2 Kids DIE From Same School Within A Week / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Hi Sha

      It’s sad
      It seem to me they focusing on the younger generation because they are gullible & selfish, most theses kids don’t see the bigger picture,
      they just need to be getting out to some crap pub or club or festival that robs them blind! Or fight or upset one another & arguing through a feckin phone!!

      My one ,
      24 lives for the feckin phone! Internet! Social media!
      The phone broke once then they decided to get more upset about the phone than someone seriously ill in the family!??!

      The younger generation unfortunately get fascinated, then led up the garden path!!
      And again unfortunately to pig-ignorant to listen or be given advice!

      I tried telling the kids , technology going to Feck you up eventually if you don’t learn to be without out it..
      They freak out if they can’t find a charger!

      Rant over lol
      I just get the ump with the attitude of young people they don’t want see the Real dangers in front of them .

      Cheers have nice evening

    • “Letter before action” template for parents to send to schools to prevent their children being jabbed:


      and for the video explanations on Common Law (which I highly recommend):


      And if all that fails to wake up the parents, the kids can refuse the jab against parents wishes.

      They certainly aren’t capable of giving informed consent as insufficient information is given. For example it is not meant for those who’ve had Covid as it puts them at higher risk of harm.

  1. Marsburg or spars next?…
    More jabs for a pretend next pandemic….and also diagnosing on swab tests that dont test for sickness

  2. My heart goes out to the parents of these children. Whilst it would be wrong to speculate Covid is not usually serious in children. Grief has no barriers and you can’t protect them from everything. The schools have a duty of care which should include risk assessments. Health and safety is potty, often stopping children from playing in the snow or playing conkers on the one hand yet promoting a potentially harmful medical procedure on the other. Teachers should be ashamed of themselves. They have only their reputations to loose by speaking out. What’s that compared to a child’s life?

    • I’ve read most GPs are not reporting the side effects and deaths . my Aunt was double ja**ed , had a stroke and blood clot on her brain , was let out after just a few days , can’t talk and sleeps all day . not reported by her GP .

  3. There is mass vaccination programs going in schools my friend works in the school and he’s said he’s been seen the same thing kids going in for the covid 19 jab and the head teacher is pleased that she’s got the highest number of kids jabbed out of any other schools in the West Yorkshire region absolutely shocking my friend’s trying to stand up for the kids against the jab risking his own job

    • Hi join rebels on roundabouts they hold schools liable if the kids are coerced in any way look up rebels on roundabouts they have a website join up in your areas protect the children from medical apartheid

  4. Not enough prisons for all those complicit. Has the UK been building internment camps (for the unjabbed) that we can reutilise?

      • HMP Wellingborough is just one of the new prisons being built around the country to replacement the ageing, crumbling Victorian stock 😀 They are not interment camps where those who don’t wear their facemask correctly will be taken to and executed 😀 That is just utter guff 😀

      • Morning trev

        I see something about Shepton Mallet old prison now being turned into flats?
        I wouldn’t personally want live in a converted prison, but each to their own.

        Bet them walls could tell some sad stories
        It’s very old dates back few hundred years (the old part)

      • Did I say that they were internment camps? If they need internment camps there will be no shortage of empty supermarket stores for those.

      • Morning Janie

        Yeah, I saw a documentary about that place. The execution shed has been turned into an office with carpet covering the trap door. Who would want to work in a place like that? Or live in a place like that? Creepy as hell! You can bet the execution shed will be converted into a flat. Fancy living in there? Me neither! 😀

        Have a nice day 😀

      • It was built in 1627 for £230

        very creepy place to want live ect

        You to
        have a nice day

      • So there is a spiritual dimension to you after all. There was me thinking that you were dead from the knees up, and incapable of thinking outside the box. LOL

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