G20 Palace and The GATES OF HELL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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Julian November 2, 2021
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As I have said in previous comments about how this cult through the ages in different guises appropriated myths which were more inclusive of nature, and not seeking to escape or conquer i,t so it is with their concept of Hell which they of course demonize as they have all nature.

In Goddess mythology the underworld is where Regeneration happens, and is a wonderful place. This is because REAL mythos, which is nature inclusive, and encourages the imagination to understand connections which are fruitful, we see nature springs FROM below, especially in Spring, Summer where we see the abundance of growth. THAT is not evil.

But the patriarchal mindset which suppressed the Goddess makes nature out to be inferior and evil, and thus–in its Christian guise has the ‘Devil’ placed right at the centre of natter wanting capture sinful souls to torture for ever and ever in Hell.

So it is the simplistic dualistic notion that down = bad, and up = good, hence absurd artistic depictions of Jesus rising up away from nature to his ‘Father’ who is ‘up’ in Heaven. Jesus will not accept decay and death as being PART OF life, so the myth is all about physical resurrection with the PROMISE that one day all the people who have died and rotted–which is natural—will also be physically resurrected, and there will not be any more death.

It will be a static living forever because it is made out that the processes of nature, birth, death, and regeneration are due to a ‘fall’ caused by ‘sin’ done by humankind’s first created ancestors. It is an insane story, but the patriarchal mindset, as I have found, always seeks for their desire for their version of static immortality, and that is why we see how the Luciferian belief is that this immortality can be achieved via their biotechnology! Same old sht!

Slynn November 2, 2021
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Do not be deceived. This is definitely SPIRITUAL. But our God is in CONTROL. Always have been and always will be. PLEASE REPENT People, REPENT before it is too late. The “mark of the beast” is coming real soon. DO NOT TAKE IT.
Hugo…you are on the right lines. Also know the opposite of the devil is the Almighty Creator and He is coming soon. Accept Him, Believe in Him and Confess with your mouth and you will be saved. PLEASE REPENT! Praying for you all

Adrienne November 2, 2021
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Cleverest deceit the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist

trev November 2, 2021
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*PLOT SPOILER* 😀 I watched the film ‘Lamb’ the other day and that picture reminds me of the hybrid beast shown in the ‘reveal’ at the end 😀

jfpadd November 2, 2021
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@lianChrist powerful and thought provoking post, thank you.

Not Amused November 2, 2021
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Well, the Blessed Virgin told the 3 children of Fatima that “the smoke of Satan has entered my Son’s Church” in 1917 and here is the proof of what the Holy Mother of God was warning us about! The Pope fraternising with and pampering some of the most evil people on Earth, unrelenting liars, brazen thieves ( of the wealth of the people) and mass murderers, even of innocents ( all of them are pro-aborts, some rabidly so and some are craven hypocrites about it like Biden)! Of course, they are mere puppets of the those at the very top who we know little about but they are deeply evil nevertheless! They have literally sold their inheritances ( their own nations and peoples) for a bowl of pottage ( their privileged positions of power and wealth) but they are fools for all that! They are being used themselves. All of the “elites” are mere tools of Satan, he probably despises them even more than he does the rest of us because they were so easily fooled and bought by him. If they don’t repent and convert before it’s too late their fate doesn’t bare thinking about! Their power and money will mean nothing!
I am ashamed of and disgusted by the Pope and what him and his cabal of heretics are trying to turn Christ’s Holy Church into. I have to force myself to pray for him, because God the Father wants no soul to be lost and Christians are supposed to seek to do God’s Will not their own. It is not always easy to do God’s will, especially if it opposes one’s own will. In this case, my own will just wants Francis and his ilk gone; but it is right and just to pray for them to be made resign and defrocked, brought to justice for their crimes so they repent and revert but never be allowed in holy orders again! Never be allowed out of prison in some cases. For a few , maybe the ultimate penalty is the only just outcome? Their sacred duty is to guide people to Christ but they have driven them away from Him instead!
Sorry for the rant but this just sickens me!

jfpadd November 2, 2021
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I am just thinking out loud here, its good to have a place to go so I can. This is definitely a battle of good against evil. This is an anti-human agenda and no mistake but maybe we are over complicating it all. I think the current monetary system of all consuming consumerism is over and its that, that is not sustainable for them and their current control system. They know this and need to hide their crimes and theft from the people and the land, hence covid and climate change Trojan horses. They want to build a new system where we are the product to buy, sell, control and remove once we are no longer useful, like the current and cruel mass factory farming practises we still allow today. Its just business. The fourth industrial revolution. The parasitic ‘elites’ are heavily invested in all the new technologies in pharma, food and tech. None of what they are creating is good for us or the planet. There seems to be a satanic link to all this but it is becoming so overt that I almost feel they want us to see it now and are using it to create more fear and division as so often religion does, I do think they are luciferian and their goal is to re design the world so it is no longer God’s natural creation. Once achieved they will own it all. That is why they have been buying all the land, water, seeds and farming rights and genetically modifying/geo engineering everything including us. All patented. Thanks Hugo and to you all.

