School Headteacher Admits 14 Kids Off Sick Due To JAB Adverse Reactions On Sky News / Hugo Talks


165 Comments on “School Headteacher Admits 14 Kids Off Sick Due To JAB Adverse Reactions On Sky News / Hugo Talks

  1. Spain Legalizes CHEMTRAILS in Fight to Stop Coronavirus

    By Paul Duke -April 19, 2020

    ‘The order was first published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, the country’s official gazette, on Friday, that “authorizes the NBQ (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) units of the Armed Forces and the UME to use biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health in disinfection efforts to deal with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.”’

    Plural form of biocide

    A chemical agent, such as a pesticide, that is capable of destroying living organisms.
    Any substance that can destroy living organisms

  2. Benefits of giving Pfizer jab to 5-11-year-olds ‘outweigh the risks’

    ‘Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been linked to rare cases of heart inflammation called myocarditis, especially in young men.

    The FDA said that, assuming the number of myocarditis cases seen in the younger age group would be similar to that seen in 12 to 15-year-olds, the number of COVID hospitalisations prevented would outnumber myocarditis-related ones in most scenarios.’

    What is this saying? That sacrificing children to prevent hospitalisations in the wider population is a good thing? For ‘the greater good’ and all that. Because that is what it reads like.

    Full article:

    Benefits of giving Pfizer jab to 5-11-year-olds ‘outweigh the risks’

    Benefits of giving the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine to 5 to 11-year-olds clearly outweigh the risks, according to a US drug watchdog.

    The assessment by scientists at the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comes as the makers of the vaccine said it showed 90.7% efficacy against coronavirus in a clinical trial of children in that age group.

    A panel of experts is due to vote on Tuesday whether to recommend the FDA authorises the shots for youngsters.

    Latest COVID-19 updates from the UK and around the world

    If given the go-ahead, it would be the first COVID-19 vaccine for the age group and jabs could be available in the US in early November.

    Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been linked to rare cases of heart inflammation called myocarditis, especially in young men.

    The FDA said that, assuming the number of myocarditis cases seen in the younger age group would be similar to that seen in 12 to 15-year-olds, the number of COVID hospitalisations prevented would outnumber myocarditis-related ones in most scenarios.

    Pfizer suggested in its own briefing documents that the rate of myocarditis in the age group was likely to be lower than observed in vaccinated 12 to 15-year-olds, partly because the younger children were given a lower dose.

    Because more than twice as many children in the 2,268-participant trial were given the vaccine than placebo, that equated to better than 90% efficacy.

    The manufacturers have already said the vaccine provided a robust immune response in the children.

    The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine already has US regulatory authorisation for people who are at least 12-years-old, including full FDA approval in August for those 16 and over.

    Around 190 million people in the US are fully vaccinated, including more than 11 million 12 to 17-year-olds that have received the Pfizer vaccine.

    If the FDA approves the vaccine for younger children, a group of experts will meet early next month to make recommendations on how the shots should be administered.

  3. Sick uneducated & criminal action by this teacher. I have sent Cease & Desist letters to all schools in my area. We must start prosecuting these people.

    • Hi

      I don’t have school age kids myself
      but anyone I know who has & has asked me to sign document, I Do.
      Lots have actually formed I have seen
      so you’re good work must be paying off as theses are appearing more regularly near here
      Thank goodness

  4. Face masks in schools have NEVER been compulsory: It is a lie spread by MSM. Official government documents confirm this…

  5. I heard a story, 2, 4 year olds where given jab rather than flu jab by mistake, last i heard both fighting for there lives.

    They don’t scale the jabs to persons weight at all, so small people and especially kids get the equivalent of 4 or well 6 doses all in 1 go, so no wonder there dying, madness!

    • I read an article published from before convid that said that the reasons ‘vax-ceens’ are split into two does is to stop it overwhelming your system,

    • Kids that young in this country are given the nasal spray flu vaccine rather than jab, was it in another country?

  6. In the news..

    UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO, end of the checkout queue? Stores rush to deploy till-free technology… 😀

    • Oo whoopie
      NOT lol
      So they moving along with so called ‘plan b’

      What you think will sell out first because of panic buying
      Last year it was bedding I couldn’t buy a mattress cover till beginning of January!

      Total nut jobs.

      • It is hard to tell. Crazy stuff like refuse sacks were sold out last time round for some unfathomable reason 😀 Maybe the zombies will go after the mince pies this time 😀

        Have a great day 😀

  7. bio-safe wtf is that, more bullshit compulsory masks again, the jab is causing all this shit

  8. Reporter just ignores the fact 14 are off with adverse reactions to the jab. This should be the main story. Out in the city this morning and the mobile “No Symptom” covid test van was parked in the centre just trying to ramp up the “cases” ready for Christmas. How on earth do people not see through this sham by now? God said that he would give people over to strong delusion in the last days. Well that is certainly true with the lurgy. They should be testing for active brain cells not C0v!

  9. I see that Austria are threatening lockdowns for the unvaccinated only where anyone who is unvaccinated would only been able to go out for medical appointments or essentials. Could they end up considering something like that here 😡

  10. No mention of how serious the side effects are for those poor 14 students… What a shitty reporter to say the least. The headteacher clearly mentioned those 14 side effected students for a reason and the reported simply ignored that bit of important information! What a delusional world we are living in folks!

    • You would have expected the reporter to be reeling in shock, horror and asked, side effects, what side effects?, but no, he just pretends the headmaster never said that, and moves on as quickly as possibly, and makes no mention of it at the end. Disgusting!

      • If you look carefully at his face, you can see his eyebrow raise and mouth corners raise in a way that suggests they have previously discussed what he can say on live tv. There is longer pause after his said side effects, the reporter wanted to avoid.
        This is not news, it’s nudging, mind games by MSM who have an a gender to follow.

