Facial Recognition Coming To UK Schools TOMORROW / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. If I had a child at school I would take it out . No to the jab . No to digitising our children. They all work for satan. May God bless and protect all who believe and mercy on our souls. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth Amen.

      • It is is all evil evil shit!! you feel this horror encroaching, and it is a horrible feeling. it is obviously one big set up, play.
        WHO had this technology before 2020?? CHINA. Where did the scam demic start??…C H I N A!!!
        Who changed the definition of ‘pandemic’ in 2009?? The W H O (and I don’t mean the band!).
        What date was the scam demic announced to the world? On March 11th 2020, that is 3/11.
        they LOVE that date. 3/11 is their occult code for 33 which also comes with their masonic ORDO AB CHAO, or ‘order out of chaos’. LOOK:

        Fukushima Nuclear Disaster March 11, 2011

        WHO announced covid 19 pandemic March 11, 2020

        March 11 or 3/11 = (33) is a very important date within the New World Order of Freemasony/Luciferinaism. 33 is also connected with He highest level degree of initiation if Scottish Freemasonry, ad is connected with their motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘order out of chaos’ !!

        Many false flag events have been attached to March 11th

        The 1918 ‘Spanish’ Flu Pandemic (so they say) started and came out of Fort Riley, Kansas on March 11th

        The ‘terrorist train bomb attacks’ in Madrid on March 11th 2004 and if you type at the Gematrinator website ‘Madrid’ you will see the gematria of 113

        ORDO AB CHAO ‘order out of chaos’ is their motto, and is connected with their top level of degree, 33) .

        You are So right Hugo, we keep well away from this, and get your children away from it. We must make a parallel world. I don’t think anyone in a same mind can want their toxic world!!

      • Amanda, good point or in some schools the can pre pay for lunches.
        So why bring this BS in?

        On the Metro facial scan… The people paying with cards or travelcards were much quicker than the facial scan idiots!!
        3 times quicker my arse.

        Personal data will not be secure and can always be hacked.
        Plus what if the system is down & they didn’t bring a form of payment because they are so reliant on the scans working?

        Can they really justify all those cameras??

      • Personal data is always available to ‘the authorities’.

    • Wtf ? I’m in Australia so they will be next- Why are people just accepting this – Get out of these schools and get out of all major cities now

    • So true!!!!
      I hope a lot more parents would withdraw their kids

  2. I agree you you Hugo, it’s all happening much more quickly than I expected. I’ve been watching for 20 years – I’m still shocked and saddend. Thank God for Jesus.

    • I understand where you’re coming from Gill but Jesus wont save us. We have to save ourselves and fight this bs.

      • Jesus will save those who put their trust in Him. But those who reject Him will perish. Save yourself from this corrupt generation believe in Christ. This is all prophesied in the Bible. The end of the story is clear. The wicked will be turned into hell at the return of Christ but all who believe on him will be saved.

    • Same here! I knew it was coming. It has accelerated in the past two yrs.
      These satanists and their useful idiots have no idea what’s in store for them.God laughs at their stupidity!
      They are shoveling the Muslims in as fast as they can “human rights”
      For all but not for the natives(Christians). They know full well how to destroy a nation you attack relentlessly the four pillars of a nation, family, race, religion, nation(culture) into nothing.
      You make up racism laws and you pound it into the natives.
      (Communism is satanism).
      Jesus christ is the way, life and the truth! No one goes to the father, but through him. Hallelujah!

      God bless truthseekers! Viva christore!