@lienChrist November 2, 2021
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Cop26 – The Dangers Of Framing A False Disaster Narrative!
You can find proofs for Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, only if you watch the politicians?
Otherwise, monkeys have remained monkeys!
Cop26 – Watch carefully!
The politicians meeting in Glasgow this week, will say that the climate crisis hoax that they are promoting, will need the same urgency for action as seen at the start of the Covid pandemic hoax.
So be ready for the signal to switch from pandemic to climate lock-downs.
Happening now!
It is a conspiracy between the politicians and the globalists to keep humanity in deep slavery forever.
To create guilt in you.
Who are the selfish people that have caused this whole global catastrophe.
Who have to be punished!
Guilt is the only strategy of the so-called elites to exploit humanity.
But why do they go on creating guilt in people?
There is a secret behind it.
If they can make humanity feel guilty they remain powerful.
The guilty person with a muzzle on is always ready to serve those who are powerful.
The guilty person cannot have courage enough to be a rebel, that is the secret.
Only an intelligent person can be rebellious.
The politicians and priests must have found this secret long ago, because they have been practicing it for centuries and they have destroyed all the beauty of the human soul.
Intelligence is courage.
And the greatest courage in the world is to be exactly what your consciousness says to you to be.
And the greatest cowardice in the world is to obediently follow others, to slavishly imitate others.
Then you remain artificial, unconscious, asleep.
Only consciousness makes you aware of what others are doing to you.
Your conscience is being manipulated by the politicians, by the priests, by the outside powers who are dominating you.
You have become so afraid of even fresh air, afraid of life, of yourselves, afraid of freedom.
On the surface you appear a stupid, obedient person, but deep down you are an intelligent being.
Can you not see the futility of it, the nonsense of it?
Hence guilt creates a dual personality in you.
You become split, guilt creates schizophrenia.
And now the whole of humanity suffers from schizophrenia for the simple reason that they have created so much guilt, and so deeply that we have divided every person in two.
People are so stupid that even when they are trying to be spiritual they still continue their old ways of competition, of jealousy, of envy.
See how you still love your own chains, see how you still love your own faults.
See how you protect and defend your own misery.
If your energies are not released into creativity they are bound to become sour, bitter, poisonous, and they will make you angry, full of hatred and violence.
Then there are two ways for that violence to go.
One is to be violent with others, and the other is to be violent with yourself.
You can only be either destructive or creative.
The politician is always violent with others.
Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, Daniel Andrews, Go Brandon,-these people are violent with others, they destroyed millions of lives.
Yet Mahatma Gandhi is totally different, he has not killed anybody, he is the apostle of non-violence, but he is continuously destructive towards himself.
His violence has turned upon himself.
Repression is always an unconscious effort, it never transforms you.
It keeps you the same but repressed.
That’s how your saints are created, your popes, your mahatmas are created.
The politicians are sadists and the saints are masochists, both are psychologically ill.
Become aware, become awake.
Then you will see that everything comes and goes, all things come and pass.
Life is a flux.
Your consciousness is the only thing that is immovable, that is eternal.
To attain it is freedom.
To attain it is the goal of life.
If you miss it you have missed your life and you have missed a tremendously great gift, a great opportunity.
Wake Up, Rise Up, NOW!

Christian November 2, 2021
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Spectre’s annual meeting. But who’s the head honcho, sleepy Joe?

Title November 2, 2021
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About 10nyears a go there was a European meeting. I remember Cameron was there but can’t remember which meeting or was.
After the meeting it was over heard that a number rof them wanted to stop people moving between countries. There was uproar from the rest in the conversation. So this has been on the card a lonf time. Due to the resistance I put it out of mind. But yep its taken 10 years but they’re getting there.
Same with the public percention of agenda21 being completely different to the actuality. I kept telling people at the time this was about clearing us from the land. It was then they started building up north, I may still have thr paper clipping of the first mega city planned for up there. Many families chose to move that way due to finances. So it’s all been happening. No one would listen then. I put my head down got on with work and hoped I’d find an exit strategy as I could help no one for thr closed wars. I kinda hoped it wouldn’t be in my lifetime….. How wrong I was. We as a group consider of we’d kept up the affront would we have made any difference over the last 10 years. If honest, I fear it would not have changed today’s situation.
I’d have driven myself made and probably been sectioned in the process.

savvyshaz November 2, 2021
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Hugo, you see more than the organised church sees and yet you tell people to get positive energy which is another deception. The Bible tells us these things are signs of the end and there is only one answer. It is not positive energy or any other new age guff, nor gathering people together. One sure sign you are right today is if most people are going in the opposite direction to you. You must repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He died and rose again in order to pay for your sins so you will not have to pay. ALL who do not repent will be in the lake of fire with these leaders. Not one of you is good enough for heaven, that is why Jesus paid for you. Accept the gift and walk with the only One who can save you from this.

