HUGE CROWD In NETHERLANDS The Hague Against PASS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I’m feeling quite murderous about it all now. Haven’t we got any psychopaths on our side ready for action? 😂😩

    • Is Thierry baudet from FVD…. en also watch gideon van meijeren he is a hero also…

      Please spread the clips you can fine.

  2. The person speaking in front of the crowd is Thierry Baudet of the Forum voor Democratie (FvD) party

    • Yeah it is and I am not sure about this guy at all, this may be the biggest traitor of all. Ask him – I did – his thoughts about the 4th industrial revolution and the reply was: a very compliciated subject on which we have not yet a point of view” Excuse me sir, what are you doing as a politician if you dont have an opinion. But the party does want a LOT of extra science and a LOT of extra care staff. But he he is telling them what they want to hear.

      • All the big demonstrations in the UK have been led or fronted by controlled opposition, so it fits the pattern.

  3. That is Thierry Baudet from Forum for Democracy. He is the one that recently talked in the Dutch parliament about the Rockefeller Foundation and its manifest of 2010!

  4. That speaker is Thierry Baudet, he is a member of the House of Representatives, and the leader of the FVD party. (Forum for Democracy)

  5. The speaker is Thierry Baudet from Forum voor Democratie. Check out the FvD channel on YouTube and you will see Thierry, Gideon, Pepijn and Freek in the Tweede Kamer ( House of Commins) expose the government and the leaders’ participation in the Great Reset.

    Thierry has been applauded by Robert Kennedy Jr, while Gideon’s sharp analyses have been highlighted by Sky Australia.

    There were 50 000 in the protest in Den Hague today, I heard from eye witnesses

  6. I’m Dutch. The goverment promised in 2020: take your jab and we are going back to normal. So 85% took the poison jab (I don’t know it the number is true) and now they put measures even more draconian then 2020. Most Dutch people, also the vaccinated feel like the goverment stabbed them in the back. They feel like, they have been betrayed.

    • Yep, people are now beginning to realise they’ve been conned. Our PM Boris Johnson said get your two jabs and you will get your freedom back, be able to go abroad…now they are saying if you don’t get your booster you will be classed as unvaccinated just like those who haven’t had ANY jabs, and you will have to self isolate and quarantine just like everyone else…

      • Think your find more have had a gutful of this bollocks now….
        If anything its daily news and media scaremongering and blackmailing and people are just sick to death of it now…
        They got no science behind any of them rules or lockdowns whatsoever…
        In a nutshell all this has been is medical and scientific fraud based facts on there part…
        Even the swabs dont test for sickness and also give out false positive data regardless…
        I know many that cant be bothered with them experimental jabs and now there bringing out a experimental pill which was designed for influenza…
        As Sars Cov-2 was never isolated to test for a jab its actually never been proven to exist either…

    • I live in the UK. Here is one of my favourite phrases that I think is appropriate for what the world is going through:

      `trust is only dangerous when you have to rely on it`.

      We trust and rely on politicians ( well , just about ) , doctors , scientists and police and the media. A lot of people trust in the system. They trust the powers that be are more knowledgeable and will do the right thing by us. Infiltration of that system by an outside agency who is pure evil is not something most people would even consider as a possibility , especially on a global scale. They trust and rely on checks and balances to take care of such things.

      • “Trust is good. Not to trust is better.”

        Excellent point you raise. The US corporate model has included the exploitation of trust as part of its business model post WWI. For example Detroit made cars people found reliable and good return on value. Once that idea was set in the minds of consumers the stage was set to exploit them.

    • part of the plan, then the WHO will come in and “save” us and attempt to form the one world govt.

  7. The man speaking to the crowd is Thierry Baudet, he is the leader of “forum voor democratie” (forum for democracy).
    “forum” is the only political party who has been against all covid measures, the idiotic mouthmasks, the social distancing, and the vaccines.
    Might be worth investing him some more, he has held speeches in parliament, talking about the great reset, the lockstep thingie of the rockefellers, about klaus schwab etc etc.

  8. Well done Netherlands👏 We all need to support each other even more now.

    It’s the same everywhere, all people who took the jab thought they would get back to normal but oh no! You have to have boosters and probably each year, keeping Big Pharma profits going. How can anyone think wearing masks, having jab passports etc. is normal. No point in being jabbed.
    We all need to join together jabbed and unjabbed and stand up against these controlling governments.
    Thank you Hugo for keeping us all informed of what is happening around the world.

  9. Big turn out ! Really hope for a full on revolt….Thanks Hugo 🙂

  10. The covid passport app, i. e the social credit system they desperately want as well as the jab for some reason. is the line in the sand, we accept this they have won. Time will tell. I pray we win everyday. As long as we don’t have smartphones we should be alright if it gets that bad you will have to ditch it. Drivers licence gets linked to it ditch the car. Digital money gets linked to it. Its over. Then off grid, then they have cut me off, then I have won.

  11. March 2020= 3 weeks to flattern the curve. If 2 years later your still listening to this bullshit you are beyond help.

    • People still do…Queuing up for jabs, wearing face nappies, walking in roads etc..
      Beyond help and reason

    • If people had only stopped and remembered that the phrase “lockdown” is terminology used in the prison system ….. this should have been one of the first red flags alerting the public that this was never about health.

  12. Thierry Baudet from FVD …. forum van democratie…Netherlands
    Watch him and Gideon van Meijeren.
    Their amazing en give the truth to the People.

  13. I can see at work who took the injection the sick non-stop, they look terrible and tired.This has not happened before. and those few who did not take the injection are healthy and happy. I am not exaggerating, we have a very large team. the difference is very visible

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