School Headteacher Admits 14 Kids Off Sick Due To JAB Adverse Reactions On Sky News / Hugo Talks


165 Comments on “School Headteacher Admits 14 Kids Off Sick Due To JAB Adverse Reactions On Sky News / Hugo Talks

    • Just stop testing the freezing well …it makes no sense, other than to drive up false negatives to assist an agenda to subjugate a the population!
      Yes …we got your number Boris and sage …
      Just stop testing yourself if you are not ill, and not needing medical help …
      I am done with you all now …
      Hypochondriac are ruling healthcare …
      Get a fucking grip people …

      • Did you see that when he said 14 with side effects of the jab youre man nevercommented on that what scum bags these bbc are

      • I’m with you. Hard to believe people are so stupid

      • Agreed. Why would anyone even bother to get tested. Also, God only knows what’s on those swabs. They’ll all false tests anyway.

    • He didn’t even pause when the guy mentioned side effects. These people are zombies.

    • Breaks my heart to hear about this. I am a Manc and it is horrible to think this evil shit is around. I have just sent email to the headteacher. I have linked her to Christine Massey’s website which preoves there is no evidence for this phony virus. I have linked her to video of inventor of the PCR tests, Kary Mullis, warn it is not to be used as a diagnostic tool for infections, and also video demos from a Fireman on the danger of wearing face-masks, and also a detailed warning from a doctor about neurological damage to children by suppressing oxygen. ANYONE with any intelligence should know this. ALL other species know this, but these fukin zombies who have totally lost their souls NEED telling, and even then it can be in one ear and out of the other!!!

      • My friend, I applaud your endeavour in showing this Zombie what the REAL dangers are…. but I fear that your correspondence will never make a difference. We Thinkers are alone now, the sheep will not change their spots. We need to organise ourselves for a time when we will be discriminated ( which we already are ) against and they will try to starve us to death. We need to take-up-arms for when we turn into ‘Melbourne, Australia’ and need those weapons!


    • Yes Shane, I was just about to say the same thing. They’re clearly briefed to portray the vaccines as near faultless.

    • Well he did say “Obviously doing all they can here” at the end, that’s about as good as it gets with the BBC. Doing all they can to what? is the real question.

    • Get this people….SHARE PLEASE….ln Singapore a 16 year old boy has been awarded £250,000 damages from his Government for damages….AFTER HIS PFIZER JAB HE HAD A HEART ATTACK….the law suits will be piling up!….

      • That amount for the ruination of a young healthy life is DISGUSTING!!! Actually it is PRICE-LESS!!!

      • I’m afraid that if you told a million sheep this TRUE story, NONE would change their spots and would get in the queue for their 3rd, 4th,5th vaxtermination jabs. It’s US v THEM now. Stock up on tinned foods and bullets!!!

    • They use these euphemisms to cover up their crime. ANYONE with investigatory skills has before them the internet they could look and FKN find, and they would find that this was all known was going to happen. Dr Ardis explains this REALLY well.

  2. And Sky News “reporter” completely glosses over it, fails to question further

    • Funny that isn’t it, it must be a really bad Covid side effect…selective hearing!

  3. The cases lol cases are high because they give false positives

        Read your Bible!
        The wicked will not prosper.
        They will be brought down to sheol, tormented night and day.
        God bless!

      • In what way am I exacting vengeance? Looks like your ‘logic’ is perverted, but then your being a Religious apostate, that’s not surprising. Here it is again from Yashua Messiah’s own mouth:

        Luke 17:3 (MCV) Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent (changes his behaviour), forgive him.


      • ‘The only verdict is vengeance’

        — V (for Vendetta)

      • ‘The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.’

        — V (for Vendetta)

  4. 420 possibly dead kids, damaged, sterile, god knows what else, Graphene Oxide poisoned, forced to weak masks sick bastards.

    • Out of those 420, 14 are off school ( presumably really poorly ). That is ONE out of every THIRTY children who is ill when they NEVER would have been ill even if they had caught Convid ! Sickening that more sheep are not seeing this now…. I fear for all our safety. Stock up on tinned foods and bullets!!!! Youre gonna need both!

