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  1. And you notice the BBC report it with ‘our hearts are broken’ our hearts go out to’ etc… trolling!!!!

    • In the DM now they are saying it started when ” a crazy man” started “injecting victims” with opiods from a syringe. How many stories is this now over the last few weeks where supposedly people are being randomly jabbed by strangers with drugs?

      Maybe it’s to try and explain away heart attacks, or maybe it’s some new part of the agenda.

      I can’t believe people will swallow the sudden uptick of random people jabbing others, it’s ludicrous.

      • We even had that man in Fulham supposedly injecting food in 3 supermarkets with blood! What is going on??!!
        The whole world is jab-happy it seems.

    • It seems that upset double jabbed, gets hardtack. Sportsmen etc. Plan: When people uprise and get upset, they die by heartattack

  2. ‘ve done a bit of research and this is what I have come up with.
    As of Nov. 3, 17.8 million people have received at least one dose, which is 61.2% of Texas’ population, and 15.5 million people, or 53.3%, are fully vaccinated. A total of 33.8 million doses have been administered, including booster shots. So far, 1,658,912 people have gotten booster shots.
    Coincidence, Conspiracy Theory? You Choose.👍👍🥰

    • I’m not buying the official numbers of people jabbed. I think they are trying to convince people that it is now the vast majority who have been jabbed to further coerce people to feel its the right thing to do (sheeple)… but I think the Governments are going to such ridiculous lengths to get people jabbed (free pizza? free ice cream? setting up mobile units, getting non-medical people to administer… ffs!!) I’m thinking there are FAR more people unjabbed than they are saying.

  3. They can not hide the facts for much longer – The masses will be angry !

      • It would seem that too much
        physical exertion and or heat,
        activates an adverse reaction
        in those that have been tested, and or injected.

    • Sadly the masses are still deaf and blind about the whole plandemic. Hopefully they will be angry soon.

    • can you tell me how we join the forum Hugo spoke of, I can’t see any link to it

    • I wondered why there’d suddenly been stories of young women being injected with “date rape” drugs in nightclubs. They’re now saying this happened because some “crazy” guy started jabbing “victims” with opiods.

      Seriously? Is that how they plan on hiding thousands of heart attacks – a sudden increase in phantom jabbers?

    • I JUST heard on the 7 o clock news that the elderly are dying of Convid because the jabs effectiveness wear off, so they must go for their boosters!! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what the longterm will bring?

    • I’m fearful of that….this winter…people in my home town in UK saying…when will we have our ‘flu jabs’…when will we have our ‘booster’….simply cannot see what is happening….

      • My dad had his flu and booster (uk) and now is having heart problems. He cannot make the connection despite us trying to tell him!

  5. More people in Barbados Dying since Jab uptake. Unfortunately no website to report adverse affects. Most of the people are “unvaccinated” read into that what you will.

  6. Can we have wanted posters made up of the CEO’S of the pharma death companies behind the lethal injection?

    I have been to countless raves back in the day,, From sommer of love 1988, Wharehouse parties & dancing in muddy fields – through the 90s untill 1997 Roughly….,… & I Have NEVER seen anything like this happen anywhere in all that time………. Do i realy need to say any more

  8. It would seem that too much physical exertion and or heat,
    activates a negative reaction
    in those that have been tested
    and or jabbed.

    • What do you mean by tested? Do the tests have the same ingredients as the jab? I had to take many of them and although I am not ill or dying and caught something weeks ago and I’ve recovered but ever since any physical over exertion makes me ill and I also have a strong gag reflex to any strong chemical smells or rich food… I thought it was a long term effect of the illness I had or my sleep deprivation but now I’m not too sure. I pray the tests haven’t marked my blood…

  9. No safety data longterm, not tested on any virus at all… substance never put into a human body before, all still in experimental stages and also these new pills as well…
    People have become experiments themselves under a guidance of corruption, blackmail, lies and non scientific based proof of any rules whatsoever…
    The swabs are the backbone of this agenda but they don’t test for sickness…
    Whole thing is a smokescreen pandemic for this new digital society reset and passes

    • Hi Flo 🙂

      I believe that the “report” of “crowd surge” was spin doctoring to misdirect the public into concluding that the casualties resulted from stampeding.
      In reality, attendees would have rushed in to aid those who went into cardiac arrest.

      MSN just “announced” this week that the 5 – 12 year age group in British Columbia has the fastest rise of “covid cases”. So … prepping the masses to believe that a virus will be the cause of illness and death and not the eminent rollout of the “vaccines” targeting this group.

