SPANISH Govt Have To REIMBURSE 1.1 Million Illegal Lockdown Fines / Hugo Talks #lockdown

26 Comments on “SPANISH Govt Have To REIMBURSE 1.1 Million Illegal Lockdown Fines / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • I want compensation for illegally being locked down and loss of freedom and stress and many many other things.

      • Plamdemic, this is great news!!

        Hopefully Hugo can give us all hope by doing a video on this and the other countries that have done the same??

  1. Here in the Netherlands, they have tried to stop the crazy rules through the courts. But yes, here the judges are not for the people, on the contrary.

  2. The Answer is Simple DO NOT COMPLY.
    I haven’t since this Scam started and won’t.

    • Too true. A lot of this is about perception. I’ve been to football matches, gigs, pubs etc, and never taken a covid test or downloaded a QR code and a lot of people I say this to are amazed because they are under the impression that you have to. I think vax passes will come but they are not here yet so don’t let them intimidate you.

  3. Why don’t we take them to court and get compensation? We may have not gotten a fine but they stopped us illegally from going about our business. This can literally bring the whole scamdemic crushing to the ground and very very quickly.

  4. That’s very good news that you found in the New York Times – a liberal, democratic news publication

    • Correction: The New York Times is a Jewish Cultural Marxist, anti-white, pro white genocide, racist publication.

      “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

      — Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Jew owner of The New York Times.

  5. So true- a LOT of HUFFING AND BLUFFING going on. Like the executive order Biden said he’d created – that didn’t even exist.They have no REAL power. Abusive, desperate, deceitful for sure though.

  6. In the UK virtually all these fines have been kicked out in court. Thank goodness Spain ruled lockdown as being illegal. These people in Spain should receive compensation as well.

    • All these “laws” are not legal as hundreds of solicitors in the uk as such have said they just make them up as they go along…
      Same with the masks etc…
      No science based facts behind any of it and the swabs and more so the jabs which i learnt that a proper vaccine takes 7-10 years to make and go through the proper channels to produce..
      Some pratt i know said them jabs are saving lives🤦🏻‍♂️…
      I had no answer to that

      • Spot on. Most people I no actually raise there vocie if u say 1 word about facts. I’m left speechless, and I actually mean speechless. It’s not even worth trying to inform these dumb arsh people. It’s the kids I worry about because it seems they have thick stupid parents and familys.

  7. Nice one Hugo. As a resident here I was aware of this. By extension so many other if not all of the covid measures and restrictions should be ruled illegal too. Especially the disgraceful health measures in schools. However, as Police for Freedom pointed out here when the first lockdown was ruled illegal a couple of months back, the Constitutional Court took more than a year to get around to this when they could and should have acted immediately.

    • Taxpayer wants the £37 billion back for track and trace please

  8. I doubt that the UK government will start doling out money. They are only interested in taking more away from us in taxes.

  9. Repaying the money collected is one thing,,, the stress and suffering caused is quite another, police abuse and abuse of power yet another. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of Government or it’s officials need to be seeking substantial compensations.

  10. Still waiting for the elites who pushed this in the first place, to stand trail..

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