Ireland FREEDOM DAY JOKERS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Can you smell the Stench of Corruption yet ? or have they still got their Stupid face masks on.😷😷😷😷💉💉💉💉☠☠☠☠

    • Ireland is a shit hole of all countries. Every little Irish got the jib jab..All sheeps . Shame on the Irih ppl.

      • There is still some of us left in Ireland but for the most part we have become a non-rebellious compliant society. Its sad.

      • I know a good few people who has not got jabbed including myself. And where I am living they have not asked me for prove of jabs in pubs. Sadly many people have been jabbed. There are many who have and believe in what their been told.

      • I disagree, the Irish are lovely people, but unfortunately they have always been easily led astray by satanic Popery with its divinations and THAT is their Achilles Heel and the real cause of their downfall.

      • ok klaus, stop the misinformation masquerading as your opinion. This nefarious mentality is global keep up

      • Not every Irish person. I have a small group around me of all ages that have not gotten it. But it seems like the majority have – which saddens me deeply.

    • Dr Chritina Parkes said it’s the people who are vaccinated are the ones turning the hospital with the virus.
      Also I was told by a nurse the is what is happening in the hospital they work but the sister are keeping it quiet.

    • Only way to detect SARS 2 is the swabs and they do not detect sickness or infection🤷🏻‍♂️

      • i go to meetings and protest all the time in Ireland no fucking way i know at lest 400 people in ireland that’s not jabbed common law is the way to get us out of this scam with meet your straw man my father went to a dance hall on sat night in the Allingham arms hotel bundoran co donegal and he is 80 years old they told him he cant get in because he dose not have the jab and a smart phone they should be a shamed of them peter mac in tyre a another puppet to the mcniffs in bundoran i hope every one boycott’s bundoran co Donegal the west coast of ireland were are the fighting irish gone love the show hugo thanks for everything you are doing thanks were are the I R A GONE never vote for sinn fainn

      • Hi James

        I very upset to hear your father of 80 being turned away by BUNDORAN
        I don’t know the place myself BUT.. they should be ASHAMED of themselves this is disgusting to let an older gentleman come out to be sent home like some child!

        I wish you,your family & your father best wishes and good luck

        Take care now

  2. We will never get out of this unless many more resist.Throw awaybthe smartphones and use cash.No masks…

  3. You must him doing the peekaboo gesture with his hands outside a drug factory

  4. Don’t know how they are coming up with the figures. They’d have to have a very high positivity rate on the test. Normally there is only max 5% positivity rate. By that recogning they would have to be testing 50,000 people per day. Total bs. There are less than 4 million people on this island. At this rate everybody has had bloody covid here already. Everybody I know has had it. And I know nobody who has died from it. I teach over 100 students. I’ve asked them. Nobody knows anybody who died and lots have had it and nobody got very ill.

      • Thetruth, exactly!!

        Show me the isolation….?
        Show me the variants….?

        All bollox otherwise.

      • Hi, actually they will claim that they have isolated something, but what they omit to say is that it was never purified, and purification is ESSENTIAL in the isolating process – no purification = no isolation. All their so-called scientific papers are fraudulent, including the Chinese ones.

    • I know of 4 in the past 6 weeks who died of it in dublin and they were double jabbed, not personelly but through friends, misses said today that an old neighbour died she was 61! No shit! I know a good few who say its affected them after getting it too! Tiler lad today said he used to run 10k cant run up ths stairs

    • Gerard, I only know of one person said to have died from Covid,, she was an elderly neighbour a retried nurse and was already receiving palliative care with small cell lung cancer. They said she had covid, whisked her of to the hospital and she died 2 days later. I know two people who have died after the injection, one a lady 45 took a stroke the night after the injection. The second a man worked right through “the pandemic” in constant contact with many people each day. Had the injection to go in holiday and was whisked away to hospital 13 days after, put on a ventilator a few days later, they turned it off 5 days later he was dead. Another success story!

    • Its all based on the swabs which are not a sickness or infection diagnostic tool…
      Anyway thats tested positive has not had this thing in the first place…
      Many virologists have worked with PCR tests and said thats not what they was designed for as a diagnosis for infection….

  5. It’s just a giant piss-take! What can we do, other than disobey this nonsense, en masse? Too many are supporting more restrictions! We’re not far from actual boot marks on our faces, wherever we live.

