2 x FOOTBALL FANS Medical Emergencies At SAME MATCH / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Would have thought so aren’t you supposed to be double jabbed to get in these matches ?

      • Yes, but MSM will tout it as “the unvaccinated are falling ill”

      • I went to a Championship football match last Wednesday and there was no Covid-19 restrictions

      • Well!! That’s brill news! I also thought that ALL football was a ‘ shew-uz-vor-paperz’ places. What match did you go to? Do you know any other stadiums that allow us to have this freedom??

      • I went to Deepdale to watch Preston North End vs Coventry. As far as I’m aware vax passes are only for Premier League games. I could be wrong though.

    • Paul…. Or will just say ‘ a medical emergency’ if the fans were jabbed. I hope both fans recover, but it’s just a coincidence, surely? 😉😷😢🙄

      • Videoman, sounded like it was 3 people altogether.

        2 fans and a Bristol team player… According to the guy at the stadium.

        Nothing to see here, it wasn’t the jab for sure… Yeah bollox!

      • No mate. Looks like JUST two fans who were a medical emergency. I wonder if any fans are ill on the way to the stadium or on the way home? The stadium is only full of fans for 2 hours and to have 2 fans having serious health situations is unusual isnt it? How many other people are being ill, but because they are not in a large gathering of people being covered by sports programmes it never gets to make the news? It is only the fact that it affects so many that it gets air-time. If anyone gets poorly at any other sports event that is not on the tv, then very few would get to know….. and besides, it all a coincidence anyway, isnt it?? 🙄😷🤬🤬

      • Paul, it appears that the Bristol player was a head injury, so I gather it was a knock he suffered during the game. But I can’t find anything definite. However, a routine bang to the head could be made worse by the vaccine’s earlier effects.

      • My reply just now was meant for Unvaxxed, not Paul.

  1. Children Adults Pregnant Women collapsing will all be put down to the Flu …..as People are more susceptible to it due to the fact there wasn’t any flu last Year!

  2. Antibody dependant enhancement kicking in…..countdown begins sheep …

  3. I haven’t seen anything in the MSM regarding adverse reactions. Maybe a couple of stories at most. In comparison to hundreds of fear mongering stories like ‘ hundreds of thousands will die ‘ and ‘ it’s stuck to your shoes ‘ and ,’ kids are the new biggest spreaders ‘ and all that daily stuff.

    • That spreader theory has no science behind it and you cannot catch anything off anybody without showing symptoms..
      Many scientists have said the same…
      The MSM are just liars and will never print the truth because if they did then many would not bother with this complete bullshit lie of a so called pandemic

  4. Football is now ridiculous – a match can last a whole afternoon with all the fans having medical problems, let alone the players. The media seem to be driving this too for whatever reason who knows, as they are so twisted. No doubt in the old days if a fan had a problem the game would go on!
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  5. Flu is the delta plus variant…
    Everything will be branded “covid 19” yet again…
    Flu, adverse jab reactions, jab deaths and any form of death or illness with a swab not fit for purpose…
    The new pill out is a experimental influenza one….
    They are slowly tripping themselves up actually because if another needless non science based fact proof lockdown happens?…
    Many will not do it except the nappie wearers and hand gel wankers…

    • According to the government, flu completely disappeared last winter but is back this winter. That would be the first time in my 40 years that flu has had the winter off. And I have a feeling that this year these flu cases will be called CVD cases as well.

      • Last year there was a 40% reduction of deaths by heart attacks in grossly obese USA, these deaths were conveniently replaced by Covid deaths – clever that!

      • They need an excuse for all the jab deaths that are coming. hence Flu making a comeback after a year’s holiday,

      • Kind of thinking they will actually call it flu and add a “variant” in to make it more dramatic…
        Fiddle the figures and add the useless swab test and inflate the figures again…
        There so predictable they are pathetic these governments…

    • I don’t think everything will be branded covid, I think it’ll be branded flu or some other “super bug”. If they admit it’s covid then they admit the jabs don’t work and possibly make people more likely to die. I think it’ll be called flu/other and they’ll keep telling people to come get jabbed.

      • The idea is probably to have us begging for a cocktail of “vaccines”

    • I hope they didn’t smother him with a tea towel during CPR like Dr Killary Jones…
      Hope they recover!

