Facebook To Change Their Name #METAVERSE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I see the genius hasn’t been properly paying attention to the gigantic blunder that Coca Cola had when they changed their recipe in the 80’s.
    Is this Sugarbitch’s recipe change? Personally I’ve never had anything to do with the wobbly mutant, but for some strange reason that was always a mystery to me lots and lots of people jumped on his poisonous bandwagon. Do yourselves a favour… throw fakebook in the bin along with your cellphone.

    • I can’t find a way to do a separate post so I will have to do a reply though this is for you mostly Hugo.

      You are SO on shit!! I knew they were wanting to force people into an ‘internet of things/bodies’ but hadn’t heard of this metaverse and gamification and so after this gonna get updated on this!! How you were explaining it , about the twins reminded me of the already snide shit they have done to us. IE the legalese , admiralty legal-contract shit where you become a ‘dead person’ IF you are not savvy to their lingo, and your common and natural rights. So this is like a digital extension of that evil matrix of power.
      I absolutely love how you take people into the REAL REAL world of nature at the end of your videos. We are on a wavelength as I also am wanting top do this. I sometimes feel a desperation to do so because I realize how many have been disconnected from nature. You see it all over with people stood still in middle of parks , or sat, and instead of breathing in and observing the surroundings they got their face stuck in their 666 black ‘SMART’ mirror!!!
      So BIG key to bring people out of this spell is re-connection with nature. Is realizing it is So alive, intelligent, creative, and we are born from it and die into it and this is eternal becoming

      By the way, checkout a recent vlog from Mike Igan. He has fled Australia and is in Mexico, and his vlog is quite intimate. But there’s this bit he is showing a baby with BLACK eyes, and I mean black!! FREAKY. It really upset me and I could only half watch, cause the thought of babies, children. affected by this evil does my fukin head in. But he speculated and asks ‘is this what happened to the Greys…?? I have had interest in UFOs and aliens, but my time has been mostly taken up by the shenanigans of the Cabal, especially 2020/21. BUT I also am sure I have heard mention they or some claim they claim they are us in the future?? And he wonders if this is what happen when people kept getting graphene oxide and other shit into them?? I don’t even know if that black-eyed baby, if it is real, but I found it interesting. Things are so fkin weird already, why not!!

      • The Australian bloke’s name is MAX Igan (not Mike Igan, as you wrote it). Just thought I’d mention it!

      • I love nature! It’s a gift from God! I feel alive when I go with my tent into the wilderness as I did this summer just me God and nature.
        With fasting and reading my bible of course..
        I’m trying to find somewhere secure where I can bolt to when everything falls apart, because it will.
        I know what their wicked plans are for us cattle.
        God bless!

      • I just thought I’d mention it but who cares if his name is max Mike or fucking dave there was still a point there all the shit thats going on and the go to was his name us max lol

      • To be honest the black eyed baby looked fake to me

  2. Doing so no one will see the planet, Mother Earth, burning like it is now.
    If is digital is all nice, green grass blue sky no pollution no noise no bad no good, ops sorry all good.
    Fake news fake world.
    As you said millions times, throw away your gadgets, phones tablets and all the rest.

  3. Forget about Ireland Hugo the majority of people here are in a trance, they haven’t got a clue what is happening they are clueless.

  4. Here’s an observation, the diagram showing the “digital identity” has an uncanny resemblance to a certain virus……

  5. I think you’re on to something there Hugo. But it’ll never work. Not enough people will be wiling to join the digital slave class, and without a critical mass it will disintegrate and fail. Here’s the thing about the global parasite class – they may be wealthy beyond imagination as well as ruthless and cunning, but they’re not that smart, lacking imagination or creativity. They fuck up everything they meddle with. Just look at the state of the world. Destined to fail. We just need to stay non-compliant and ditch the smart phone.

    • When you were a kid did you play insistently on a mobile phone? They are much further into this plan than you think, the “people” have already commuted to it – dont think in years think in generations – my 2 cents.