  6. Boot marks on faces and Star of David on our lapels. The sheep deserve everything they get!! But, we Thinkers definitely DO NOT!! We need to fight fire with fire…. Arm yourselves for protection for when it gets bad. 💪

  7. Good. Their only doing this because their losing the war. Imo their shenanigans will wake up even more people.

  8. Here in Germany our health minister has just announced that the by the end of november, the pandemic will be declared finished.. But all the measures will stay in place! What a relief, I feel so much more free already! At the same time a company in Braunschweig has developed a medicine against covid, but can´t start the next test level because there are not enough seroulsly ill patients. In spite of all that, in some places 2G, that means you are either jabbed or has just recovered from covid,has been allowed even for supermarkets But still the majority of the people don´t say anything.

  9. I live in Kilkenny. Resistance is basically non existent, we’re the next city up from Waterford. I think the 99% is bullshit but the rates are ridiculously high particularly among the small kids 12 years up. I was in a hotel in Cork 2 weeks ago with my family (you can indoor dine if you’re a hotel guest or working there) I saw an old couple get turned away because they had no papers with them. The old guy was really upset leaving, I’m guessing he was local to the ORIEL HOUSE HOTEL BALLINCOLLIG name and shame the bastards. So yeah they are asking. Shit hole of a country.

    • Yeah I was in a Breaffy House near Castlebar Co. Mayo and people were coming and going- putting on the mask to look like they were trying to be “good”. The hotel staff tried to get people to wear masks whilst moving around but not when sitting down. It’s so stupid, like being ordered around by a control freak primary school teacher. The only reason I was there was for my mother’s birthday. The hotel asked me to give them feedback by email, which I was delighted to do. When they asked me “would you recommend our hotel to a friend?” I gave it a big “No”. Funny thing is, when I pay for an expensive hotel room I don’t need to be shouted at to do something. It’s not my idea of a good time. Maybe that’s just me… lol.

    • Fucking hell, papers please. Dont anyone say anything ? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t just sit there and watch on. Its fucking outrageous. It seems by not standing up and sticking up for that old couple your no better then the government, shame on you.

      • Yep, should have filmed it and uploaded it to youtube 😀

  10. All the countries which have high jab rates are currently experiencing high levels of covid. The UK will be in lockdown before too much longer. The pattern? The jab doesn’t work at all and stops the immune system working properly against any variant. The flu jab has, at best, a 40% success rate which shows viruses change all the time, therefore the only real protection is natural immunity. The government should be encouraging people to exercise, eat properly and get plenty of zinc and vitamin D, not muzzles, distancing and lockdowns. Once you understand this is nothing about health everything then makes sense.

    • Spot on. Fucking lies all of this crap. I’m so shocked now how fast things have moved. Most people I thought I knew went along with this shit. I’d rather die then comply. Fucking cowards people are.

    • Jab has no success rate as it was never tested on a virus and besides the only way people can say they had this sars 2 is by the swab test…which means nothing

    • The latest from the fakestream media ‘Vaccine booster jab rollout in care homes falling short as deaths begin to rise’ 😀

  11. The governments worldwide are trying to kill the earth’s population so the “not-so-elite” can have what’s left to theirselves…over my dead body!!! In England push for the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY to get ENGLAND back NOW!!

    • Bill, sorry to steal your thunder…

      All parties are controlled by the funders.
      Ask yourself who are the heads of the party and how are they funded?

      Let’s say they did get into power.
      How will they pass certain laws? Through debate in parliament which will get stopped by the majority.

      It doesn’t matter who’s in power… There’s always someone funding them who has a wider agenda eg Brexit, Convid… WMD, invasions… The list goes on.

      If you haven’t already… Get rid of your TV licence that’s when you start learning more about the world.

      • Also once these stupid rules are passed there not going back . It don’t matter who’s running the shit show.

  12. Gerard you might want to research a little bit,and you will see that SARS-COV2 has never been isolated and proven to exist,but if you have some evidence please share……

    • If you don’t wait for it when hitting Post Comment long enough, then it loses them, go slow, all is fine, no censoring, annoying, my tablet loses 50% of posts aswell.

