A Tale Of Two Protests / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landside,
    No escape from reality
    Open your eyes,
    Look up to the skies and see,
    I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
    Because I’m easy come, easy go,
    Little high, little low,
    Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to
    Me, to me

    • We’ve been living in the matrix for decades.
      While they fed us bread and circuses. Anti white racism is also excellerating in the media..
      They can’t help themselves with

      black fake history month ! I’m so glad I don’t watch TV or the propaganda in movies dramas etc.
      Pollutes and rots the mind!
      Bit like the vax poison,

      I feel sorry for these people living in darkness.. Not one of them know “Jesus” climate change is a myth to enslave the masses..

      They think they are God’s and can control the weather…
      God made everything, “nothing that was made was not made without his hand”
      They are so far from God and the teachings of” Christ” its frightening! One day when they are on bended knee they will know
      “christ is lord” .

      Most people are in a sorry mess they even celebrate Halloween.
      It’s demonic!! The evil one’s in power and media have convinced people it’s harmless fun. Fools!

      God bless! Viva christore!

      • True true true
        I find people today are like sponges soaking up this nonsense people who can see what is happening can easily see what is happening but the rest are soaking up the great delusion
        Thinking we are the crazy ones

      • Actually they can control the weather, and do control it, hence ‘climate change’ is real, but not through man made pollution but, rather, through their direct intervention via HAARP and Nexrad technologies.

      • Truth doctrine.
        No, climate change is not real.
        It’s been interfered with through man and technology..
        They’ve been bleating for 50yrs plus and all predictions have come to zero, nads, nothing..

        As I said God is in control, he laughs at their wicked schemes! Which will come to nothing.. It’s all about controlling the sheep, where the poor will not be able to afford to heat and eat..
        Everybody living by candlelight, because electricity will be too expensive.
        God bless!

      • I said climate control, not climate change – read my comment again. The US military have been manufacturing and controlling hurricanes since the 1960s. Cloud seeding has been operational since the 1950s. Now the technology is highly advanced via satellites. Do your research.

      • “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

        — Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Jew owner of The New York Times.

  2. Thank you Hugo Talks. You are doing a great work. One day, I hope that you will receive an award for your patriotic resistance to the tyranny that has been unleashed on the unsuspecting people of the world.

    • Criminal they are to destroy all the goodness on the divine earth
      Hope there is judgement soon
      Sad to see so many individuals in denial and think it will be ok with the silly passport!
      We need to stop this tyranny thank you for all the smart people who protest and keep our freedom
      God help us

  3. Hello everyone
    My name is Federico I have my family against me because I did not jab my body. I keep telling them, you are all marionette. I did explain to them the difference between the puppets and marionettes, and I will explain to you to.
    The puppets are the one they move when someone is pulling the strings the marionettes they (when I said “they” this are the politicians) have to put their hand up you arse so you can talk and move.
    Please peoples resist.

  4. I couldn’t make this one and yet i been saying for a year we NEED to do this every single day to be heard not now and again, I have given up on the marches as nobody is listen to every day and i travel from South Wales and more than happy to sleep in my car like i have many times before and as long as it takes. However nothing is happening…

    • Grrta Thunberg, what a sad story of a child who had been denied a childhood and used to push an agenda. Tragic indeed.

    • Chin up.. Look again… the resistance is stronger than we know

      • @Carina Harkin Very true. Elijah, who thought he was alone, did not know that God had 7,000 others who had not bowed their knees to Baal.

    • Don’t despair, our presence is being felt, it takes years to win wars.

  5. Dear Hugo Talks
    I am not a computer literate so I can’t find an email to write to you directly, forgive me.
    Tomorrow evening I go to Brussels and I will go there because I will try to send your messages and mine to all humanity around the globe 🌍.

    My brother when I told him,
    You have to start and listen to Hugo Talks to and then you and your family opens their eyes.
    He just replied back
    If this Hugo know the way why he did not go to tell them?
    I looked at him and said, what you want the guy do come to Brussels with me?
    As a marionette he did not reply, maybe he’s politician who’s got his hand up he’s arse is not available. After all is Saturday night. 😂
    After all this I told him,
    brother…..I love you not matter what.
    Thankfully he replied, I love you to.
    Just to let you know Jesus Father is within me.

    • If you had said ‘verrucca salt’ then I would have known who you meant😂

    • Certificate of Vaccination Identification (AI) 19 – see letters of the alphabet to see relevance of 19.

