Lockdown News Roundup Oct 23 #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Lockdown based on swabs not fit for purpose….or for the actual diagnostic tool they are using them for…

    • A room full of vaccinated people yet they’re still wearing mask🤔.

      • Pam, exactly zombies!

        So the old boy trying to check in at the barbers:
        The barber kept touching him, (I know it was for the camera) but still a good way to pass something on and he had massive gaps in his mask.

        Double jabbed that can still catch a cold and pass it on.. What the hell do they need a jab for?

        Makes absolutely no sense!!
        But still pushed heavily by the media and government.

        Funded much??

  2. Baalocks. Turn off the TV and stop reading the msm to break the spell.

  3. I hope people never go back to those colluders, when the satanic globalists reset has been stopped.

  4. The woman at 3:35 was in an earlier video promoting getting a sausage with a jab – kinda suspicious she’s shown up twice in two pro jab situations…..

    • If you’re talking about the middle-aged woman at 3.35/3.36 mins, then she’s one of Australia’s Health Ministers, something like that… she’s called Dr Jeanette Young, as it says on the screen when she comes on, so of course she’s been seen in other videos!!

      • To Geoff: P.S., re. my post of a few mins ago, above – Dr Jeanette Young is currently the Chief Health Minister for Queensland, there in Australia, and is trotted out quite frequently, to spew out the vile propaganda. So of course she’s seen in other videos!!

    • Just to add to the comment I posted to you a few minutes ago (but which has not yet been printed), the woman at 3.35-3.36 mins point that you referred to, she’s Dr Jeanette Young, currently the Chief Health Minister for Queensland, there in Australia. So OF COURSE she’s been seen in other videos! In fact, she’s trotted out a lot, to spew out the evil propaganda for the Establishment.

  5. Don’t comply.Resist . There are a lot of people waking up. They will back off if you say no in unity.

  6. I am a nurse. I am a work from home assessor and I sometimes go the care homes – I do a negative test before I go no issues.
    My manager says I need a letter from the GP why I am not having the second jab. I had the first under protest but I regret caving in and having it.
    5 minuets later I had a pins and needles feeling in my hand on the opposite side I had the poison. I realised in that moment what a mistake I made allowing myself to be pushed into it.
    I told my manager I had a bad reaction and i did not want another. As you know you need 2 jabs to enter a care home even though in my case I am a visitor.

    On a side note you apparently don’t need 2 jabs if you go from house to house (of a vulnerable older persons) magically you don’t spread Covid then.

    A negative covid test is not enough now. I had to call my GP to get a letter who told me unless I was hospitalised the reaction is not counted. However, to my suprise he agreed that the NHS employer was wrong in asking me for a letter.

    I am still waiting for this letter, I am told when I get this I have to wait for redeployment – I will have 3 choices and if I don’t like it them I will be sacked.
    I said I could still do the job but not do any visits there are many roles I could full fill including assessments. But the answer was we will see. Mental abuse hanging a job over your head.

    If I lose my job I am leaving nhs and nursing.
    Boris has taken our increments away in the nurse banding meaning we get no pay rise that we used to have that we had to work for and prove working out at £25 per month after tax each year per month until you reach the top of the banding.
    Now we have to wait 7 years to get anything.
    They refuse to pay mileage to a client, we pay for our NMC membership £125 per year and now this.

    I will NOT be a sheep no matter what it costs me, even if I have to live on the street.

    My grand-daughter is 12years old and her school is pushing the jab under gillick competence. She tells me she can’t leave the school with out them knowing or stopping her. I am glad she cant skip school but this makes me feel uneasy. I have told her if they try and intimidate her to call me or her mother. I told her to keep herself safe anyway she needs to.

    Fight back no matter what, don’t go the restaurants that follow the rules or any other venue. Stand up and be Counted!!

    Ask yourself who you are and what you stand for – I have and I don’t want to die a sheep. Never get on your knees for anyone never mind this entity boris johnson.

  7. Amazing and most disturbing story you bring & I guess not an uncommon scenario! Never has there been such tyranny served onto the people and where most of our fellow citizens backing it. Insane! I am lost for words. Well done you have dug your heels in and taking no more. All the best!

  8. I do wonder if Hugo gets there are easier ways to track and control everyone than jabbing them world wide, that’s just a scam to force the jabs. Which they need for the mass deaths that’ll come further down the line, why they don’t care about a few kids dying.

    Or just being nice or rules?

  9. One word!! BLACKMAIL!that shop assistant!we have too comply, to stay open!says it all !

    • Well said hugo.. I’ve not complied once with all this bullshit covid crap…

      They can shove their jab up their arse.. I have an immune system like everyone else…
      BBC news and sky are physiopaths,, ive not watched their bullshit brain washing crap for years now…

      Be free … do what you want.. and dont be brain washed with their lies and fake news..

