2 Kids DIE From Same School Within A Week / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • It will only stop with the return of Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ). This is Satan’s last season and it MUST run its course in order for prophecy to be fulfilled, and ultimately it’s ALL for Yashua Messiah’s GLORY for He will come and take The Throne of His GLORY. He was hated and suffered, so must we be hated and suffer for being His followers. Pray that you’re included amongst those that are taken to the place of safety in the wilderness:

      Revelation 12:14-17 (MCV) And to The Woman were given two wings of a Great Eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of The Serpent. 15 And The Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after The Woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. 16 And the earth helped The Woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which The Dragon cast out of his mouth. 17 And The Dragon was wroth with The Woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which hold dear the commandments of God, and have The Testimony of Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ).


  2. Of course they had the jab.If he didn’t want people to speculate and they HADN’T had the jab, he would have put an end to the speculaton by admitting they HADN’T had it. In the same way that Tiffany Dover would have made a live TV appearance to stop all the speculatuon that she had died. But that didn’t happen either, because she was already DEAD!!!!!

    • Correct….there is a ‘site’ who searched for her death certificate…it was under her ‘maiden name’….l will never forget that moment of her collapse…..beautiful nurse/spirit…

  3. you can check on the school website if they did the jabs in school! They did in the school of the 12 year old scottish girl that died from a brain haemorrhage. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/headteacher-leads-tributes-to-popular-lanarkshire-12-year-old-who-died-suddenly/ar-AAQbKef

    In Germany a 12 year old girl died 2 days after the vax and media (WDR is public funded like BBC) wrote: >>Twelve-year-old child in Lower Saxony dies two days after the second vaccination against #Corona . The forensic doctors cannot rule out other causes with regard to previous illnesses – but the preliminary autopsy protocol suggests that the death occurred “as a result of the vaccination”.<< https://twitter.com/WDRaktuell/status/1455946876579102730

    And still these sheep don't want to hear it! Like the ad on a bus: "Kids have strokes too – know the warning signs" Why now right after roll-out of the jab for 12-15 year olds? And they still can't see the link, it makes me so mad!

  4. The chances of 2 presumably previously healthy (as they didn’t say otherwise) 15 or 16 year old kids from the same school dying in the same week are virtually zero unless they died in a car crash (which again, was not specified). Consequently the only reasonable explanation would be that they died as a result of the covid jab.

  5. Children Die, people die on mass from heart attacks and nobody cares, sick world, thought kids dying would wake people up but no, so scared there are happy to kill the kids and pretend it’ll do anything to save them!! FFS!!

    Sooner the SHEEP all die at this point the better, hateful people!!

    Don’t speculate, jabbing the kids everywhere so ofcourse there jabbed 🙁

  6. Listening to commercial radio earlier, I was sickened and annoyed to hear an advert for the Vaxtermination jabs for our teenage population. Two phrases that this woman narrator used were, ( aimed at the parents ) ” help protect your children from serious injury” and the final quip was ” dont let them miss out”…! It is truly relentless, isn’t it? Its all a fking game, and the sheep and their kids are playing along. Awful, just awful. 😣😥😣

    • It’s unbearable! In reality, to help your kids avoid serious injury, just ensure they don’t get jabbed by this stuff! It’s disgusting that these are still being put into healthy people’s arms after so many serious adverse reactions and deaths! No investigations are being made, by all accounts one of the boys from this Stoke school has already been buried. No autopsy then? No investigation into cause of death? No concern that this could happen to other youngsters? Same with the 1700 plus adults reported dead from the jabs (this could be 10% or less of the actual numbers). It’s just covered up, kept off the tv news and they carry on injecting and promoting it!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠

      • The sheep have no idea what the future holds for them and their children. They’ve been warned but chose to believe the BBC!! Shame on all of them!!!

  7. Was he jabbed? I will say yes for that one. And yet stupid Sajid has said let’s keep getting vaccinated as there is a new variant of the original delta variant (apparently) which is guess what? More transmissible. It’s the same bullshit time and time again 💩💩

    • On ffs! Ha! We are basically being told to vaccinate against the common cold now, as that’s what even the AstraZeneca Professor said “covid” is morphing into! That’s if you are following the science from the experts with a voice on tv! I think Lemsip is safer.