  13. February my hole!😂 all resteraunts doing it herd of the odd pub that doesnt ask! My local shithole wants it so i,ll never ever buy a pint there again! Fuck them ! Rte had a journalist on the other night saying were spreaders and should be locked up while the presenter said nothing!!! Total hate speach. Joe o’shea journalist🙄👊 he,s on fb! Left a few comments on his page! Prick

    • Hi

      Fair play
      for giving up the pint in honour of your decision
      I not been inside a pub for 2years now
      They don’t deserve a penny of our monies while keeping up with in forcing this bollox!

      Have great day

  14. Well that school has the cold/flu that’s going around, there abit buggered because they can’t admit the tests show up positive for any acid in the nose/throat and aren’t actually looking for a virus particle that’s minute, because there is no convid it’s all just based on bad tests.

    Current and most plausible theory is………..

    Hyping Marburg to hit in Jan, blood clots and bleeding 88% fatality rate, FAKE ofcourse as it’ll just be jab clots as we are already seeing, know the jab clots we are seeing likely have a high exposure to EMF so being triggered early, you want the Marburg to appear to start at the same time for everyone, not the first jabbed to get it first, too obvious, so I suspect they’ll pump out loads of EMF via the 5G activating the jabs and starting the fake hoax Marburg pandemic.

    This is why they had to reopen air travel, right before this virus hits, so they can pretend it’s been able to spread.

    They’ve just put in body storage for 80 extra deaders in Hereford near me and the lad posted he’s doing loads more sites, there getting ready for the big cull, they want to kill 30-40million so it’ll take 2 – 3 years maybe. And Cremation / Acid bath vans have been spotted aswell, melt the flesh off, cremate the bones! nice!!

    USA Biden admitted ports are closed until everyone has had there jab, MADNESS!!!

    Enjoy the little bit of normal we have, but don’t get used to it 🙁

    • Yup I’m afraid it’s patently obvious now, it is definitely about killing as many as possible, people will be starving and freezing to death as well this winter. I think anyone who ends up in hospital will be pumped full of anticoagulents (NHS ordered 3 Billion quids worth) to make them bleed, then will say it’s Marburg.

      • I want to agree with you but what is perplexing to me is there are easier ways, doncha think?
        Like poisoning water supply or need adulteration with LSD! Talk about a world gone mad, that would be the cherry on top of the present madness. Or about about contaminating food supplies or emf? You get my point? It seems imo there are more convenient methods for tptb.

  15. I will try again & make it a lot shorter….. All these governments are – ZOG; Zionist Overthrown Governments – got to say leo varadkar realy sounds a Irish name…
    All these ZOG have been put in place bit by bit over time & now we are seeing the results…. The 1s who refuse ZOG control are Overthown Like Five Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died, Been Replaced by Pro-Vaxxers – ZOG – The presidents of Burundi, Swaziland/Eswatini, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Haiti all opposed the main stream narrative on Covid and kicked against vaccines, they have all died!
    “Coincidences” always seem to favor the globalists……… & the globalists are zionists
    & there is this from last year 2020…… communist brainwashing techniques…… Coercive Methods For Enforcing Compliance: The Biderman Report of 1956 and COVID-19
    Still about a virus ??

    • Going after Brazil Pres and 69? of his staff for murder and allowing the Convid to spread and seek herd immunity and not rolling out stupid jabs, use this to get him out then role out the jabs ASAP!! On CNN currently main page.

      Got a mate from Uganda where they killed 1 of the presidents, he’s had loads of deaths in his family due to Convid, but only the Jabbed, zero deaths before Jab’s and only the jabbed are dying, openly murdering them there. 🙁

      • Isn’t that Mrs Brown of Mrs Browns Boys fame? 😀 Strewth! 😀

  16. Thank you for covering Ireland Hugo,, the government in this country have been and continue to be particularly nasty, it is obvious that the people are rapidly getting sick of them! Many are not thinking and just going along but at least half the people do not believe the official story they were all running around with masks on not out of fear of a virus but fear of anyone attacking them, but they are loosing that fear.
    It is now apparent to me that most of the woman are braver than the men.

  17. The 5G EMF will make the Graphene Oxide Clump together which is what it does in tests, therefore increasing clots, more EMF the jabbed get the faster and the worse the clotting, I’m sure they’ll have a cover story for the unjabbed being fine, unexpected downside to the jabs, bla bla bla!!