  3. Please check your telegram comments as I’m going to post my year 7 sons social credit score that his school does

  4. Hugo has and continues to warn us about letting our children be poisoned in the devil’s traps; schools….please let’s take heed. Thank you very much for your research HUGO

  5. We’ve been a species that only wants convenience over moral ethics. 🙁

    • WE ? I noticed this in plan sight years ago. People acted then like they wanted a nanny state and here it is. No hiding it now. To be honest this has probably been going on for years . New thing my arsh. As for the kiss I really see what use it is scanning kids faces in the dinner queue ffs. Mind you get in while there young . That’s it then you have there details for the rest of there lifes. If kids can’t go to school and be kids then this whole thing is fucked. How is this gonna work in the real world ? Its not is it. There are way to many people in the world. So what you won’t be able to get on public transport if your face don’t fit that day. All bollocks. If someone wants to put strap a fucking bomb to themselfs on the tube facial features there having a laugh . These people blow themselfs up along with the rest of the train it’s not gonna get them nicked now is it. They want your kids data now for the future. If my kids were young I’d be having none of this shit. It has to be stopped but I’m afraid the general population are just that afraid , afraid of what might happen blah blah fucking blah. U just can’t live your lifes on what might happen. It’s been a nanny world for donkeys years. Know there not even trying to hide it. Unbelievable that kids are becoming the targets. Jabs now this what’s next. So it’s not OK for your kids to go on line and dirty bastards to try and abuse them but it’s OK that God nos who is taking your kids details at school if you don’t mind and parents are happy with this ? I mean REALLY come on. This shit could get into the wrong hands then what. I’m so glad my kids are adults now. This is just going completely over the top and happening real fast. Faster then I thought. Camreas can be smashed by the way. Computer systems can be hacked into. Think about it. Ffs. I can’t actually fucking belive most people are this dumb to go along with it. Everones gonna die at some point don’t people get that ? Once we are born we’re dieing . That’s how it works. To be afraid of death is to be afaird of life. Protect your kids .

  6. setting up for pedo smoggers board. this is disgusting take your child out of school now satan after your babies :::;

  7. Hugo!your so right again!can you.predict the lottery numbers for me👍

  8. More digital society crap like the jab passes…
    Bollocks to them

  9. They have started facial recognition Atlanta Georgia Airport, U.S(lines will move faster). While everyone was locked down, cameras were going up.
    I saw a video on this last year, which of course was taken down by YouTube. Korea had already started. Also robotic police, when call for the police/ ems it won’t be a person. If they’re looking for someone, put in their name, face and all their information, friends, family, medical will come up. (Hence defund the police). The Video mentioned what you said about all your bank info, which is why most banks have already gone digital. No more credit cards, cash. Taking an Uber just walk up to the car, they will have cameras too.
    A NY t.v news program showed California Governor ok’d a company along with cell companies to track people, 10 more congregating..in the name of covid safety. The reason for 6ft, was cause at that time if people were to close individuals were undetectable.
    All these mandates is a distraction, and a reason to fire people. Oh yeah some medical procedures will be robotic as well, hospital stays are shorter. So need for all those nurses.

  10. Just can’t get over these teachers they have turned into complete and utter assholes doctors nurses all of them wouldn’t trust any of them there all control freaks they don’t have any power over your kids tell them your not taking photos of my child there doing it in shopping centers now to there’s something behind all these cameras being installed everywere how can we stop this everyone needs to stand together to protect the kids

  11. Hugo is right,, Take Your Kids Out Of School of compliance & obediance of communist control. That database is a nonce cases dream all in 1 place
    & it looks like Russia is going back to the old USSR status, You Will Comply ,,,, the cold war will be a Hot war now with this bullshit summit going on next month…
    fecial reconition can go fuck it’s self bleeding A.I. nanobots predicting shit & governments work on them predictions that company’s are boasting about doing
    https://www.gartner.com/en/industries/government-public-sector & https://www.cutter.com/practice-areas/data-analytics-digital-technologies
    Klouse Shittwab ~ phony b-liar ~ Billy masterBates & he/she wife ~ gorgy porgy soros ~ warren { kept alive by stem cell research } buffett ~ Dr snake oil fauci ~ Not so wee bonny prince charlie https://www.conspiracytruths.co.uk/jimmysavilebbcpaedophile.html ~ greta ThumbsUpHerArseBerg ~ bozog & all government aparatchik freemason common purpose clowns……… you are all this https://media1.fdncms.com/riverfronttimes/imager/u/slideshow/2600028/butt_head.jpg
    As for foto i.d…… Here mine https://longshotsblues.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/fuck-you.jpg

  12. They’ve already tried this with MP’s as they walk into the House of Commons but the facial recognition software couldn’t cope with the two faced bastards.