      • I forgot to say. I read somewhere that on the vaccine passport there is 8 spaces for the booster shots. Is that true? Anybody know?

      • Hi Jon

        not sure?
        I had little ask round but still not sure answers returned

        But It’s probably true sadly Jon

      • Jon, this was Julia Hartley Brewer in May 2021 doing an interview on her show about the NHS app and it has the ability to keep some items that have NOTHINg to do with the old King Flu. Who would have thought that? FFS!

      • Jon, YES, EIGHT SPACES. And Hugo did a video on it.

  8. If they died due to the jab they were murdered by their own stupid parents.

    • Hi Richard

      Exactly as if this hole pile of shite is not hard enough!

      Now they gone this low surly , they All involved must be on heavy doses of sleeping medication!
      Because I know for sure
      I would Not sleep knowing what is happening to all of us right now!!!

      Dividing people in this manner is unbelievable

      So it why I block anything negative I can
      our minds they can not take if we don’t let them

      Take care

    • And Chris Whitty and co have blood on their hands too, for going against JCVI advice and making out that these jabs are still a good idea for kids. Brainwashed parents hang on his every word, as Chief medical officer!

  9. There will be many more sadly if parents don’t say NO to this filth concoction

    • Hi Maria

      Spot on!
      The parents are going to regret this badly.

      Take care now

  10. In America we have the vaers system. The government had Harvard do a study of the vaers system and found that less than 1% of deaths are reported. How you calculate that is verses # x 100 ÷ 1=? Now I futher calculate that to be roughly 2 out of every 10 individual’s DOESN’T have an adverse reaction. That’s 40 million out of 200 million, 40 million are the ones that didn’t. Thats nearly 2/3 of the whole American population and these aren’t just a little swelling, these people were hospitalized or died.

  11. The deaths are vastly under reported for obvious reasons.

  12. I suggest reading David Ickes “ Perceptions of a Renegade Mind” to find out more about what the vaccinations are really for and what’s in them.

  13. Heard on news today they’re trying to bring in a Group B Strep vaccination for everyone too. Not satisfied until everyone on earth has been jabbed for everything possible. The reason being one baby dies a week in UK from GBS. If I recall around 50 babies die of any cause every week in a normal year and nobody addresses this or gives a sh!t! It’s not mentioned.

  14. Sadly this is going to be a headline of lots of local rags in the coming months. I work in a local school and I’m the only staff member not jabbed. We have just gone back into full face nappy wearing and class “bubbles” because the “numbers” have gone up locally 🙄. I had to walk away from my colleagues this morning as they were almost cheering that the local high-school now had a date for jabbing their children. I swear the jibjab destroys braincells because these so-called educated adults are completely blind to the situation unfolding in front of their eyes. I tried to discuss the adverse reactions and depopulation etc a while ago but now I have to stay quiet and let them get on with it. Just wondering how long before they mandate it for school staff??

    • See if they’re cheering when kids drop dead, they really don’t see it coming do they! Good luck Rob. I hope my employer doesn’t mandate it either. I still don’t see why the protected need protecting from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to get the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place!

    • Hi Rob 🙂

      An alternate source of income, should a “vaccine” “mandate” be implemented in your school, could be possible through networking with a homeschooling group.
      Just a thought …

      Lisa 😊

    • I would suggest watching Pete Stone of the Sovereign Project re vaccine mandates, it should put your mind at rest.

  15. 80,000 kids 12 yrs+ were invited and able to book a jab over the half term holiday last week at jab centres, so I dare say these two unfortunate souls were two of those kids jabbed during the holiday.
    Horrifying! Inevitable, but horrifying. Chris Whitty and co have blood on their hands!

      • Yes Gina 80.000 probably petrified kids!
        But mummy & daddy must insist

        It’s scary for these kids
        I don’t get the parents it’s crazy

  16. It’s nothing to do with the jabs! Young healthy kids always drop down dead for no reason!

    • They’ve even put adverts on the side of buses saying, “Kids can have strokes too. Know the warning signs.” I mean ffs, they’re priming us into thinking this shit is normal – for a child!

