Lockdown News Roundup OCT 20th / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • There will be a very big announcement very very soon.
      All around the World will know what is going to happen to us all.

      • Pray, do tell us more 😀

        PS I will also be making a very big announcement very, very soon 😀 Stay tuned! 😀

      • Gilliam Mason, I don’t think they’re aware of what will happen to them though.

      • Can’t wait to hear this…I pray it is good news but I am fearing the worse. Here in Australia they are gearing up to roll out the digital identity system. Bloody hell. Please let me know Gillian. Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Yes it is truly depressing what is happening to our planet. Here in Melbourne our dictator continues to be off the leash with power and many people have been coerced into getting the jab so they can feed their families. And now we come out of lock down tomorrow, msm calling it freedom day. Please. I am still not sure if retail is allowed to be open or not. Coles and Woolworths, two main supermarket chains are mandating the jab for all employees but stopped from demanding customers. So one good thing. But the Federal government, anybody working for and with DO NOT have to get the jab!! It is so obvious to those of us who are awake. It is the world war of all world wars and such a scamdemic of monumental proportions. Many peeps want to keep their heads in the sand. I continue to pray they wake the f up!! Best wishes to all you Brits. Love your work, loving all the freedom fighters. Hold the line. Work behind the scenes continues to go on in favor of putting this to rest and to ensure it does not happen again.

      • Probably best that they don’t know, their days are likely numbered anyway, so it’s too late for them. Best to share it with those un-jabbed friends and family to reassure them that they have made the right decision.

    • Been saying it for a long time, the masonic handshakes (satanic)
      The Queen is nothing more than a crypto jew.
      Owned by the rothschilds! She has presided over the destruction of the once great Britain.
      God bless!

      • The ‘Sovereign’ who gave Royal Assent to the same-sex marriage Bill.

        It doesn’t matter that she mentions Christ in her Christmas speech, or that someone says ‘she is just a figurehead and has no authority over Parliament’ because God is no respecter of persons and she will have to answer for not making a stand over things such as this.

      • Yes here in Australia, we see the same hand shake between our Melbourne premier and our p.m. Scumo. Andrews continues to aim to get his gold star from his freemason buddies….It is appalling. And appalling your/our queen is so corrupt too. All of them, all hiding the pedophilia that continues to be carried out. We so need to stop this. Stay strong people in Britain, UK….Ireland, everywhere. Hold the line.

  1. No social distance ,hand scrubbing , masks or anything we EXPECTED to do at that little Evening out is there now.

  2. The ones who would utter such ridiculousness as why “do you look at this stuff”, are wilfully ignorant & scared to face the truth.
    Your work is more important than ever & I for one appreciate the time & care you’ve taken to keep people informed & armed with the truth.
    Thank you!.

    • Totally agree with you 👍. The sheep KNOW that there’s something wrong, but they can’t handle the truth and that’s why they condemn we Thinkers who give them the opportunity to see the truth for themselves. They despise us because we’ve been more clever than them and they know that they’ve been fooled. Stay strong and gather all Thinkers together 👍. Stand in the Park, every Sunday at 10 am 👍👍👍

  3. Desperate to push the booster poison as nobody is taking up the offer, watch the winter government threats come thick and fast to force more jabbing / more school closures / more lockdowns / no Christmas, the game is up even the sheep already jabbed are not putting up with it anymore!!! It’s slowly cracking and falling apart. The truth will out.

  4. Did you notice the queen’s masonic handshake it’s always the thumb on top of the hand

  5. Noel Gallagher is nothing but a prick..only a real sheep would believe anything yhat wanker says

  6. Very true about the pigs being out of a job they will be replaced by drones and an AI control centre one of the only thing that make me smile knowing they are that stupid to self destruct themselfs 😂

    • Yep, the day of the gormless plod ‘walking the beat’ is drawing to a close 😀 If it hasn’t already 😀

  7. Mp speaking out about telegram saying its a terrorist site! Seen it on world freedom alliancs site

    • “Mp speaking out about telegram saying its a terrorist site!” Funny I conciser telegram like any other social media site,, oppressive,, I was booted off Twitter for giving out official government information: myself and several other Dr’s and Nurses all at the same time, it was a real eye opener to what is really going on!

  8. Mrs Windsor certainty isn’t to fussed about any virus, neither is Gates,,, Wonder why it can’t be confidence or belief in that injection.

  9. Look at the queen shaking hands with Bill Gates the paedophilic kiddie fiddler who used to hang around with Jeffrey Epstein and was always going on the Lolita express to paedo island, just like her favourite son prince Andrew the nonce! 🤮🤮🤮

  10. Dont care or read what the bullshit media writes…
    I will never succumb to there stupid rules And virus lies and bullshit jab passes…
    They can poke the lot up there arse…
    Flu is here now so is the rising bullshit cases with a not fit for purpose swab..
    Bollocks the lot of it…

  11. Just listening to the “health”Secretary talking absolute shite. I don’t watch or listen to msm but thought I’d make an exception for this apparently important briefing 🤣
    I can’t believe anyone can stand there straight faced telling all the sheeple to get boosters and get your friends to get jabbed and the fact that he said the jabs are going to be made more easily available for 12 -15 year olds WTF!! This that needs hanging.
    Got to switch it off, literally can’t listen to anymore bollocks!
    Guarantee tomorrow at work though they’ll all be talking about it whilst putting their masks back on 🙄.

