IRELAND Oct 23 AGAINST GREEN PASS #Dublin #Cork / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Saturday October 30 Freedom March London. We need numbers and we need to be counted. Pls be there.
    We are now looking the dragon in the eye People – and we must gather in vast numbers in London at the freedom march on October 30th. ~ David Icke

    • David Icke pushes New Age spiritualism which is the religion of the NWO. People like David Icke and Russel Brand, etc, appear to be on the right side because they are anti-establishment, but those who are pushing the NWO are also anti-establishment, hence why they are pushing for a New Order. According to Revelation, the Beast System comes because those who who are behind it bring down the current system (Babylon). We can’t be so naive to think that every one who is anti-establishment is trustworthy. Look at what they are pushing – you shall know them by their fruit.

      The only one we can trust is JESUS CHRIST. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the only one who can wash away our sins (with His own blood) and grant us eternal life. Repent, believe and call upon His name, and you will be saved. God bless.

      • JD, I’ve never heard Icke talk about NWO in a positive way?
        He alway mentions funding from Rockefeller, Builderberg, Rothschild, Gates etc.

        Yes it’s suspicious that they are still going but don’t forget he’s had loads of funding pulled from YouTube and some of his talks cancelled.

        Whereas, Brand is recycling content from others and is clearly cautious to go against anything that would defund him.

      • I agree with you, JD. Although over the years I have learnt much about what goes on behind the scenes and how events are not as portrayed in the main stream (“education”, media etc etc) by researching information presented by David, he is in complete denial of our Creator. I have found myself wondering recently what it was that filled him during that experience when he was immobilized and afterwards given knowledge.

        I have always liked David and I pray for him.

      • I have been listening to David Icke since last winter and I have never heard him mention New Age Spiritualismhe is 100% against the NWO. I wouldn’t wast my time listening to brand, whatever side he is on. As for Jesus Christ (if he exists), maybe this is his work, after all the human race are hardly nice or kind are we. Have you ever thought about that?

      • Liars sometimes tell the truth.

        As with everything the best way to draw those with an inquisitive mind and a little understanding is to salt any lie with truth, we have to examine who gains from any agender. Let’s use Icke has an example, My personal opinion I would say he is the product of some sort of mind scramble who has been released to the wild to cause confusion. He tells truth mixed with lies. He calls people to protest which is good because the TPTB are afraid when we state in a loud voice WE DO NOT CONSENT, WE DO NOT STAND UNDER ADMIRALTY LAW, but then he says there is no God it is a lie. So what does this achieve? anyone who can see his lies does not believe his truths and anyone who believes his lies does not believe his truths.

        The thing We have to remember these people allowed to run around in the media are the product of conflicting satanist groups, wound up like mechanical toys and let free to spread turmoil. Our only truth is from God and his teaching if we stray from the path of righteousness we work for satan in whatever small way. If we always try to do what is right according to God and his commandments no evil can come from it.

        They want an excuse to use totalitarian power, martial law, any violence will always be used to say we are to blame.

        God gave me some very important information and I was wondering if to write it here, I will outline the basics and if anyone wants to know more ask.

        All that is happening is because they are closing admiralty law as slave of the paper ‘birth-certificate’. They are moving to a digital admiralty law where the people have to become the ‘certificate’ via a patentable change to our God given DNA. They are scared because as they close this paper based system we are no longer obliged to stay under their law and can escape to Gods flock. This happened before in Egypt when the good Pharaoh took in Jacob and his family during the famine. Jacob and his decedents referred to themselves as ‘servants’ of the good Pharaoh three times (sign in triplicate) thus entering into contractual agreement, they became his property. God turned his back on them because they chose to leave his flock of their free will. When the good Pharaoh and his system died an evil Pharaoh took over stating ‘there were too many Jews and they needed to be controlled’ he placed all the decedents of Jacob under the yoke. The contract had been broken with the death of the good Pharaoh so God remembered his people and took them back to his flock using Moses. Many Egyptians took Passover and left with the decedents of Jacob and Egypt collapsed as their system will collapse again.

        If you want to do more research

        Admiralty law and the strawman
        Solomon’s corruption to satan via the Pharaoh’s daughter
        Her corruption and using of Solomon’s God given gifts to create a powerful satanic temple
        Solomon and the Brazen Sea
        Patentable DNA
        AI blockchain and patentable DNA

        This video explains where and why admiralty law came in existence as a powerful spell

      • You are right about Christ but the war is not with DI or RB.
        Stay focused on the real enemy or stay quiet.