  10. If I use any business that doesn’t ask for proof of vaccinations, I would use that business time, and time again!
    That prat telling people to leave if they’re not checking!!
    Who do these people think they are?
    They’re politicians, NOT Healthcare professionals!!

  11. there was a guy interviewing an Amish man a few weeks ago,he asked “why do you think you have*nt been affected by the pandemic?”,Amish man replied “beacause we dont have television*s”…………

  12. The great cull has started, and oh boy oh boy people are soooo stupid, sorry!

  13. To the nurse (a true nurse), I feel for you. I have a close family member in same position. Truth doctrine, thank you.

  14. When we do win this war we must not let the same cable and its cronies carry on as normal waiting for the next chance to try again. We need to put an end to it once’s and for all, what ever it take.

  15. To be fair those QR code dodgers are probably putting their OWN life at risk by eating at “Hungry Jack’s” 🍕🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍩🍩🍦🍦🍨🍨, not other people’s. 😆.

  16. australia was once a great country and still is but it has full blown tyranny running it

  17. I have used social media to tell people that bars and restaurants are NOT all insisting on this. I have said that any restaurant owner with any sense will not comply as they have lost enough business over the past 2 years due to covid closures and restrictions. I suggest everyone here does the same thing as this is one way that we can make facebook and the like work for us. Let us control facebook rather than the other way round. The more people are persuaded not to comply the better. And social media is a good way of doing this.

  18. The media in America is very divided as are the states too but in the uk it’s all proper gander on all tv channels for having a jab and passports if they are implemented.
    The health minister as good as threatened that if there was not more people getting boosters then there would be more lockdown !
    It’s all very well standing up and letting them stick their passports but it’s like a drop in the ocean, the masses are complying like sheep and think we are aggressive anarchists or such like and should comply like they are ! I am distraught seeing school children taking that jab it’s utterly beyond comprehension that people will keep getting boosters for this so called virus that has not been isolated and has over 98% recovery rate ! and over 50% of people will never even show symptoms!
    Why are people not waking up and smelling the 💩
    It’s like living in a science fiction movie and I am soo sick of seeing mask 😷 on people, it’s bizarre

  19. Sadly the majority are sheep and that’s the problem. I work in a school and all of my colleagues who people would think should be “educated” and “smart ” are the worst and these people are teaching our children! Since all of this began I have spoken out but all this has done is isolated me to the point where most staff don’t speak to me past a hello. It shocked me just the other day when several colleagues were discussing the fairytale rise in convid cases in our area and how they were glad that they had already had their boosters!! I’m the only staff member not jabbed and never will be, in fact a colleague asked if they made it mandatory for school staff would I have it and I said no I’d rather leave. She just walked off in disbelief.
    It’s not just colleagues either my whole extended family both my side and my wife’s have been double jabbed so any discussion with them is pointless now.
    I’m just seen as a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Even my oldest children told me their mother (ex wife) refers to me as such to them. I’ve become a butt of many family jokes unfortunately and sadly my oldest has had the first jab too even after me providing lots of info and even several Hugo videos.
    I feel like I’m in the twilight zone watching everyone give in to a tyrant master and there’s nothing I can do.
    Keep up the sterling work Hugo and let’s hope more people see the wood for the trees soon.

  20. Thank you for your story……l too am alone…but…..little by little I think the ‘truth’ is percolating through….but l fear too late for some….lm afraid for my family….best wishes….

  21. The QR code in businesses can be used to calculate the turnover. This will then check if the businesses are paying enough tax. The government will screw all independent businesses down, or shut them down

    • The ONLY remedy is for the unvaxxed is to start an alternative society, and alternative business framework. You have to break free from The Matrix COMPLETELY.

  22. I have a feeling that ezekiel chapter 7 may start to come to pass in the next next few years. God is really angry at all of this lies and propaganda, He showed me in a dream/vision. See my YouTube comment

  23. Police haven’t got the staff to check every pub in the land lol, boycott the city’s and have a pint in a village. That’s if you still want a pint after all this time. Cuz I certainly don’t its done me the world of good getting rid of bad habbits and had a bigger awakening. Done me the world of good this lock down. Feels like where still in lock down even though where out of it at the mo. Till enough people stop complying. I liked the protest sign that said pandemic is on the tele and not on a Saturday or any day day I would add. Capsulates the lie.

  24. Pandemic of fake numbers.
    First pandemic in history to quarantine healthy people.
    Government is the real virus and the lying media the real pandemic

  25. Now there “vaccination” programme will NOT stop the spread of the flu….i mean “covid 19”…
    So whats the fucking point in the first place?…
    Oh of course yes the actual thing they want longterm…
    Jab passes….
    Because they know damn well them jabs are not fit for purpose, never tested on a virus and also not for any so called pandemic

  26. The jabs contain foetal matter and a lethal and nasty toxin called graphene oxide! It will definitely kill you! The jabbed are all going to die over the winter! Watch!

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