      • Hey pal! Have you seen how many signed up to wear stupid and useless pieces of cloth across their faces??? 80% will follow the sheep and be totally controlled by this shit… And they’ll be ‘happy’, that’s if they are still alive in 3yr time! 😷😂👍

  6. Education by gamification – tokens vs degrees – life learning – human capital markets and derivative based income on life out comes ! Read up and understand Welcome trust “The First 1000 days”

  7. I watched right to the end, the calming music and visuals are very much needed when you know the truth.

  8. From the Newsroom, just in…

    Get a Covid jab or restrictions are more likely, Javid says

    If not enough people get vaccinated, it is more likely restrictions will be reintroduced in England, the health secretary has said. At a Downing Street press conference, Sajid Javid said he did not believe the current pressures on the NHS were unsustainable and so Plan B from Outer Space measures, like mandatory face coverings and working from home, would not be brought in “at this point”. However he warned cases could rise to 100,000 a day. His comments follow NHS leaders calling for some restrictions to be reintroduced immediately if England is to avoid “stumbling into a winter crisis”. Read more about Plan B from Outer Space here.


    • Seems like a ploy to turn the ‘vaccinated’ on the un’vaccinated’. Only a ‘conspiracy theorist could have predicted this.

    • Javid reminds me of uncle fester from the adams family only not quite as good looking 🤣

  9. There is a virtual world on the internet called SecondLife. It was created in 2003 by a company called Linden Labs who owned it until early 2021. You have your own avatar. There is a virtual in world currency called the Linden Dollar. And you are able to create , sell , buy and trade a whole range of items including vast areas of virtual land that seem to go on forever. Some real world businesses have a virtual presence there as well. Two of the more interesting aspects regarding commerce is that land and houses etc are effectively rented out by Linden Labs even though you buy them initially. You have to pay land rent for them each month. There is no social credit system as such but if you have a premium account you are given a financial stipend each month as an incentive.

    I myself have an account and spent several years in SL as we all call it. But I haven`t been back now for a very very very long time. I think SL is about the closest thing I have ever found to what Hugo is talking about with the metaverse. One thing I will say is that it is very addictive.



  11. Hi evidently the year powers and wish to take it over or already practicing spraying chemicals into underground and parks in America to see how far o’curry I presume last akilesh off that will not abide by the rules of spray areas where they think we are going to kill us off that’s what they’re up to where I can say about it look on the internet UCD the video about it

  12. It reminds me of that theory that says computing power is growing exponentially, compare a ZX81 to a laptop today, the increase in computing power is off the charts. It keeps increasing expoentially, so in say 10 years or 100 years how complex will computers be?

    At that point you could be running 100 million simulations of any point in history where the “characters” in the simulation behave independently of the main program to create a true to life simulation, where the characters will believe they are real and in the real world.

    At that point it would be impossible for a real person to distinguish if they are a real person in the real world or a simulation in a simulation, and since this will inevitably happen (or has maybe already happened) there is maybe a 1 in 100 million chance that we are real people in the real world, and a 99.99999% chance we are actually simulations in a simulation.

    The world certainly doesn’t feel very real at the minute.

  13. So as well as having a legal strawman we will now have a digital metaman? These people are so removed from reality!

  14. I´m sorry, but I said so before. You can forget about waking up the majority. The majority is lost! They will willingly follow into this Metaverse as they have followed everything else before. We must concentrade on building up places where the people who don´t want to follow can live in peace.

    • The problem is they won’t allow us to live in peace, they want everyone to comply, any form of dissent, no matter how small at the beginning will grow and become a threat to them, they would simply destroy us and no one would know since they own the media.

      So the only way is to totally destroy them.

  15. More on Big Tech’s ™ ® © evil plans 😀

    Facebook and Google’s new plan? Own the internet
    America’s tech giants already own the online world. Now they want to own the internet’s infrastructure, too


    Can’t be bothered reading? 😀

    Basically Google and Facebook want to own and control the undersea cables interconnecting the internet. 😀

  16. I would not worry about this Metaverse too much.
    This is going to be for people who were sheeple and remain sheeple.
    I reckon in the meantime an alternative -verse is going to emerge and exist in parallel like in a communist reality.
    Smart people will work it out, stupid will follow and remain miserable.

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