Convenience is Our DOWNFALL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. So right I don’t have Facebook are any other shite people lived happily for years without any phones sure they could do it again and all this control would end today people wake up don’t let these evil people control your life you olny have one life don’t be a slave

    • Ah, that’s the hard part…for most kids you need a blow torch and a good smack to unweld them from their “not-so-smart” gadgets lol

  2. Currently watching the vile Handmaid’s tale, it was shot in 2016. Makes a very interesting watch, there is a lot of symbology in it as well as references to what’s happening now. Would be interested in your thoughts Hugo, it’s extremely sinister.

    • I read it somwhere that Klaus Schwab likes that series & imagins a world like that………. ! His blueprint for our planet,, say’s it all realy……
      I started watching it got as far as episode 2 & turned the load of bollocks off….. fuck that distopian smeg shit & fuck digitalisation enslavement

    • Just watched Squid Game which is the same, full of symbolism with the Evil Elite’s getting pleasure from humanity fighting each other over a huge cash prize. The message in it sums up life now 😡😡😡

  3. Are so clever he switched the lights off from his chair hope he doesn’t trip on his way to bed lol

  4. I watched a mediocre film with Pierce Brosnan called “I.T” from 2016. It didn’t really sell the whole “smart home” idea, put it that way.

  5. Those Smart Meters are bad news all around. Further control of your home environment by outside forces as well as potentially cancer and other health issues.

    They were used against many Texans this summer. They were remotely raising the temperature of their houses. This was supposedly also related to the ongoing issues with their power grid. Specifically ERCOT, who were responsible for the outages last winter in Texas. I had also seen some information that hackers were able to show that these Smart Meters were leaking personal information to many Texans as well, but I have not looked far into that point.

    I’ve also seen research stating that these meters, as well as the things like our cellphones, create RF radiation. For example, RF radiation is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” IARC’s website describing RF Radiation from Smart Meters:

  6. We, the English Constitution Party are trying to get our party through the britshit electoral commission but, as it has English in its name we have, as far as the britshits are concerned very little chance of getting it through but we not only have English common law on our side but also international law that the britshits signed up to so anyone interested in the ONLY party fighting for ENGLAND and the indigenous ENGLISH please go to duckduckgo and type in rumble the full English, subscribe and get involved 8pm Monday-Friday. England IS winning and we need ALL the help we can get.
    Otherwise type this into duckduckgo and you will find the website as well…rumble is now the ONLY channel that the Full English can be found as ALL the others don’t like truthtellers lol. Just so you know ALL parties in the establishment are british and England’s enemy and if the party has “british” in the title the same applies…we know we’ve researched ALL of them…even the English (british) democrats had us fooled for a while so be warned…we are THE ONLY party to vote for to get England back and to VOID the Acts of Union 1706/7 removes the britishit’s powers forever…and they know it that’s why they don’t want Scotland to leave the union…it gives the british THEIR POWER…the COMMUISTS they are…wake up NOW peeps!!

    • Yes mate,, was looking at this site earliar today,, looks very intresting will have a propper butchers through soon……
      Daddy Dragon: The Full English Show

      Take Back Control of our Lives, Our Freedom, Our Laws, Our Parliament, Our Borders, Our Jobs, Our Kids, Our Country