      WHEN will the general public at large say “Enough!!!”

      • This morning I read the daily mail report that has a headline similar to ” (name) rap artist stops show and calls security due to someone fainting’. No mention in this article about a stamped 🤔. This is on another report..( the artist) even appeared to glance in the direction of PASSED OUT fans as the show went on. Scott halted the performance

    • Your report says the victim will have heart attack IF they can’t fall to the ground. It appears as though in this case ‘ the floor was covered with people’ so it looks as though they could ‘ faint’ to the floor.. it’s all a theory though, and young people have died. But we Thinkers have tried to warn them …. ☹️

  10. Talking of Astro 😀 here’s this curious phrase again – “died after a short illness”

    Astro from British reggae band UB40 dies

    British vocalist and founding member of UB40 Terence Wilson, better known by his stage name Astro, has died.

    Astro, who was a founding member of the reggae pop band and performed in it for more than 30 years, died after a short illness, his current band confirmed.

    “We are absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken,” said a statement on Ali Campbell and Astro’s Twitter account.

    “The world will never be the same without him.”

    UB40 broke through in the early 1980s with their unique take on British reggae and found success with hits like Red Red Wine and Can’t Help Falling In Love.

    The Birmingham-based band – named after the then government’s unemployment benefit form – sold more than 70 million records and had three UK number one hits.

    The original line-up played together for three decades before Ali Campbell left in 2008, followed by keyboardist Mickey Virtue and Astro in 2013.

    Astro then joined another former member, Ali Campbell to create a new group.

    • Another ‘short illness’, and, once again, it’s an unwritten rule that YOU CANNOT ASK THE OBVIOUS QUESTION. It may be unrelated, but then again it might not be. Try going on Twitter and asking the question… I guarantee you’ll be met with something like this…
      “Take your conspiracies and your tinfoil hat and crawl back behind your rock.” – I should know cos I’ve seen enough like it!!
      The v@ccine is the protected little POS that I’d like to drown in a toilet full of piss.
      RIP to this guy.

    • R.I.P to this guy he was with them Long times

      Cheers for sharing that trev I never knew he had died.

      Great band I still listen to the old stuff

      Have great day trev

      • Hi Janie 😊

        I agree with Carolyn — it is always a pleasure to read your comments 😊
        One of my favorite UB40 songs is “Many Rivers To Cross”. I used to have this on a tape cassette back in the day …

        Take care, and cheers!!

        Lisa 🌹

        P.S. Just thinking that it would be fantastic if we all could meet up on a zoom chat in the future 🙂

      • Well Lisa Thank you very much.

        O lol yes I remember the dear cassette tape & the bic pen needed to get the reel back on after getting stuck & a long mess that would normally happen to the fav cassette lol
        Blimmy taking my mind back there & yes Ub40 done some great chilling out tunes for sure.

        I have think about the zoom ok I not even joined the form yet! Lol !
        But on that note
        What city you living near?
        That is enough info to ask why on here,
        just to be safe Lisa.
        I near the smog ok

        Nice compliment
        thank you again Lisa.

    • There’s that same word again, ‘Astro’. Twice in the same day. Greek word meaning ‘star’ or ‘sun’. Sacrifices maybe? This astroworld thing has the smell of ritual sacrifice coming off of it. The way the music carries on while people are dying…

      I can tell you this: There ain’t no such thing as a coincidence in covidworld…

    • The UB40 guy was fully v@ccinated. Ali Campbell wanted all the band members to v@ccinated or else they would have to leave the band forthwith… and one of them did. So, by a process of elimination, it is evident that Astro had to be fully v@ccinated. And it was Ali himself, in his tweet, who described the death as “a very short illness” If someone I loved had died I would want the cause highlighted, not to be a taboo subject, because we all know that the media will never print the truth unless it suits the narrative. So we now know the guy was vaccinated, and we also know Ali Campbell demanded that band members be vaccinated or else leave. Glad to see someone has brought the question up. on Twitter.. Read the replies to Russ Kieron’s tweet, and keep clicking to “Show more comments”. This website is mentioned further down.

  11. Hyenas now test positive with (covid 19)😄…
    So what does that mean they have jabs or need jab passports?…
    For something that was never tested or contained for a jab this non existent virus has sure made its mark…

  12. A sliver of good news 😀

    US court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies

    The mandate would apply to tens of millions of US workers

    A US appeals court has temporarily blocked President Joe Biden’s plans for a vaccine mandate for businesses.