      • Who is RB? And I must disagree, all dissos and shills should be outed and exposed as they are all employed by The Adversary. Learn from history:

        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”

      • Perhpas misguided or not on the narrow path but the enemy they are not.

      • You’re showing a deep lack of understanding and allowing a perverted sense of unwarranted loyalty to pervert and cloud your thinking. It’s almost a silly emotionalism that I would normally associate with a woman – totally illogical.

      • The UN and WEF want Gaia to be the world religion because it fits in with their Mother Earth above man agenda. Sustainable Development is their key phrase.

  2. Demonstrations do nothing,the establishment laugh at these people who peaceably come down to London for the day for a demonstration but first have to ask permission to march and permission to follow a certain route,how is that rebelling against the system,when you have to beg your master to allow you to protest,non compliance is the answer.get real.

    • The elite are not scared of peaceful placard-waving protesters. We need to group together and make sure we are ready to fight fire with fire! We need ex soldiers and military leaders to guide us…. WHEN it’s needed.

      • It’s needed already, the issue is, self sacrifice for the greater good is no longer a thing, currently most of even us are running on hope that we are wrong.

        Too late anyway already, jabs have been deployed, even most kids 12+ have had it I’d guess soon.

        Hopefully by Xmas, it’ll be revealed as a 100% HOAX, loads talking about this, court cases can’t lose ( can be bought mind ), just got to sit back and see if the jabbed deaths spiral like crazy soon. Be part of there plan, so don’t take this as a Win 🙁

      • Talking of the ‘greater good’ I have often seen this quote on war memorials ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ It is a biblical quote.

      • @Videoman 1959 Nothing will happen until people have nothing left to lose, and their backs are against the wall. The only problem with that being it may be too late.

      • It could be the wisest decision: Isaiah 26:20 (KJV) Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

  3. The best way to take control of a people and control them utterly is to take a little of there freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.

      • That would mean Hitler couldn’t even follow his own instruction manual 😀 Either that or someone has been putting words into the Fuhrer’s mouth 😀

  4. The best way to take control of a people and control them utterly is to take a little of there freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed. ADOLF HITLER

    • That would mean Hitler couldn’t even follow his own instruction manual 😀 Either that or someone has been putting words into the Fuhrer’s mouth 😀

    • Hitler 🤔 obviously the programming we all received instead of education has worked perfectly, his-story is a lie, the war mongers you were taught about, well I have news for you, they’re not the real war mongers, don’t believe, I wouldn’t have believed it myself until I started doing a little research starting about 4 years ago, one word “comjooism” I know you don’t get it but for those who want to know more, the true history hidden for over 70 years, try starting with the likes of Hellstorm, The secret victory of the masons WWII by Dennis Wise or better still EUROPA the last battle, which you can find on, the others you’ll find on google, the truth needs to be told, for all of you who think your awake, your not, your still half asheep but you won’t be after watching any of the above, especially EUROPA good luck on your journey to the next level, be prepared to be shocked

    • @Dave If that’s true he was speaking of Jewish Bolshevism, for that’s exactly how they work. No freedoms were removed from patriotic loyal Germans, and they were allowed to own guns, contrary to what propaganda you may have read, and unlike Cultural Jew Marxist shit hole Britain today.

  5. And they’ll keep on pushing jabs and persauding kids aged 12 into taking the jab, that doesn’t work and is killing many short term, this is MADNESS and only going to get worse.

    Loads of Bans on FaceArse, all I said was ” You know the jab stays in the fat in your arm ” and INSTANT BAN, first in 3 months, 30 days LOL every time they go all BANNY shit goes down, shit is going down soon!! 🙁

    Not long posted up that that woman that got shot and killed, her dad is a big time lawyer and she had stuff on the Clintons, he’d posted on twitter, wonder what it would be like to shoot an unarmed person days before, guessing he’s a pedo and he’s had to kill her to keep his crap private.

    The world truely has gone MAD!!

  6. Thank you Hugo

    Least Ireland are giving it a go … Fair play

    Have great Sunday Hugo & All

  7. So influenza has a new name…some sci fi based variant number…
    You know its so predictable now….
    Just wish others downed tools and said enough is enough and if more did then they wouldnt know what to do

    • Brilliant piece of video! I’ve only watched a few minutes, but with one lady representative stating that she is not frightened of Covid, but IS frightened of losing civil liberties was a winner for me. Nice one, my like minded friend.

