Fake Britain 👉 Insulate Britain Extinction Rebellion Stands on top of Police Van while they watch

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    • They are there so the general public will support the Govt bill on restricting peaceful protests. It’s so obvious!!

  1. Media is 99% GLOBAL Warming FFS these days, some of the proposals to stop the earth over heating over the next 79 years, which we must do today are just crazy, like the cow masks.

    ADE ( Antibody Dependent Enhancement ) is starting to show in the Data in the USA, with worse and worse outcomes for the jabbed as time goes by, this is what we feared. This is what killed all of the animals within 2 years in the trials, but hang on they died over a year ago, so when did the trails for these jabs start, yep well before the scamdemic began.

    Good news, mate saw a doctor face to face today, only 1 of 12 in the surgery doing face to face visits ( odd as hair dressers didn’t really stop and didn’t die ), getting his death jab didn’t get a mention, but I guess that doctor knows it’s all BS!! Why he’s still doing his job!

    • My gp came out of retirement to help his old patients . What a load of old bollocks
      He has clearly come out of retirement to sit at home do house phone calls and push even more untested drugs. I have a heart complaint and I was told its not something an op would help. Well it would but I’m not gonna get in on the nhs now am I
      So he prescribed more shit for me to take and no way I was gonna take them anyways. Reading up there not meant to be mixed with the heart meds I’m on now. Even the pharmacy is worried and has been leaving messages everyday on my answer phone. The gp hasn’t? Who is the actual doctor here? . He can fuck of and I will tell him
      He needs more money making out to care for his patients while given people deadly drugs like this
      It’s quite clear to me why he’s suddenly come out of retirement and it’s not for the good of his ex patients more like his pocket. For ever script big pharma are pushing he gets paid for that as well as coming out of retirement. I don’t trust him 1fucking bit

      • The time has come to take our health into our own hands and cut the ties to these murderous allopathic practitioners once and for all. The system is designed to keep people sick and milk them of all their worth while doing it. The system needs to be torn down. The body is incredibly simple when you step back and look at it from a higher perspective. We are a bunch of cells with two fluids, blood and lymph (lymphatic system). The blood is the kitchen and the lymph is the sewer that transports waste and toxins from our bodies. The simple truth of the matter is that 99%+ of the populations sewer system is backed up (lymphatic system) and people are walking bags of acidic waste (a condition known as acidosis) – pretty much all other conditions stem from this. Cancer is nothing more than an advanced stage of acidosis that manifests first in areas where you have genetic weakness. Test yourself with a PH strip and see where you lie. I’ll bet you’re ALL on the acid side of chemistry. You body WILL break down over time unless you restore your alkalinity. How do you do this? Primarily by eating fruits, and to stop cooking our food and destroying it in the process. Yes it’s that simple. We are frugivores by nature (not omnivores, carnivores or herbivores) and going on a mainly fruit diet with some veggies in there (not essential by any means, believe it or not!) will solve the vast majority of health issues people currently face. Don’t take my word for it, go on a fruit fast aka solid food vacation, and test an idea whose time has come. You’ll be in for a treat if you do!

        Please check out Dr Robert Morse ND on youtube and take your health into your own hands…
        John Rose – Solid Food Vacation info

        Stay strong out there guys, lots of love.

  2. CNN news….

    “Hospitalization rates in countries with low vaccine uptake are markedly higher and rising more quickly than in those with higher uptake,” he said.
    Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn on Wednesday warned that stricter measures are needed for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Spahn also told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that he was asked for his vaccination certificate in Rome during the G20 more often in one day than in Germany in four weeks.

    Stricter measures, against us, being urged!! We know that is BS aswell.

  3. I’ve attended many London freedom (lockdown) protests and people were getting arrested for dressing up like Boris J or sitting on a kerb or holding a small placard!! 🤷‍♀️

  4. Hegelian Dialectic in full force once more: these twits will be the excuse for stricter and stricter controls…

  5. OMG YAWN!!! it is all So fake and staged it is totally cringey. They seriously must think we are stupid.

  6. Not the police’s fault. Health and Safety regulations were obviously stopping the fuzzies from getting up there to remove them. If you’ve not been on the working at heights (how to get a twat off yer van) training course then all you can do is ask them politely to get down or face disciplinary action. The NWO goons in Melbourne would just shoot them off using rubber bullets and cattle prods.

  7. I’m sure if they got out of the cold
    they wouldn’t need as much insulation.

  8. The banner is wrong shouldn’t it say,


    Again , it’s only wasting more of the mask wearing, kill my own children tax payers money,

    Another Good job to our government ,well done you
    for WASTING more money on superglue & resources to remove the super glue.

    Shit show.