    The law would require workers at private companies with more than 100 employees to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or be tested weekly.

    But the court found “grave statutory and constitutional” issues with the rule, set to be introduced in January.

    It said it was suspending the mandate and gave the Biden administration until Monday to respond.

    Five Republican-led states – Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah – as well as private companies and religious groups, had filed legal challenges against the mandate.

    They accused the president of overstepping his authority.

    Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry tweeted that the court’s decision was a “major win for the liberty of job creators and their employees”.

    If enforced, the ruling by the the fifth US circuit court of appeals would be a blow to the Biden administration’s sweeping measures to extend vaccination.

    Mr Biden says the mandate, which would cover more than two-thirds of the nation’s workers, would set a national standard of safety at work.

    On Thursday, the president said employees at large companies would have to be fully vaccinated by 4 January, calling vaccination “the single best pathway out of this pandemic”.

    Many businesses in the US already require their employees to be vaccinated. There are also requirements for military and federal contractors.

    But opponents say it is not constitutional for a president to impose such a sweeping nationwide rule.

    Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has opposed government mandates on vaccines and masks, applauded the court’s decision.

    “We will have our day in court to strike down Biden’s unconstitutional abuse of authority,” he said.

    But Labor Department solicitor Seema Nanda said it was “confident in its legal authority” to issue the rule.

    “We are fully prepared to defend this standard in court,” she said.

  13. Never before in the history of music festivals has there ever been a case of 11 heart attacks in the audience. The other occurrence of deaths on that scale has been as a result of a terrorist attack. It is really quite bizarre why people have died for no apparent reason. Unless of course….

  14. The crowd surging could be a ruse to deflect that these people just all had heart attacks.

    • Jerry, watch this. Someone had already passed out BEFORE the alleged surge. No mention of the V word in the Comments though.

  15. People get crushed in a panic, nobody is panicking at a music festival. It would be easy to blame these heart attacks on the crowd surging forward but why would the crowd do that? Let’s see the footage from the hundreds of mobile phones and cctv?

  16. No-matter what the outcome or cover-story,,, this is going to spook the horses, the whole thing is falling apart with only political media bravado and sticky-back paper holding it together at present.

  17. Alright. Crowd, panic, surge. How many died at Hillborough of a heart attack?

    I don’t know. Wikipedia doesn’t give cause of death but I don’t remember difibulators being put in football stadiums until…

    Oh, hang on.

    Btw. If you have watched 7/7 Ripple Effect, Maud Dib has another film, Hillsborough Ripple Effect.

  18. My sympathies go out to the families of this tragedy. I think we all have an idea what caused this situation. The double jabbed. It can’t be denied anymore. People are dropping like flies. Sports personalities having heart attacks. Its so sad. The jabs need to be stopped globally NOW.

    • It might be interesting to look at figures for the various injuries sustained in past events, football crowd surges, for example.

  19. it might be interesting to look at figures of types of injuries sustained in similar situations, football crowds, for example,

  20. I see that it’s reported that a SINGLE person who was on opiates was the sole person responsible for the ‘ stampede’ . Yet other reports mention, only in passing, that people were ‘ passing out’ without any murmur of a stampede. .if you read the reports from individuals, there isn’t much ‘surging of crowds’ mentioned, only of people on the grounds. It’s a sad, sad situation….. And do ‘ crush’ injuries bring on cardiac arrest?

  21. Well, usually there aren’t stampedes at festivals neither so it might have to do with that and also with the fact that someone was injecting people with drugs that gave cardiac arrests. This shit with injecting people with drugs happened in my country in the late 90s early 2000s in nightclubs. They would inject people with heroin or whatever then the person would get sick and the druglords would come to the “rescue”. Nowadays probably the druglords are the concert oragnizers…

  22. Maybe this was part of the experiment Astro concert for Astro-zenica flip the 5G on see what we can achieve ? the biggest gatherings of people are at stadiums and concerts (apart from the millions gathering in marches for freedom the awake) which is why invoking having the double jab to enter is an ideal time to herd the sheep into the pens ? the mass killing of the jews in the war they never where forced into Ze showers the went freely with hope seems same scenario but with the advancement of technology

  23. It’s obviously linked to physical exertion, these vaccines. When you think about all the footballers and sportspersons that have had massive adverse reactions or died, it’s normally when they are playing. Now all these heart attacks at an event when people panic and are breathing faster. Watch out for more heart attacks at sports grounds etc. The actual event or in the crowds. Just tragic and of course total silence from the evil media.

