UNIVERSITY Threaten To LOCK OUT UnJabbed Students / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Soon as I post this gonna see to make contact with the university. I find it hard not to seriously lose it with these people but will try restrain myself and present facts. But—they are utterly disgusting scum, and criminals against humanity. This poison juice is seriously harming everyone including the young and they should be liable. I want them to go out of business, they give education a BAD name…By the way Hugo you idea to help inspire communities is GREAT!!! This is what people really need. We need to turn our backs on this utter insanity and become more and more independent as much as possible.

      • Surely..this is illegal, against your human rights…. it’s against the Nuremberg code,..experimental jabs, coercing etc etc….Or has all this just been brushed under the carpet!!!! More fool those sheep who are complicit to this shite…

      • A blessing in disguise to be banned from today’s Uni’s I would’ve thought.

      • Hartpury Uni you are supporting medical tyranny. This us un- ethical and the fair-minded people of the UK will not put up with it. Coercion is not informed consent!
        The ‘vaccine’ is a experimental gene therapy which alters your DNA – irreversible, life- changing and if you bother to check the yellow card reporting system, you will see how many deaths and serious harms are being done. Shame on Hartpury!

    • I hope all the students leave and they end up closing the Uni. Would serve them right! It’s shameful it’s abhorrent!! It’s criminal, it’s unethical, it just very type of wrong you can think of !! Makes me sick !

  1. So this university have taken students money and now they wanna boot them out for not having the jab. This is the way compromised businesses operate

  2. Doing them a favour. Why sign up for even more draconian indoctrination anyway?

  3. The students pay fucking fees! These people need to know their place in the food chain. If this happened at my daughter’s uni, I would lose my shit. C**ts!

  4. A forum would be good in the hope of finding a dentist. It’s going to be a nightmare being unjabbed with a toothache.

    • I’ve got a fantastic dentist and she knows I haven’t been jabbed.

    • same goes for ever going to a doctor or hospital again. I think I would rather be fkin dead!! Regarding teeth you are hearing from an expert. I was a sugar addict growing up. As a result had lots of toothache and fillings. STILL aint got false gnashers though–touch wood. Here’s what you do. GIVE UP SUGAR!!! The white sugar is evil, and it is an anti nutrient. Avoid processed food and drink that has added sugar and/or ‘sweeteners’. Brush teeth everyday of course, especially nighttime, and angle the brush so it is moving against where gum meets teeth. use wood picks to pick out stray food etc. And hopefully you will never need a dentist ever again! Fuck em!!

      • Take Hartpury University to court. It is TOTALLY ILLEGAL to bully/coerce people into an experimental medical procedure.

    • My dentist hasn’t asked the question at all . (It is private ) but also I have had to go to 2 appointments at NHS hospital and not been asked if I am jabbed once or asked to take a test thank god

      • My dentist the numpty asked was I fully vaccinated. I said yes. She never asked vaccinated against what disease, in my eyes I’m fully jabbed against the standard diseases but not the wuhflu, because I had the wuhflu so therefore naturally immune. So called smart people be not so smart haha

      • Well done my friend!! ‘ Life’s little victories’ make the world a better place 👏😷👏.

  5. Oddly enough i have a neighbour who goes to uni and for some strage reason has returned within 2 and half hours ?

  6. social services – child – snatchers are going to force vax – kids in care- against they’re parents wishes and courts allow it this is extremely urgent & important issue that nobody has even mentioned whatsoever kids in care don’t see mum or dad during lockdown and I know this for a fact coz ( my child ) was illegally stolen by those evil demonic narcissistic sadistic satanic scum and they are using coercion & bullying & fear mongering – kids in care – to get force vax’ed & those evil demonic narcissistic scum- child – snatchers class themselves as “ key workers “ when they’re not and put kids in care to school during lockdown bco they’re evul demonic narcissistic sadistic satanic murdering scum 1 billon % and yet absolutely nobody has even mentioned this whatsoever it’s just not good enough it’s an absolute disgrace I’m ashamed of the uk millions of kids in care are going to be murdererd and absolutely nobody cares whatsoever so hugo please put this on your forum and site and in your videos please and ( my child ) has left school now thankgoc but now at local college here and I’m totally against all this covi crap bs & – child – snatchers I’m fighting them on my own coz all courts judges solicitors are corrupt bent fake fraud false so is pc plod etc etc etc etc etc

  7. The university is on thin ice when it comes to ‘ tenants and landlords’. Tenants have LOTS of power over their landlords and IF the students are locked out etc, without due notice ( 2 months ) the landlords could/should face severe fines. It just needs a competent and gritty student to get their teeth into the proceedings.

    • I would have thought that locking them out
      if they have any possessions still inside and refusing access would be classed as theft.

  8. Contact Steve Pollard on Awakened Pages; he has a similar database and thousands of members and he’s trying to pull all the others together so stuff isn’t duplicated – strength in numbers and all that.

  9. Forum is a great idea! We Seriously need to build local communities helping each other out!

    Anyone gave the link to this nazi university please?

