3 Pilots Grounded Due To Jab Injuries Says US Army Surgeon / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. my mums very sick from the jab .. we fell out over it ..didnt speak for 2 months ..she told me i was stupid a and selfish for not having it ..was hard not to tell her i told you so ..

    • Sorry to hear that about your mum. I have been banned from visiting my aunt and cousins because I don’t have the jab , my cousin got the jab and then ended up in hospital and had heart surgery now recovering well. They still think it’s not.the Jab but the doctor’s can’t explain it. They still think I’m wrong not to have it. I’m just cautious with medicines etc. Strange times and it can be very decisive. Best regards.

    • Kelly- so sorry to hear that. I pray my parents don’t get sick from the jab. They’ve already had two….

    • Sorry to hear about your mum, I have family who are now unwell too. My step father is having all sorts of problems. It sure is a lonely place being the only person awake.

    • Anybody who takes this shit is playing russian roulette with their lives

      • Russian Roulette with a fully loaded automatic pistol in place of a revolver.

      • Western governments our traitors , boris and the traitors that hate us, need tips from putin. He loves his country love him or hate him. People need to sit up and take note of what he is saying. He is spot on. I’m going to declare myself as Russian from now on fuck it.

  2. Well there you go, it’s okay to send pilots to work with a potential risk of heart attack if stress levels are raised.

    • On the Stew Peters show recently he reported a pilot in the US (out of LA) had DIED midflight.
      I since heard that when he got chest pains and asked to do an emergency landing in Albuquerque to seek treatment, he was DENIED to do so. It is so sick.

  3. If you’re unconvinced that this is ‘The Great Oppression’ you may be blind as a bat.

    • But the bat doesn’t need to see, it still knows. I wish humans had that ability.

  4. My dad died of this vaccine I didn’t want him to have it grant it he was 92 but believe me wen I say a very healthy 92 soon as he had that doctors override me of course a week later dying ….I try tell people but am the stupid one the selfish one for not avin it the world is changing and not for the better all I see is control nothing else

    • It’s already happened more than once. There’s cockpit video of a plane going down after the pilot (a doctor) died at the controls after being jabbed. You can even hear him going before the plane take a nosedive into the ground.

    • I get where your coming from, but like everthing these days it will have nothing to do with the mass vacations , they will sweep it under the carpet as per usual

  5. Great solution. You have a problem, you don’t fix it, you ignore it, you downplay it, and get rid of the person who discovered or reported it. Problem solved. U.S. Forces, problem solvers.

  6. A doctor told to shut up!,for doing her job!and speaking the truth!! Unbelievable!

    • Not really ‘ unbelievable’ in towards upside down world, is it?? ☹️,

  7. And yet the plebs are still having them…
    Queuing up at surgeries keeping 2 metres apart like good little people…
    God its just insanity people are still falling for this…
    How can they not still see this has nothing to do with some virus whatsoever…
    Maybe some know but realise they been screwed over yet cant face it?

    • Spot on, where I live there were parents with small kids lined up at the pharmacist. I had to voice my opinion as these kids don’t have a voice. I was on my own and said loudly , kids don’t need these vaccines, they have a perfectly healthy immune system, people looked at me as tho I was the crazy one ? If it gained anything last week there was 1 young women with a baby in here arms that walked out . So maybe saying it changed 1 person’s mind for there child. People need to speak out more. I don’t give a shit what hose thick twats think of me. The truth is the truth.

    • Its like the whole world is under a spell and only a collective few have been chosen to see right through it and can see it for what it truly is

  8. Kun Agüero ex Manchester City and now playing for Barcelona also is “grounded” at least for three months after he had to abandon a match due to heart problems, and had to spend two days in hospital. Weeks before it, he had done a video in Catalan promoting the vaccine for kids! Hopefully his son Benjamin that lives with his mother Giannina Maradona, didn’t get the experimental injection his dad was promoting.

  9. Remember the good old days before the jab when athletes / pilots / children etc…just got sick and dropped dead for no apparent reason and it was treated as normal?…NO ME NEITHER!

  10. You wonder why people are accepting the adverse affects. I’ve seen reports that there is something in the jab that makes the recipient complient , unable to do the reasoning to put jab and adverse effects together.

    • I think that people are used to excessively taking all kinds of substances (pills, alcohol, cigarettes, soft and hard drugs) that are damaging to their own health. Their psychological threshold level for the jab is reduced because they see nothing wrong with consuming the other substances. I truly think there’s a correlation. People who don’t regularly consume pills, excessive alcohol, cigarettes, and soft and hard drugs are generally more cautious of what they put into their bodies. Just my 2 Cents.

