Man Collapses Outside Hospital Refusing Him Entry / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. These people are bloody evil. They are not doctors or nurses. Hope they burn in hell. That poor man and his family

    • Totally agree these are not human beings leaving that poor man to die

    • Disgraceful what would they have done to him if he been admitted to hospital.

    • I thought the medical profession was supposed to be the caring profession.

    • Either way, there is no health care service anymore so look after yourself.

    • No context? Are you bloody blind?
      What a ludicrous statement!

      • Apparently happened last year, it’s not jab related

    • To show you what these rats are doing to us obviously, come on mate get with it

    • No context why because you don’t understand, it’s very simple he at hospital they won’t allow him In, he died in front of family though they tried to save him

    • It’s self explanatory, not to say unspeakably callous what happened to this poor man and his family. Words fail

  2. Makes my blood boil to think what these inbred so called elitist are doing to the world!

  3. There is an a strong argument to go back to that hospital and burn the fucking thing down with all those pretend nurses and doctors in it. Burn them alive, they deserve it.

    • My prayers will be with that poor family. Yes, it makes my blood boil that some doctors and nurses appear to have entirely lost their humanity, but replacing one evil with another is just going to escalate matters to ridiculous levels (as their families will then want justice and so on and so forth).

      It’s an evil system – top down. The plebs at the bottom are literally just following procedures without critically thinking them through. Yes it’s not an excuse but now we know for sure that about 75% of people usually do. Disappointing as it is – it’s a human trait.

    • Are you a inside man paid to inside violence, because only a sale out will say burn and kill fellow humans and if you are not then remember this they are dividing everyone with rules and money.

  4. I would burn that hospital to the ground if this was my relative

  5. Why aren’t they helping who the hell can stand and watch people family who are not trained , do crp while trained and ready staff onlook. I’m sad for this man I hope they saved him no one deserves to lay on cold concrete in front of the fucking hospital like that dying.

    • Well one thing is for certain – we cannot now discount such an outcome for the NHS.
      The NHS is clearly being dismantled to make way for US style non-healthcare.

      • You can’t say we wasn’t the warned last year. by Jeremy corbyn we laughed at him and called it a conspiracy it couldn’t possibly be true and where are we now!?

      • They literally voted on freedom day in massive favour of selling the nhs so it’s happening already 🙁

  6. This should enrage every so called human on the planet.. ENOUGTH OF THIS SHIT!!!!!

  7. Pretty sure it was Latin American Spanish being spoken. Struggle to believe this would happen in Spain – but as we all know, we live in strange and increasingly fascist times. As for the hospital staff in there – these people are demonstrably completely useless – I mean what is the point of employing them, they’re no good to man nor beast.

  8. I don’t cry easily but this made me weep, not only for the family who have lost their father/partner but also for the death of humanitarianism and the old belief we just have to get our jabs (no fucking thank you), play the appeasement game and like good sheep we’ll be rewarded with the cheap fodder and crumbs handed out until such time comes when we are the ones outside on the hospital grounds being left to unceremoniously die. Wow, what will it take for people to become awakened???

  9. Shame we still don’t live with the analog transmission signal the main media channels would have been hacked by now to air all of this

  10. This is Mexico. Magdalena de las salinas I heard. And dis u see the paramedics with that masks? Crazy.

  11. everybody inside did nothing, i don’t care who you are if i see someone in need i will help no matter what, just looking at the people (not just the staff) just sitting there doing nothing makes me sick to FUCKING HELL

  12. It’s very very upsetting I cried this is so terrible I don’t know what to say sorry this is absolutely awful my heart hurts for them
    our governments have turned into more than evil
    And what trained , caring nurse or doctor watches this and does not help!!!!
    I am so upset for these innocent poor people

    Not at you Hugo thank you for sharing

    But I am going to share this to anyone I know!!!!!

    Blessings to them people from my heart… truly I mean that

  13. What a sick sick world we live in. Always the little man who suffers. And they said this could not happen again.

  14. What has happened to humanity 😢 disgusting I hope that all the medical staff that ignored their plea for help rot in hell.

  15. I cannot believe what I’m seeing!!! Don’t these doctors swear hippocratic oaths in these countries? It’s against all that they stand for! My god we are in dark times for sure when people, doctors and nurses can stand by and watch this without an ounce of thought!! That’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while! Dear god we are doomed!!