    Ex Mrs is 100Metres from a huge 5G tower, double jabbed and she’s got all kinds of health issues since the jabs, they claim Liver issues, keeps going yellow, turn the power up she’s screwed, which sucks have to take in our 2 kids doh!!

    Guess the eyes bleeding Marburg symptom burst blood vessels is what there going on about with the black goo coming out of that silly little girl.

    Everything fits, no pieces left out, looks like best theory, they’ve also started hyping new Blood Clot variant aswell Echo ? so same plan, just use that not Marburg.

    They already have a Marburg Jab mind, got to keep that graphene oxide topped up 🙂

    88% death rate, that’ll create FEAR on a new level, if 0.03% created all this shit, 88%, nobody but us will leave the house. PEACE again 🙂

    Even if real, sick mate, I’m there just like Convid, there will be no cowardice, I will die a man happily over being a coward!!

    • Yep, with an 88% death rate it would be best to stock up on toilet paper 😀

  18. Del Bigtree did a great job explaining the rise in “cases” among the jabbed.

    These folks are now immune compromised, so any cold or flu strain will literally knock them on their butts. So technically, these folks may indeed have a version of a coronavirus, maybe even a “variant” created by the jab itself.

    Basically more brilliance by the overlords, finding ways and means to have never ending cases.

  19. I’m from North Ireland I’m an Irish citizen I hold a Irish passport I’ve grew up through alot of shit I don’t believe nothing about vaccination it’s all about control the sheep down south in Republic are sheep simple maybe if they went through what us up north went through with the British army killing us because we were Catholic
    they would have they’re wits about them they’ve had it too easy …God luck with the side effects

  20. “Cases” rising which is just not fit for purpose swab positives…
    Neil ferguson been at it with his needing restrictions back in again now…
    So as like last year back to square one this winter as the flu has a new name being it the “delta plus variant” and they are pushing the way towards another shutdown with no science base facts whatsoever..
    Like the whole so called “pandemic” in the first place…
    Only truth is its a society digital reset with a “virus” as the smokescreen behind it….
    Or should i say was planned as a influenza pandemic originally…

    • Even as I type ‘Plan B from Outer Space’ is being pushed – basically lockdown 1.0 on steroids with ‘vax-ceen passports’ and other nasties added to the mix 😀

  21. Thanks Hugo, Ice Age has short (part 1) podcast about NATOs cognitive warfare strategies. I know most of you on here already know CV is a Trojan Horse but thought you may be interested.

  22. Living in Ireland. I believe jab numbers are high but not 93% of the population as they tell us. I know few who haven’t taken it but most have. Not sure what is happening go irish people, compleyely blind 😒


  24. Is it just me 😀 Or is the price of bottled water becoming increasingly expensive? The 17p bottles seem to be a thing of the past. Shops are now charging 50p for a bottle of ‘Chase Spring’ formerly known as a bottle of 17p water! Is this a new hidden bottled water tax? There must be a massive mark-up on what is essentially a plastic bottle filled with water 😀 I am not a fan of ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman, I can’t remember the last time he got anything right 😀 but one thing he may be right on is his discouragement of drinking tap water 😀 More so since the BBC encourages us to drink tap water 😀 The same BBC who employed George Orwell to convince housewives that offal was good for them 😀 Those ‘water fountains’ you find in some cities taste OK but what comes out of the tap is undrinkable 😀 The UK must be the only country in the world that drinks tap water 😀

    • You clearly haven’t been listening to Vernon Coleman the last 19 months, most of what he predicted has played out. Open your mind.

      • I think I gave up listening to him 19 months ago 😀 And skipped through his latest video 😀

      • Vernon Coleman just comes across as a fear-monger trying to sell his books 😀 I know nobody can ever have enough money by why, oh why does he need the money? He is in his 70s, surely he has the mortgage paid off by now 😀 In the last video I skipped through he mentioned the tap water as well as ‘genocide’ and how ‘the government was going to kill billions of us’ 😀 And like all good fear-mongering conspiracy theorists his time-line keeps moving forward 😀 I drew a line under and said ‘OK, Vernon, if we are not all dead by x time that you are currently saying, marked it in my diary to avoid the shifting time-line, you are full of crap’ 😀 Not long ago we would be dead by Christmas (assuming 2021? 😀 ) but now the time-line is moving onwards into 2022 😀
        If you keep listening to fear-mongering crap it WILL shorten your lifespan and leave you DEAD! 😀