  5. Pretty quick to wrap up that interview wasn’t he after he let slip 14 kids off with side effects. Scum media.

    • Yep, Kay Burley looked like an ashen-faced rabbit in headlights 😀 Or at least what I imagine an ashen-faced rabbit in headlights would look like 😀 Not like I have ever seen one 😀

  6. The headmaster/principle looks very pleased with his Bio Safe/Covid Secure measures… This bandit should be wearing a mask like the one in silence of the lambs!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  7. I couldn’t help but notice the girl limping at the beginning. I see a lot of that these days. Must be the graphene oxide.

    • Not seen it yet, but blood clots in the legs are a thing and are only getting worse, legs 1 day, heart or brain the next 🙁

      Wait till they whack up the 5G’s output and get that Graphene Oxide to stick together, from small tiny particles to bigger nastier 1’s, we’ve all seen GO react to a mobile phone being near it right??

  8. If there’s such a thing as “covid secure “, how come their cases are so high?
    It’s good of the headteacher to give us the heads up regarding masks being mandatory in schools again soon too! 🤦‍♂️

    • Yes! He let a couple of things ‘ slip’ didn’t he?. I’m sure he thought that coz he’s on TV he’d have to be telling the truth.!! 🤔… He says that Schools fully masked in November and 14 out of 420 kids who are OFF ( presumably really poorly, as opposed to ‘ tested positive’ and off with no f’king symptom!!) coz of side effect of jab! Before jabs there would be perhaps ONE child out of 420 who would have , perhaps, been tested positive with this flu!! 14/420 is ONE in THIRTY suffering coz an unnecessary injection! The sheep wouldn’t have heard the real truth though, sadly.

    • Cases are meaningless with a tool being used to detect a “virus” that its not invented for to do…
      SARS 2 was never proven to actually exist as it was never contained for a vaccine…
      Besides they replaced every common ailment or illness with this covid crap since day 1….
      Flu now is delta variant plus…
      Never has been one since 2019

  9. Ironic how biased that head teacher is..Yes, the use of mask is necessary to protect the staff and the community.. Scumbags..then the report didn’t mention the 14 adverse cases due to the vaxx but the ones being at home with COVID. Ironically, students going inside masked but the Head and reporter no social distancing nor wearing masks either
    Totally and utterly Bullocks..The queen celebration including Boris and Gates no mask to be seen but they will impose it on us. If people still buys this agenda then we’re doomed.

  10. Obviously a very uneducated head master. Hope he’s held complicit when Nuremberg 2 gets underway.

    • Nuremberg was a Bolshevik Commie show trial where ALL the prisoners were tortured for their ‘confessions’. We want none that barbarism here in Britain. All we need is a Common Law Court with jury so they get justice and if found guilty then publicly executed at Tyburn, (Marble Arch)

  11. What the hell is he talking about unscientific lies bullshit don’t bother even listening

  12. 420 jabbed, 14 off with adverse reactions, thats 1 out of every 30 jabbed. Head Teacher has blood on his hands, I hope those kids recover.

  13. So the school is covid secure but there are loads of people off with covid or suspected covid 🤔💩 ok and also masks are being worn. I’m confused. So do the masks not work then? Lol stupid question really. Well if they are mandatory again I will continue to NOT wear one. If needs be I will wear the blue lanyard I got from Amazon earlier in the year.

    • If you are in Scotland you can get a free Face Covering Exemption Card from – no questions asked. You can choose a picture to put on your phone (not an app so works on dumb phones) a physical card or both. The picture is emailed to you (or get someone who already has one to send you it), I am not sure if they send the physical cards outside Scotland. So, if you are maybe not include a postcode, words like England etc. in the address to maybe fool the system 🙂 Not that you even need to show one but it could come in handy to have if you get challenged by say the cops. You know how they go on.

      • Now I have just realised that the cards say ‘NHS Scotland’, ‘Healthier Scotland’ and ‘Scottish Government’ on them 🙂 but would that really make a difference.

      • Maybe they’ll bring out a nice armband version.

      • Thanks for the link, it’s all there if you want one. Having a dangler does stop arse holes asking you to wear a mask. In England, you can buy one off fleabay for a fiver 😉😉😷😂😂

  14. Ignore the 14 ADRs and focus on not enough jabs omg, do people really just not like there kids.

    Sickest thing I’ve ever heard, bet they jab my sheep 13 year old!