  11. The sheep are getting worse. I was in my local Sainsbury’s today (superstore so it’s a big one) and let’s just say it was like being in a big field and I felt like the odd one out. As in only one not wearing a stupid mask. Obviously certain people have listened way to much to the evil MSM this week and they are terrified. Clearly they didn’t think to themselves hold on this guff we keep being told is exactly that. No they belived what they got told.

    • Jon hi
      I said same last week when Jav announced ,
      People are to far gone
      Someone (sorry I not looked back who sorry) but they commented this today,
      on here,
      They are so far gone only we are left .
      I still won’t wear a mask & I feel elevated when they look at me in shops because I can feckin breathe & smile & half time they don’t like that , well that’s tough crap cause I Like smiling.

      Take care

      • Janie I avoid eye contact with people in shops and supermarkets and if I get questioned about a mask I will say personal choice. I bet alot of people still caught covid despite a mask which means they are useless but they don’t see that. It makes me so mad 😡

      • I know they irritate the Feck out of me to you are not alone lol

        Just keep doing what u doing Jon, do what we feel is ok,
        this Insanity is driving a wedge
        it’s what they want don’t let them get you angry
        You made the right choice, let them see the outcome because
        We all already know what is happening, if they want to walk around in ignorance i pity them Jon.

        Have great rest your evening

      • When first Lockdown bollocks was on and I was walking my dog, if I passed anyone, o always SMILED and said ‘ good morning’…. It made them open their mouths and talk , which they didn’t want to do ….. just in case! 😂😂😂🤔😷😂😂😂😂

      • Good morning

        Your right because sometimes people are So moody it makes me want to smile at them more!

        I have always been a happy go lucky person because I do personally feel life is to short
        but unfortunately as you mentioned to many out there are listening to the Fake crap & causing themselves to feel low etc
        I understand Jon,s thoughts because it can be overwhelming when people are just being Rude & Moody!
        It’s disgusting behaviour & they are not getting that this
        is what the people pushing this .. want!

        Thank goodness We on here are holding on!
        It helps me A lot so thank you All .

        Have great day now

      • I look at them in a mask and shake my head and smile. That normally pissis them of because I’m free and there not

      • Exactly Chris lol

        “Smile & the world smiles with you, cry, you cry alone”

        My old Nan used say that sadly she recently died & they tried signing her off as ‘convid’ death!
        It took us as a family a month an a half, bit more actually to finally arrange funeral & put her to rest,
        we were Not letting them sign a 99 year old off whom went through a tough life with a fantastic outlook & was a great provider,

        they were not getting away with blaming her death on this Lie!

        She new it before she died because the loneliness got the better of her through first shat lockdowns & her spirit was being broken sadly,
        I am a forgiving person but not for this unfortunately, yes my grandmother was old but she Was not ready to die yet bless her soul

        It’s why I fight on, I might has lost my beautiful grandmother
        But it only makes me feel more happy smiling when I smile at sad ass people who don’t even know me! & giving me attitude for me living My life.
        And in honour of my grandmother
        she fought hard against them taking away her freedom
        she couldn’t hold on unfortunately
        as many many more other poor elderly & sick people have …. it’s so sad.

        Have nice evening Chris

      • Me too you are not on your own….all the way through last year and this year i have refused to wear a mask we must keep going and smiling this is all a charade we will win in the end………but mind controlling for others that won’t see unfortunately.

      • evening Susan

        Yes great comment
        it’s so true because who said there was a lockdown on smiling! Lol

        They just get more twisted & unrealistic
        but most people unfortunately Susan are so brainwashed it’s hard to say If they ever will “see the light “ & think for others not just their own greed !

        As Chris & Dom of Sheep Farm chronicles say
        Barrrrrrr lol

        Have great evening now

    • Bloody groundhog day is what it is! The restrictions don’t work so what’s the point in repeating them over and over. Definition of madness doing that and expecting different results. I hate walking amongst the muzzled-up numpties but ultimately I pity them for being so brainwashed and fearful. Plenty of people are not fearful but wear one to be considerate to others, but even that’s bollocks given the asymptomatic spread myth. If you’re not coughing and spluttering all over the place you’re not a bio-hazard.

      • Ginaw I agree with you 100% the restrictions don’t work. And yet the evil Dr Hillary and Dr Sarah Jarvis plus government plus the health organisations insist they do work. I honestly think we are the experts not them. I did go on sages website earlier and there is information on there regarding plan b which will go into 2022 and it says what the papers say. Basically mandatory masks Christmas lockdown and working from home. It’s just crazy.

    • It’s not surprising that they’re frit to breathe fresh air. I was in Howdens on Friday and they have a tv playing for customers.. the BBC BS fake news was on. They’ve sent a f’king’ reporter’ to POLAND to show ‘ how bad’ the Killer Virus is out there!!! The propaganda is relentless, non stop…. The Normies don’t know any better as they have no idea there is another side to this BS.. Good luck to them!!

  12. I’ve just had a quick look through today’s scum I mean sun newspaper (I don’t bother with it as a rule but I’m at my parents place and it was on the table so thought I’d see what shit is in it today) I had a look an article by someone called Karren Brady who is saying we should wear masks and get jabbed or a lockdown will happen then she says about the (apparent) cases per day then she says about we have the same amount of deaths per day at the mo as march when we were in lockdown. So I wonder if she is saying lockdown was a waste of time (which it was) and just didn’t realize what she put. Hmm 🤔

    • Karren Brady, Net Worth: $123 Million. These are the people unaffected by lockdowns, exempt from some of the rules it seems anyway!

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