Joanna Lumley Wants WARTIME RATIONING Points System / Hugo Talks #lockdown

76 Comments on “Joanna Lumley Wants WARTIME RATIONING Points System / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • She could jump off a cliff and help her cause…of over population.. and take all her mates with her.

      • I love David Attenborough most, rattles on about over population, has travelled the world and has a massive carbon footprint, is in his 90’s and at the first opportunity went and got jabbed “to protect him from covid”.

        What they really mean is “there are too many of you little people, you’re spoiling it for us important people”.

        Should voluntarily fuck right off the stupid old fart.

    • Has she not done a few series where she travels around the world? Yet more do as I say not as I do 😤

    • Suddenly the skeleton doesn’t seem so funny. Probably shagging Rothschild. Is Rothschild going to ration himself and Charles et al. What a witch she’s turned out to be for Halloween

  1. The ‘climate’ hoax is there to distract from the covid hoax. The covid hoax is there to distract from the climate hoax. They need to attack on both fronts to divide, confuse, control and monitor. The unjabbed are the new Jews. Hitler would be proud of today’s puppet politicians.

    • The Jews are a big part of the group of people who are pushing the plandemic and climate hoax,if you said Stalin and his bolchevicks you would be closer to the truth.

      • Just because there are a couple of Jewish families involved does not mean that the whole of the Jewish people are behind it. Barack Obama is involved, does that mean all black people are behind it? Please drop this ridiculous rhetoric.

      • Don’t blame the jew it’s the kazarazs. the kazerian maifia. They only hide behind the jew. Do some research you’ll see

      • You’re very rightl most in American government are Jews the people pushing the British government are Jews or got somebody who is Jewish.ask
        Brother Nathaniel..

    • @Red, I’m sure the Zionist Jews have no issues admitting they are behind the plandemic. So why would you have any? It s no secret they are waiting for their “messiah” and work hard on bringing the world to a boiling point for that.

  2. So the elite and entitled who have spent their whole lives living it up are now telling us we can´t spend our money how we want. Sorry Ms Lumley but you have really shown yourself to be an entitled hypocritical arsehole. The simple fact that you associate with the Rothchild scum says it all…

    • Bring on the revolution! Let’s group up and put a stop to these greedy, psycotic mad barstrds.

      • That’s what is needed to stop this nonsense! MASSIVE non compliance and eventually when the stormtrooper coppers arrive to close down businesses ( see Australia ) we need to suddenly appear, fully armed and ready for the fight. That’s the only way. Placard waving, won’t cut it any longer.

  3. If they are so “bothered” or worried about too many people in the world, they should be the ones leave this world along with their families so they don’t have see many people. Idiots!!😡

    • Have you noticed that all these scum seem to live forever?

  4. In AbFab she sold poor Saffy into the white slave trade in Morocco. Says it all really doesn`t it.
    You can take the woman out of the sitcom but you can`t take the sitcom out of the woman.

  5. So this point system won’t apply to the super rich when they purchase huge mansions, fly on private jets, pay 30k on a bottle of champagne etc?

  6. If we think at previous posts our fuc@ing “friend” klaus want us to go back in 1945, after the war.
    Personally I love to go back in the 1700 where politicians where hanging from the tallest tree in town for bribery and treason.

  7. Says the women who spends most of her time flying around the world on private jets. Oh do please just fuck off you old scag!

    • Same here another childhood icon turns out to be a satanic sell out advocating killing or sterilising the poor for their comfort when they breed like rats

  8. Does anybody have the slightest interest what this has-been/almost was thinks about anything? I had to force myself to even click on the link as I was already convinced that she would be talking a load of toffie-nosed crap. Lo and behold she’s got opinions about that other popular fairy-story, climate change! I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she also has strong opinions about people injecting all kinds of poisons in the name of imaginary illnesses too. Stop embarrassing yourself Purdy; you haven’t gotten more interesting as you ripened and turned into a turkey-necked prune.

  9. What an over privileged hypocrite she is. None of this is affecting her whatsoever, she needs to stfu!

  10. Oh dear, someone who has filled her boots, travelled the world extensively and earned a packet doing it is now telling the rest of us that they will not enjoy all the privilege and entitlements that she has enjoyed. Ain’t it rich when a 74 year old in the autumn of her life starts preaching to those who have their whole lives ahead of them how they should live their future. She’ll be dead and gone and the rest of us will have to live with her toxic legacy.

