Priti Patel Reaction = Remove Anonymity From Social Media / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • In the interests of the planet Priti Patel should be removed from it. She has previously said she is in favour of capital punishment so maybe she should be publicly hanged.

  1. I’m sorry, Hugo. I know where you are coming from. BUT. If someone under the disguise of anonymity claims you are a paedophile or woman-beater, would your opinion be the same. Too many people suffer abuse on-line from people too cowardly to use their real names. This should have been stopped years ago. Children have commited suicide after on-line abuse and bullying. There is scum out there that do not care about the harm they cause to the mental health of others. Two sides to every argument, Hugo. It will be interesting how your subscribers react to this video.

    • You make a good point Keith Knight. I think you should have to be varified for Facebook and prove who you are as that is more personal than say leaving a comment here or on You tube which is largely anonymous anyway. FB is far worse for trolling than anywere else from both genuine and bogus accounts.
      Leave Twitter alone , it is the playground of the insane. If you are daft enough to go on there then you have to expect the worse.

      • Mark, In case your not aware, you are tracked on FB and just about every other site, even if you are using a proxy going round the world and back again. Everyone has a starting IP, a MAC address, 99.999% have a Gmail account linked to the mobile phone number. Everything is CrossRef via many sites Amazon, your Bank, Paypal, E-bay. This is nothing to do with safety it is about total control brought about by clapping seals making noises rather like yourself and Mr Knight who seem to be uninformed about internet protocol and tracing technology’s.

      • No need to verify who you are as FakeBook can take down ANY comment that they wish within minutes if needed. Just try to type the words ‘anti-vax’ or ‘freedom march’ into a post and it will never be seen! No need for your data to be stored by any BIG business at all. We are ALL innocent until proven guilty, supposedly.

    • @Keith Knight, how does this relate to the murder of Sir x ?….And if it doesn’t relate…then why the Patel woman chose to bring in this measure right now?

      • Spot on its total bollocks. Ray was right everone no matter who they are has an ip address. There are some very clever people out there that probably can get round anything tho. They need to be looking on the so called dark Web. As for social media if everone turned it all of these people would all be out of business. There’s to many sad idots that call themselves victims now a days. There are real victims of abuse I mean real abuse probably living next door that have no access to the Internet as there abused where’s there vocies. The police don’t give a shit people are to busy taping away to worry about what’s going on right in front of them. The TV social media even the royal family now. Wow making people scared living in fear in case the sun drops out of the fucking sky. U got more chance of being struck by lightning or better still a car in the road. Then what these people saying actually happing. Ruling by fear and scare tactics.

    • I choose to appear here under my own name. Presumably, so do you (but no photo, Keith?). It should remain a matter of choice.

      • hi
        And a fine photo it is Steve, fair play to you

        have nice evening now )

      • Choice, that exactly it isn’t it? Everything govts worldwide are doing is about removing our freedom to choose and has been for a long time it’s just going at warp speed now

    • Hi Keith. Unfortunately that’s not how criminals and bullies work. The only thing getting rid of anonymity does is make criminals and bullies find ways to game the system whilst regular Joes end up made to feel like criminals.

    • Oh come on there’s real abuse going on behind closed doors ever day. Social media lol do u really belive that if u were a women being beaten up on a regular basis by ur boyfriend / partner they would even allow u the chance to be any where near social media ffs. Do u belive the kids of these abusive men and women by the way would allow these kids the access to any form of contact to let the cat out of the bag and cry for help. NO I no for a fact abusive people were abusing men women and kids in lockdown and social media didn’t come into it. Where are the social services child protection units .it was only weeks ago that a these social media arsholes. That don’t no who they are from 1 day to another .a full grown man saying he was now a women ffs and demand to be put into a battered women’s and kids refuge. Does anyone belive these things are normal. This is people’s rights gone fucking mad. I’m sorry but I no for a fact there is actually real abuse going on behind closed doors. If u don’t want to feel like a victim go private on social media . Stop this world becoming a fucking nanny state. Look after what really matters and turn social media of because it’s that simple. Men women and kids in abusive homes haven’t got the luxury of leaving and haven’t got the luxury of help from the police now. Trust me this is a growing problem and its got even worse due to covid. A lot of these people are prisoners in there own home due to abusive family members they actually live with. You have the fucking royal family getting involved in climate change stupid government letting people into this country by the boat and plane load. We don’t owe these people nothing. They should be building back better in there own country’s. Charity now has got to begin at home. As for people being indoctrinated are they having a laugh. They need to go into our prisons it’s been going on behind those locked doors for donkeys years. These people hate western societies they actually belive they are going to take over the uk. All I can say is people can switch of face fucking book twitter ticktok and anyother media shit there getting abused on. Parents need to stop letting there kids go on these sites. They need to be more aware of what there kids are doing online. It used to be when kids where told not to talk to strangers or take bullying long before u sat a 3 year old in front of ur phone on utube and let them just look at images no child should see while mum was doing her hair and make up. I’m sorry people need to get real and get there priorities in order and stop being victims of total bollocks when there are real victims in the uk . The victims that are not allowed to have a vocie because of fear. Turn the Internet of if ur so fucking offended 😤

  2. This is timing well with the removal of land lines. Anyone remember pre-internet where you could dial in to other peoples servers/bulletin boards?