      • Believe me it does what it says on the tin…the only party GIVING BACK YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS which the british have NO RIGHT to remove. English law, common law IS natural law-God given law at birth…so above government, monarchy and judiciary. The biggest threat to the british as they are finding out is tort law and I can tell you they don’t like being held personally responsible for their crimes against the English…the recent 19 page gold standard letter to schools was written and overseen by Graham Moore who is a paralegal so, after 30+ years of studying the English Constitution there’s not much you can teach him but he is an excellent educator so do look in…at the moment we have a standard letter we are sending to ALL English councils as to why we cannot have on the electoral role our identity as English Only…but we did in the 2011 census…so they could find out ALL the large English areas were…oh, and anyone who thinks we’ve left the eu…no chance not while the communist british control England…notice England doesn’t get used when they speak…it’s Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and “GB” a land mass NOT A COUNTRY…just like there will never be a “british” constitution as “britain” is NOT A NATION/COUNTRY….the English Constitution iswhat the britshits fear most because WE have the power NOT the politicians…they are true parasites leaching ALL their money off the English which we must stop!! Please look in Tuesday night rumble the full English 8pm if you want to take back your laws and remove these treasonous british that are stealing English lives under the guise of a hoax plandemic and death jabs with an NHS that was always designed to kill you in the end after constantly ripping you off…there IS a simple cure for most cancers (Ivermectin) that boosts your immune system unlike chemo that kills your immune system…this is why you’ll only find Graham Moore on rumble-the rest don’t want the truth. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We will win-the truth ALWAYS wins. TEAR the English Are Rising. MEGA Make England Great Again. We need to go back to a small central govt something not seen since 1706 (the rise of the british) and the people who stand for the English Constitution Party will NOT do it for money but for their community (as it was up to 1911when reluctantly a bill was passed that changed everything with govt)…we MUST remove the british NOW before they ruin any more of our world as they are doing on a daily basis!! It’s not the fault of the English…we’ve not had a parliament since 1706 ffs!!

    • I am very confused I was born in England so I am English which also means I am British your post makes me feel like I should be fighting myself enlighten me if I am wrong

      • Yes you have been indoctrinated by the tel-lie-vision and radar dio!! Not your fault, lots of people have been fooled…the british are good at that. At school you were made to believe that English and british are the same…they’re not…britain is a land mass NOT A COUNTRY, NOT A NATION. England has been a nation since 927…the british only get their power from the acts of union 1706/7 so if we VOID the acts of union…the Scots want to break the union anyway…we, the English should be the ones to do that so the british no longer have the power to FA and we, as the English Constitution Party can take back control of England (the first time since 1706 for an English govt) and we will remove ALL the laws we find unnecessary which means we automatically leave the eu and alienate ALL the large british waste-of-money corporations and we start rebuilding our England as our ancestors did before…we seem to forget this country was built on small corner shops (Thatcher-probably the last true conservative) and the british started removing the cash and carry…we were years ahead of our time…God we had electric milk floats and glass milk bottles…not all this wasteful plastic that kills our wildlife and is only used once ffs!! We’ve been so dulled down by these british parasites but we have to start to build england up again once we rid ourselves of the british establishment starting with westminster and the foreign civil service…thanks again for reading these true facts…

      • Yep, we need to Build Back Better ™ © ® 😀

      • @Elaine Hoskins – You’re right, it’s divisive garbage. This Daddy Dragon arsehole, as his handle suggests, is most likely an agent of (((The Tribe))).

    • You’re wasting your time, there is no remedy for the British or English people via the democratic political system – it’s broken beyond repair and rotten to the core. Use your energy more wisely.

    • Not really sure why you would type a fully qualified domain name into duckduckgo which is a search engine not a browser?

  7. QUOTE: Actually, Einstein, in real life, was a plagiariser and a fraud and thoroughly exposed by Nikola Tesla as such……. Roflmao sounds bout right,,,
    They are all jekyll and hyde ( Snide ) ALL goverments & thier masters klouse hoffinmiestershwabb greta thumbsupherarseberg not so bonny wee prince charles pope bozog et all …..
    All plotting & planing our enslavement bit by bit with all this digital phone & band ( watch which will turn in to a wrist band with a hologram sticking out of it )……
    Watch the series,, Brave New World & tell me about it……
    Soon you will be enslaved so much your phone ( wristband ) will know Everything about you predict what your next move in life & make you live that – ECO – enviroment saveing way worshiping a massive hard drive orb as your god ……..
    Westworld series 3 is well worth watching . ~ Dont say i did’nt warn you ~ Get rid of that fone !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Are you enjoying your entertainment?
    entertain (v.)
    late 15c., “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,” from Old French entretenir “hold together, stick together, support” (12c.), from entre- “among” (from Latin inter; see inter-) + tenir “to hold” (from Latin tenere, from PIE root *ten- “to stretch”).

  9. The jab is just something else to us ,once everyone is lumbered with the passports they will definitely start charging for the jab.
    NO jab = no passport
    NO passport = no freedom.
    NO freedom = slavery .

    • Very few want the Booster, nobody is going to buy the jab, maybe the treatment to keep the side effects of the jab at bay, once had, I reckon that’ll be a real money spinner soon.

