JAB PASSPORT Shares Personal Data With AMAZON and MICROSOFT / Hugo Talks #lockdowns #lockdown

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  1. Now thats why Billy G was in town last week…shaking hands with the (so called) elite……and our Queen…………£ multi £ deal has been given…..what in return I wonder????…………….deeply suspicious…………………….

    • They have sold us all out to evil Bill Gates, I hate them all i want to lock myself away from this horrible world out there. I have had enough. I have personal problems i taking a break from commenting on here good luck everyone be back to time hopefully.

      • Call on the name of Jesus Darren. He really is our answer in all this. He is very real! Praying you find peace & guidance in your situations. 🙏

      • Everyone needs to step away now and again Darren. Your contributions are always welcome love.

      • Good luck to you Darren
        The world was not becoming a great place before this crap hit the fan… so totally understand how you feeling.
        Sorry to hear of personal problems wish you all the best Darren.

      • Don’t give up. There are many who feel like you. We are strong together

      • Thank you for your kind and supporting words at this time, things no better

    • Yes exactly!

      They been getting more greedy since queenie sold her side!
      Sold us out again

      • Now that everyone is hooked on online shopping delivery charges are soaring 😀

  2. Great Post Hugo!when I try too talk with my double jabbed!multiple tested!pandemic believer daughter! she replys !oh i don’t listen to media main stream or social!🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  3. The better not share any of my data because I already signed a paper to the NHS saying my data is not to be shared by my other people except the my doctor.

    • If you read the NHS privacy policy you have no privacy. They reserve the right to share your data with any old Tom, Dick or Harriet 😀

  4. They better not share my data I already signed a piece of paper to say that I would not share my medical history with third party apart from my own doctors.

  5. We are all FUCKED because in this gullible shit country there are just to many sheep bastards that are braindead fuckwits

    • Kevin@ sheep not confined to UK as the gullible braindead are world over.

  6. Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?

  7. If you have been fact checked, you now know for a fact that what they claim is false is in fact a true fact, and that’s a fact! Great work as always Hugo.

  8. Its I probably shared with Amazon because the data is stored on the servers. All NHS data is already stored on amazon web services.

  9. Would it be possible to add a WhatsApp share link? I don’t use Faceache ot Twatter.

  10. It was called NHS Digital http://www.digital.nhs.uk 7&8 Wellington Place, Leeds, LS1 4AP
    This is why i opted out via the gov website/email and my doctors of sharing my details beginning of this year and i informed people to opt out of them doing this, it was openly stated they was doing this share your info with companies and people had a time limit to opt out of it, strange thing when i spoke to my doctors they had no idea this was happening and was shocked when i gave them all the info about it and they “said” they was going to inform others of this time limit to opt out. Time Limit was in Mid July 2021 for people to opt out.

    • The government has put this scheme on the back burner now as so many people have opted out! But they may reintroduce it in the future and you will have to re-opt out!

    • Hi Julian !they extended it to September!I opted out!👍

    • When they talk about sharing data with ‘researchers’ they mean the likes of google 😀

  11. I don’t have to worry about this crap because I’ll never take the jabs! The vaccine contains foetal matter and the toxin graphene oxide! And it will surely kill you!

    • What you are saying about ‘foetal matter’ is not true. It is a cell line culture dating back to the 70s which is like taking a cutting from a plant to grow a new one 😀

      • *Immortal* cell line culture. Guess what else is immortal. Cancerous cells.

        (GMO is publicly claimed only in AZ shot, however all of them have some unidentified gunk too)