  16. We need people with computer skills to bring this whole shitty system down.

  17. Disgusting those soulless little vessels that’s all I can say because they are empty inside need to be hung drawn and quartered and then hope they rot in hell I would find every single person that worked in that hospital and kill them one by one trust me in that revenge is a very powerful thing and every one of them would suffer to there last breath and believe it or not I’m not a person that likes to cause harm to others but they deserve what ever comes there way

  18. Horror where man becomes stone cold and just as its predicted in Gods word ‘the heart of many grow cold’ 🥶

  19. There are people that do not deserve to live with those types of people. We need to take over and put kindness and compassion towards eachother over fear and ignorance. I’m so so sad for that family. Horrible state of affairs and we can see this will happen here it will happen everywhere.

  20. How can they do this to another human being.Would they like the same thing done to them. They are an insult to nursing.

  21. Translation: that was his father on the ground. The guy that was very active was his son who was begging to the staff to open the doors. They finally called 911, and it seems some personnel from an ambulance close by tried to help by lifting his legs.

  22. That’s very strange, death centres usually love dead people on their premises. Perhaps they left him outside to make sure he was dead before admitting him.

  23. I hope this place goes bankrupt.Sounds like Mexico.This is happening everywhere and will happen here.We need to set up our own unvaxed hospitals with compassionate care.

  24. Utter disgrace, Evil Evil Evil. God love that poor family, to watch the man die with no help. I fear this world now.

  25. That’s no way to die. And no way to see your loved one die! A stray dog would show more compassion from the other side of that glass and try to help.

  26. This is murder! How could they leave him to die on the street like that! What happened to the Hippocratic oath! Absolutely awful.

  27. heartbreaking. Least was quick rather die than let those lizards get hold of me <<We mean nothing to these satanists and I mean NOTHING …

  28. Unbelievable!my heart goes out ,to that poor man and his family!

  29. People wouldn’t go near anybody who have accidents or fall over because of fear of catching this “virus”..
    Social care dont let people in homes without 2 jabs visiting elderly relatives…
    Insanity and control the whole thing….
    Friend who works in the nhs has known 2 collegues who have commited suicide over this shit and they was in there early twentys

  30. I will kick the doors in. only mental doctor scared of sick person

  31. Even if he survived, 5 minutes without oxygen to the brain is not good sign. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if similar behavior will be exhibited in Europe in the not too distant future.

  32. These people would tell you let do this job to help people now there locking the doors and watching people die pure evil how the hell are they still getting away with this how do these people sleep at night march in and throw them out better the hospital closed down why would you want these people looking after you atfer that god’s knows what else they are doing

  33. I hope this isn’t a silly question but does anyone know why the hospital would not let him in? Was it because he wasn’t jabbed. Was it because they are frightened he had Covid or was it just that they didn’t care. They didn’t even come to the door to see what was wrong so I suppose they just didn’t care. That could have been any of us staying in that country and not getting help.
    This is just shocking. I feel so sorry for this family.

  34. Thats sick world, the world truly is fucked isn’t it 🙁

    Seen the list of new super max prisons and huge extensions to other prisons, expecting a crime wave? Or do you think comimg for people that still care about other people.

    Most of the jabbed are just that heartless and uncaring there just not the same people, I bother with very few, you can see that there.

    Very body snatchers, reasons got to be important going to a lot of trouble to get into all, hide all deaths and hide it doesn’t work and convid is a hoax.

    Madness prevails!

    • Its a false flag project for jab passports and digital society but has turned people into cowards and divided society…
      The folk that have gone with this will suffer in the end with there health long or short term…
      I found someone on the floor last year in a drunken mess that hit there head and was in a state…
      Nobody came to his aid because of this 2m bollocks yet i helped him up and called a ambulance…
      Masks carry a signal of cowardice and conformity…
      These types would run away from a fight with the drop of a hat…

  35. I am totally ashamed to be part of the human race if this is how far we have come.

  36. What’s happened to the Hippocratic Oath that all Doctors & medical staff take to Preserve Life???!!! They will be Judged One Day!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  37. Your video didn’t explain why they wouldn’t let him in is it because he was unvaccinated explain please

  38. Moira Richards, so totally agree with you. Corbyn was the one that could have exposed the wrong doings of the banks, the people at the top of the NHS, but to be honest he wouldn’t have been allowed to live, the 1% would have seen to that.

    • “Without big banks socialism would be impossible.”

      — V.I. Lenin

      “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism-by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

      — Ayn Rand

      “Socialism is the acceptable face of Communism! They are one and the same!

      — Francis Wright

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