HUGE Turnout London Protest Oct 30 #AgainstPassports Cowardly Media SILENT / Hugo Talks #lockdown

81 Comments on “HUGE Turnout London Protest Oct 30 #AgainstPassports Cowardly Media SILENT / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Couldn’t make this one but it must be everyday from now on to make an impacted on businesses, people etc to wake up on what is going on. As of now Third, Forth and Five “BOOSTERS” are rolling out every 3mths.

    • ‘As of now Third, Forth and Five “BOOSTERS” are rolling out every 3mths.’ Where did you get this information from? The bottom of an empty cornflake packet? 😀

      • Watch, wait and see!!! It wont be a yearly jab. They are planning on 6 monthly. They will jab till people drop.
        When it actually happens I hope you apologise to the comment you poo pooed.

      • Well i wont have any….ill let the slaves keep having them and can have my doses as well on me👏🏻

      • The. Managing director of phizer netherlands confirmed yesterday on live teevision that phozer vaccines works at the max 6 months…. boosters are needed every six months he said….

      • People are already getting booster jabs, so that’s 3 jabs in less than 10 months. By my reckoning that’s a jab every 3 months 🙄

      • Go and check how many shots the government have ordered. In Canada it’s 409 million for a population of around 36million. Israel’s vaxpasses have space for 8 shots. They have already said you don’t have immunity 6 months after your last one.
        Wake up. Pay attention

      • Blane, that (news ??) report is so troubling! During 2020, children were as sage as houses and this Con-or-a-virus was no danger to them….. Suddenly! This woman claims it’s the biggest killer of 5 yr olds!!! Millions of parents will believe her, sadly. I hope they enjoy their free hot dog 😞.

      • Don’t forget the daily Pfizer Tablet, should be available by December, won’t work ( at all obviously ) without your jabs first LOL

      • The third vaxx (booster) is already here. If you want to know the future, study the past. In less than nine months, people have been asked and in some cases complied with a ‘request’ (under heavy psychological coercion) to do their civic duty and submit to taking an experimental medical procedure. No cornflake packet required ‘Trev’ (aka, 77th Brigade).

      • Perhaps we could collect cereal packet coupons and exchange them for our boosters. After all, never let a good commercial opportunity go to waste, huh!

      • I think you will find Trev are the reports from Doctors in Israel..the statistics in critical care is serious…78% of seriously ill patients in hospitals are ‘double jabbed’….they are talking about 3/4/5/ boosters….MSM will not give that sort of info out….

  2. Same here in that I couldn’t come to this march. Been on 4 in total so far and should be going next Saturday.
    Re-assuring to see such large numbers again too 🙂

  3. these protests need to be during the week, weekend ones don’t have the impact they should as the only people they effect are shoppers, and shops.. businesses like banks, stock markets all need to feel this.. so do them during the week, shutdown London..

  4. When the government fear the people there is Liberty. Millions of People are rising up and not consenting to tyranny..
    Enough is Enough, Power to the People.

      • ‘Agenda 2031’ says something completely different, namely: Matthew 24:30 (KJV) And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

  5. There’s summat BIG going darn next Friday the 5th. Just sayin…

    • Going to need more of a Hint, court case Wancock ?? or HOAX ??

      Better be quick, running out of people not jabbed, ie alive in 3years time.

      • I think it’s called a Global March against all governments, I think.

  6. Great turnout. Well done to all those protesting.
    This needs to be shown in as many places as possible as it won’t be on the MSM.
    Makes me feel good that there are so many other like minded people.

    • It’s a little early yet – give the papers a chance. And stop knocking The Guardian, it’s the only paper not owned by shareholders or a big boss

      • Yes, that’s true(ish), but since the Gates’Foundation ‘donated’ a cool few million to the paper, The Guardian’s coverage of everything related to Covid is completely skewed in favour of their multi-billionaire ‘philanthropist’ donor and his business interests.

      • Re. ‘Guardian’ ownership. Are you sure about who owns the Guardian. The last time I heard, it was the richest newspaper now it was being bank-rolled by George Soros. Is my view incorrect / out of date?

  7. Well done to each and everyone there 👏 👍🏻 I couldn’t make it but will be at the protest in Cardiff on Tuesday outside the Senedd at 4pm 💪💪

  8. I’ve been silenced on FB FOR 7 DAYS , but will share other ways

      • 30 day ban here for saying to a sheep ” No the jab stays in the FAT in your arm ” I didn’t put ARM in caps, but it’s the FAT word that got me banned no doubt.