  12. No Green Pass – Opposing Digital Surveillance
    Political empires have disappeared from the world not because of your freedom struggles, but because globalists have found an easier way of keeping everyone enslaved, while giving you a superficial idea that you are a sovereign, independent, free person living in a true democracy.
    For thousands of years human beings had been auctioned in the marketplace as slaves.
    Although now that kind of slavery does not exist, if you look a little deeper it has only changed its form.
    Now we are all digital slaves, living under full surveillance and for a lot less expense.
    Yet tyranny is simply tyranny, it is murderous, it is criminal.
    No tyranny has ever been able to remain forever, its days are limited.
    Nobody can destroy people’s will.
    They can harm people, they can kill them, but one day tyrants find that their very effort to keep their empire, and keep people enslaved, has turned the people against them.
    How did such small groups of tyrants come to rule over your country, and the whole world.
    Certainly there must have been a slave in everybody’s being.
    So the real question is not to fight the people who have become your rulers.
    The real question is to find within you the one who has become a slave.
    Otherwise this seems to be an absolute impossibility.
    Right ends can be achieved only through right means.
    Through violence you cannot achieve a peaceful, silent, loving humanity.
    The violence will be in the roots, it will poison your whole superstructure.
    The priority should be your attainment of spiritual freedom, because political tyrannies will come and go.
    And everybody down the ages who had the idea that “We will be free,” has been disappointed.
    You cannot be absolutely sure that when you have overthrown one political tyranny, it will not be replaced by another.
    It is unfortunate that society only introduces you to the world of the mind.
    Only chaos follows as a shadow with the growth of the mind.
    The society does not introduce you to meditation, because that is the only way to be absolutely certain that you will never go mad, that you will always remain master of your actions.
    But there are reasons why the society is interested in the mind, and not in meditation.
    The society’s whole interest is in how to exploit you, how to enslave you, how to use you in a more efficient way, almost like a slave machine.
    It gives you all the education just for these hidden, secret aims.
    It prevents you from knowing anything about meditation.
    All organized societies, political and religious ideologies have been built on these false foundations of untruths.
    The criminal politicians are always creating false narratives by repeating somebody else’s words, they have none of their own.
    All their statements are within quotation marks.
    All these politicians use very beautiful words, they are “helping save the planet,” “Building Back Better,” or “helping save humanity.”
    Yet they are all criminals, because all that they do is non-essential.
    They exploit the whole society in that they are un-creative, un-productive parasites.
    These criminal politicians, howsoever articulate, learned or clever, will not be able to practice what they preach.
    Always look at the politician rather than looking at their words, and you will see the disparity.
    Why are politicians so afraid?
    Because the seat of fear is in their own heart.
    The whole world may be full of light, but deep inside they are all living in darkness.
    Because they have forgotten their own reality, they are living with a false substitute, so all their actions become hypocritical.
    Remember, real freedom is neither political, nor economical, nor social, the real freedom is spiritual.
    Religiousness is not an experience that comes through thought, it is an awakening into thoughtless consciousness.
    The perception of truth cannot happen in thought, it can happen only in the clear stream of thoughtless consciousness.
    In fact, neither the mind nor anything of the mind is the pathway that leads to truth.
    Truth exists where the mind has no access whatsoever.
    As you go beyond the mind, you suddenly discover a sky that has no limits.
    All tyrants and oppressors who hold the reins of administration face great danger if people develop their own pathways that lead to truth.
    Then there is the possibility of revolution, as there is always the fear that people will begin to search for the truth.
    Remember, the very spirit of rebellion needs no guidance.
    It is a light unto itself.
    Only the people who cannot rebel ask for guidance, want to be followers.
    Their psychology is that to be a follower relieves them of all responsibility.
    All that is needed of the follower is just to have faith.
    And just to have faith is another name of spiritual slavery.
    The rebel is the real spiritual being.
    They do not belong to any herd, they do not belong to any system, they do not belong to any organization, they do not belong to any philosophy.
    In simple, conclusive words, they do not borrow themselves from others.
    Your body, your mind are all centered on a false self.
    But they dig deep within themselves and find their own life juices, finds their own life sources.
    Unless we fill the world with these people, this world is only going to change from one tyranny to another.
    It will be an exercise of utter futility.

  13. The personal data sharing quite literally gives new meaning to the phrase “come to the dark side , we have cookies”.

    I would also add:
    He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.

  14. I don’t think anything is true un!ess it’s fact checked, there not going to fact check rubbish after all, only the truth!

  15. All this has ever been about is this bloody society reset in the first place…
    No stupid virus…
    Reason why they shut folk down is because many dont want them stupid jabs that are not fit for purpose..
    Ideally getting rid of the horrible bastards and dumb idiots would be my idea of a society reset…

  16. You have been fact checked by the government and they say that there is no digital enslavement plan and that what you are saying is false. I therefore think it is guaranteed that you are right and that they are working on this.

  17. I also checked this with us but could not find anything suspicious. I did come across a chip in your arm next film on a local news channel. It is unfortunately in Dutch but hope you understand.

    • It is called an RFID chip. BioTeq is apparently the leading company here in the UK for these and are already implanting their chips into people as we speak. This is their website. They have several video clips on there as well. https://www.bioteq.co.uk/

      • RFID chips are what you put in your pets/anti theft tags etc very old tech NFC slightly more advanced – but I would assume they are little more advanced than that – think remote DNA cross referencing facial / retina scans etc – ===> It is way to easy to cut out a physical chip or swap them !!

  18. Hey Hugo, you’ve been fact checked, you’ve arrived. If they don’t consider you a threat, they ignore you, so you are definitely doing something right, Keep going mate, you’ve got them rattled.

