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  1. Hugo it’s great! It’s just what we need to find like minded souls who need help and support 👏

    • There’s also a new uncensored platform called Natta ive signed up up-to-date forget it’s new you but it seems ok.

    • I started out on telegram but it got a bit over whelming. To many werid people on there. X

  2. Thanks Hugo !!!! Great idea going on there right now !

  3. Clearly I’m thick as I haven’t a clue how to register 🤣

  4. OK everything seemed to be OK but when I went to submit my registration I got ‘an error occurred’ but it is not telling me why. I DID–for now–leave out ticking box for allowing users to send me emails. is that why?

  5. Awesome Hugo!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for all that you’re doing for us all. God bless you lovely man!! Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  6. Good idea thank-you. I like many quit fb and twitter and trying to get away from big tech, but Google and Microsoft are obviously the hardest to get away from. What I don’t understand is why so many of like minded still use and promote fb a twitter?

      • I do and I also use VPN.. but still Google and Microsoft still manage to locate you via you mobile number and other methods.

  7. While I welcome the addition of a forum, I’m not sure why Hugo didn’t just add a forum plugin (such as wpForo) to this WordPress site, if the intention was to create a ‘social community’, then BuddyPress might have been a better choice, so as members of the community can create their own ‘groups’ to organise and connect with each other.
    The forum is powered by SMF and hosted by CreateAForum – I can tell you that while SMF is a long established and popular forum software, it is not very well maintained, and easily attracts spammers, bots and other malicious scripts that attempt to hack and disrupt.
    Also do be warned that the forum will be beholden by the hosts own terms of service, and they could decide at any time to terminate the service.
    That’s just my thoughts on the matter, would still like to wish good luck on this venture, and hope members here will benefit from it.

  8. Bless you Hugo. That’s great looking out for those who are feeling lonely and left out. I hope it will be a good stepping stone for many and will remain positive. Although we know they’ll always be trolls.

  9. Thank you so much Hugo for giving so many hope, including myself

  10. Yes Thank you so much Hugo. Thinking of others my heart felt gratitude to you…

  11. Hugo, what a lovely person you are giving so much time to keep us all up to date with what is happening in this strange world and this is great setting up this forum which I intend to go into in a few minutes.
    If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know about half of these things that are happening around the world and I thank you so much and I’m sure I speak for everyone else on this site. ❤️ 👏

  12. Thank you Hugo, may God bless you.
    We all need to use it as Hugo says to connect with each other, but using caution, no need for personal details nowhere, just make the connection, yes through emails, is a good idea.
    And then communicate with each other, meet up in a public space and then, start from there.
    I’m keen to know people in my area as I too feel alone, let’s start here and now.
    May God help us all.

  13. I am not tech savvy and don’t know how to join a forum without giving my details (name etc). It always seems to be required

  14. funny, just tried to join, apparently i am a spammer?? talk about being alone in these last days. well i hope you all get what you want from the forum. God Bless.

    • You are not alone in these last days! If I could find a way of writing the first messages to South Africans, nor would I be. 😃
      But be assured I would rather be a spammer with ‘understanding’.
      Be blessed.

  15. This will be such a great resource. Thank you for putting this together for everyone. Could you please add Massachusetts to the USA section when possible? I’m in a deep sea of people who subscribe to the nonsense here, and would love to find some people around that actually think critically and want to buffer against the nonsense. Stay safe all!

  16. i registered yesterday, and today i get this .. !!
    Email Address Issue!
    Warning your email address has been marked as having bounced! Please review under your account profile and update your email address! there’s nothing to do/nowhere to go from what i can see. i’m not good with this at the best of times.

  17. Thanks Hugo for taking the time to set this up, greetings from South Africa to you and to all the other like minded souls who see more than just what the msm and their collaborators want us to see…

  18. i was hoping to find some people in donegal but can’t sign in, told that my profile does not exist. even though my post is there.

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