  10. Everybody who’s going along with this!and living in fear!here’s a little saying!if your scared of living, you don’t deserve a life!

  11. I think the idea of the forum is a great great idea
    Desperately need to build local communities
    Also hard to meet someone like minded if you’re single nowadays, so hard to find similarly awake partners

  12. Who cares ?
    Loonieversities are full of emotionally blackmailing weirdos.
    Who wants their kids turned into ugly perverts ?

  13. Good idea about local contacts. Don’t forget that England is a separate country within the UK, it is not the UK.

  14. The support network is a good idea – we need to start forming new communities. There is a group on Telegram and I know there are at least 2 groups on Facebook one for businesses and one for freedom travelling.

  15. It is all down to civil law and if the landlord , in this the university , has gone through proper procedures with the courts etc before issuing the notice.

    The following web sites and PDF may be of help to anyone directly affected by this issue at Hartpury.

    This is the Gloucester City Council website. The link for the page leads you to the `unlawful eviction and harrassment`. It might also be worth scrolling down a bit to find a city councilor etc.

    This is the Tewkesbury web site. This goes into details about illegal convictions including locking you out of your accommodation. It has lots of useful links and contacts.

    This one is actually focused on Birmingham. But it is the PDF regarding rights surrounding eviction on the Guild Of Students web site.

  16. That’s no loss, given that universities are just brainwashing centres for cultural Marxism these days. Hardly the right places for anyone with a mind capable of critical thinking. They are the very essence of conformance to the status quo and groupthink.

  17. This would be a fab idea about the forum Hugo please do this !! We are becoming second class citizens and it will only get worse
    And as for this university . Bloody disgrace share the hell out of this !!

    • Hi honeybee22

      I totally Agree
      We the ‘aware’ – to be around likeminded now I agree totally

      Have great day

  18. Thank u Hugo.I think it’s great idea about ppl to connect each other 👍🏻💪🏻

  19. Screw their system full stop.. it needs a serious overhaul before we bother using it again anyway.

  20. There already a forum for like minded ppl Hugo it’s called the freedom hub it goes into more local areas

  21. I would be interested in connecting with like minded people, i have a lot of land which i can’t manage on my own, feel free to contact

  22. Are you in the countryside, north, south just give me an idea..
    I’m from the North, been looking to escape the cities.get away from the brainwashed sheep.
    And not afraid of work, earning your keep! Cheers!!

    • Cheers Hugo

      Yes I Agree!
      It’s time now … great idea 😉

      Have a amazing day to you All

  23. Hugo, please do not refer to England as the Uk! You said Scotland wales Ireland Uk…..please go look at a map the country south of Scotland IS NOT the Uk, it’s ENGLAND! The Uk is a political union between Scotland and England….Great Britain is a land mass within that land mass is countries….the british establishment has worked hard to indoctrinate us to say we’re british…no one is british, if you don’t believe me ask a Scot Irish or Welsh if they’re british (good luck with that!) no, only the English have been shamed into to saying they’re british….we’re NOT we’re ENGLISH!💚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♾

  24. I have just joined the freedom hub thanks to it being mentioned here. I didn’t know about it before. Thank you all for the recommendations. Stand in the park is also useful which I attend on a Sunday.
    I think we all need to contact this university and tell them exactly what we think of their despicable behaviour.

  25. That would be great to set up a forum, because the people in my area senseless its frustrating. 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Forum sounds great. I’ve emailed my local Freedom hub for information, but heard nothing back. So don’t know if person still running it? Be good to get in touch with some like minded people in my area. I’ve only got my partner and one close friend on side

  26. Companys are now saying in retail etc no jab no job…
    How can anybody STILL believe this is a pandemic….
    Its mind numbing how many still think its about some virus….
    Anyway i had no jabs and dont want there clinical trial shite so i carry on regardless…

  27. A forum sounds great! I’d love to be able to group together with like minded people and get some land, build a little self sufficient community. If we had little communities like this, up and down the country, we could trade goods, labour, skills, etc. I just want the hell out of the shit show system, back to basic, simple living

  28. How can universities financially afford to turn down students for whatever reason? Seems very odd this one, are Gates and Schwab patrons?

    • it’s a young farmers type place… probably funded by Prince Charles, or something…

  29. Am I understanding this correctly unvaccinated can’t live on site but can still attend the university if they live off site makes absolutely no sense

  30. What a fantastic idea Hugo I’ve always thought stuff em we need to start our own societies.

  31. You could get in a area called got your back and what that is as you said before power in numbers so if anyone finds there selfs in any covid related trouble where numbers and people power is the only hope if you could get that in every town but would have to be Some dedicated people cos you would always have to turn up and be there not not turning up cos your finishing your shopping lol I think this would get so many people to make a stand cos its easier when your not alone I know it needs a lot of tweaking but its an idea

  32. Be happy to help with community if you’ve no one for Asia yet. I’m based in Borneo

  33. Sue the university – they won’t have a leg to stand on in court – as jab is not compulsory – can you imagine the panic if every student went down this road

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