  12. “The transition from using Covid to using Climate Change as the justification for implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the “digital transformation” of the economy and society is well underway” – Whitney Webb

  13. That is a Masonic handshake that Gates is giving the Queen

  14. Noone seems to understand what they are all after, our souls….as for me they can take this body which is dung 💩 because my soul belongs to my Creator, my Maker, my Lord, my God and my Lord….noone can get into my soul, I am sold out to my God in the mightyNameofJesusChristofNazareth. Glorrryglorrry. Hallelujah

  15. Hugo you should offer an alternative news platform that questions the MSM and its narrative and offers another view point

  16. Bills turning up in the UK, quick let us all bend over and pretend he is not on Epsteins flight logs.
    The Queen must be jealous that her son never got away with it as easy as Bill.
    Bill doesn’t even need to hide on a luxury Estate.

  17. anyone know when that carpenter fella is coming for 2nd time?,thought he would have got here before they started jabbing people……..

  18. Bleeding master g[B]ates & that old deflated leather football with the stitches out banshee queen runt selling off the land so we become corporate uk U being Ununited …………. Can Fuck Right Off !
    Same as all of them globalist aparatchik wankstiens… all of them worship the lord of the flys, baphomet, beelzebub, lucifer, satan……… & have 1 of these by thier bedside so they can lick it’s arse & pat it on the head before they go to sleep https://i.pinimg.com/originals/26/cf/da/26cfda128372b5c2af1dde65fd10c04c.jpg
    All dreaming of how they conquered the world & turned it into a cyborg robot infested a.i. bollocknation cashless plastic digital distopian shithole,,
    all a bunch of Parasites Living off thier hosts…………… US !
    & that includes that greta ThumbsUpHerArseBerg programed by Mk ultra brainfusion bullshit pumped into her since she was able to talk ……….. her first word out of her gob was Klimatechange …………..Welcome to the future

  19. MP Dave last week 🙁 RIP on this 1, was 1 of us, he was trying to remove the mandates and passports and was close to doing so, so they got him killed in a way to further there Agenda! 🙁

    I did say I’d heard most of the Jabbed saying there not having the Boosters, they don’t trust this and there starting to wake up!! bit late.

    Jabs are to kill people, but they’ll want to kill, anyone with an existing illness, expensive to keep alive after all, then it’ll go by age so the older you are and less fit the more likely it’ll kill you, then the over 50’s they really want to kill, why they get Boosters.

    All preperation for WW3, the 1’s that can’t fight or be productive are getting culled, maybe if it kills the Woke, cause they are useless then we can all get behind this 🙂

    October / November due to slow jab uptake postponed to Jan / Feb, that’s when the deaths will sky rocket, if not before but doubt it. Make last years deaths look nice and cuddly!!

  20. Sometimes there are just no words .Oh God im sick of all this these evil scum shites make me sick to my stomach .
    We have to bear so much and so much more to come. Oh Lord give us the strength to bear it all, To never give in too these evil devil worshipping scum bags all of them. How we have been lied too for soooo long. Not this time we know what is going on we know your evil agenda you will pay very soon and I for one cannot wait. My heart and soul are heavy with all this. Have to be strong in the Lord without Him we cannot overcome it all.
    I just cannot understand why people are going along with it this has to be the strong delusion from God they will believe a lie. All over the world it is all the same it is end times for sure.
    It is reassuring we are not alone and there are so many that know the truth.
    What our end will be we do not know but if death than so be it. I am ready to die for what I believe in. Who in their right mind would want to be on side of such evil. God be with us…

  21. You’ve nailed it again, Hugo.

    British royals are at the heart of this ****.

    The cleverest thing they (TPTB) ever did was making them (Royalty), ‘Constitutional’, monarchs (with powers of assent). It transferred the cost of wars to the people and, at the same time, fooled us all into thinking that our vote might make a difference, in electing the next, ‘Her Majesty’s Government’.

    Phil the Greek wanted to be reincarnated as a virus that would wipe us all out.

    Prince Charles is the poster boy for the Word Economic Forum…that wants to depopulate the world and trans-humanise what’s left of us.

    But, don’t worry – all of these people and the corporations they own (having raped, pillaged and polluted every square inch of this Earth) are, truly, philanthopic.

  22. Hello Hugo
    First I want to thank you for all your posts. I have not responded in a few weeks because I have been ao angry and a bit depressed.
    First up for the past three weeks all I saw in the news was go and see the new James Bond movie ?
    Then the supposed war between
    Prince William and Prince Harry which I think is fake and all made up. Now I hear Princess Andrew wont be charged and will be as free as a bird. Just you wait and see Prince Andrew will attend the Remembrance Day Services in an
    Admiral’s Uniform.
    As for the Queen and Bill Gates one rule for them you should see all the pictures from Bill Gates oldest daughters wedding not one wealthy wedding guest wore a face mask. As for the rest of us its forced vaccines and digital passports

  23. I think these mandates was way to decrease city and state workers saves the states money. As you said soon all a small number of police will needed.
    We are pawns in this game. They knew everyone was not going to get vaccinated, they knew there was going to be protest especially when they decided to fire workers. All smoke and mirrors They are moving on with their agenda..Digital society.
    When it’s done or almost done, Mandates will be lifted due to it being unconstitutional, they will say natural immunity is accepted, or simply say 80% have been vaccinated which was America’s goal.. We can go back to normal. People will be happy.

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