Manchester Primary Teacher SECRET RECORDING Brainwashing School Children / Hugo Talks #lockdown


84 Comments on “Manchester Primary Teacher SECRET RECORDING Brainwashing School Children / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I was going to say unbelievable but hey, nothing surprises anymore.

  2. The identity of these people needs to be made public.

    He did proclaim people have no rights.

    • He made a huge bold statement to “impressionable” youngsters too, “The jabs will stop you getting the Delta variant”. He can’t claim or guarantee that!

  3. He got one thing right, “In 30 years who knows what your health will be like”….yes, especially after these jabs.
    As for, “It will stop you getting the Delta variant” …hmmm as far as I’ve seen it stops nothing!
    I don’t think I could stand his voice for a whole lesson, not the accent, the voice! Poor kids!

    • Gina, another brainwashed idiot who is trying to influence kids in the classroom.
      Hope some parents can help to educate this guy. Or better still have him removed.

      • Kids have been getting brainwashed in the classroom for years. The teacher, himself, will be a product of the brainwashing he received as a pupil when he was a child.

    • Seems ‘the vaccine’ spike proteins have already addled this head-teacher’s brain. Total inability to ‘think’ for himself. An intellectual desert profiled so well in the film “Idiocracy”.

  4. Good grief, this bloke is a genius. Stops you getting the Delta variant??? Wow, I would like to see how he backs that one up. What a cretin. If he was teaching my kids I would educate him myself..

  5. What a bell end!!

    It stops you getting the virus… Idiot.
    Do some proper research.

    • This is down right lies! The vaccine does not stop you catching or spreading NOW not alone for 30 years!
      People like this need to be reported for misinformation!

    • Ah, good he won’t mind us smothering him with a tea towel, as per Shillary advice 😆

  6. Sack him as you can still spread it and you can still catch it it so what you saying is untrue.

  7. The vaccine will not last 30 years!! That is what he just stated. The uneducated believe the conspiracy theories? He is so brainwashed into the system, next he’ll be telling them that the vote matters.

  8. This ill informed and unthinking head teacher may not even be alive in 6 months to a year’s time. As most of us here are aware, this autumn/winter will be another big test for the vaccinated once their genetically modified immune system meets another wild pathogen.

    There are two opposing schools of thought. Either …

    i) The vaccine super-primes immune systems so that once introduced to a new pathogen, will attack their own organs containing the synthetically produced spike proteins.


    ii) The vaccine slowly kills the system’s own immune system at a rate of approximately 5% per week.

    To my thinking both these schools of thought cannot be correct. Personally I’m more persuaded by the first, as this is backed up with what happened to animals injected with RNA/mRNA. Every single one died within 5 days once exposed to another wild pathogen. Postmortems revealed their brains were in a pretty damaged state as well owing to the spike proteins penetrating the blood-brain barrier – hence all the neurologically problems/issues post vaccinated.

    • No words can describe this piece of shit good thing the kids have more brains than him but really makes you think what goes on in these schools it would be better if they did shut them all down kids would keep there own personality and would be a lot happier away from this brainwashing

  9. What a fucking wanker 75-80% in hospital that have taken the experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon injection..prick needs to wake up fucking sheep

  10. This scumbag violates the Nuremberg code. First they are NOT vaccines, they are at best a genetical experimental experiment, in worst genocide.
    Secondly, you require INFORMED CONSENT!!!
    Lastly, you facilitate the experimental medical invasive treatments WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT. That is punishable by DEATH!!!

  11. 6 hrs a day of this shit day after day. I feel sorry for the kids. Mental programming toucher. The kids need saving why isn’t it happening, I was glad to see the back of school at 16. Must be horrendous now. I learnt more when I left school.

