What Now? COWS 🐮 IN MASKS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It will be chickens,they have found bird flu in Scotland

    • They’ve already locked down all poultry in the UK. This happens every winter now. They have to be shut in for 6 months. Who wins and who loses? The big, commercial companies who already keep their poultry indoors. Us free range egg producers go under.

      • UV chickens to keep everyone healthy then. surely there is a better solution nedalone chickens welfare

    • Yes. They will probably blame this on us as we are eating these cows.

  2. Don’t tell me they are serious about this? They must think we are stupid.

    • Most people are, judging by what’s gone on the last 18 months. If I see a cow wearing on of these stupid contraptions I will phone the RSPCA and report the farmer for cruelty. And what about the damn planet the leaders have all been having a jolly to Glasgow on the back of? As if we are not drowning in the masks thrown away everywhere that have a 500 year rotting down timeline, we now will have millions of cow masks to rot down. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I say hypocrisy but they simply lie because they know most people cannot think for themselves anymore. I’m surrounded by them, I feel like Alice.

  3. That isn’t even covering it’s nostrils! What a load of nonsense!…..crazy!!

  4. Just when you think it cannot get any more disturbing and sick it keeps ramping up. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  5. The deaths of the children and now this. We are truly in a sick sick world. I am sickened by all this cruelty, I am ashamed that I was so unaware before all this, I just don’t know what to say. The entire planet needs saving from these disgusting evil psychopaths . We do need a re set one which values and respects all life on earth. Thanks Hugo

    • I saw this coming when we saw mass child rapes in Rotherham.Some saw it after the twin towers.Anyway at least you know now.See my post below because it is important you hear.

  6. I think that there is some force or spell affecting people.I found something on the solari report website run by Catherine Austin Fitts,She talks to A Mr Meyer about Rudolf Steiner and it explains a lot of what I have been reading.Have a look because it is a satanic force.

    • The Bible says that in the last days God gives people over to strong delusion and a debased mind because they are so wicked. We have thrown God out of every aspect of our lives and now we are reaping what we have sown.

      • I’ve been trying to wake people up for the past two yrs.
        We are in a spiritual war, we need the armour of God.

        Even my own brothers and sisters took no notice and got the jab. So be it on their own heads.. The veil has been lifted evil all around us.
        And still the people are asleep to” Jesus” God has hardened their hearts.
        It reminds me of the pharisees. They saw the miracles Jesus did and still they did not believe! this generation!
        scoff and mock at the thought of “Jesus”
        All people will know that
        Christ is lord!!. God bless!

      • Amen. Spot on savvyshaz! Real life zombies walking about. I see it every day, its mind boggling how blind they really are. If the Government told everyone to walk about with their fingers up their arses to prevent the lierus they would! I’ve seen plenty of silly cows with masks on over this last 18 months, nothing new there.

  7. Those poor cows. Those masks just stuck on them whether they like it or not. Farmers saying they get used to it after a while , they have no choice. It is awful.
    Surely having these with batteries in them must be bad for the environment.
    This world gets worse and worse each day.
    How can anyone think this is normal, people and animals wearing masks. Sick!

  8. What the Fuc* is this Literal BULLSHIT!!💩💩💩💩💩 🙂

    • Bullshit indeed. Where do you think most of the methane comes from?

  9. A 11 year old girl died of a cardiac arrest at Moat Community College in Highfields, Leicester last month, I know the age requirement is from 12 years old but still a possibility. She would of been in the right year just turning 12? Strange though as again they claim they don’t know why and not to speculate at this time.

    • Poor little dear

      It’s getting so sad
      These people don’t deserve to be parents who push this upon their children
      Many couples out there are unable to convince bless them

      theses selfish arrogant people who have been blessed with children decided O I take a chance!

      Absolutely ..unbelievably sad

    • True, I read the article,I live in Leicester. Yesterday, 2nd of November, there was covid vaccination in the Rushey Mead Academy. I hope nothing like that will happen.
      I really don’t understand parents who put own kids health and life in danger.

  10. Seen enough brainwashed idiots in masks and now there trying cows…
    Be pets next and i read somewhere few months back babies and toddlers wearing them…
    Never worn a useless unscientific proof face nappie ever and never will…

  11. Do they not know what goes into making batteries 🤦🏻‍♀️ This world can’t be any more of a circus

  12. Stop the world. I wanna get off, animal cruelty at its finest

  13. From zero covi to zero carbon. How to morph the nuflu muzzle into the human livestock mask for the 21st century. What’s the point of expending energy in the battery pack, to fiddle with a natural process in the name of the planet

  14. Talking of methane and the like a couple of months ago they were saying that farting spreads covid around the planet. Which means that Vallance is probably best described as a ‘covid superspreader’. People may remember the daily covid press briefings that they did last March and April to escalate the propaganda. During one of the press briefings VALLANCE LET RIP WITH ONE HELL OF A FART. He tried to cover it up, fumbling with his papers and looking sheepish. But it was to no avail as the microphone on the podium picked up the noise!

