IRELAND Waterford 99.5% Jab IQ Test / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The full news article with the guy at the end (missed out here) saying the vaccine is great and doing exactly what it was meant to..

  2. It comes as no surprise to me. It’s what happened to the ferrets that were released after their jabs. That is why the injections were banned from ever testing on humans. Under laboratory conditions they were fine, but allowed into the big wide world and they died horribly. How horribly I haven’t found out. But I did see part of that mentioned in the Lancet. Can’t for the life of me find out how I found it now – I’ve tried to find it again. But so many things are changing. Even the Fizzer website and the AZ one – totally different from several months ago. One of those things when you need to take screen shots to prove it to disbelieving relatives, then again they’d say it was fake. I see they are still flogging the Delta crap.
    Just waiting for the family to start dropping now. My mother had number 3 done the other week, said her arm was terribly swollen. I volunteered advice that she needed to get it looked at, but no. Oh well, she’ll be gone soon.

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