    • Wow- that was great, those 4 standing up for people’s rights! As they say, the Vax certificate stands for nothing as the vaxxed can still get Covid & spread Covid. All the governments are doing is using the certificate to strip people who don’t comply of their basic human rights, and their jobs. As they say, many of these people have had Covid, and have antibodies & better immunity to it than the vaxxed. If you have had it, you can’t even spread it- unlike the Vaxxed.

    • Yes I watched it a few days ago courtesy of Oracle Films. It is encouraging but remember the EU parliament has absolutely no legislative powers whatsoever. Only the unelected Commission has that power.

    • He was wrong, the gov aren’t ‘trying’ to brainwash us, they are clearly successful in it. What a disgusting stupid man.

  12. Says a lot about the adults when the kids ask more questions about the jib jab yet the adults were quick enough to role up their sleeves.

  13. Someone unvaccinated needs to take him for a jog see how he does.

  14. Education, sponsored by Pfizer.
    Justifying jabbing kids now to stop them getting the virus in their 30s?? What utter nonsense lies he’s feeding these young impressionable minds! At best, the vaccine’s protection wanes after a few months – hence the need for 3 jabs a year. And then, the jabbed are still getting the virus.

  15. That is coercion pure and simple, where’s the debate where’s the discussion…I guess that’s not on the curriculum anymore. Schools have been hijacked and are now nothing more than vaccine centres. Is he going to be liable when children start dying?

  16. So vaccines save lives? Not sure the husband of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw would completely agree with that. And if they save lives why when people ring up radio 2 to ask about more deaths this year than last do they get cut off? 💩

  17. in 30 years time if you are not dead you will be sterilised and controlled mr Evil

  18. Omg… he needs sacking immediately! He is lying to those children.. 30 years protection?! 😂 it doesn’t even offer 3 weeks!! That’s if you’re not struck down with an adverse reaction!! This winter is going to see the Trojan horse pole through the vaccinated.. ADE! And we will get the blame! 🤬

  19. I think this so called teacher will find it’s the “ easy led and easily influenced “ who have taken the jab not the other way around ! Pillock

  20. Oh and delta plus variant is code for vaccine side affects as it’s only the double jabbed that seem to get it . Shame on him for pushing this propaganda

  21. How dare he preach his brainwashed bullshit to children, well out of order. Should be suspended or sacked.

  22. Proof positive for any doubters out there – school is a dangerous place, the fascists have taken over. Take your kids out of school. They are grooming the next lot of h i t l e r youth/ aka little red book fanatics.

    • This thing or is he classed as a man? Should not be let within 10 miles of any school!

  23. Teachers have no personal thoughts about this subject in school and it his personal thoughts only what he wants to push. I’m glad that these children are recording these and we should be letting these children know that they are doing an amazing job recording these for evidence/proof

  24. The old doctrine of “Those who can do, those who can’t, teach” seems to sum things up really. From my experience and observation, teachers across the board are quite low IQ’d individuals who have no ability or desire whatsoever to critically think and analyse differing data from varying sources. They are merely propagandists and agents of the establishment geared to create conformity and compliant drones. Maybe Education should be changed to merely teaching a child to read and write, and thereafter leaving it entirely up to the individual him/herself to learn about areas of interest or relevance to them? It would avoid the indoctrinating nature of state establishments and potentially lead to more taking of individual responsibility for their own journey in life.

  25. Where so they get such idiots for teachers. If you don’t get vaccine in future, 39 years you might get Delta, You might cancer!

    He is making it up as he goes. You cant even catch original strain of SarCov2 that vaccine is for as its run it course and gone. Delta will be gone as soon as they find the next strain to push their agenda.

  26. And his scientific expertise on vaccines is what precisely? Teachers no longer teach, but indoctrinate Leftist garbage.

  27. Just more good reasons for getting your child out of these satanic environments, and teaching them at home. Parents MUST get organised, form support groups, and do this, they’ll never regret it

  28. Someone needs to Educate that teacher that the vaccine governing body does NOT recommend theses jabs for children as the risks outlay the benefits!!

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