  15. That school principle smirking!when talking about cases and mask wearing!and the intervier, totally unconcerned about 14 adverse reactions!amongst many others!unbelievable 🤬

    • Dr (if he really is one) Hillary doom Jones almost smirks when he delivers bad news. I’ve read various stuff about him such as he’s payed heavily to push the jab and works for Bill Gates. Fair play to the protesters outside his home a few weeks ago. I just hope he was in.

    • In our local paper, it actually says…lf a parent is not prepared to sign the ‘consent’ form…..the young person can OVERIDE their request…this is shocking…kids just want to be in their ‘tribe’ ..NOT segregated…this is shocking to me…ABSOLUTE COERSION!!…

  16. So 420 pupils out of a school with 1250 have been injected that is a percentage of 33.6. Of the 420 14 have adverse side effects, that is a percentage of 3..33333333. Interesting numbers again or am I going totally crazy now. I just cannot believe so many parents are not questioning any of this now. Thanks Hugo and to all who comment.

    • Why is that twat still breathing why has his wife not done him in his sleep

    • I love that you’re into the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. But unless you know the full context, you cannot understand them. Always leave interpretation of the numbers too subjects you know completely, or to the experts who do.

      In this case, one of the factors you’re missing is that ‘getting sick from an AV’, is completely normal.
      These kids will almost certainly be fine within a day, or week at the most. And when they recover their body will have better tools (anti-bodies) for fighting any virus that is close to the AV they were injected with.

      • When you’re writing a reply to something, do me a fucking favour if you’re going to use abbreviations by explaining what they mean .’AV’? What’s that meant to mean? We’re not psychic. Your last point about anybody being ‘stronger’ at fighting infection after a vaccination is total bollocks and because this shite has been put in place since the 1950’s with polio propaganda, everybody hails vaccines as the new religion.

    • That would mean that 66.6% of kids were off due to adverse reactions! Could ‘they’ © ™ ® make it any more obvious? 😀

    • And it’s been here since 597 AC with the arrival of the satanic papist Augustine, and then cemented in 1649-1694 by the Dutch Jews.

      “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.” –

      — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

      On the English Civil War:

      “No English lawyer could be found to draw up the charge (against King Charles I), which was eventually entrusted to an accommodating alien, Isaac Dorislaus (A Dutch Jew).” (All brackets mine) –

      — Hugh Ross Williamson from his book “Charles and Cromwell”

      “The Jews ate the English nation to its bones”

      — John Speed

  17. Fuckers…biggest Hoax in history ..De-populating agenda ..GLOBALIST CUNTS

  18. Why are parents subjecting there kids to this. looks like hell. Get them the hell out. Get out in nature. 3 hrs a day like I do. Do something please, better still get out the city for a few hours. Mental toucher to the kids. So glad I’m not at school anymore. There manufacturing another lock down cart you see just in time for winter to begin. they car’t wait. 6 months of this shit and then some.. Just get them out now. Social credit system will be out within that time. Measuring your carbon footprint. 2 yrs later and where back to the start that hasn’t started yet. This won’t end unless we end it, and the ones complying are fuelling the fire. Which the powers that be want. So they can throw more at us. Thank fuck I’m awake. Next time line is 16th december when the vaccine passports are out just in time for Christmas party’s. No party’s No Turkey’s. No fuel proberly and food. Fits the agenda it wouldn’t surprise me as the conspiracys are coming true. Absolutely done by design. I see it as freedom up to these dates they bring out, next one on the 16th. so where free till the 16th without the vaccine passport then more restrictions taking our freedoms away. not that I need permission to ask for freedom which was never yours to take in the first place. how disrespectful. I hope your plans fail and karma gets you. Off grid anyone?

    • Hi

      someone mentioned to me this morning they talking about “plan b” !?!?!

      Nut jobs the lot of them!

      And parents who choose to make their kids lives a living nightmare! It’s out of control.

      Yep defo up for off the grid!!!