      We’ll hopefully say NO at that stage to Passports, only effecting 18-25 age group the passports at this stage.

      • True. My mate 74 doesn’t want his booster. He watched a program on long covid and said, this is how i feel, been a year of long Cjab.

      • People are getting the RMNA pfizer jab as a booster even if they had the others before…
        They dont care what they stick in people nowadays…
        People are just cash cows as there taking this experimental crap under the delusion its helping them…🤦🏻‍♂️

    • That’s the british….it’s ALWAYS been the british…everywhere…ALL round the world they want wars=money, jabs=money, NHS=money, large corporations=money…get the picture yet…it’s not the English…we’ve not had a parliament since 1706…VOID the acts of union and remove the power of the british and send them to Israel…they’re responsible for it…WE NEED OUR ENGLAND BACK NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Think back to the Scottish referendum…why did the british dash north of the border so quickly….to save westminster/the civil service (who run England)…to save the parasites of England from losing their massive wages which we, the English have to dig deep for!!! The whole corrupt system in Westminster needs removing hopefully on November 5th…any takers??? Where’s Guy Faulks when you need him…they must ALL be held for TREASON against our country, England and dealt with swiftly, by due process and an English judiciary not this bloody parliament’s army we have at the moment!!

  10. You said this in an earlier video about 4 months ago, where you suggested that they probably like to think that WE are responsible for our own fate, not THEM, and they do this by giving out many clues of what’s about to happen, so effectively we decide out our fate and they are free from karmic retrirution. And there’s the Jacques Attali reference too.

    • So they think they are free from karma ha ha will see karma’s gone a get ya

    • Watch the movie Soylent Green (1973) with Charleston Heston. BTW, I learned recently that in around 20 states of the USA dead bodies are currently dissolved and flushed down into the sewers I kid you not – check it out.

      • Yep covered in the video above, how they’ll get rid of millions of bodies over the winter.

        Seem to be getting into winter and other than massive increase in heart attacks all quite, maybe the fku jab / spray will react with jabs and kick it off mind.

    • John Haigh (the acid bath murderer) 1940’s Britain !!!

  11. I tell what I have been noticing a hell of a lot recently on websites like Yahoo for eg. Every single picture they show of someone getting the jib jab their shoulder has a plaster over it , usually accompanied with that person pointing to it. Now call me paranoid , but Quantum dot tattoo anyone ?

    • They claim they can tell if you’ve faked the jab, but might be a bluff, to stop people buying fake passports especially as massive fines for getting caught.

      Still no Gates/Satan video’s, hoping killed, and ready to be the scapegoat for all that’s going to happen, so Jab’s will instantly STOP!!

      Discussing on FB and nobody can find a video last 3weeks! 🙂

      • Billy goat gates saw johnson at no10 today to push his next load of shite out…

      • What lump of shite? Windows ™ © ® 11? 😀

      • Survey question 11:
        How likely are you to recommend Windows 11 to a friend. Where 0 is extremely unlikely and 10 is definitely.


        Please explain why you gave that answer.

        Because I want to keep them.

      • LOL
        That’s brilliant !
        you made me smile
        thank you

  12. I will never fake the jab I will stand up and be counted I am free

    • Well done you-they can’t invade your body-it’s unlawful!! Please look at rumble: the Full English for the truth about the English and the british…so many people don’t get it but they ARE waking up. Thanks for reading this…England needs its people like NEVER before!!

  13. If only we could have pushback like France and Italy. Maybe someday soon….

    • It’s happening-have faith…rumble-The Full English 8pm Mon-Fri and subscribe to join in the chat…watch the placer until he goes live then sit back listen and learn the true facts and the difference between England (a true nation) and britain (a fake establishment ideal that is really a land mass-we don’t speak british ffs) We, the English WILL WIN…the truth ALWAYS prevails…

      • bill

        Can I ask how is boiling yourselves down to ‘The English’ going to make you any stronger? You are fighting satan and all the globalists power and you believe by starting a nationalist divide you are going to achieve what?. Sounds a lot like the English Q anon, don’t worry, keep calm, over the next hill, round the next corner, keep walking, we will sort it.

        There is no saviour other than God the Father reached by repentance to God the Son.

