI request, I ascertained that an extra 2 people a week ( on average, compared to 2018 ) died in my local area. The population is 130,000. We live in an old mining area, with lots of elderly people. The mandates, coercion and scaremongering wasn’t warranted with such low numbers of extra deaths. I would surmise that in a really bad Flu season, lots more would succumb to ‘flu’ than this ‘Killer Virus’. But, we Thinkers knew this nonsense wouldnt stop at Lockdowns!

    • they are committing medical fraud and ur dumb enough to believe it lol…miami fine london fine

    • I pass every day across multiple hospitals in Bucharest and from the outside there’s no crisis. No activity whatsoever in front of most of them. Even the ones supposedly being at the center of epidemic like Matei Bals or Floreasca had no ambulance whatsoever in their court yard or in the street in front of them. And I stayed there for like half an hour just waiting for something to happen. Ambulances are heard in the street every 10 minutes or so but the rumor is that they have instructions to just run like that to scare the population. No hospital is allowed to report patient data and all reports go through a special commission, CNSU, whose members except the big chief, arahat, are unknown. The government has been revoked but they still rule with an iron hand and prolongue the emergency state every 30 days or so even if they are not allowed by the constitution, as a revoked government, to do so.

      The most vaccinated counties also have the most number of cases and the opposite happens at the other end of the vaccination spectrum. Restrictions are based on incidence which, because all data is centralized, is whatever the special commission wants it to be. It was mathematical proven that based on what they reported as new cases the incidence couldn’t have moved as it did from one day to the next unless various cities in Romania has seen a drop in population of more than 10% over night.

      • Well done to you! These sheep that still believe ( or have a vested interest) in frightening the people or prolonging this scamDemic need Thinkers like you and millions of others, to show the sheep that what the government or BBC say is just propaganda. Well done!!

    • Oh really Paul?
      I’m from Romania too.
      No they are not transporting patients by military airplanes to other countries.
      Stop lying bastard.
      Tell the truth to what really is happening in Romania.
      Patients are kept by force in hospitals, incubated and killed.
      Their pneumonia is not covid.
      You’re a troll!

    • How can u say covid the tests are useless it’s the flu it happens ever bloody year all over the world. People die from it call it what ever u like that’s fact not fiction.

  28. Yes, Hugo, the cabal are mocking the masses, and subversely “telling” the public the truth. In their twisted worldview, if their narrative is framed in such a way that any person can decide what is truthful and what is not, then that person is making a choice using their own free will. They believe that this absolves them of any personal culpability, irregardless of how evil their actions are.
    This narrative is also intended to condition society to accept the “need” for a never ending rollout of “boosters”, as “obviously” the previous “vaccines” would not have been effective.
    Additionally, the public would be primed to accept the restriction of movement from one city/town/region to another, under the guise of “stopping the spread”.
    Australians have experienced this firsthand, and to an extreme degree.

  29. Interesting how at the ‘concert’ you
    reported on, that someone(s) had been injected at said concert by someone wielding a syringe full of something. And no one doubted that this was probably the cause.
    (in MSM)
    And yet the other stuff that’s being
    given globally has no adverse effects and can’t be seen as anything but ‘beneficial’?
    2 +2 =5😅

  30. And County Monaghan has the lowest case numbers …and is the least vaccinated county, according to The Independent ( Irish MSM news paper)

  31. I see the terrible overcrowding there, by God! And the terrible melting pot of all manner of international revellers all a drinkin’ an’ a sniffin’ an a bumping and a grinding and a…what ARE the figures for Bangkok?

  32. I was a believer, until May last year. Then started to do my own analysis, it took weeks of research; each time I came to a conclusion that I could not countenance I checked again and again. Then, once you see it you cannot un-see it. Yes it’s a test, always has been. People are either too stupid to find out for themselves or too lazy to find out for themselves. But it’s the only way – to do it yourself. Try convincing someone it’s the biggest scam in the history of mankind and you can see the look in their eyes as they mark you as unhinged. Good luck to them, I have no interest in trying anymore, they’re lost.

    • You’re absolutely right! Unfortunately, whether one submits to, or refuses, these injections, truly is an IQ test. And sadly, many, many people have failed that test.

  33. 99.5 jabbed ..i thought the Irish being thick thing was a racist slur it seems not if that many have been vaccinated.. which i dont actually belive is true

    • One thing I’ve realised during this scamdemic is that the supposedly smart middle class whites are morons. Working class people have more common sense. Blacks and other races have more common sense. (I’m speaking as a supposedly middle class white man- but not one of those save the world look at me how wonderful I am types.)

      • Nothing to do with common sense, but everything to do with fear based cognitive dissonance:

        When people hear information that contradicts their world view, social psychologists call the resulting INSECURITY “cognitive dissonance.”

  34. here is only one Factor as to why ,not many Factors. It’s not Rocket Science is it. This is why the ‘V’ is not a ‘V’ The correct medical term is ……… ‘ Primed Pathogen’ and now you see why it is ‘Primed’.:)

    • im seeing a lot of 66 and 666 in everything now bidan 6 sec 6 mins 6 days then greta blah blah blah mean 666 in something mathematical cant remember what it is

      • Hebrew gematria blah =31 ×3=93 3 9s is 999 turn upside down =666

  35. Yes and he spent 66 days in hospital a double 33.. If? it is true that 99.5 have been shot (9+9+5 =23 =33) then Waterford could be a great place to live, no zombies left…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  36. quite simple ..all the people in hospital with ” covid” are in there with the effect from the jab ,,

    • How many close people have been in the hospital or did with covid? Cause i had relatives die and friends almost die from covid. None was vaccinated. So where they in the hospital with adverse reactions from the vaccine?

      • Wtf Paul if they didn’t have the vaccine they can’t have adverse reactions

      • Oh shit I just got it leaky vaccine

      • I don’t know a single person who just straight up died of Covid. I know lots of people whose relatives have been injured from the jab. My brother had blood in his lungs after the jab. Now has permanent scarring. It may be unrelated to the jab- I don’t know, but that is the only direct relevance of Covid to me personally. Calling it a pandemic is just a straight-up joke.

      • Covid is only diagnosed by a swab that does not test for infection or sickness….
        So effectively nobody has actually had this thing…
        Besides its never actually been proven to exist as it was never contained to be tested for a proper vaccine which would of taken years to make anyway..
        Them jabs just act as a top up for jab passes and not for peoples health etc

      • I question the slogan “almost died of covid”

        Meaningless words.

    • Kelly, it’s as simple to work out as you could ever want, and the fact that the media are avoiding it like the plague speaks volumes. It’s like liviing in a house with only your child and a lodger, and the child being found strangled in his sleep and totally ignoring the possibility that the lodger did it.

    • I mean there’s stupid and there’s stupid. There blaming people from the uk. Fucking stop using the fucked up tests. Then covid will be no more 🤪🤪🤪🤣😂

      • Not quite…covid is the jab passes…the WHO even mentioned in a sentence they put out with certificate of identification vaccination for society and travel…
        Its not the virus thats covid its the longterm plan…
        So when they say covid is here for years they mean the passes…
        It was implemented by the john hopkins foundation in 2019 as a influenza pandemic…and they practised the outcomes in the future…
        Theres still marsburg virus and spars virus “pandemics” to come

      • Stuart, those 2 virus’s are so obviously just cover for Jab deaths, the millions of them to come.

        There is a virus that doesn’t exist at the moment, if it did we’d quarantine it as it has a 88% fatality rate, but we know it’ll go around the world in Jan 2022 and we’ve already got a PCR and a jab for it, top prediction skills.

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