      Have great day now

      • Hi Janie, Yes this video made me cringe this is going on in schools all day constantly talking about it. And not being teached everything apart from covid. I’d be out in 5 minutes because of the pressure and bad energy. Watching this video would not make me go in. Let alone 6 hrs off toucher with masks aswell. Why would parents send them baffles me. Better off at home. Better still out in nature. Absolute toucher for kids they shouldn’t be there and there being traumatised for life. Fingers crossed we bring this to a end soon

      • Hey

        awful times for our young generation for sure chris
        it’s so confusing & chaotic for them bless

        parents have lost sight of being able to be a
        parent if you get me,
        schools have so many RIDICULOUS rules,regulations
        now days i hear many a parent getting upset with the
        school as they Overrule the parents?!!

        And indeed.. i love nature
        its innocent

        take care now

  19. The headmaster seemed to be pleased delivering his bilge – smirking and grinning like Bill Gates with his “people will listen when the next pandemic hits” comment a while back. As usual, either complicit or a useful idiot dunce, advancing the agenda.

  20. Feeling sick after being injected with a virus, IS A NORMAL REACTION.
    Not everyone gets sick because some people already have the anti-bodies needed to fight the virus. Others simply don’t notice the symptoms because they’re too mild, or they develop the ABs quicker. But this is still VERY COMMON. and the vast majority recover in a day, or a couple of days at most. But getting a temp/sick/ache, are all signs that your immune system IS HEALTHY AND WORKING.

    • You really believe this bullshit, don’t you?. I’m suspecting at this point you’re probably Asperger’s so I’ll cut you a little slack. Please don’t just repeat what you’ve heard thinking somehow it makes you look clever (another problem with Asperger’s). If you do believe this bullshit, why are you coming to a site that doesn’t?

  21. If you go to the governments covod dashboard you can download the vacconatedAgeDemographic dataset that they have just started to publish. It details all vaccines people in UK and splits down into age groups. The good news is that only 19% of 16 and 17 year olds have been vaccinated so far and 0.3% of 12 to 15 year olds have been vaccinated so that just over 10,000 12 to 15 year olds out of a possible 2.8 million. MSM are lying about this saying that most 16/17 year olds are vaxed and sky news said on Monday 16% of 12 to 15 year olds are vaxxed absolute liars.

    • “One source says 19%, another says nearly 100% and another said 16%”

      It’s worth remembering that this is complex data that is changing ‘as we type’. Of the 16% and 19%, it could be that one set is simply more recent.

      As for a “journalists” claim that it’s nealry 100%; Well, journalists make a LOT of mistake. I only trust things in the media, if they comes from multiple sources (independent of each other). Or if they’re quoting a professional of some kind- someone who’s rep and career are on the line when they make a claim.

      • Just fuck off and die will you…….you’re a fucking Government shill that hopefully will be strung up with the other cunts.

      • ‘As I type’ we are now at 200% vaxceenated 😀 And in other news, tractor production is Eastern Siberia is up 1000%… 😀

      • Someone with ‘elethioz’ as a handle is not a National Socialist for sure 😀

      • Well if, as I suspect, it’s a Jew from Isra-hell, then he most definitely will be a National Socialist or at least a Nationalist. National Socialism/Nationalism is for Jews, whilst Bolshevik Cultural Marxism is for all you multiculti diversity loving goy slaves.

      • Yep, I only trust things in the media if it comes from the BBC and Sky 😀

  22. Children…elderly…middle ages etc…
    Some stupid idiot said to me today “the vaccines are saving lives”…
    I said “there killing people and there not vaccines but feel free to keep having them stuck inside yourself you retard”…
    Bloody people are dumb nowadays and so fooled by the media circus and news…

  23. Just seeing if this gets through the filter..

    You’re in a echo chamber. You’re being lied too. Wake TF up.
    Millions of nurses and other professionals are not lying to you. There is no bribe so big it could reach them all.

    • The nurses and doctors follow a protocol which comes from the likes of the WHO…And if you do a little research you’ll see there’s many doctors and nurses quitting because they don’t agree with the protocol. It’s much easier to fool someone than to make them see they’ve been fooled!