  6. Hugo, It’s allways blinding to see people marching peacfully & blocking up the streets showing thier feelings towards this oppression we are facing, as folks are saying more needed show them we’ve had enough !!!
    But do keep thinking of that snivelling little runt cockroach weasel war-monger b-liar & the marches against the Iraqi war,,, The fucktard took no notice & went ahead… That Weasel is part of all this going on ~~~ deepstate apparatchik in the shadows……

    Greta ThumbsUpHerArseBerg is as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as the Fart-stream media full of more shit than the main London sewage plant, udiluted raw shit…
    & the lot of em can bugger off with thier heads up thier arses where they belong…
    George Soros funded bullshit spreading merchants good for nothing like thier globalist master fucktards & serfs,
    The billygoat gruff gates & his he/she wife, War Criminal b-liar & co, soros, rothschild, rockafella, shwabb bozog & co.. google amazon gutanimo bay ( tesco ) The un, world economic fart…….. Aswell as any i forget to mention ~ you aswell …..
    No2 There are some people who talk, & some people that dont , which means some people leave this place & some who do not,
    you are obviously staying
    No6 Has it ever occured you are as much a prisinor as i am,,
    No2 Oh dear chap, i knew too much, we are both lifers, i am defenately an opptimist that is why it does’nt matter who No1 is,
    it does’nt matter who runs the village
    No6 It’s run by one side or the other
    No2 Oh certinaly, both sides are becoming identical, what in fact is being created is an international community – A PERFECT BLUEPRINT
    FOR WORLD ORDER – When the sides facing each other suddenly realise they are looking in to a mirror they will see this is the pattern
    for the future
    No6 The Whole Earth as the Village
    No2 That is my hope….. What is yours ?
    No6 I’d like to be the first man on the moon………………..

  7. MSM are nothing short of traitors to their people and their country. I so hope they and all the other treacherous traitors get what they deserve.
    If anyone watches this video from Hugo and cannot see the obvious media/governments cover up going on and wake the fook up then god please help us all.

  8. Off subject a bit but please listen. The cdc in USA have voted 71 to 0 to agree to let 5 to 11 year old have the jab. Live on c span one of the 17 on the board said well we won’t know the effects of the jab till we start giving it to them. These people have to be stopped by what ever means necessary. This is war and propaganda is being used against the public.

    • While there is a mysterious ( yeah right ) 52% increase in child deaths in the jabbing range recently in the UK, CRAZY!!!

      Also there complaining Ambulances can’t cope with the increase in cases, there not saying what the cases are, but they are heart attacks and other blood clotting issues.

      • Just look around the Ambulance and flying around blue lights flashing all hours of the day and night. Every time I leave the house I see at least two. Saw a woman getting loaded into one last night in a local bus station most probably collapsed with Cardio vascular problems.

      • Interesting piece of news. I live out in the sticks, so ambulances are a rare sight and seldom heard – maybe even that will change as winter closes in.

  9. Both events were real. Greta Thunberg’s appearance and coverage was not fake and it is misleading to say so.
    So far the several thousand strong protest today does not appear to be covered – lets see if it’s in any of the Sunday papers.
    It’s perhaps unfortunate that the protest coincided with big news stories grabbing the headlines: the fishing row between the UK and France, govt leaders meeting in Rome and the global warming summit.
    I don’t believe that reporting the protest is being suppressed, just that bigger stories got in the way.

    • What the fuck is a bigger story than people protesting to keep there freedoms

      • Yes, you’re absolutely right, of course. Roy Berry seems to be rather naive… (to put it mildly…). I typed and posted a short reply to him a few minutes ago, but it’s not yet been printed.

      • Ignore him Dave, he’s a troll put there by the humanity loathing satan serving NWO murderers to scare you. They’re even bigger morons than the obedient salve muzzled & ‘vaccinated’ sheeple, if they think we don’t know their tactics by now.

    • There is NO bigger story than the horrific, immensely evil fascism, totalitarianism, TYRANNY and dictatorship that’s being foisted onto the human race, worldwide. Are you SO naive that you truly do not know what’s really going on, huh??
      What’s going on is the slow but sure eradication of ALL human rights: the psychopathic Globalist cabal of oligarchs (ie, they who actually run/control the world) are planning to implement the very horrific, evil ‘Great Reset’. You should wise-up… for, posting the words which you posted above, is simply a manifestation that you seem (??) to not be aware of what’s really going on. And if that is so, then you are immensely, frighteningly, naive.

