LA PALMA False Flag Volcano Mega Tsunami In 2009 New World Order Video Game 🤔

47 Comments on “LA PALMA False Flag Volcano Mega Tsunami In 2009 New World Order Video Game 🤔

  1. Evil corrupt elite or in reality are psychopaths, seen something like this on Telegram earlier today, and how the explosions/earthquakes/volcanoes go off were in a grid formation of about 12 or 16 places, without doubt a manipulated disaster that will cause a tsunami heading to the US, If these so called world elite want to depopulate why dont they start with themselves first and then work there way down onto politicians etc – the world would be such a great place to live without all the evil murdering corrupt liars.

    • Nobody needs to die. The evil is within us all. Raise your vibration and ride the energy of humanities collective consciousness. We brought ourselves here and blame everyone else.

      You and I propped up this corrupt system with our ignorance and greed and now generations will pay.

    • Is this something you have seen someone comment on ? A man called bushcraft bear who lives in la Palma started uploading the day the volcano started erupting and yesterday people were questioning the earthquake being man made and he had to go research and he said he doubted it but I know about cloud seeding and now I read your comment I’m freaking out. Are the government making it happen on purpose somehow and is this how world war 3 starts with weaponized weather … scary stuff. Dont mess with viruses and definitely do not mess with mother nature.

      • I believe all the freak weather we’re seeing at the moment is manipulated. Check out H.A.A.R.P

  2. Freaky because la Palma is really erupting and not normal made part of the island ride.i watch bushcraft bear he lives there

    • Dont like your comment Blame it on the Irish get your facts right

      • So much irish resentment on this site, see it often. Please dont be jealous, we had no choice in our birth location. so sorry

      • You’ll get no Irish resentment from me as my great grandmother was Irish, but what you will get from me is the error of Devilish Popery that the Irish have swallowed hook, line and sinker for centuries. Sadly, THAT is the tragedy of the Irish.

  3. There was no tsunami when the volcano erupted. On a more serious note, billy goats was in the UK when the MP was killed. Just coincidence??? Probably not as he has previous. Kary Mullis was assassinated in 2019 with goats responsible.

    • Truth exposed from real people go missing…
      World is run by corruption and greed…
      What a vile horrible shit planet this has become…
      When i go one day i never what to come back ever again if it was possible…

    • Bit like several leaders who opposed cv19 jabs wound up dead – Jovenel Moise of Haiti shot dead at home. John Magufuli of Tanzania, Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast, Ambrose Dlamini of eSwatini, and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi all various causes of death. But hey that’s just conspiracy theory.

  4. Soon it’ll be “GAME OVER” for the dark satanic cult and they will know the true hell.

    • I hope you’re right. They are vile creatures indeed to think their lives are worthy of life and ours are not.

      • Repent and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. These evil people will have their day in the sun but it is only a very short time. Then Jesus returns to this earth. Psalm 2: “Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the lord and against His Anointed…” But what does God do? “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;” That’s what God thinks of the plans of these people, he laughs at them. Get right with God and look forward to the return of Jesus to this world to judge the wicked.

    • Hopefully they will, but not at the cost of taking us all with them. Didn’t you no there is no hell. This is it lol its called Hell on Earth.

  5. Quote:
    You do not sack health workers in the middle of a pandemic !
    End quote.

    Footnote: I cannot take any credit for that comment. Credit goes to to a person called Colin Randell who posted it this week on one of Nigel Farage`s videos on YouTube. I don`t normally re-post others comments like this but I thought it just explained the insanity so logically. I no longer post on that platform myself but I do watch the odd video from time to time.

    • Morning

      It’s true though Tanya!
      The old people have been put through so much distress I cry over that !
      As I lost my grandmother she was not in a home but the lack of care & support was to much for her bless her beautiful soul x

      Theses governments are cruel & I watched Boris on carl vernon (cheers by way mr vernon) yesterday saying ‘eat humans’
      I mean COME ON THOSE PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW HIM & ‘penfold’ mr Jav!
      (Put glasses on him n he a ringer for penfold off danger mouse the cartoon! lol)

      “wake up now!” Your taking us All to hell ffs!