  17. Teenagers don’t drop dead for no reason. Soon as i saw this in the paper ( i am in Stoke) and this is local to me. i almost straight away assumed it was the jab.

  18. Picking up my daughter from Primary School today, Mums talking about whether they are going to give their kids the poison if/when it becomes available, I can’t believe they are even contemplating it! One Mum telling me how her friends hubby died with the Lierus, perfectly healthy just dropped dead, as if this one lone death is a reason to poison their kids, they really are blind, wouldn’t listen to anything I said other than your entitled to your opinion. I’m distressed too! I have to leave this in Jesus’s hands

    • Next time drop in this story of two kids dropping dead from same school.

    • Hi
      Good on your self for staying strong it’s mind blowing to know they wiling to make their kids scared, Un-sure it’s awful
      I a parent fortunately grown up but people have to stop this is
      unbelievable they still believe msm ect

      Cheers now

  19. Because there will be more of this, I just hope that enough of the parents will wake up. A shame that it will be due to their own devastating and naive decisions.

  20. Death rate increasing due to “covid”…
    Thats within 28 days of a test that does not test for sickness or infection…
    And oh covid and flu are teaming up…
    Even though its never been contained for a jab or proven to exist….
    So will just be added to any known illness and flu yet again…
    How predictable yet again

  21. “Year 10 pupil Habib died on Sunday, October 24. Habib was buried at Fenton Muslim Cemetery on Tuesday, October 26. It was preceded by a service at Markaz At-Tawheed, on Rectory Road, in Hanley.” Do the dates seem odd? Is anyone buried that quickly?

  22. If they hadn’t died due to the jabb
    I’m certain the causes would have
    been stated in original story. Could of course be another coincidence!

  23. feels like there trying to cull the population, could be madazalam, rat poison, anti freeze, its like putting wrong fuel in your car it stops, in Austrailia there threatening to take homes away and freeze bank accounts for not having the jab. cutting people off already. imagine if they win. how bad its going to get. wish someone could find out what’s in there jabs, blow the lid on this hoax. where definately under attack that’s for sure.

    • Hi
      Sadly 100% we are being attacked for just wanting to refuse something we don’t want
      It’s total INSANITY now.

      Kids dying, footballers, rugby players, pilots Blimmy anyone with a working brain must now see this is seriously out of control & say no & stop complying
      as the divide is still to great it needs many many more to see this for what it is total
      CARNAGE!! & need for Ultra control of us all.

      • And was all about a virus wasnt it…😄..
        How thick people are to still fall for this bullshit…
        Nearly 2 years down the line…

      • Exactly I sit & pity theses people for harming their own!

        I only talk to people on here now really because it’s only place any sense is spoken

        Have nice evening

      • Hi Janie, I do my best to block it all out. go out for walks. the virus is on the tele, 90s dance music does the job for me at work daily, happy days. when i see masked up people at work i turn it up and have a dance, gets rid of the bad energy they have consumed on the tele. gives you more confidence as well, makes you happy.

      • Lol me to
        blocking it out
        I been doing that for years they have always bought us down & treated us like we deserve to make them rich.

        Be what they want
        but this is total madness & they sit & enjoy that?!?!

        I suffer with issues I don’t mention as they personal but theses people are happy to watch us suffer like we in medieval feckin times !


      • And. YES MUSIC great escape for sure

        Take care Dance ya socks off !!

    • Hi

      They going have a job resisting I believe so
      I have 24 years old
      They & the friends will find it all fascinating which is the most disappointing & worrying for me!

      I already lost a ‘normal’ relationship with most people & family because of social media ect it’s so corrupt

  24. Well isn’t that just a coincidence! NOT! Two children dying within days of each other in the same school – what are the odds! Not counting all the others with serious injuries due to allergic reactions and heart issues all over the country. Never in all my life did this ever happen either when I was at school or my children. Same reaction to all this, nothing to see, move along crazy people. Well I’m glad I am crazy.
    My mother has recently had her flu thing and was eagerly looking forward to poison dose number 3 which was yesterday – less than a week apart! I hadn’t heard from her but she has just said she feels like a pin cushion and all her joints ache. Of course it is nothing to do with being poisoned, not at all – it is her arthritis – but that was only in her thumb, not everywhere else! What will it take for family to realise number 3 will kill, if not number 4. Husband had flu jab. I’m waiting to hear that he is going for his next session of poison 3. If the first one doesn’t kill – bit like the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”. 4 times the charm!
    It’s sickening all this, everywhere. Meanwhile life goes on as if nothing is wrong and it gets to me and I must step back and try not to think ahead – which for me is so hard to do. We, all of us crazy normal people, must be under such stress it isn’t good for us either. They’ll get us one way or another.