    • @Uftonwood You could be right there. I am sure there’s something in it that causes them to slow down especially when driving, therefore reasoning powers obviously will be affected.

    • @ uftonwood You are talking nonsense 😀 but AuthoritarianPop is spot on 😀

      • You cannot prove that assertion, especially with a closed carnal mind like yours. Take a lesson from this heathen:

        “An error does not become Truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does Truth become error because nobody sees it.”

        – Mahatma Gandhi

  11. Thought I should share as it seems to be the a rather common occurrence of late. Both of my 50 ish year old brothers had the jab & within two weeks they were both dead. I obviously reported their deaths to the yellow card system but my friends brother has just died, he had just had the jab & she knew about both of my brothers but simply refused any connection to the injection, this psychological attack on the population is still brain washing the asleep people & the death toll is racking up daily. According to our government the yellow card system only shows approx 1-6% of reported adverse reactions/death… & flu seasons not even here yet! Can I please ask that if you know of any person that has either died or suffered an adverse reaction that YOU report it on their behalf.

    • My uncle had a mini stroke and was hospitalised after his jab (I reported it on the Yellow Card system), He’s still not right and has chest pains and lethargy. Get this, the doctor says he’s got long covid – from the jab!
      My other relative now has a blood clot in the leg now, despite his lifestyle being consistent for a decade and he’s never had one before. He and his wife won’t entertain the possibility it was the jabs, despite clots being one of the side effects that HAS been mentioned by the British Brainwashing Corporation. Oh, and he’s still getting the booster despite having to go to hospital for the blood clot. I fear he will not be with us much longer at this rate. Along with others I know who haven’t been right since the jab.

      • Thank you & like wise re your uncle. Pro vaX doctors are clearly ‘making it up as they go along’ as my friends dad apparently has ‘Covid pneumonia’ absolute nonsense & jUst another way to rack up another number in this Testdemic x

  12. Good this doctor has spoken out. So they are stopping her from reporting this.
    It is quite worrying that pilots are getting so many effects from the jab, still they are no different to anyone else who gets effects except they are flying planes which could crash if they are not feeling well.
    Spoke to a man we know who has just had his booster and now has problems with his eyes. Another friend has got to have an operation on her eye as she had problems 4 days after her second jab.
    At least here on this site we can see what is going on.

    • The truth will always be the truth. They can run but they can’t hide.

    • @baglady21- thank you very much for that link. What an incredible testimony. What a brave woman!

    • What an amazing lady an inspiration to healthcare workers everywhere. I wish our doctors and nurses had the guts to do the same, there are a few but….. on the upside although we have all been affected in some way or other by by the world as it is today, we can share our truth and skills to help our fellow men (humanity).

  13. The joys of living on the demon infested rock. Jesus Christ is King!

  14. The comments on this page are exactly why I’m committing myself to ensuring that my daughter is properly educated in science, critical thinking, social policy, and the effects of political ideology in societies hijacked by paranoia and fueled by hubris.

  15. One of the deadly ingredients that they’re injecting into people is mRNA synthetic spike protein..it’s a messenger that spreads to 45 – 50 trillion cells throughout the body causing microscopic blood clots that will gather and cause problems to the brain or heart…life expectancy..few days to 4 years.
    Global depopulation and control with elite agenda of false covid and climate deception.
    The people that have complied to this trap are known as ‘ drifters ‘ that are lazy and idle in a trance like state under the spells of demons and the media (goddess of deception).
    The evil establishment overlords are throwing everything at this now as they are running out of time for fear that more people are going to wake up from their deception from the arrogance and hypocrisy that their puppet minions are showing…they can’t help themselves.

    Psalm 37; ‘ And all the wicked souls shall perish forever ‘
    Have faith… God always wins.

    Frankie G.

    • Absolutely correct……………………there will be NO hiding place!!…their names are known….and easily traceable……

  16. Another professional footballer suffered a heart attack while playing for his club. It happened to Emil Palsson, an Icelandic 28 years old man, playing in Norway last Monday.

  17. Now : I want to know who will be held responsible for their injuries?

    • No one, for there is no one in ‘authority’ investigating, nor do they have any intention of doing so – the whole system is bent and corrupted.

  18. Well, there is at least one doctor there you can trust to tell the truth about this. Well done to her! Where are the rest of you? Lieing to your patients and sitting back enjoying your paychecks no doubt. If you are not and can’t see a problem with this filth then you must be total dumbwits which means from now on it’s herbs and a case of ‘physician heal thyself’ for me.

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