  13. Anyone that cannot see through this is either stupid or a fucking idiot,, just look at the timing!

  14. The facial recognition will primarily fill the paedophiles data base, so they can have an even easier access to the children, so they can make a selection depending on the ritual they are about to perform, children will soon start disappearing faster than ever before.

  15. Really sneaking in the totalitarian state this weekend aren’t they, totally facist!!

    Be a lot easier, when there is 90% less people on the world.

    Need a mask, that covers my faces features, but so I can still see and breath so not over my mouth!!

    Cashless will be forced by end of next year aswell.

    Social Circles ( I worked on 15years back ) are already available via Mobile phone data and likely extended to bank payments and social media, ofcourse got to stop criminals with no digital foot print at all, which is how you’d have to run the revolution 100% low tech, face to face!

  16. Fuck the schools fuck the government..fuck the masks and the experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon shot

    • Fuck them indeed!!

      A lot have woken up, even jabbed people, doubt they’ll get away with to much too soon, so what’s there next move ??? Or do they just sit back and let the jabs do there work?

      Zero new Bill Gates video’s, taking a break for being Convid main spoke person, or hung 3rd Oct as Rumoured, for the omg it’s his fault entirely for the hoax and the jabs.

  17. So when the school tells you “we`re just simply putting all pupils on a database”. They mean quite literally that , all pupils , noses , mouths , dimples , warts and all.

  18. To all you wonderful god loving people especially the Christians.by now the vale is lifting and your starting to see that things are not as you have been told.this is also the case with your good book and Jesus.by now some will know,heads of the church are part of this corruption.it was them who brought in the birth certificate.which enslaved us into statutory law.law of dead things .they lied about the bible ,it s stories are one story told in different ways. It is the story of a process with in the human body.Christos is an oil produced by the pineal gland. For more on this Santos bonacci you tube. And the story of Jesus is the story of this oil .through wrong living this oil is waisted.the saviour you are waiting for is with each of us.Jesus never was a person, and never was or will be.heaven means heaved up.the oil is to be tithed so it can be heaved up your spine to the ceribram(Abraham)(ram (Aries(Rameses (god).this oil is crucified at the vagus nerve . hope you guys wake up to this overwise you be believing ,god has returned when they switch on project blue beam
    Bless you all

  19. Transhumanism that’s what’s going on and the jabs got something to do with it. Gene editing possibly which is why they want to get it into everybody. Branding people aswell with different jabs. They think they own us and treat us like cattle. They don’t give a shit about us and they have no respect for us. Never conform ever. And hopefully there’s enough of us to bring this to a end. The animals are not having the jab or have a smartphone. The animals have got it right. I will join the animals if it gets that bad. They manage to survive. Better off out the system now and go live on the land practice living of grid because they have destroyed our world. And bringing in there shit world that’s not apart of us and not for our benifit. Will be a lot of regret I see it now. Never conform ever or its the end of you.

    • Defo 1 of the many possible outcomes, better off pretending to be a sheep, getting the uggggg jab leave as long as possible and extract it’s contents from your arm ASAP and flush out with Detox supplements or atleast try.

      Even if you hide in the forest, they’ll send a drone over with FLIR locate you, stick some 20mm fire your way or send out a drone grenade that’ll look for you and blow you up, without you even seeing it, not even going to get a fair fight 🙁

      Too many possibilities and I’m not ruling actual alien issues out and preparing us in some way for them. Nothing is making sense at this stage!!