      • Repent! Repent! Only Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour can Save Us!

      • No one can repent unless The Father is calling them to His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ):

        John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

  14. so the thread got off the point a bit. The answer does appear to be get rid of your smart phone. It truly is a shackle. This will take a hell of an effort. You can see how they have slipped through the surveillance infrastructure to keep us in the web too, the satellites, the masts, the devices.

  15. Spot on, you see people today on social media and they have no social skills to a person in front of them whatsoever, they have no idea how to communicate one on one about real life.
    It is a shame society has changed so much it is very sad not to see children out and about playing having fun getting upto mischief lol like the good old days with adventure, now i just see adult/children they just walking around with their heads in their phones missing out the world going by

  16. Cheers Hugo

    Problem is as u said it’s taking over
    I getting into art & finding my spare time more relaxing.
    I HATE online shopping they don’t send what you see! Returning things is like loosing the will to live lol

    Have good day to you All.

    • One thing I have noticed is that postage on online shopping is soaring 😉 ‘They’ © ™ ® have got us all trapped and hooked on the ‘convenience’ of online shopping and now they are turning the screws 😀

      • You not wrong trev mate

        I literally only just been post office post something to US
        O my goodness I nearly feel on floor at price !!!

        They are taking the piss
        The postage was more than item .

        Cheers now have good day

  17. Hugo has nailed it again. Unfortunately the under 30, probably even those aged 30-40 have let themselves become trapped by their phones. I cannot ever see them putting them down. We cannot give up on sending the message though.

  18. When people who have the jab pass ask me if i had “covid” i say no and i tell them you have though..
    They look bemused…
    I say “you got covid on your phone as its the Certificate Of Vaccination ID”…
    Hence “covid pass”…
    They think “covid” is the illness or so called illness…🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. See they’ve released Delta Plus, when will they release blood clot Echo?

    Colin Powel died of flu called convid, fully jabbed, there squirming big time about how great there jab is, 6xs less likely to catch, 11xs less likely to die, interesting as exact opposite of Isreal study, being 11xs more likely to get 6xs more likely to die, using same number’s 6,11 to confuse people.

    • Another “variant” new jabs next year…more bollocks year in year out…
      This “variant” will be the flu ans the flu magically disappeared last year😄

      • Lol
        They probably get bored of using the word ‘variant’ next

        They are Insane !

  20. This is the future, unfortunately our next generation will no longer remember how its once was because that too will be adjusted to the new agenda.Unless a miracle happens very soon all will be erased, us along with it.Take great care my friends.

    • A miracle will happen, for Yashua Messiah will return to rescue His people, or there will be none left alive. According to calculations this will most likely be 2031.

  21. Did you know Isaac Newton discovered gravity? Apparently before that there was no gravity! And Christopher Columbus discovered America? Even though the native Indians had already been living there for thousands of years!

    • Morning

      Great comment
      It did make me smile lol

      Indeed.. the poor American Indians they suffered Terrible amounts of suffering, brutality & slavery.
      They love Mother Earth what a shame people in power want to destroy it !

  22. Ireland just anounced the passports wont be lifted on the 22nd! As if they ever were! Yet those who have it can go inside but still have to wear masks?? Why if they have ghe messiah jab! 92% done what are they frightened off! Were bolloxed

  23. I never owned a smartwatch, never will. I’m not going to give my health details to the manufacturer for no reason at all. The watch is connected to the app, and the app is connected to the manufacturer’s server where they store everything. Some smartwatches are designed in such a way that you can not even set the time and date without having to install the app first.

    • My advice would be NEVER purchase anything with ‘Smart’ in its description, whether it be based upon principles or for health/safety and security reasons.

  24. Never purchase anything ‘smart’ and get rid of any cloud hosted CCTV that you may have in or around your home. E.g. Nest (now Google), Ring (now Amazon) and the like. As for listening devices like Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc. Get them out of your homes. In less than 5 years AI will be scanning through and interpreting every conversation you have ever had near one of these devices. Switch the mic on your phone off for ALL apps. We are being listened to now, and we will be ‘charged’ at a later date. The main thing to know is that the data is being collected and stored now, for interpretation and analysis later.

    • Thankfully I don’t have any them devices
      Many thanks for update tho nice one

      Thank you

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