    • Hi Richard

      Your right excuse the language but the ‘shit has hit the fan’ because it’s all been a ‘shit show’ from the beginning
      The people whom have encouraged themselves to listen to this BS are now paying the price it’s sad but they had a choice.
      I am divided from a lot family & friends because of it but Richard at least we sleep at night knowing we have thought for Ourselves on this.
      Bad & sad times shame so many have been brainwashed so much they have been prepared to dice with their own & their children’s lives.

      On that note
      Have great day Richard

  24. Sunday Times says “It is not clear what caused the disaster, although Houston’s police chief said a member of the security team appeared to have passed out after being injected in the neck by a member of the audience”. Really?

    • Hi ya

      It’s because they are full of Crap & they need to blame someone-something else other than Themselves!
      Them people never got injected by anyone else but the people who are trying to deny it!
      MSM full of lying nonsense.
      We all know…
      The lethal is lethal!!

      Take care have a great day now

  25. Please don’t judge young people for making the decision to get jabbed. Despite me telling my two kids about all the reasons not too. My 16 year old and 21 year old went ahead and got jabbed. Now I spend a lot of time worrying about them. We were all young and made foolish decisions. People can make mistakes and regret their decisions we shouldn’t become hardened to them

    • Many more supposedly “worldly-wise” adults have been fear-mongered, duped, coerced and brainwashed into getting several jabs, so it’s no wonder younger people have also been conned into it. What is their reason for getting jabbed if you don’t mind me asking? Was it to allow them free rein to get into clubs/events/uni/venues or travel? Or because they are fearful of illness?
      I hope they are ok.

      • The reason for the youngster getting jabbed???/ It’s because the dam scaremongering BS adverts on the radio say ” dont let them miss out, help them have the vaccine” !!!!! This advert is only on commercial radio about five times every fking hour!! I shout abuse at the radio sooooooo often, again!!

  26. I did 15 years of festivals starting in 1997 in the UK where 120,000 attended over 3 to 4 days each, played hundreds of gigs and attended hundreds of gigs as a spectator and not a single heart attack. The worst thing that happened in those 15 years, that I’m aware of, was that someone lost their finger because they tried climbing the wall into the festival. He lived.

  27. Well this is bad but just the start… most know!
    I saw some official document from the government with a population estimate in 2025 and ALL countries seem to think roughly two thirds of the population will be gone.
    I think the scattering of people dying from heart attacks,strokes backs this up but its just the tip of the iceberg. Personally I think the big die off will start next winter…..I have unfortunately lost my job due to these lockdowns and worry they will soon cut off benefits for the unjabbed…this WILL happen…but not sure how quickly…as when this happens the UK will become very dangerous….hopefully I have prepared enough to survive….:):) bring it on

    • Hi
      Dan never go without we all in shit street for sure
      but never go without I sure we not all been on here this long to not help each other.
      I don’t have a lot myself Dan but if u was in dia-straits we need stick together for sure.

      I not complying Ever!! either.
      So cheers , keep strong
      Have great day

      • Soz …ment janie…not Jamie…damm this phone haha 😄

      • Dan
        it’s cool I noticed lol
        but not a worry i been called worse lol it’s ok 🙂

        Thank you

    • 😀 lol I thought the Big Die Off ® © ™ was THIS winter 😀 so the worry, worry, worry, die off of worrying phase has been postponed to winter 22/23 😀 Another year of worrying 😀 And by ‘secret Government documents’ ® ™ © do you mean the ‘Degal’ nonsense 😀 Worry, worry, worry, die of off worrying 😀

    • Deagal — really “official document from the government” ???? um BS

      • Well I hope its BS …..but I think to thirds of the population by 2025 is being a bit Conservative …..but some tw#ts always think they know better….f#kin head up ur arse…

      • @stufrodsham A stupid comment, for it’s far too early to judge it as BS or not. When this winter is over then we’ll judge whether it’s BS or not.

    • I dont know what the population estimate is for other countries but the population of the UK is estimated to be down to 6 million by 2025. That is their plan anyway.

  28. “A crazed person started injecting kids with drugs”

    Yes that would be the Covid vaccination centre…

  29. The push back will start anytime now . . . . . . . . I fnd it very hard to believe. There are SO many stiil fast asleep and blind to the trap we are in. I despair, I can’t see enough of us being left to fight back..