  20. Anyone else thinking there creating a catalogue for the pedo elites of all the kids, ohh I fancy raping and drinking the blood of that 1 today, not until civilization totally falls to shit mind, so 2022!!

    • That was my thoughts. There gonna hack right into all this nanny state bollocks. Hey but who’s the nanny to our kids. Get a grip people . Protect your kids. Look at the world ffs . Kids need protection more then ever before. Would parents normally want there kids filmed? Because they are being camreas ever where and now this. This is bollocks . You can’t film kids doing a school play let alone bringing in all this. Hey but it’s a good thing they are protecting your kids . Like fuck they are. Parents need to do something like now not a year down the line. This is moving faster then I actually thought where the kids are concerned.

  21. Brought to you by the Chinese Communist Part it seems to me the Chinese Communist party is now in charge. Oh one crazy question how many British Lords and Ladies could be part of an international pedophile ring ?

  22. Top up jabs/pills yearly=digital passes

    When are these bloody idiots that still believe this is about some “virus” ever going to wake up?…
    Already them swab tests all over the shop and what is amusing they dont test for infection or sickness in the first place yet again people believe they do…
    There the driving force for cases which enable more restrictions and face nappies again…

  23. They were brainwashing the kids with biometrics 10 plus years ago as they turned the schools into prisons. As usual the parents did not care! Silkie Carlo is a class act right back from the Charlie Veitch days! As Hugo says, your only option is to get your kids out of school….
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  24. I like how in the Russian metro segment they say the Facepay system is 3 times faster, then at 5:48 you see the man using a ticket passes through instantly and doesn’t have to wait like people using the ‘3x faster’ system. But don’t use any logic or rationale…

  25. This is ending up like china is now….
    Dystopian state and run by corrupt people…
    I seen the footage in china and its horrendous…
    I rather live in a cave than live like that

  26. The perfect place to launch this crap In the U.K. Scotland! wee jimmy cranky has once again let us down, she must be rubbing her hands together the satanic bitch, I’m so upset I thought Scotland was full of Highland cows turns out it’s full of S🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑ple
    And before anyone has a pop, I’m Scottish! And it sickens me!

  27. If we didn’t know before, we now know why face-masks were imposed on us when there is no scientific evidence to support their use.

    • No science behind asystematic spreading or social distancing either….
      In fact no science behind any of it whatsoever as its as we know never been a pandemic and never been about some virus either

  28. how disgusting it all is!!! life for the most of the people is survival already. and in order to continue this existence, you also need to conduct a medical experiment on yourself. where even lower? and the elite sit and laugh with popcorn.🙄dystopian nightmare….

  29. Big Brother Watch, talkRADIO, MSM, ect Most of them are Shills
    (A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with said person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing, politics, sports, confidence games, or other business areas. A shill may also act to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest.)

  30. People at a work place are having there boosters and some been ill after for a few days…
    Anyway even the NHS cannot say what the longterm effects of them things are..
    More “strains” more jabs every year…
    Top up the passport…
    I hate saying it but many more will get seriously ill having that experimental jab if not short term but longterm down the line…
    You tell these folk this and they laugh at you but i think well your find out the hard way then..

  31. Same happens in China with recognising your social circles, you can even get a text from the CCP telling you not to associate with the people you have been seen with.
    Anybody seen with anyone who is opposed to the Government will all be linked together of course. This will put everybody into groups. There is no end to what they can do, this needs resisting.

  32. The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to to take a little of their freedom at a time. To erode their rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until it is past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.

  33. Just think everybody, this all started with a virus…oh how i laugh.

  34. Same people jabbing their kids, will see this as progress..

  35. Of course it’s happening in commie loving Scotland either pull yr kids out of indoctrination centres or if you cant give them packed lunches, write to school say NO. This is vile and not needed. Priming the kids for this to be seen as normal. Just dont comply with any of this BS.

  36. Are there plans to put this technology in the private schools.

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