  9. Well done everyone – fantastic turnout and reflects the views of huge numbers of people even if the biased msm don’t cover it.

  10. This was my first Freedom March. Amazing day. Great chatting with like minded people fighting for the future of humanity and our inalienable freedoms. Fantastic inspiring day.

  11. They say change is for the best but this society change is for the worse and implemented through mental abuse and physical abuse and psychology…
    And lies and tyranny…
    The more say no they more the wheels start to come off…
    They want slaves they can have them but the free spirited will be physically better off and mentally better off as a whole longterm unlike the 🐑

  12. Any chance of getting a little heads up before the next march? Keep missing them.

    • Hi DW

      Someone on here last week mentioned it
      (apology to that person for not remembering name sorry )
      Hope that helps DW & u make next one

      Have good evening

    • Agree, would be good if Hugo could let us know in advance.
      I don’t always read the comments.

  13. Beautiful images there from London. Next week we will go to The Hague again we can’t let it go anymore. You can’t have your head in the sand anymore.
    Hold on, greetings from the Netherlands.

  14. The MSM are dirty, filthy, disgusting and evil bastards! They are in cahoots with bozo Johnson and bill Gates, George Soros, klaus schwab etc! I have no doubt this is a global genocide to depopulate the earth of the poor people so the rich can have the planet as their own! And the experimental triple jabs are the way they are doing it! The vaccines contain foetal matter and the deadly toxin graphene oxide with self replicating spike protein nano particles! Loads of people are already dying from heart attacks induced by this poison! The cases of paralysis and blindness are piling up! And this is just the beginning! It’s us against them! And make no mistake, it’s a matter of life and death! The thing is though, the people who are on the side of the evil overlords like the MSM, the police, the government and the celebrities, will all be murdered too after us! They stupidly think they will be spared! But they won’t! They are just being used until they have no further use! But they, at least, will fully deserve their fate!

    • David, you are clearly a seriously disturbed individual. Your views and opinions demonstrate a complex and unstable personality.

      • What a nasty thing to say Roy. If you don’t agree say so if you feel the need but don’t pretend to know someone based on their beliefs. Oh wait, not their beliefs, just a single comment. Clear off.

      • What a nasty thing to say. If anything, Roy, your comment says more about you than the one your replying to says about them. If you don’t agree say so, if you can’t keep your forked tongue behind your teeth, but don’t judge someone based on their beliefs. Oh wait, not their beliefs, just one comment. Clear off.

      • Wake up,it’s people doubting what’s happening which are sleep walking is into it.And things are worse than we could ever imagine.There doing anything and everything to depopulate by any means necessary even morgellons on swabs and dropped from above

      • Actually, what David says is the plain and simple (and horrific…) truth… ie, you are demonstrating yourself to be immensely brainwashed, gullible, naive/uninformed re. what’s REALLY going on, worldwide. You need to WAKE UP…

    • The ‘vax-ceens’ DO NOT contain ‘foetal matter’ 😀 Only a seriously disturbed individual would post or believe the guff you have posted 😀 Case closed! 😀

      • Errrm, you pretend to be 1 of us, but really your a sheep in lions clothing.

        THEY the drug companies ages ago admitted they where using stem cells harvested from unborn fetuses harvested in the 70’s, where a lot of people can’t take some of the jabs on religous grounds. J&J I think is the user of, not sure about the others.

      • Trev, like your name, ‘turd’ has four letters. I hope readers of these comments can easily spot 77th Brigade disinformation officers. For those who don’t know what ’77th Brigade’ is, it’s a regiment of the British Army (numbering between 4,500 – 20,000 personnel) whose job is to monitor online communications and to pretend to be real participants and push forward the message that the Government wants to put out. It is part of the HUGE psychological attack that the UK government is promoting. Visit UK Column website to find out more.

    • Useful Idiots, on the seemingly short road to total screwdown, finger wagging guff of monstrously nonsensical porportions

    • Spike Protein I’m pretty sure was a lie, it’s the graphene oxide which is self replicating ie growing inside of the jabbed.

      Attracted a troll sheep I see LOL, there getting worried and sending some our way to discredit the Hugotalks movement!

  15. If all of us like-minded people want to do something that WILL actually impact the likes of the BBC Propaganda Machine and the bullshit, lies and deceit we get from the MSM, then STOP paying your TV licence. This is one thing that we can all easily do to show our disgust of these corrupt organisations. Just cancel it! Give these sick morons something to think about. Oddly enough, your TV will still work without it. And if it comes to it we can organise a class action to be refunded for all the years we have paid a licence fee only to be manipulated, deceived and lied to, by these criminals.

