Man Collapses Outside Hospital Refusing Him Entry / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The perpetrators & complicit puppets need dying.. only way to stop them !

    • This is a fake video adding to hysteria this guy is not blue or dead and People could easily Google how to perform cpr correctly

  2. This is Mexico. It is distressing to see but dont forget it has already also already happened in the UK. Last year Hancock ordered people to ‘not bother the NHS and stay away from hospitals’ Anyone in critical need of treatment from the NHS was banned from going to hospital to keep the illusion that hospitals were fully of patients when in fact they were empty with NHS staff doing dance routines on tiktok out of boredom

    • I think people need to be reminded of what wanker hancock said. No capital letter for his name – scum!

      • Scum is too polite for 🤚on 🐓
        I don’t think there’s a word in the English language that can accurately describe that W⚓️

  3. Hugo mate you need to verify before you post this has left alot of people confused about what is going on and.where in the world it is and quite frankly it makes you look stupid witch pisses me off because I have alot of respect for you

    • verify what? that theres a man collapsed outside hospital??? think i can see that. its a sign of the times buddy not evidence fora court case🤦

      • Have to agree Phil,with Elaine here. We don’t understand the language,or what is being said,. Or more importantly what context this is in. We are seeing a snapshot and we don’t know what happened beforehand,or afterwards, or even if urs covid related ,a misunderstanding or deliberate refusal. .
        It’s very distressing regardless.
        When anything is shared like this, it helps to have full context and answers, not assume what it appears on the face of it. I’d just like context and be able to understand all that being said . I’d not like HugoTalks credibility to suffer , if all isn’t as it seems.

    • Hugo needs an audience and nothing draws more people than emotive issues. However, if this is in Mexico, where life is cheaper than cheap, I can fully believe it being genuine, and will continue to do so, until there’s proof that it is fake.

    • Oh please most of the population of the uk must no some Spanish ffs. That’s why most got the jabs lol

    • Definitely real that the guy is dead a cpr was done legitimately at least with the compressions, a few ribs must have defo been broken

  4. So why are the Dr’s hiding,, they all promote the vaccine as it’s “Safe and EFFECTIVE” I’m sure they had it, or is this an admission that they have no faith in the medicine they recommend freely, or perhaps they didn’t have it.
    Whole thing stinks!

  5. Is this staged ? Are the people there wearing shoes or just in their socks?

  6. The Guy looks Dead!

    Actors or Not!

    This will be the reality unless the Majority of the World STANDS UP AND FIGHT

  7. I expected an explaination… thats upsetting but don’t know where, apparently Mexico according to comments, could be staged, why aren’t they letting him in…. too busy, no insurance, not jabbed, when was it…. could be years old. Hugo…not good posting it with no explanation.

  8. That looks horrific. Two things I would say:

    1. There may be some agitators in the comments here: People calling others “stupid” looks suspicious to me.
    2. This could be propaganda from the pro-Covid side too- Wanting to stir anger from the anti side and scaring other pro-Coviders.
    I’d say we should proceed with care- If it is propaganda it could be used to discredit those who shared it.

    That said I have no idea- Could be legit.

  9. Problem is the staff have no idea what is going to come they’re way when this all kicks off as they live in the same street as people and they forget that, they better prepare themselves because when it starts they are the “Front Line Workers” for people to get angry at and not the gov the gov know this as the same as in war the ones that give orders are the ones that are far away from the front line

  10. If this hospital situation was replicated in the UK today, we would witness the same non response, maybe amateure security also clearing the areas.
    Everyone in the UK should be clear about the NHS stance and what they have shown to the people over the last decade, Their true Evil face is now clearly seen.

  11. You wouldn’t treat an animal like this, so how cruel and utterly sickening, how could those doctors just turn their backs on this poor man and his family????!!!! Bless his poor family who were desperately trying to save him, trying to do CPR. This world is totally sick and insane now, people have completely lost their minds over this fake virus!! Truly horrifying!!! I dread to think what will happen next! Hugo, thank you for sharing this video, you were incredibly courageous to do so. Now will the sheep wake the hell up and face the awful truth of what is going on in this sick world??????????

  12. This one incident – in Mexico!
    Very unfortunate and distressing for him and his family.
    I see no connection with the UK.
    What is your issue? Or point?

    • Don’t you think that your words are rather lacking in compassion? There’s a whole world out there, and this horrific scam is being perpetrated everywhere on the planet, not just here in the UK. The video is demonstrating that the medical staff inside the hospital are choosing to NOT help the man outside… THAT is the point.

    • What is taking place is on a global scale that’s his point and more info you see from the rest of the world, the greater your understanding of the situation will be. We are one race and those at the top of the pyramid are attacking all of us not in the evil group

    • This is a fellow human being, what has happened to people that they can just brush this off, if you think this isn’t coming to a town near you….dream on!!!

  13. I´m sorry to say this, but this is just usual hospital procedure. When I was in hospital myself over 25 years ago, a man at the bus station opposite collapses, and the hospital also refused to send someone over to help, They persisted that an ambulance must be called. It´s all about who has to pay for what.

  14. Really don’t know what’s real anymore. Sad to say I am becoming immune to this type of coverage. Saturation point. What’s propaganda and what isn’t.
    What’s true and what’s false.

    • Jesus Christ said I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE no one comes to God but trough me. Find the TRUTH his name is Jesus Christ. Please repent from your SINS and follow Jesus teachings and comandmants. Your sins have to be forgiven and you have to be born again of the Spirit of God before you die, so you can enter kindom of haven. This are last days , God worned us about this in his word the Bible KJV. And you need to make your heart right with the Lord. There is everlasting life that you can have trugh Jesus Christ your saver who died for you on the Cross and took on himself your SINS. Seek him with all of your heart and you will find him. He is your saver and hope and doctor. Peace.

  15. There’s nothing to be said as you can see in the video there is a man outside the hospital and the people that are in the hospital are refusing to help the man simple what is the proof need to be by as you can see what’s going on in the video

  16. It happens here in the UK too, people turned away from hospital only to later collapse & end up in there anyway.

  17. What do you expect from these people. They are waging all out war against us. When are WE going to realise it and stop thinking they are going to change for the better.

  18. It is indeed Mexico and Mexico City (IMSS is the public healthcare there)
    There is nothing saying there that it is related to Covid-19
    The man has collapsed indeed outside but we don’t know the reasons. It is indeed very distressing and all what the son is saying, (as the man on the floor is his father) demanding the hospital to open the doors and nobody bothers. And he says things such as: ” Mum leave him now” “help, somebody help” “dad, please don’t die” “he is still alive and you don’t help” …..All the relatives are trying to help. At the end it seems he is dead and the son says: “We should have taken him before to the hospital.
    There is no explanation of what happened, why he is there. But indeed, the hospital never opened the doors to him and the service should be given to all in Mexico, because this is public health. Private health in Mexico is another story, and still service should not be refused like that, as long as you pay. (payments are after service), so basically nobody can be refused.
    This is absolutely sick and sad, but these can kind of things are somehow “common” in Mexico. Media doesn’t bother to say…. Medical negligence is very common in public service. It is like a lottery. There are good doctors however there, who also work for the private sector but probably not always bothered, who know….cant say much. But these are things I have heard and know from other people in Mexico.

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