  11. Sick to death of people who do pretend for a living and who are party to solutions to world problems denied to us lesser unenlightened plebeians.

  12. Hey Hugo, have you watched the following, Europa The Last Battle? I was introduced to it last week and so far have watched 8 episodes of it so far. Once watched it has opened my eyes wider than before.

  13. I’ve never even been on an aeroplane let alone jetted off for regular foreign holidays! This ex-actress with a net worth pushing £25 Million is not living in the real world like most of us. Like other rich people pushing for more lockdowns they are unaffected by restrictions (seemingly exempt to most of them?) and have amassed their fortune jetting around the world with no worries left about anything much at all. She’s welcome to live in my shoes and see if I can be restricted further in the way I live, she won’t find much I can “cut back on” I guarantee. Perhaps if I stop breathing that will please her? 😂

  14. People really need to wake the fuck up (not us of course) and see that it is all the wealthy people/celebs that are promoting this as they are totally fine as they can live well as they have money, yet we the people that work hard in life are the ones that are suffering, Two kinds of people in the society from now on that is them and us.
    People that have not woken up yet are the biggest problem we have not Gov/Celebs it is the sheep

    • Stuff the sheep…
      Your never get through to there washed brains…
      They are gone forever..
      Forever getting jabbed for there little passes and then dropping dead one day because of them…
      Let them enjoy it while it lasts for them i say

  15. Turns out masks can cause bacterial pneumonia i read today…
    I ignore these so called celebrity’s…
    There mainly all sell outs…
    Anything for a quieter life and promote this crap to there fans or people of a certain age…
    “Oh if Joanna says so it must be right”…
    People of the world have been sold down the river and unless more realise this the conformists will drag everybody else down with them and wont be thanked for it…
    Thats not a threat thats reality…

  16. I saw her presenting a documentary on a couple of years ago. She followed him around like a lap dog and came across as being creepy. Now millionaire Lumley has declared herself an enemy of the people. Let’s see if she enjoys being hated.

  17. Entitled, horse faced slut. I look forward to the day when they eventually push the people too far, we will have nothing left but to violently rebel and deal with the hypocritical, sickeningly rich elite that constantly lecture us on how we should live our life (be controlled).
    Let the fun begin.

  18. yet another intellectually challenged dimwit to avoid and boycott

  19. Joanna Scumley away and take your face for a shite!

  20. Wow…she doesn’t realize that she will be part of it. Revelation tells us that “every man, small & great, rich & poor” will not be able to buy or sell…
    Even if the “mark of the beast” is taken.
    Praying for them all🙏🏼

  21. She was bought up in China or Japan, India, not that sure &
    Don’t really care but see it somewhere,
    she does a lot for the BBC.

    I don’t see Joanne waiting @ food banks or anything in that league so I sure she have No idea what it’s like to feel hungry & worry about bill After bill After bill coming in. Never has bless her.
    Probably not even a tv license because she works for them.

    Cheers Hugo

  22. She’s an actress !? Who is even remotely interested in her views about global health, climate change or overpopulation ?! Not me that’s for sure !!

  23. It’s reassuring to know the old battle axe is near 80 and her wrinkly old controller is near 90, may both burn in hell for driving the NWO genocide!

  24. The audiences who watched and applauded these Actors making them into icons in their Chosen I repeat the word Chosen profession, now Clapp their hands at the Fall of the small and medium businesses, because they want a communist ruled World.

    Those who are privileged will never be on rations.

    There are no shortages only what the World Economic Forum have engineered.

  25. They car’t do anything if I don’t have a smartphone. Points system like in China 1000 points to start. That’s why there linking everything on a smartphone. So your lumbered with it. The covid passport Is the social credit system. Its just not been renamed yet. That’s the foot in the door. Still think it’s about a virus. It’s what the covid hoax was used for. This is why we’re here 20 months later. to bring in this absolute nightmare. We comply to this. We’re finished. Just get rid of them smartphones. It’s unnatural to have one. The animals don’t have them and there alright. The animals have got it right I will join them

  26. Feck off Lumley, another ar….licker of the elites. I have lost all respect for her. Say no to lockdown, covid fartports and lockdowns

  27. i’m all for it for the rich 😉 especially the very, very rich 🙂

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