Exclusion Zones Around Schools / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They are calling people idiots and saying that the information they are giving kids from there own government Website lies lol you couldn’t make this up

  2. The kids ain’t stupid. The vacinators are being paid 10 pound per vaccine to get the kids vaccinated.

    • I think it’s £10 per dose ON TOP of the £12.58 they already get, if it’s a child! Child supplement. Same if they visit a care home or private residence to jab them, £10 supplement on top of the £12.58! £££

  3. Idiot anti vaxxers?

    Marketing speak.

    Remember the 12:1 investment ratio on these jabs. Invest £1,000 in to the jab scam and get £12,000 back. The parasites will be leeching this sh1t for what they can.

    Covid does NOT exist, and STILL has NOT been proven to exist. Never isolated. NEVER!

  4. Getting sick and tired of these people inciting trouble by calling the informed “Anti Vaxing idiots” we all know it’s not a Vaccine so how can we who have decided not to have the Jab be called Ant Vaxers? Just got to see how Australia have a 2 State society now.

  5. Hugo, this is a good thing that he has called us idiots as it shows he is is loosing , he is worried , the plan isnt working

    • It’s part of the plan…divide the people…’HOLD THE LINE FOLKS!…

  6. It’s like trying to talk to a 5 year old – why can’t the govt have an honest and open debate with people who are genuinely concerned about children and jabs instead of wailing like a load of hysterical pussies “waah, vicious lies, waah”. Cnuts. And Javid looks like a boiled egg.

    • You lie like a cheap rug, how can you say “Javid looks like a boiled egg.”
      A boiled egg has shape!

    • Exactly. If it’s such a problem, why not address our “claims” about the jabs and our covid “beliefs” etc, and have a debate about it instead of censoring everyone who disagrees with them. Print their proof that we are idiots, rather than just call us names! If they are such ridiculous lies then surely it would not take much debate and effort to prove that we are completely wrong?! Job done! Instead we get blanket labels to try and instantly discredit us, and censorship of course. To call protesters vicious when they are genuinely concerned for children’s safety is awful, even if they were wrong with their beliefs, their intent is not to cause harm so it’s a bizarre choice of word.

  7. They will all swing, of that I am sure, this is no ignorance it is corruption and badness.
    Anyone who sends there kids to those indoctrination centres, doesn’t give a shit about their kids, proper education ended in the earlier half of the 1920’s and has degraded on an ever escalating basis.

  8. They really want to kill/steralise the kids don’t they 🙁

    Exclude parents and make it easier for the elite pedo’s to choose there play things no doubt.

    Trying to fix the 2 jabs didn’t work, with the booster being I bed rolled out to everyone then forced for the jab passport. Yeah a 3rd jab will fix it.

    Kids don’t die from Flu, jabs don’t kids spreading flu, therefore no reason for anyone to have there poison.

    Not 1 child 🙂 NICE!!!

    • Their desperation is off the scale now. Nothing but NOTHING must get in the way of their precious jabinator programme – Billy Boy probably warned them “get it done or else!”

  9. If it comes to 2 tier society the other lot can fuck right off out of my sight…
    Have one side for the normal free thinkers and the other side for the spineless gullible pathetic morons…
    I know what side i would stay on

  10. Why do the “protected” need to be protected from the unprotected
    by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place.?

  11. IF, IF, IF only this same amount of ‘concern’ and work was given into putting out facts (yes, remember that olde world term) about the jib jab reactions…………(click fingers) and you’re back in the room 😴🤨

  12. so this is our health minister 😀 wtf does he know about health ffs another sandy shaw puppet on a string

  13. Such a predictable response from the government. Got to get the kids all Jabbed.

  14. It is all part of the jab the children programme so the can safely indoctrinate the pupils of the need of a fakecine. Ready the ropes.

  15. Professional thief “Members of the public keep spreading vicious lies about me saying I am up to no good”.
    Police “We can`t have that. We must place exclusion zones around all the banks and museums between 23:00 – 05:00. The security guards will apprehend any members of the public who try to stop you going about your business”.

    • Haha. Talk about using the “projection” technique, call others vicious liars when you know it’s really you that is one!
      Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations…every trick in the manipulative psycho handbook!

  16. Yes I have heard about this document. Although I have never seen said document. I’d like to, so if anyone has a copy, please share.

  17. So we are idiots because???…is it because we ask questions about an untested / unregulated experimental jab? is it because we ask questions about the madness surrounding this Convid hoax…is it because we believe in living free and free choice over what we do and put into our own bodies??? I guess I’m an idiot, thank god.

  18. Here we go people. Can anyone including the SHEEPLES see once and for all that this propaganda machine from the government using the MSM is down to profiting the Elite and controlling us ?

    Flu jabs have not given them any profit for the last 30;years but the Con Flu will.


    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says the company is increasing its output to meet global demand.

    Make your own conclusions, Resist the tyranny and vaxxing our Kids.

    • The thought of putting this crap into a 5 year old makes me physically sick.

  19. We are only a couple of moves away from a check mate !! If the government are cornered and required to provide evidence of the ‘science’ they are following or the advice they are taking then they are completely exposed for what they are ! Common Purpose, Agenda 21, Deep State, Cabal, Illumunate puppets. This is what the great awakening is about and they know that, if they don’t drg everyone in and infect them, there will be an uprising that will sweep away them and their pathetic ideas about controlling every human being on the planet !

  20. My niece who has been double jabbed, told me a lot of her school friends are ill,after having the jab!she’s OK had no reaction!I told her ,she probably had the placebo!she said I hope so!she is coerced into having it by her father!she’s sixteen!

  21. Also at the top of that article, it reads:”Three children were recently injured in a protest outside a school while parents and teachers have been receiving letters with false information about the COVID-19 vaccines.” So where were these children injured? Strange that it does not specify, but we all know why that is… BECAUSE IT’S LIES…. otherwise they’d give proof!!! But just like with everything else, these kuntz have no proof. It’s just propaganda, but propanda that the public will take on board…. and that will get exaggerated to “Those terrible anti-vaxxers are injuring children.” In truth, it’s the vaccine programme that is doing that, but they wouldn’t dare to mention that.

    • I know, why would protesters who are extremely concerned for the safety of kids injure 3 children they are there to campaign for? 😂 Just more bollocks to demonize us.

  22. Lock down drills? Honestly, it’s not the Blitz. These politicians are out of their minds. I thought the ones in Canada were out to lunch, can’t hold a candle to this bunch.

  23. Lock down drill, when did this become the Blitz.? These politicians have lost their minds. I thought the ones here in Canada were out to lunch. Can’t hold a candle to this lot.

  24. Savage Javid is proving himself to be as bad as his predecessor or worse. Doesn’t he look like the Mike Myers baddy in the Austin Powers films?

  25. I wouldn’t put it past them to produce fake evidence. They have no morality. May God grant them repentance and a changed heart. It would take a miracle

  26. Don’t believe the truth, believe our idiot government. After all we have the monopoly on lying, that’s how we work. The truth to us is like the sun to Dracula.

  27. “Idiots” is a bit strong there Javid

    Bit slanderous
    wouldn’t one say !

    Still ‘sticks n stones’ I say.

  28. Boiled Egg head doesn’t know what he’s talking about. His eyes are lying.

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