    • I am a witness for Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and watching people voluntarily kill themselves, unfortunately, is all a part of witnessing. Does it affect me? Yeah sure it does, it distresses me (it doesn’t stress me – distress and stress are two different things). However, at the same time I am powerless to do anything about it, just as Jeremiah was powerless to help his fellow Israelites as the Babylonians butchered and raped their way through Judea in 585 BC. This is no different, just less violent.

      • I agree, it is very distressing indeed, but I still stress over my family and as you say I’m powerless to stop it. They must realise for themselves – I think they will, but it will be too late.

      • Yes I believe you’re right and it may well be too late for them. I will pray about your situation – with God all things are possible, if it is His will.

    • My husband is also double jabbed, and will soon get his booster to be able to attend football games and to not lose his job. I am a born again Christian so my hope is in Jesus. We’re worlds apart but God told me to continue to love him, respect his decision and to leave him in the hands of the almighty. It is difficult being the only one in a family with discernment so I do feel for you. Just keep praying for them to be protected, that their eyes will be opened and put your trust in Jesus. Acts 16:31 says belief alone in Him is all that is required to be saved. We stop trusting in ourselves and we trust in Him. That’s it. It’s not about being good, or doing anything to earn it because grace is a free gift. He’s coming back soon and in this I have great comfort.

      God bless x

      • And here we are living proof (apart from any emissions that we don’t know about yet – if any) that jabbed and unjabbed are able to live side by side – once the betrayal and the anger has worn off because you realise you can’t do a damned thing about their mental state and they are victims of the worst criminal act in the history of the world.
        Much hugs to you too

    • This is definately Biblical. We are being seperated like wheat from chaf.

      • And discarded like we are worth nothing. I dread to think about what fate they have in store for us, but that is not healthy to do so. Focus on positive energy, your faiths whichever you follow make you stronger. Laugh often – they hate that unless it is them doing the laughing but not at something funny like normal people – just remember that Hancock laughing at the first poisoning. Hmm – maybe not – the nauseating monster.


      • Morning Kelly

        They are all Nauseating!
        Horrible, selfish & cruel as well can I add.

        Keep strong & walk tall Kelly they can’t break our spirits.

      • Thank you Kelly, I take a look.

        Crazy World full of Crazy people…
        but thankfully Us lucky stars We got minds of our own Kelly 🙂

        Take care now

  25. Notice off liability should be served here and if it turns out that these children were damaged by this experiment then all involved should be held accountable

    • Nathan…….In Singapore a week or so ago, a 17 year old boy had a ‘heart attack’ after the ‘jab’…….The Singaporean Government awarded ‘damages’…..$250,000….the Big Phama do NOT and will NOT be ‘liable’…….since it is still in a ‘TRIAL PHASE’ until May 2023…………….

  26. It is certain these two victims got injected. I did a search of the place:
    COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
    St. John Fisher College implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all students and employees, as well as temporary workers and independent contractors, for the 2021-2022 academic year. https://www.sjfc.edu/update/vaccine-information/

    • The school in question is in Stoke-on-Trent not the USA.My son attends a school in the same area and it is “Jabber day” today.Uptake of the injection amongst this age group is low in this area but it would appear highly likely that the attempt to close discussion/speculation speaks for itself in the case of these two boys.

      • Best wishes from sunny Herefordshire…schools in northern Herefordshire are ‘encouraging’ pupils prior to half term….if a parent did not sign the ‘consent form’…the young person would have the choice and/could overrule!…how devious is that!!…

    • I can’t understand all of this sh*t. The parents must be ignorant of what’s going on out there for them to ‘ accompany’ their children to have this innoculation, that they DO NOT NEED!!. I am really afraid for the future for these people. They will have us all wearing striped pyjamas before too long. ☹️

  27. The authorities will do their utmost to cover up this sad case of the loss of lives of the two boys.and you can bet it won’t be on the BBC.