    • You don’t believe that reporting the protest is being suppressed so why is it never reported wtf

    • What’s sy very sad about this is Greta thunberg is just a child who is being manipulated and abused how the hell does a 16 year old come out of nowhere and the powers that be pretend to look up to her her parents should be ashamed who are they anyway probably luccifarians so sad

    • Obviously have no clue what’s going on, WAKE UP FFS!!! they’ve not covered any of the lockdown / anti jab protests anywhere in the world, it’s counter narrative of get everyone jabbed and kill Billions then control the rest with Fear!!

  10. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha everything is hidden in plain sight. They know that they are fighting a losing battle. Noone fought against God and won. Hugo thank you very much. You are fulfilling your purpose of letting the whole world know about these tyrants and their lies. A reward awaits you in heaven..,

  11. Thunberg is clearly deranged – but so too is anyone who listens to the rubbish she talks. As to people like Gates (himself deranged), Schwab , and the many others who are promoting the climate fraud, there is no hope of their foul plan succeeding – for there are far too many intelligent people who will resist it. I think too, that the politicians and the too-powerful billionaires – so keen on this exercise in social control – and for the same reasons they were on the Covid goldmine – should be stripped of their assets, and executed for crimes against humanity. After the executions, the bodies of this human refuse should be tarred and feathered, and dragged through the streets, so that the people can spit on them.

  12. Yes it is interesting that the BBC made a huge deal over Thunberg apparently being mobbed by her fans while the London protest wasn’t even mentioned. Apart from anything else it demonstrates that the BBC have no place in modern society if they are unaware of a news event of that scale that is happening in the city in which their offices are based they should be shut down. It is of course another example of news misinformation that the BBC have become so good at over the past couple of years. They are one of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organisations, actively encouraging child abuse and should be stripped of the broadcasting licence.

    • If you have a simple golden solution – Why is it a secret publish it – open a web site make videos twice a day (min) work hard to help those who do not see the problem yet – oh wait Hugo is doing that i just leave a comment ? I dontt see how this helps.

  13. Screwing us all over with the hoax called climate change, making us live on military rations and insects is there agenda, so ofcourse they’ll big that up.

    Ofcourse they’ll ignore anything which is counter there jab everyone then sit back and watch Billions world wide die.

    Deaths among the jabbed via clotting is around about doubling every month I’d guesstimate, then add boosters in to speed it along >50’s, by Xmas it’ll be hard for the media to play down and cover up, by March it’ll be impossible.

    There complaining Ambulance can’t cope, there not saying what they can’t cope with, there hinting at Covid cases, but we all know it’s jab related clotting issues, heart attacks and stroke. once we’ve passed ambulances can’t cope then the deaths will spiral off control aswell.

    Better be a level of deaths among the jabs they can’t keep forcing jabs on us soon, when they can’t hide them.

    Jabbed are mostly already dead, saving US is key here!! ( or massive personality changes, Double Jabbed EX, had to text back immediately or OMG melt down, last text over a week ago, took 6hrs to reply LOL that’s how changed they are )

  14. You are right. Many people have joined demonstrations only once or twice, which means that many more oppose the C19 policies than you think. It’s the same in Paris France when you look at the live video coverage done by RT.

  15. Greta Thunburg is media and corporate groomed, the way the old powerful men at her cameo, real life spitting image appearances, look at her is rather discomforting .
    Every time she screeches , there is always a camera shot of old excited men, clapping and slobbering their chops, in Jimmy Saville row suits.
    All her appearances look and are scripted like, a theatre, put on for a certain type and their assorted collection of weirdos.

  16. Civil War is the only option left in my opinion. or a Government Coup from the insiders if any one in there has the Guts !

  17. 🇷🇴 Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș speaking at the European Parliament 💥

    Absolutely NAILS it 👏👏

  18. Visited Glastonbury yesterday a place for everyone with lots of different and diverse folk all just happily getting on with it.
    I usually enjoy a wander taking in the atmosphere but yesterday I was shocked to see that a lot of people were wearing face nappies and also some shops had hand made signs insisting customers que outside and wear face nappies inside WTF!! Of all the places this insanity has corrupted I honestly thought hippy Glastonbury would not be one, how wrong I was!
    Hilariously I spotted a couple dressed in full punk gear with “Anarchist ” emblazoned on their backs wearing face nappies outside 🤦‍♂️what has the world become???