    Thank you Hugo

  9. Hello from Wales

  10. Antifa, BLM, Occupy, XR, AE are all top-down initiated projects from the same wealthy international gangsters.
    Objective to cause societal chaos and division during a global pandemic, at the same time promoting various agenda items of the NWO Agenda-2030 WEF global reset.
    Heavy handed policing is reserved for the genuine ground-up protests . The gangs leader obviously owns not only whichever Home Secretary, but the whole government and opposition too. This is corporate fascism in motion which can only lead to totalitarianism.
    (Spreading Disinformation Law Disclaimer to avoid 2 years in the slammer: These are my personal thoughts and ramblings of an OAP and I dont intend to persuade anyone to believe my crazy global political, social and economic situation analysis….ts just a rant ok?)

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      • Wow! That truly is actor rent-a-mob of provocateurs in your msm face stuff. They have no shame all wrapped up nice and corporately.
        Thanks for sharing 😊

      • Incredible! I, and probably 99% of the population, would have any idea that these organisations actually exist! Only 1817 ‘operatives’ ( demonstrators ) but even so, they could get a ’cause’ some msm tv time, a bit like the Climate Control Bollocks Protests in Glasgow and around the world. The msm are no so keen on telling folk know about the Lockdown/Vaccine/Save Our Children protests from around the world, are they?????? Bastards! All of them!

  11. 100% this is being funded by Westminster or somebody closely connected within Westminster. This is to keep climate change in the news. Newspapers today calculated the carbon on every item on the COP 26 menu. Last week it was the Carbon footprint on watching Netflix. On the radio today Westminster activists are calling for carbon levels to be listed on every item like salt or sugar is. We are going one of two ways, carbon passports or carbon tax or maybe both.

    Sadly the sheep are being conditioned to simply accept it. They will roll over and take it.

  12. The secret services will be involved with this lot, most probably runs them .
    As they are “staged” events by definition .
    10 -12 “protestors” at a time ?
    Gains national coverage ?
    Yet 10s of thousands marching for freedom, not a dickie bird.
    It does not take much working out.
    The electorate is severely dumbed down, the only winners ?

    Those leading the cult of Boris Jonestown.

  13. WPC Pig “Please can you get down” How pathetic, you don’t ask, you tell like you did when you persecuted people tying to get fresh air during the lockdowns.

  14. I bet these insulate Britain people still wear polyester jackets and clothes etc. Which are bad for the environment every time you wash them micro plastics go into the water and into the sea, causing pollution. We now only buy natural products which are wool, cotton, linen, bamboo etc.
    How pathetic the police are, like someone mentioned earlier, they soon clamped down on people going out in lockdown and people not wearing masks yet can’t get 1 person off their van. Beggars belief!

  15. Society is or has gone down the shitter….
    Cant be bothered with it anymore…
    I let the insane do there thing and the lab rats keep having there pills and jabs…
    Its all been bollocks from day 1 the whole thing but its interesting watching it

  16. So staged it’s unreal, If that would of been an anti vaccine protester there would of been at least 20 policy officers trying to drag them off 🤭🤣

  17. Breaking news… breaking news… breaking news

    Covid vaccine to be mandatory for children in Costa Rica

    The decision makes Costa Rica the first country to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11


    Costa Rica has become the first country in the world to make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for children.

    The jab will join the extensive list of basic childhood vaccinations already required by law, health officials said.

    The country signed a deal with Pfizer to acquire doses to start vaccinating all under-12s from March 2022.

    Earlier this week, the US health regulatory bodies approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children aged five to 11.

    Most children are unlikely to get seriously ill if they catch Covid-19 but may still be infectious, even with no symptoms. The vaccine could help stop them from spreading the virus to others.

    Costa Rica’s deal with Pfizer will see it receive 3.5 million doses, of which 1.5 million will be reserved for those aged five to 11. The others will be for third doses to be given to first responders, the elderly population and immunosuppressed people.

    To date, about 55% of eligible people have been fully vaccinated in the country, according to Our World in Data figures.

    More than 70% of those aged between 12 and 19 have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, officials say.

    The US decision to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children aged five to 11 has cleared the way for 28 million young Americans to get vaccinated. They are given a jab with a third of the dosage administered in adults.

    US mothers divided on vaccines for young children
    Officials at the Food and Drug Administration determined that the vaccine was around 91% effective in preventing Covid-19 in young children, and that their immune response was comparable to that seen in people aged 16 to 25. No serious side effects were found by researchers.

    More countries are expected to follow suit.


  18. I’ve been an activist most of my life and without fail if you so much as tried that you are dragged down, dragged along the floor , held down and cuffed up they don’t stand around letting you stand on their vans…if you do manage to get up you will be pulled down…everything attached to extinction rebellion is not how it happens at other protests!!!

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