    • Hi
      No bbc-lie-a-lot won’t because as Carl Vernon just showed they more interested in bringing in to jab the nhs staff who are refusing to have it!

      Good on them who say no

      Thank you Mr Vernon by way for sharing
      it’s a interview with jav,the ,jabber

    • The authorities won’t investigate if the kids were jabbed, is the same story all over Europe. If they were jabbed, will the parents speak out or ask questions, or will they go along with the official version and keep quite?

      • They don’t need to investigate it, it’s all on record if those poor little sods were jabbed or not.

  28. They won’t be able to keep this up! Kids and all will start dropping like flies over the next two months

  29. What are the chances of a child dying from anything other than an traffic accident during a half term? But 2 of them from the same school and no traffic accidents! Come on! This is disgusting, this mass genocide has to stop,

  30. I’ve just heard about the footballer Aguero been taken ill during a match with severe breathing difficulties. I’m a man city fan and can verify that nothing like this happened to him during his years with the blues…Do we know if he’s been jabbed?

    • Almost certainly, the team was boasting that they had vaccinated nearly all their players and Aguero was quoted last year saying he hoped a vaccine would be available soon.

      • Thanks for that… seems rather suspect then!

    • From a comment elsewhere on Hugotalks apparently he was recorded promoting the jab for children, so you can bet your life he’s double jabbed, at least.

    • Yes and the horrible over-payed git had also previously taken MO money to push for 12 years old children getting the injections. So I have not much sympathy for him!!!

      • I used to feel that way about these people, some of which are my friends of many years. And the people who have literally jumped out of my way over the last 18 months used anger me. But I realise now that they just don’t have the ability to see what we see, and they’ve completely fallen for this very clever psy-ops…I feel more sorry for them than angry now

    • Yes he had been jabbed – there is tik tok / vid of him “encouraging kids to get the jab”.

    • There s a video of him saying he s jabbed and promoted vaccinating 12 yr old kids

    • Yes he was vaxed, not only that he also was in a promotional video speaking in Catalan, to convince teenagers or people in general to have the jab. And last Monday a footballer from Iceland playing in Norway, had a heart attack on the pitch 12 minutes into the game, and he had to be resuscitated by the team doctor.

    • He probably was as he was promoting the jibby jab to school kids in Spain.

    • Yeah Kun had the jab then pushed it on kids so him collapsing in a game is Poetic justice.

  31. Eat your heart out Gates Fauchi Soros The windors Rothchilds Shawb…youve got your fantasy of either mamming the population or killing it…..

  32. no confirmation they had the jab, no confirmation of age are they old enough to get the vax, were they in contact with vaxxed kids, to many unknowns to make comment, waiting for clarifications as the government and msm do set traps

  33. As in the.words of a song!you say the most ,when you,say nothing at all!the silence speaks volumes!if they had died of hyped up flu (covid)the MSM!would be over it ,like a rash!thanks Hugo!👍

  34. Death jab of course. Since when do teenagers start dying of in schools for no reason

      • Uuhhh main stream
        Media will report…. Covid
        Covid deaths which works for there agenda
        But yea we know
        It is their hearts which failed

    • Precisely, and these children don’t need this experimental BS, they have God Given immune systems which they were born with. I just wish the World would wake up, it’s sickening!

  35. South Australia poss terror attack on school 13 boys seriously injured to a Med procedure 💉no media reporting

  36. There are comments on the Daily Express report of this, stating that the two kids in question, did have the vaccinations. Of course, no way of verifying this for certain.

    • I hope the school in question has been served with a liability order! I also think the parents of these children are culpable too! I cannot believe how so many people have been brainwashed with this shit! We ate doomed if we don’t fight back, enough! 🤬

    • If they were Jabbed I wonder how the people who Jabbed them are feeling now and will they continue their Russian roulette on kids.
      I hope they feel sick

      I have noticed the reporting of any kid jab illness will always point out if NOT vaccinated and will ignore the obvious if they are.

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