  30. Too right dear Janie, you’ve hit the nail on the head there!! We’ve absolutely GOT to stick together through this insanity, it’s the only way we’ll survive. Absolutely terrifying times ahead folks. I was at my Dad’s house yesterday, and last evening when my hubby also joined us, we sat and had our usual sit down in armchair chat time. Anyway, we were talking, and my hubby said that he was going to have the booster jab, and was hoping to hear something about it this week! He also said that his flu jab had been delayed. He then turned to me and said that our local chemist was doing jabs. As he knows damn well that I won’t have any of this shit, I got very cross with him. He was having a dig at me for not getting jabbed, in front of my Dad too who is totally pro jab!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Anyway folks I stood my ground, managed to hold the line, and told hubby off big time later on when we got home!! The point I’m making is that I’d made it crystal clear that I’m staying jab free, but I shouldn’t have to keep telling people this, they should just understand and leave it there but my hubby has to keep on and on banging the same bloody drum, and I’m really fed up with it!! Anyway he’s made his choice, nothing I can do about it. He can’t say he wasn’t warned!!! Really freaky times ahead, and we all just gotta hold onto what we know is fundamentally right and stay strong. So glad we have this wonderful group where we can support each other. You guys are all absolutely amazing, so thank you!!! I’m so scared of the future, the thought of losing my hubby, who I love with all my heart absolutely terrifies me. Really wish I could stop him making such a terrible mistake, but I can’t do anything about it. Take care all you wonderful people. lots of love, Carolyn Xxx

    • Javid says “get booster jabs to save xmas”…
      Which means get them or your going back to restrictions again…
      Blackmail yet again…
      If they shutdown this country again i expect many will tell them to shove it…
      Theres been no science behind them last year or any with this digital agenda and control of theres…
      I never followed rules or had jabs or anything they want people to do…
      My mantra is “shove it”..

    • Hi Carolyn

      Show your husband Hugo s just recent video
      Your husband obviously has been bought up to ‘follow the rules’ but thankfully here people have got a mind & a reason to say NO because they-we know this is Not good & people are dropping so much now!

      Stay strong Carolyn, maybe your husband may have a re think after watching the video Hugo shared just a little while ago
      with these poor Young people convoluting like they are!

      Take care & try not to worry to much
      or your break Carolyn & we don’t want that now
      because you to sweet
      to be sucked into this craziness our world is encased in right now.

      Your husband is being unfair making you worry you going to loose him.
      Don’t tell him I said so lol he may not like me lol ! 🙂

      Take care sweet lady.

      • Saying no would eventually end all this crap…
        Instead of idiots keep having jabs and pills and obeying rules like the spineless bastards they actually are

  31. Dear Janie, thank you so very much indeed for your incredible loving support to one really freaked out lady!! My problem is that my hubby won’t even look at Hugo’s videos and he doesn’t approve of me watching them either!! Nonetheless I carry on cos I know that dear Hugo is doing wonderful work, and I applaud everything that Hugo is doing for us all here, and to spread the vital message out there to everyone outside our group. All I can do is hold my nerve, get through this time, keep trying to raise the topic of the killer jab and stay stuff to hubby, try and make him listen. He has even told me that there’s no such thing as the Great Reset!! He absolutely blew up and got very angry then!! I just don’t know what to do to get through to him. Very difficult here indeed, maybe I just need to keep on trying. Trouble is that hubby is addicted to watching the Beeb, so he’s hopelessly brainwashed like so many others. Thank you for your support to me though, dear Janie, you have been so wonderful!! I’m deeply touched by your incredible warmth and deep compassion for everyone here. Bless you and have a good day. Lots of love, Carolyn Xxx

    • No worries Carolyn
      Just mind you don’t watch the BeeB cause it’s nasty.

      Have great evening now

    • Carolyn, my wife is currently enjoying a transatlantic cruise with 2 of our friends. I have been discriminated against due to not having the vaxtermination jabs. You know, the ones that DO NOT stop you getting Convid and DO NOT stop you spreading it! I’ve just a WhatsApp message off one if the friends saying my wife is having a great time and I’m such a knob for missing it. So, you’re not the only one who has friends and family who believe all the BS. Sad times ahead…. 😳

  32. Yes,they were spiked and we know what with!
    The Greek shall inherit the earth. No not Greek.
    He said the meek shall inherit the earth. NO LONGER THE MEEK!
    Aww, that’s nice. I like the unjabbed.

    Stay strong guys. There are more of us than they are willing to admit to.
    We shall not be moved.

  33. Covid vaccine produced spike proteins are damaging heart muscle, lung linings, the brains blood barrier, and now new research is emerging where spike proteins are penetrating the nucleus of human cells and damaging DNA.

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