    • MEPs???? Oh what a cracker!! Those tossers have about as much power and influence as my landlord’s cat. ROTFL! Come on guys it’s time you truly woke up!! The coffee is delicious – join me!

  8. Time is coming for a great reset.
    Not the one they are hoping for.

  9. Green pass, covid pass, whatever you want to call it. Is the foot in the door for a social credit system. Carbon footprint measuring tool. Digital currency. Track and trace. Etc etc. Which they so desperately want. This is what the covid hoax was used for. Which is why where this far into it today, they need the green pass to implement the other things I’ve mention, and then some.. 200 apps they got lined up for us so far, and it’s not fully functioning yet They car’t do it without the smartphone which they are trying to manipulate you to have one or mandate it like in china by linking everything upto it. that’s why the smartphones have got to go. If Green pass comes in and people comply its goodbye freedom. Then we will lose this. And I’ll have my answer to go off grid. Still got hope we will win this, time will tell very soon actually. somethings got to give.

    • 200 apps on a smartphone? With that lot would it even turn on? 😀

  10. Plan A plan b plan c. There manufacturing a lock down for those who are awake. There subliminally telling you and preparing for it. It will come. And hope people have stocked up on food for 6 months or so. So obvious what there doing. And going back to the start again. So they can lumber there planned social credit system on us. And carbon tax aswell. To many cups of tea today and all that bull. You’ve exceeded your calorie intake today. So no food till the morning bull. Gos round and round and it won’t end. Off grid anyone?

    • It seems I was right about the mince pies 😀 Apparently the UK is suffering from a ‘foil shortage’ 😀

  11. In the fakestream news…

    ‘Holidaymakers will need three jabs if they want to travel next year, says minister 😀

    Only a ‘conspiracy theorist’ could have predicted that 😀

    Holidaymakers might need three Covid vaccinations to travel next summer, a minister has revealed.

    The vaccine passport could evolve meaning Britons will require three jabs to jet off on holiday.

    Care Minister Gillian Keegan said people who have had two doses are currently considered fully vaccinated but that this will “evolve over time”.

    It means the definition of fully vaccinated could eventually refer to those who have had three doses as the booster rollout continues.

    Asked if people would not be able to travel unless they have received their booster, Ms Keegan told Sky News: “I don’t think so.

    “The advice at the moment is the double jabbed vaccination but of course that will evolve over time as the third dose comes in.

    “It’s two doses for now but I’m sure the vaccine passport concept will evolve and there will be ‘if you’ve had your booster etc’ because it’s not probably going to be good for next summer.”

    However, under 50s are unlikely to receive their shot until “well after Christmas” according to an anonymous source of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

    Under current coronavirus rules, those who have received two Covid vaccines are considered fully vaccinated and can avoid quarantine restrictions when travelling abroad.

    The government said there are currently no plans to change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated.’

    Health experts are now advising booster jabs to boost immunity levels as infection levels rise.

    Despite this, the prime minister has resisted calls from health leaders for tighter restrictions.

    Health Secretary Sajid Javid said this week that new cases could reach 100,000 a day but Downing Street insisted there was still spare capacity in the NHS and that Plan B would only be activated if it came under “significant pressure”.

    Plan B includes working-from-home guidance and the mandatory use of face masks.’

  12. Wancocks, about to be slapped in prison 🙂 they are onto the care home deaths and have the evidence which we’ve been aware of for a year+

    A Vital Step towards it’s all being a HOAX and opppsss sorry, we did as the scientists / gates told us to do.

    Mission Complete, everyone that’ll be jabbed is jabbed even Kids 🙁

    After 26years of self employeed IT consultant / programmer, I’ve been forced into getting a job 🙁 Lorry Driver up tomorrow’s Op is a 4am set off in a lorry I’ve not driven before LOL Avoid the M6 / M25 Birmingham to Dover!! LOL Damn I HATE the Convid Verse!!

    • At first I read that as ‘forced into getting a jab’ 😀 and I thought, well, that’s GAME OVER! for Turveyd 😀

  13. Don’t take the poison vaccine! It contains foetal matter and a nasty toxin called graphene oxide which will definitely kill you! The jabbed will all die from “flu” this winter! Watch!

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