      • That’s an idea 😀 I’ll look into it 😀 Thanks 😀

      • Saying about the min waters ect
        the supermarkets have also moved them around the gaff!
        I agree the sold water has gone up for sure
        But it’s the moving it to different spots cracks me up

        talk about more mind fk lol

      • Yep, I have noticed that too 😀 You have to hunt high and low for it 😀 I don’t know what is going on with the bottled water 😀 I wonder where ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman gets or should that be sources his from 😀

        Have a good day 😀

      • To get rid of the extra fluoride they’re going to be putting into all of the country’s tap water you need a reverse osmosis filter system. Those jug filters don’t get rid of fluoride for example. Goodness knows how we get rid of the graphene oxide that is no doubt going to make its way into the tap water now they are using different filter membranes coated in it to “filter out impurities” at their end.

  25. PS I was once told by a water engineer that untreated water was fast poisoning and treated water was slow poisoning 😀

    • Supermarket waters no better. I don’t no where people think it’s coming from ? The Highland springs ffs it certainly is not. It’s just been filtered and you can do that yourself at home. Your paying stupid prices for bottles of water. I certainly wouldn’t. I filter my water my self. I always have. ♥

  26. Correction: It was actually 55p for a bottle of ‘Chase Spring’ 😀 Inflation of 232% in a short space of time! 😀

    • Yep i learned that them things do surpress the immune system making people more vulnerable to illnesses…
      They think what they are doing is all good but its the polar opposite…
      Takes 50 deaths to completely stop vaccination rollouts…
      These then should all of been stopped in about march….
      There not for any virus just a compliance to top up a jab pass..
      Besides this “virus” was never tested for one and if a killer virus was about they would have to take along time doing a proper vaccine to get it right…
      Not 5 minutes…

    • Yep, the operative word is MIGHT 😀 Filed along with COULD and MAY 😀 POTENTIALLY COULD MIGHT MAY 😀

  27. I’ve noticed the pubs and clubs are dead. Very quite the towns are at night it’s not the same sooner be at work. People are off put by it all. Not had a drink since last March thought about it after the 21st of June. Not convince were coming out of it. The day I go for a pint is the day it will be over we’re balls deep into it. Waiting for the next lock down which is inevitable. feel it coming. So much for having a pint my instincts were right. Latest: tesco have launched a app pay as you go app getting rid of check outs. We know where this is going. No Smartphone No food manipulating us to need a Smartphone, will be mandatory to have a smartphone soon like in China. Also I’m having problems at work about me not having a smartphone. There slowly cutting me off for not having a smartphone. On top of that they laugh at my old flip phone

    • Yep, and your Tesco checkout app will be linked to your Tesco clubcard 😀 How ‘convenient’ is that? 😀

      • Yes it’s very convenient. Saves queuing aswell. Great way for the powers that be to keep tabs on my. Track and trace me with a social credit system. Measuring my carbon footprint. And checking my jab status. They won’t be doing that with me im afraid as I value my freedom. And im not being dictated to through a smartphone because computer says no. There tightening the screws to manipulate you to need a smartphone for everything. One app to rule them all. I don’t think so. Unless you animals have smartphones and get the jab.

  28. I walked past a takeaway last night and some braindead zombie was showing his ‘vaccine passport’ to the girl behind the counter. A typical brain-dead smartphone addicted millennium. I wonder how he paid? I didn’t wait around find out. I think we all know the answer to that one. And also saw a very famous actor stood outside a pub 🙂 Said ‘hello’ 🙂

  29. I looked at the legislation on the government website when the passports were first introduced in July, it states that business MAY refuse entry if the person doesn’t have a cert so in that case they MAY NOT refuse entry. Also any participants signing up to this apartheid were given a nice few quid to carry it out. According to the government and media whores this is the law but in fact any establishment who doesn’t want to avail of this pass are quite entitled not to and if any jabbers don’t like it they can fuck off to a place that has taken the soup and feel at ease that their papers have been shown.

  30. The devil is a liar and deceiver from the beginning. Its about to get worse everywhere on this earth. Do not bow to their madness. Jesus is on His way back. Call upon His name and you will be saved Romans 10:13

    • No one can call upon His name unless The Father is calling them to Him, that is, His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ):

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

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