    • I’ve still got my landline and I’m still got my old faithful brick my 3210.

      • All credit too you moira, if many more people followed your example, we would not be in the position we are about to find our selves in soon if people dont find thier back bone

      • They’re getting rid of landlines in the next few years. Sure Hugo covered this.

  3. Why not protect ALL of us by sorting out the main problem of who is carrying out these attacks and dealing with them – or better still stop the dinghy divers.

    • carolinekisko@ “I assume by “these attacks” you mean the supposed Muslim terror attacks such as 7/7, Westminster, London bridge, 911, Boston, Manc arena etc. Well then, we need to deal with M15 or CIA or Mossad as all are false flag events carried out by our intel agents. If you aren’t aware of the false flags then pls do some research. Let us wait & see what info comes out from this latest event & we already start to see “the solutions”.

    • Caroline it’s best to remove the british establishment…they have always hated the English with a passion as they hate the Americans simply because we both have the same Constitution which, rightly, gives us “plebs” the rights, inalienable rights that CANNOT be removed by ANY british (foreign) government EVER…English common law IS natural law…the british laws are Roman laws and are irrelevant to us English. We must VOID the ascts of Union 1706/7 which gives the british their power then we need to move back to an English parliament and end ALL this shite once and for all!! Anyone interested in an English party that follows the rule of LAW-not left/right Look up through duckduckgo on Rumble The Full English…We’re fighting the british electoral commission to get our English Constitution Party for everyone in England to vote for as ALL other parties ARE british…All different cheeks of the same *rse!!! Have a nice evening all.

  4. They want to justify a war in somali with there puppet state Kenya for there natural resources as well as censoring free speech

  5. It grinds my gears when I hear people say ‘I don’t trust any politician…. apart from….’ 😒

  6. Do we have anonymity anyway? Maybe you can post under a false name but if they wanted to couldn’t they quite easily track anyone they wanted? Maybe I’m wrong but I think it would be more likely to leave people open to attack from other social media users.

  7. Has anyone else recently been locked out their YT account?

  8. Mmmmm….certainly makes one ponder his ‘murder’ now – timely to push even more control !?

  9. I want the right to be able to look up midget porn without anyone knowing my name

  10. the wicked witch from the east rises , best crawl back on your Broomstick .:)

  11. Crock of shit
    Order from chaos
    Makes me think the Mp was a sacrifice for sympathy
    Then to alter laws
    How does MK Ultra work?

  12. Patel is missing the point as usual or rather she chooses not to adress it.
    The Government are allowing this to happen by letting these people flood in. We should be asking them why they are purposely making this country less secure.

    • Its the same old excuse to create a “problem” then introduce a solution which has nothing to do with resolving the original problem. From what I understand this guy stabbed and killed an MP. What has that got to do with people trolling on social media? I have never been trolled on FB or IG etc as I only let people I know follow me & vice versa. Problem solved. But no, somehow they are trying to link a stabbing with social media controls. Its a bit like dunblame and hungerford. Both cases were down to police cockups allowing known psycho`s have guns dispite the firearms licensing officers advising they shouldnt have them. Then after the shootings, rather than address the real problem, they just banned guns. I am surprised they havent done similar in this case and knee jerk banned knives. Another way of looking at it, is I believe this MP was anti lockdown etc. and spoke out against the government measures. Maybe the stabber was pro-lockdown/pro-covid restrictions. In which case they should restrict anyone who is pro-lockdown / pro-covid / pro-vax etc as clearly they are unstable and may go and stab people.

      • You make some excellent and rational points…. But I’m afraid that common sense was eradicated ( along with the flu!! ) In 2020!

  13. Yawwwwwwn ,same old shite ,I used to enjoy your videos Hugo ,getting a big tedious dude……

  14. ASSASSINATION OF BRITISH MP DAVID AMESS: Stabbed to Death in a Church Because of His Opposition To Covid Vaccine Passports?

    What happen in China if you say the wrong thing on social media

    Black Goo

    The Most Important Thing

  15. Bit off topic but has anyone seen that video of the woman in the USA at the drivethru? She pulls up to the window to collect her drink and the server says:

    I can’t hand you your drink because you haven’t got a mask on.

    She says well I don’t have one, why can’t you hand me my drink?

    You haven’t got a mask on. I can hand you a mask.

    She says, so you can’t hand me my drink because I haven’t got a mask on, but you can hand me a mask?