      • I’ve seen the good doctor do CPR on the tel-LIE-vision, and you MUST smother them with a blanket in case they got the killer virus and cough over you as you ‘ save’ them! Surely that’s the correct method coz Dr Shillery said so?? 😂😂😷😂😂

  6. And so it begins… The darkest of winters is approaching. us

  7. A friend of mine let me know today.. his mate ended up in hospital with a bacterial infection. He was ill and put on the convid ward. Where 14 other patients resided… all had been jibjabbed and 3 died within the first 48 hours of his arrival.. he was the only one who left the ward! Things are about to implode

    • Bless their souls, but I bet they were all singing the vaccines’ praises saying, “Imagine how much worse it would be for us without them”. Crazy.

      • Absolutely! “I may be dying but if I hadn’t had the miracle lifesaving evergiving vaccine I would end up deader”

  8. People who have had the jab, my heart breaks for them.
    Brothers and sisters you must understand this is a spiritual war.

    They have dumbed society down for decades with bread and circuses, materialism, me, me, me attitude.
    The jab is the poison from hell.
    When did you ever hear of people dropping nearly dead at football matches before all this began. Never!
    If you have had the jab! Go to the foot of the cross and ask Jesus to cleanse you with the precious blood of the lamb of God!!
    Who died on the cross for you!

    These monsters are all in to trick you anyway they can to steal your soul..
    “Be wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove “cry out to” Jesus” he will hear your cry from the heart and the deep groaning of your soul.

    I wish to God this wasn’t so, but it is and here we are!
    Only “Jesus” can save us who has been given by” God “all power, all authority in heaven and on earth.
    Glory be to God! Christ is lord!

  9. Ironic how the leaves, flowers and berries of the Hawthorn tree are used medicinally to treat cardiac disorders! The world’s a stage people!

  10. This is so sad , many lives are being maimed or lost , and its all going unheard of.

  11. Just sharing on here, chap I know in hospital, not jabbed. Stood on a rusty nail couple of weeks ago, became unwell with high temp, apparent localised infection Ended up in hospital, He’s in hospital now in an induced coma and on a ventilator. I’m worried, cos I’ve heard genuine doctors saying this was killing people. Would the hospital knowingly put this man’s life at risk to prove a point for the government, ie unjabbed died of covid, he tested positive for covid. I think pneumonia has been mentioned. Worried for him tbh.

    • The Protocol of putting people in coma then on a ventilator is a sure fire method of killing people. The chances of getting off a ventilator is slim to none. If anyone of my family was put on one I would take them off it immediately and remove them from hospital. In fact I would avoid the hospitals unless you were at deaths door.

    • Hospitals are now death centres and they want numbers for their Covid scam, so I don’t hold out much hope for him. Pneumonia is a secondary infection. He obviously left it late to treat the injury correctly. Plus, if his body was already toxic from his life style and with external pollution from his environment then he was automatically vulnerable.

  12. Has anyone else noticed the amount of Ambulances running around on the roads with Blue Lights flashing with no siren ? There is a dramatic increase where I live. It’s starting the poison is kicking in. A friend of mine is in hospital now he’s double jabbed and on oxygen for Covid apparently. He posted on FB today how lucky he’s been having two jabs because he would be a lot worse if he hadn’t. This is the new mantra as their heath deteriorates they count their blessing for the miracle Jab that didn’t ace them.


  14. There was an item on the BBC radio a couple of days ago discussing the necessity to register owners of defibrillators. I checked on line and found this: Cardiac Arrest: Thousands of defibrillators unknown to 999 service. By Jenny Rees – BBC Wales Health Correspondent… and then there follows more messages. Connect the dots?

  15. Since this started it opened a up many questions in many areas one being language. It was pointed out to me that in news feeds and documentaries that we think are real about murders or whatever – when they use the language to tell you the truth ‘it’s unbelievable.’ means it’s a fake or a lie. He told us it’s fake. To our face. One from each side team makes its odd too.
    This is to cause more fear and more conflict keep the conversation going amongst opposite sides. Duping delight is another thing to look for when you watch the news readers, political presentations watch the facial expressions you can see they can hardly keep it together for laughing or they can’t and laugh inappropriately.

  16. I checked the West Brom Twitter page to see what people were saying about all this. A couple mentioned the vaccine, and were duly ridiculed, then I found this reference to your website and the Irish footballer Roy Butler;s death. But check the response from Adam Townsend; he thinks “what a load of complete and utter bollocks”, stating it’s an isolated incident and there’s no proof it was vaccine related, adds that the media have no reason to lie and says this is a dodgy website that cannot be trusted. Ironically on his profile he described himself as never sleeping; what an irony.

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