  16. ROY BERRY ,what do you make of the Spanish high court confirming there is no evidence for the existence of the invisible enemy COVID-19,and ordering the 1.1 million lockdown fines to be payed back?,also you might wanna have a look on the Canadian policy horizons website and the section titled bio-digital convergence;looking forward to moron comments from you,STAY SAFE!

    • my comments disturb you more? Why so? Do you believe all he wrote to be true???

  17. Thank you, Hugo…for putting this out there. No one can deny there is a huge backlash… We stand… you report. Bless you. We can win this war… thanks to support from people like you. Love, Chrissie x

  18. Well done everybody who took part in this demo! Feeling very proud to be British when I see so many people coming together for a common cause you were all amazing!! Just wish I could be there myself, but unfortunately I’m not well so have to stay home. Nonetheless well done you all!! Thank you dear Hugo for sharing this uplifting video too. Bless you and thank you for all that you are doing for us all. You are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Lots of love from Carolyn XXX

  19. Great to know so many people are aware of this tyranny and are protesting against it….thanks for keeping us informed hugo !!!
    Much appreciated:):)

  20. Chrisjoyce58 – I am not brainwashed, naive, gullible or uninformed. I read widely, listen to both arguments for and against the SAR-cov2 virus and mutations and wade through the pages of statistics that are constantly updated as I try to rationalise the huge amounts of data and keep abreast and informed. You, however seem to know it all already…
    a couple of corrections to David’s extraordinary post: there is no foetal matter in the vaccines and no graphene.
    And as for linking Gates, Schwab and Soros in a plan to depopulate and take over the world… it’s stretching one’s imagination into the realms of absurdity.
    I can almost hear the angry cries in opposition to my comments…

    • Nope your wrong, your falling for the trap of if the MSM don’t tell you then it’s not true, this is true.

      there is no foetal matter :-

      J&J atleast admitting to using stem cells from unborn fetuses from the 70’s, so check your facts.

      in the vaccines and no graphene. :-

      It was found 99% of Pfizer, then Pfizer later was forced to admit that this was the secret ingredient and the rest followed suite.

      Graphene Oxide has also been found in masks and it’s going into the water via a new GO Filtration system yeah, just watch a video camera going down towards the lungs and GO is visible and spikey inside the body, did not look faked to me.

      The fact you think Convid is any more than most of the Flu’s and for Delta the Colds renamed proves that you are a 100% SHEEP, there is no such thing, it’s a HOAX!!! Proof Being with Delta ( common cold ) went through my town, everyone had it, most tested positive as the tests are shit and we had with a population of 80K precisely ZERO deaths, ie it was the standard summer cold I get every 2 years and I had 2 years ago.

      It’s not angry, more Baaaa Baaaa you’ve not got a clue what’s going on, you can’t handle the truth.

      If in 3years time the population of the UK is mostly unchanged then you was right, if it’s massively reduced maybe even to low 20 Millions then we was right,.

      I’ll BET the farm if I had 1 on us.

    • Not about taking over the worlds they already own / run the world, it’s about depopulation then keeping the rest of us on minimal resources to keep the resources for there elite selves so there future generations can live on in luxury from 1000s of years to come in a nice peaceful planet.

      Our resources are running low, the human race is doomed all of us at some stage <100 years, as there is no way at the to feed the huge population without some of the resoures, ie no oil = no fertaliser = starvation.

      There merely speeding it up, so they've got resources left.


    • You don’t read very widely do you. If you had read the Government / Astra Zeneca information paper for healthcare professionals you would see the vax contains human embryonic kidney cells and Recombinant Chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding. Scroll down to No.2. of this link “Qualitative and Quantitive Composition”
      (i have a pdf copy of Astra’s own paper)
      And here you have a whistleblower saying the same about Pfizer
      (i have copies of their papers as well)

    • Here’s a little sample of Soros’ quotes to help wake you up, and alleviate your plug ignorance – you’re so out of your depth it’s painful to read your pompous crap:

      “I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

      — The Jew, George Soros, in an interview with Germany’s BILD, September 2014

      “I’ve made my life’s mission to destroy the United States. I hate this country and I hate all of the people in it!”

      — The Jew, George Soros, Newsweek 1979

      “Yes, children are raped, people killed and nations destroyed. My plan is effective. And by calling it ‘Social Justice and anti-racist’ the morons follow my DARK LEAD.”

      — The Jew, George Soros

      “The new anti-Semitism holds that Jews rule the world. I contribute to that image.”

      — The Jew, George Soros, 2003

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