      This video is seriously upsetting I have shared the butt off it this needs to be seen!

      Have great day Tanya
      Keep strong & well always

    • We also applauded the NHS staff last year for their ( apparent! ) hard work… this year we are sacking them for not disclosing their medical treatments. Oh Boy! This BS is really about a Killer Virus, isn’t it? NOT!

  6. Glad you have bought this one up as I was very suspicious from the start!

    How come many volcanoes going off in all different places FFS!!
    Look at Italy yesterday! (Not volcano) but
    the streets in some village beginning with a ‘v’ ? is all I remember streets were like a rapid river! Two so far have died
    if you can have look it’s not normal!!! ????!!!! The water is very powerful??!

    Thank you Hugo

    • Yes crazy at the moment. ” The two preachers” on YT send out weekly compilations of such happenings world-wide, that the msm for some reason ignores?
      But they are too concerned with fear- mongering about c19 and pushing jibjab! Whatever their orders are …

  7. You can mock up a scaled down version of this by dropping a small stone into one side of a large pond. It will not cause a ripple on the other side.
    There is 3500 odd miles of deep deep sea between La Palma and NY. How would it cause a tsunami?
    I think it’s just a fear mongering project. A false flag. They may cause a tsunami by setting off some kind of nuclear bomb under the sea near NY and blame it on La Palma. Who knows. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Brilliant video, thanks for this Hugo, proves i haven’t lost my mind.

  9. Seen a vid of what looks like lasers causing the wildfires too. Creating the illusion of more “climate catastrophes” to hurry up their agenda?

  10. The fairest way to depopulate the world is to end the morally disgraceful practice of surrogate motherhood.
    End all fertility treatment.
    End child benefit payments for any child born after 01/01/2023.

    • Mark that is a really selfish and ill thought out statement. Can’t agree with you.

    • The fairest way would have been to start the depopulation programme with the sterilisation of your parents, before you were born! Take a hike TROLL!

  11. What a crock of shit fear mongering bollocks all the canaries islands are built from volcanic masses and la palma tenerife and lanzarote all have volcanoes that are watched all the time the gridding that was seen is nothing to do with explosions ! 🙄 volcanic eruptions happen! it’s mother nature at its best
    And thankfully we have experts in the field of this subject who can now move man &!animals etc to safety unlike years ago when they just perished and had no way of escape

  12. When the shit hits the fan, billions of people gonna be hungry unless their vaccinated.

  13. I read the game was developed by microsoft, 12 years ago, scary stuff.

  14. Nothing shocks me I wouldn’t put it past these evil elite anything has become possible they will stop at nothing to reduce population cause havoc and hatred chaos rules they thrive on it depend on it its their daily bread..and they are having their day their rise to power ..but they forgot every rise has its fall …and they will fall maybe not tomorow sadly but they will and they will become lost nations of the past like the pharaohs or pompey or somians…relics never 2 return..

  15. wdnt be so bad at least the usa would get pretty fucked up and they deserve it .. biggest terrorists on the planet

  16. I saw a live-feed video of the La Palma volcano on YT a few weeks ago. It reminded me that I had heard that geologists/vulcanologists had made a study a few years ago that concluded that if that volcano caused a large enough landslide into the sea, the resulting tsunami would be huge. It also reminded me of the prophesies of St. Patrick and St. Malachi, that Ireland would be covered by the ocean in “one inundation” shortly before the anti-Christ came to power!
    The two saints made these prophesies 1,500 (Patrick) and about 1000 (Malachi) years before the present-day scientists conducted their study and came to their very alarming conclusion! The tsunami would cover the west coast of the Iberian peninsula, Cornwall and the western sea-board of America too! Ireland would be completely submerged though!
    I don’t know which will be worse; the sudden violent death via the tidal wave or being subjected the the tyranny of the anti-Christ, but suspect the former would be the lesser of two evils. It would be much quicker!

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