ASTROWORLD COVER UP? Hugo Talks #lockdown


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      • I watched the video too. The problem that we have is that we all know whats happening in society but we can’t do anything about it! The sheep are in the sheep-shit too deeply now to be saved and we Thinkers will go nowhere near the vaxtermination jabs, so that’s it…. we’re at an impasse, I’m afraid we will have to watch society lose its freedoms and lose our friends and relatives too. What is to be done? 😥

      • Morning

        What’s to be done I feel is .. Us keeping strong, All none compliant & standing Our grounds.

        They are Sick AF!!
        They have gone to far

        I agree
        Far to many are still not getting it, like what you say.. They loosing their freedom s & worse Ours! because all are we saying is No!!

        They disgust me to my core to bring down people with such cruel intentions is unacceptable to Us

        but unbelievable to others, hence why they won’t do the correct thing, take Off the masks & stop allowing themselves & their children to be injected with something that’s proven deadly.

        Have a great weekend

      • I shake my head in despair every time I enter a supermarket! So many have the silly blue masks on, or even sillier, they have ‘home-made’ masks !!! 🤣🤣… if they will keep out a .01-.05um sized bit of Flu! lol This is a good webpage to see the size of particles…. its on the WEF webpage!!!! They ARE rubbing our noses in it, aren’t they??

      • Morning
        Interesting piece you attached cheers for that

        I think the worst ‘Blue Breathing mask brigade’ has to be the ones still walking about in open air! Or driving Alone in their infected cars!!!! ??!!!
        They make me shake my head!
        And the Younger brainwashed crew were the Snazzy ones just to be Hip!!!!

        Honestly.. & they say We are wrong??!!!!!!!

        Have a great week ok
        take care

  1. Watch the guy behind the police officer when he’s talking about someone injecting folk with drugs, he can’t even keep a straight face. Taking us for complete mugs.

    • He may have a child-like humour and the word ‘prick’ made him chuckle….. I did ! 😊 . But seriously, yes, these youngsters have had a prick alright, given to them by the state!!

  2. If you look at some of those that collapsed – they are convulsing. This too is one of the neurological reactions to the vaccines.

  3. I’ve never seen anyone having a heart attack convulse. They are usually still and limp (which some were being passed above the crowd).

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