    Yes. And if you put the mask on I can hand you your drink.

    Well why can’t you just hand me the drink then?

    Because you haven’t got a mask on.

    World gone crayzeeeeeee.

    • Have not seen clip
      but I fully believe you
      I did laugh as I read your comment
      I believe it because
      yes the world has gone totally bonkers!

  16. Hugo, on October the 6th 1993 Channel 4 Dispatches programme aired this episode entitled ‘The Hill’. Please watch it and then seriously ask yourself this question ‘is there such a thing as anonymity?’. If our government had that level of intelligence data gathering technology in 93 what do you think they have almost three decades later? Just because they don’t act on what we might say or write doesn’t mean they don’t know, they know everything.

  17. Mark you are bang on there Bro,FALSE FLAGS …..ALL THE WAY!!

    • I can’t see how they are classing it as a terror attack. Is that just because of his background. If that was the case then with stabbings in Leicester most weeks including a death the other week The media would be forever reporting terror attacks in Leicester 😳

  18. This bitch is not even English, so cannot have jurisdiction over indigenous White British people. She’s a Cushite alien. Ship her back to Pakistan or India or wherever she comes from after having stripped her of all her ill gotten gains.

    • thetruth-yeah you’re right but she was born here-not that gives a britshit ANY privileges over us white indigenous English but they seem to be of the opinion that they can ffs!! The britshits in power want civil war but they hate the English SOOO much as we prefer to kill them in the courts with the English constitution and Common law…esp torts that fine the individual and we are winning in that respect…look at how the schools aren’t going ahead with the jib-jabs thanks to our English gold star 19 page letter that informs the teacher/headteacher and governors that THEY ARE responsible if they harm the kids under English tort law…the britshits can’t have it ALL their own way…using our constitution (English-never british!!) when it suits them ffs!! Have a nice evening mate.

  19. I actually fail to see why Patel is in the job, she is either a liar or useless.
    Just like her colleague grunt shapps

    • Guilty on BOTH counts!! And just like the britshits…NOT very good at it mate!!

      • Sorry, don’t buy into the divisive England versus Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland stuff, when it can easily be resolved by removing Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs from Westminster, as they now have their own assemblies.

  20. The slaughter of that MP was either a white hat or black hat op in my opinion…. I thought it was black hat to further the cause for the likes of our Government in social media control and to bring in the ‘On Line Harms Bill’ however, my Best Friend knows well the priest who was given call to hear the last rites of Amess but he was DENIED from seeing him. Why was that? He was also stabbed apparently 17 times, why was that? If you know anything about Gematria that number has significance. He was known to be in communication with the British Medical Journal regarding the inappropriate over-reach of big Pharma, yet his name appears on the list of 315 MPs calling for Mandatory jabs, voting on Thursday evening last. A lot of questions there……Nothing is as it seems peeps, be wary….

    • Rest assured, just like the Jo Cox scam, he’s not dead. The whole thing is a psy-op arranged for nefarious reasons, that is, the removal of more freedoms with more dystopian legislation. It’s the same old same old.

  21. It is a shame that too many people here sadly are not dot connectors Hugo. You are a dot connector. I get you…..

  22. If Praty Patel thinks she is fooling anyone she is not, it is Praty that is inviting refugees with strange ideas toward violence and murder,, of course Praty is auctualy in favour of people being put to death,, but only the ones she decides should be put to death, she is a backward individual with double standards and a very big mouth.

  23. We are owned by China and there slowly moving us over to China’s ways of living and removing religion like in china, lockdowns where to create mountains of debt which China could buy up and then own us 🙁 Biden trying to trash USA so they have no option but let China buy them out and save them, China has 1st strike advantage, worrying time for the USA better start comforming, Biden won’t be in long, can they find such a weak puppet??

    Most countrys after getting there jabbed % I’ll add, have said fuck the jab it’s shit, Australia, UK, italy, France, Ireland and USA ( blue states ) are the 1s continuing, especially Australia there going hard, UK just after more 20year olds it seems,

    But always more shit to come and they don’t want people speculating as to why Convid turned into a blood clot disease which only killed the jabbed, better stop those pesky comments.

  24. They should start removing anonymity from the people who are arriving by boat from across the channel. How many of them don’t have the slightest form of identification?

  25. There are more technological complications to it than she’s probably aware of. She speaks as just a mouth piece.

    If they want to find you, they can, you don’t have much anonymity on this horizon anyway.

  26. Do your job Patel and stop illegal third world parasites entering the country…

  27. This is a false argument there is no place to hide on the internet no anonymity. You know a clever way they can track you? they put an ultrasonic sound on a web page and when you visit the site the sound is recorded through microphones on your devices. The only thing they require is CONSENT to allow them to use any information they gather against you.

    To see where this sort of control leads watch this video.

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