  19. MSM, news, social media…its aimed at people that believe all the crap they put out and they just drip feed what they feel people need to her….
    I saw in shops yesterday in most of them the Ridiculous “sanitising Stations”…
    Not many face nappies though but them stupid keep apart pavement signs still…
    I observe but ignore the whole lot….
    Its not worth my time or head space and people can believe all this shit and drive themselves mad if they want but i for one wont be

  20. Didn’t go to this one, but have been to previous walks, (none ever reported anywhere) so great to be with people with a mind and self aware. I feel the MSM don’t worry too much, they know that if they keep a lid on reporting until 2023 when the trial period is over, and then the jab can be authorized as fully approved It will then be pushed as a compulsory medication.

    So the people who are colluding with this mad science think this is only for the little unimportant people – they are so wrong – this is going to be hell for all.

    I immediately know a fake protest – funded by George – they are all on a wage – and masked like good obedient souls,

  21. Double jabbed GF, just watched a 25min video of people + kids dying from the jabs and the music annoyed her, but not a flicker,.

    I’ve heard ” It didn’t kill me so it’s fine! ” literally 1000nd times, it’s like the jabbed have had there empathy removed and all became sociopaths, reprogrammed to not care when 30mil+ in the UK alone die, therefore no blow back for the elites, it’s exactly like that isn’t it !!!

    They are going to come for us HARD, get prepping HARD and soon, this is going to blow up soon!!

    As long as they don’t die then all is fine, and if they die then all is fine cause there dead and can’t say, hey I didn’t die!!

  22. I would be very suspicious of any “free” banners or posters that are give to protesters.
    This “No COVID Passports” does not make sense to me.
    COVID Passport is a globalist idea and is going to be implemented regardless if British people would vote for it or against it.
    If a country does not submit to this new soviet/fascist regime then no travel to other soviet/fascist countries will be allowed and it’s not only the America or Europe.
    I think favourite tourist destinations (Caribbean, Thailand etc.) are at even bigger pressure to submit to the regime.

    “The most basic question is not what is best, but who decides what is best.” – Thomas Sowell

    The main point is that 0.0001% decades ago has planned our future and is now rolling it out big time.
    If we don’t identify and overthrow these maniacs they demoralize and destroy us by 100 different ways they have developed.
    For THEM the West with its welfare system is bankrupt and is going under the axe.

    “When you’ve spent your entire life entitled, equality will feel like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell

    • I kinda agree with a Cull, resources will run out sooner or later, with a Cull it’ll be later so the human race will go on long enough to solve the problem so much much longer, it’ll be lessened and controlled and like living in the Hunger Games movies, poor are poor and the rich get everything. The poor will be better off than in a no resources over populated world mind.

      But there doing it so they’ll still have everything and we’ll die on mass and have nothing.

      It’s the obvious lies and the muppets which openly believe lies, but I guess they couldn’t handle the truth.

      Either way we are screwed, soon in a planned orderly way or later in a chaos way.

  23. 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  24. Please, please, please when is the next demo? How do you know where and when to be, and at what time, I know many people trying to find out such info and it’s all so mysterious, just tell people?

  25. This is for Dave and others who do not know anything about me. Do not insult my intelligence. Troll? Utter nonsense. Naive? Ditto. “I don’t know what’s really going on…” ditto, but do you? Are you all so knowledgeable that only you few dozen posters, some of whom can only swear or whose vocabulary is limited to “scum” have an exclusive source of information? You somehow ‘know’ that the billions who’ve been vaccinated will all suddenly die? That global warming and climate change are manipulated by Schwab, Gates et al?!
    And comments about satan and 666?
    We are in the 21st century and the technological and digital age. Humanity is progressing and the way we live evolving. Vaccination has eliminated smallpox and pretty much polio too. Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and many other illnesses and diseases are avoided by vaccination. And yes, people get adverse reactions and some die.
    I do not know anyone who has died from receiving a covid vaccine although statistically there will be some among the billions who have already been vaccinated.
    I am not one of Hugo’s followers who believe everything he says, but I do listen and just occasionally comment if I disagree – I try to be polite

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