  19. Looks like no jab No amazon purchases coming. Pretty obvious this one. A least I ordered some seeds while I can still purchase. I’ll tell ya, get ready people buy some land rent a allotment plot while you still can. Like I said the green pass or what every you want to call it is the foot in the door for a social credit system. With they so desperately want. This is what the covid hoax was used for. Biggest lie in history traumatising people in a fake pandemic. There days are numbered I hope. I hope they do cut me off and I will be free. Been a long time coming I always knew there was something wrong in the world as a kid. 30 years later I was right.

    • Why would you need to be jabbed for an Amazon delivery driver to throw an item over your garden wall? 😀

    • Anyway, it is AWS (Amazon Web Services) that deliver ‘cloud computing’ i.e. hosting servers for websites that is being talked about here. It is owned by the same company but is a separate business from the online shop 😀 It is like saying that because one of the Royal Mail groups of companies is involved you will soon need to be jabbed to receive mail through the post 😀

  20. JAB PASSPORT Shares Personal Data With AMAZON and MICROSNOT & countless other company’s/corporations…… Is that any suprise realy ?

    bozog can shove his fone appliance up his rectum sideways with broken glass around it…. Never d/loaded the appliance & never will …. ALL FALSE !
    Billy sacrificalGoat gates is head of ALL this injection bullshit sirum, distrubution ect ect, & as for amazon web service (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis……
    look at thier service conditions……. 42.10. Acceptable Use; Safety-Critical Systems. Your use of the Lumberyard Materials must comply with the AWS Acceptable Use Policy.
    The Lumberyard Materials are not intended for use with life-critical or safety-critical systems, such as use in operation of medical equipment, automated transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, aircraft or air traffic control, nuclear facilities, manned spacecraft, or military use in connection with live combat.

    However, this restriction will not apply in the event of the occurrence (certified by the United States Centers for Disease Control or successor body) of a widespread viral infection transmitted via bites or contact with bodily fluids that causes human corpses to reanimate and seek to consume living human flesh, blood, brain or nerve tissue and is likely to result in the fall of organized civilization………… Half Way Down page……
    As for the NHS = National Harasment Service, NOT the health service we used to know…… It has been split up & torn appart by common purpose over the years so funding go’s on things not needed instead of where it should…….
    Common Purpose objectives for individuals and families

    * Rapidly falling incomes
    * House repossessions
    * Increasing debt
    * Unemployment or low-skill employment
    * Poverty
    * Overcrowding
    * Control from cradle to grave
    * Victims of crime
    * Cultural disintegration
    * Constant surveillance

    Common Purpose objectives for Britain

    * Perennial trade deficit
    * High unemployment
    * Massive debt
    * Mortgaged to foreigners
    * Inequality
    * High population density
    * High immigration to destroy the culture
    * Social fragmentation
    * Economic enslavement
    * Organised plunder
    * Band-aid NHS
    * Politically correct multi-culturalism
    * Destruction of the middle class

    Objectives for Common Purpose members, bureaucrats and politicians

    * Rising incomes
    * Full employment
    * Tax-funded income
    * Comfortable pensions
    * Private medical insurance
    * Human rights
    * Lavish spending

    “Using ‘environmental’ concerns as the vehicle, the objective (of the New World Order) is for global control over work, industry, energy, food supply, populations and money.” link [3.1]…. http://stopcp.com/cpmindmap.php#FMID_441973245FM & http://stopcp.com/index.php
    A lot of stuff there to digest & some of it is old ~ Shows How Long This Shit Been Going On …………..

  21. Rachel Muller Heyndyk has fact-checked one of Vernon Coleman’s claims in Aug 2021 too. And “over 3000 views” seems to be the tipping point that triggers a fact-check??

  22. It’s not just the vaccine passports that can hoover up and share personal data with these US data companies and Amazon. Recently I was asked by a conveyancing solicitor to use a facial image recognition system to prove my identity as a party to a property sale. Their system exports biometric scans of applicants faces to Jumio in the US, a data company, who’s AI image processing compares the captured image to provided photo ID to test for a match. The biometric data is then shared with Amazon Prime and God Knows who else. I said NO. What business does Amazon Prime have with custody of my biometric data??? So then I had to resort to proving my ID the hard way with certified signed copies of my ID because I would not consent. The point is that the big data companies are scavenging our data from all kinds of places. I also wonder what becomes of all those DNA samples provided by seekers of their ancestry …stuff that. DO NOT COMPLY! STAY ALERT!

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