  15. I thought it was cow farts where the Methane is released not burbs, total idiots as per always, just a BS news story to make people think OMG the world really is going to burn and I should kill myself to reduce this cause it’s all pointless and I’ll likely get convid anyway.


    That’s what there hyping to start in Jan, just cover for blood clots from the jabs obviously, it’ll cover the 88% of the jabbed that are going to die nicely.

    Nurses jabbing pushed back to April atleast, jabbing people will be well over by then as the jabbed deaths will be 20K+ and increase rapidly and won’t be hidden by then.

    • They can shove there sars shit and spars shit and marsburg shit…
      Be the some bollocks every year to use people as jab rats for them stupid jab passes…
      Until this depopulation and society digital reset is as far down the line as they can go and will still use them not fit for purpose swabs as well../

      • And the sheep will buy it, already a Mayburg Death Jab, media scare then more Graphene Oxide into all and more clotts and other issues, yeah!!!

        Booster uptake has been low 50% area, compared to 2nd jab, there catching on, hence new scare to push more.

        Or cover for clotting death jabs, find out soon.

  16. I must state having been involved with organic Agriculture/Forestry/Horticulture since the age of 14 this is the most ridiculous invention and the morons at the NFU pushing this need to be sacked.

    The main problem with modern BEEF/DAIRY cattle is the wrapped silage bales which are full of chemicals and methane hence the cattle BURPING/FARTING.

    A diet with good natural unwrapped Meadow Haylage solves most of this problem.

    The additional issue is the cattle are inside most of the time and create slurries instead of normal manure (again creating excess methane) and also have hooves infections which cause lameness.

    The animals I have live as natural as possible (including able to be outside in the snow when wish to) and create wild flowering meadows which act as a carbon sink and provide habitats for birds and bees.

    I am sure with these IDIOTS the next invention will be to Vegans having to wear carbon nappies to capture all the methane gasses from those delicious beans and pulses.

    The current people in 20-30 ages need to fight to preserve the human race before too late. I know from WWOOF’s visiting how impractical this generation seems to be but all left here with a new positive outlook on life.

  17. Udderly ridiculous!
    Also prevents them spreading Cowvid19.
    Mooove along now, nothing to smell here.
    ….I can just imagine the elites laughing their socks off as another prank is unleashed upon the citizens to be accepted as normal behaviour.

  18. Transhumanism, now Trananimalism, turning us all into robots. They got no respect for us have they. They will invent digital masks to messure our carbon footprint, fines for taking it off, linking it to a smartphone, tax us for fresh air. Fart tax. they want to get into our body and mind to take over our soul there getting there with there jabs and smartphones we will lose our minds and become robots if we are not careful. Social distancing is coordinates of control, transhumanism is definatley going on. It very strange everyone one wearing masks again. It’s a symbol of submission. There’s a dark force taking over our world and destroying us. Just cart put my finger on it. Someone knows something. Feel this dark evil energy around me all the time. Scary shit to be honest. Just hope we win this.

  19. From the sublime to the ridiculous and now this is total whacko! The only person gaining from this is the designer and probably a friend of someone in government. And they call us nutters. Poor cows and you will hear people say what a good idea!

  20. This won’t end with on line comments.
    This ends the way all tyranny ends.
    Trouble is very few are up for it.

  21. If you can make people believe the absurd you can get them to commit atrocities – attributed to Voltaire I think but who really knows? It just makes sense.

  22. There taking the piss out of people really…
    Covid toes=chilblains
    Fart can infect people with covid…
    Numerous other Ridiculous statements with this non existent sars-cov-2 virus…
    Anyone with a cough now thinks they have this thing…
    Now flu is called the delta plus “variant”…
    Ill just let the sheep ruin there health with jabs and masks and paranoia…
    They want it they can have it🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. There is now a very lucrative Covid industry which had been created on the back of all this, individuals and larger companies are making small fortunes from the sale of all this crap, be it screens / masks / gloves / sanitizer products…the list goes on and on. It will never end as long as money is being made from it, it’s now in alot of peoples interests for this to never end!

  24. MR Hugo
    Cows are FEMALE referring to a cow as “HE” is almost as retarded as making them wear a mask 🙂

  25. Ludicrous, these people are totally nuts and have to be stopped, how could anyone in there right mind buy this shit.

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