    • But they are being paid £12.58 per ‘shot’ plus a £10 bounty for kids 😀 £750 for a one day shift 😀 I see all the fancy cars the drive parked outside my local jib-jab centre 😀 They must be coining it in 😀 Ker-chang! 😀 ‘Hello’ *echoes* ‘Hello’ *echoes* 😀

      • And dont forget those idle sods who sat around doing fk all, in ‘testing centres and vaccination centres’ which were EMPTY for hours on end…… the staff are, as you say, just coining it in! KerChing! These gits are bound to push the BS down our throats because the longer it goes on the more they get paid…. and now its Booster No.1 time….

  24. The second new law waves is kicking in now… Ww3 The Invisible War!!

  25. Boris or his advisor just said there won’t be a lockdown cause get this, lockdowns have very little effect, so why did we have 8months of lockdown last year again ??

    There squirming, they know there are court cases being compiled with enough evidence to prove it’s a 100% HOAX and most people are onto them!!

    Sadly, mission complete, everyone is jabbed, the time to turn up the 5G and get these blood clots really cooking is nearly upon us.

    So another week or 3 tops to jab the kids single full sized jab, there small, so all they need, want 2 weeks for it work around, so Mid December earliest, end of January latest I reckon then we’ll start to see the new Mayburg / BS Variant killing 10K+ per day from clots pretty damn quickly.

    Gaming PC’s kick out a lot of EMF, maybe not right frequency, high mobile phone useage, kids are no longer exempt from this genocide 🙁

  26. Another two names to add to the roster…, those gallows are going to be pretty busy for at least a month or two.

  27. My son had a letter to get his jab. At the bottom there is room for three jabs. I through that age group was only getting one. My son will not be getting the jab.

  28. Boris and Sage are the ones that are truly sick, sick in the head.

  29. What utter stupidity and downright evil. A) Making children wear facemasks, when everyone knows that they don’t work. Also can you imagine most children being hygienic with their masks? As in constantly touching them, even wiping their noses and mouths with them as wearing the masks produce moisture. But hey-ho it makes the teachers and community feel safe. B) Pushing children to get the jab when they’re more at risk of falling off their bikes and killing themselves, and that’s saying something, as few children ride bikes today. It’s all about being seen to do the right thing. Who cares that 14 children are off school because of the effects of being jabbed. Just as long as we’re ‘seen to be doing the right thing’ Parents need a slap to wake up!

    • Agreed, I’m angry at parents at this point, if only they would just exempt their kids from wearing a mask and refused the jabs! Easy! But it’s their choice. Even the JCVI says no to kids being jabbed!

  30. Yes the madness continues…did you notice how he completely ignored the head when he told him about children off sick with jab side effects, and at the end he only mentioned children off sick with Convid or suspected Convid. No mention of children off with side effects because that goes against the agenda.

  31. This vile repulsive psychopath is not a teacher. He is a Globalist controlled muppet and utterly lacks any humanity and empathy for the children.

  32. Well done to this teacher for mentioning it but they are forcing them 2 wear a mask even if they don’t want 2 and if they don’t they force them 2 isolate in a room by themselves

    • Oh yes!!! That should be the next video!! Wonderful idea. Has anything come of the other ‘liability papers’ that have been served?

  33. Ah so 14 kids are off sick with a “sore arm” post-vaccination are they? Must be a very sore arm to have to stay home, after all that’s the only adverse effect these cretins seem willing to mention? Absolute scumbag reporter glossing over the mention of illness from the jabs, including in his “summary” at the end, just made it sound like they were ALL off with covid ffs! Hope those kids recover and refuse any more jabs! And the term “covid secure” boils my piss!

  34. Thank you Hugo as always

    Some really great comments
    I just read above
    Thank you.

    NO decent,caring loving parent puts their children through this.

    Have decent day now
    Keep strong Every one

  35. Just wait till the real problems kick in. As Geert Vanden Bossche and others have made clear,, the injections will drive the virus. One only has to look at Israel to see the facts,, or the highest vaccinated counties in Ireland Carlow and Waterford for the stats and draw there own conclusions from the official numbers. Very clear it has nothing to do with the un-vaccinated .

    • Hi Ray

      I just having a read
      thank you

      Seriously it’s outrageous isn’t it
      it’s so clear

      people must have had their brain removed at time of jab is all I can say!!!

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