Sean November 1, 2021
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I dont think the sleepy sheep could handle nor want to understand whats happening right now!!! We are the people of light, we are the people who see. Real eyes, Realise, Real lies.

Pete November 1, 2021
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Actually if someone had to post an image of what hell would be like, the one of a table with Biden Macron Merkel and Charles sitting at it would be quite appropriate

helen November 1, 2021
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Spot on Hugo well done. All is evil and people see it now for what it is . Evil in high places.
May God keep you on this path of truth. sadly not all will believe but many are coming to God because of what is happening.
Thank you again Hugo. You are in my prayers..

Sue November 1, 2021
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its all theatre, WWG1WGA…we will et through this. Wearesovereign beingsand must stand up to the tyranny….

YouResist November 1, 2021
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I wonder at what point the retard will question why these people don’t meet in a shed if they are so concerned about the resources of the planet… let alone that this Halloween these creatures are celebrating shooting up the kids!
For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

riverhope99 November 1, 2021
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I’ve said it from day one of this fiasco! England is owned by them.
The descent into the abyss has been going on for decades.
This is a spiritual war without a shadow of a doubt!! Need put on the armour of God!
The promotion of everything that is perverse as normal. Equality is a trick, so you cannot confront the evil before you or you’ll get called racist etc.. And they pretend they

Are oh! So moral! Meanwhile
Anti white racism is bounding ahead and our lands are not our lands anymore.
They are Re writing history as we speak. While they feed us bread and circuses!
Turn off the brain dead TV!!
Seek (Jesus)
We all have a divine eternal soul!! .

They own the media ! They are full on satanists including the royals!! (synogogue of Satan)

Only Jesus can set you free!
From the fake reality, then you will see the truth!
(JESUS) is truth life and the way..

Run to Jesus and be baptised anew!! In the name of( Jesus Christ).
He shed his precious blood for the remission of sins for us all..
“For those that have eyes to see”
Look around you!
“Ears to hear “listen to the lies they tell!
For they are of their father the devil. Their is no truth in them!
They are trying to drag as many with them as possible!
If you don’t have” Jesus” with you, you are lost! Understand this! Everything is going to get a lot worse! Get a bible! Soon you’ll not be able too!
(Grace through faith in Jesus Christ)
Heaven or hell! You choose!!

God bless! Viva christore!

Refuseniks November 1, 2021
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Your videos are fantastic Hugo. Every time I watch them, they wake me up especially when you make reference to Biblical prophecies, I like it because we now live in the beast system as foretold in Revelation. No human being on this planet can stop prophecies from being fulfilled. Your narrative is correct on the videos

Max November 1, 2021
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America’s response to World War II was the most extraordinary mobilization of an idle economy in the history of the world. During the war 17 million new civilian jobs were created, industrial productivity increased by 96 percent, and corporate profits after taxes doubled. The government expenditures helped bring about the business recovery that had eluded the New Deal. If you understand how a plant works.. continues to evolve.. we are connected to the planet yes? So we must evolve an how do we evolve? Balance of everything. Dark/light ..good/evil etc. So if you think..we need all this to evolve our civilisation as a whole

HylasCryde November 1, 2021
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Sajid Javid does fit the role of Charon the Ferryman rather well. Evil scrote.

Tom November 1, 2021
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This has been done on purpose. Don’t let them fool you. They are using the bible as a script. It is the same rpoblem-solution trick to make you believe that they worship ‘satan’ and create a hell on this earth which they do.
They want you to believe in a saviour who will usher in the ‘kingdom of god’. The ‘kingdom of god’ is the NWO.
They create ‘hell’ and ‘paradise’.
Wake up!

Annie November 1, 2021
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As this piece started, my eyes were drawn to the huge, magnificent chandelier, in the middle of table. Then, as the video changed to showing the artwork, I saw a strange similarity, between the chandelier and Botticelli’s La Divina Commedia. Did anyone else notice it?

slk3339 November 1, 2021
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There’s only one way to free ourselves from all this!

thetruthnotdoctrine November 1, 2021
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sffab November 1, 2021
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Please don’t stop commenting on these sorts of things Hugo. Because people are too lazy and/or afraid to do their own investigations doesn’t mean we should kowtow to them. Thanks again for helping us be that bit more enlightened 😁👍

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