Lockdown News Roundup / Green Spin / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Not another MUST WATCH! 😀 Don’t think so 😀 A hard pass on this MUST WATCH 😀

      • It wasn’t re posted for you then was it? Maybe it was re posted for all those amongst us who are only just waking up and are looking for all the information they can get to make sense of this madness.
        9 minutes in the grand scheme of things isn’t too much of a stretch is it surely ?
        Not sure why you subscribe to the tribe if you don’t need as much information as possible to fight this tyranny?

      • The pope is the false prophet who will bring in the Antichrist. In the end days true Christians will be hidden and oppressed . They will have nothing in common with the mainstream church, which will become a tool of the Antichrist, depleted of all divine grace.

  1. Keep it up man… You definitely have your finger on the pulse!!

  2. With prince Charles and klaus Schwabs great reset this is all part of the agenda they want to force upon us … climate lockdowns will follow

  3. Face nappies out now and saw a fella with a gas mask😄…
    Let the zombies come out to play…
    Braindead arseholes all of them and cueing for there “booster” jabs…

    • Edward, if they really cared so much they would do this remotely!!

      It’s not about the environment, it’s about their secret agenda chats no doubt.

    • Probably say he died of “covid” within 28 days of being stabbed

      • If it is someone who has suffered from lockdowns or is anti-vax then that will see a tsunami of propaganda against us. If it’s someone of a religious flavour they’ll be telling us how peaceful and wonderful they are.

      • If I were a gambler I would wager this will be a psy-op like the fake Jo Cox scam, and the perp (patsy) will either be an anti-vaxxer or a ‘far right extremist’ or both.

      • If it is somebody of ‘religious flavour’ we will see a tsunami of propaganda against Muslims. Be fair.

      • What you saying that Jo Cox wasn’t really killed and is still alive (like Princess Diana)? According to the Torygraph the attacker is a Somalian.

      • What I don’t get is that MPs are holding face-to-face surgeries whilst doctors are doing no such thing and still hiding behind the convid excuse 😀

    • Yes, David Amess, a Southend mp who was more English than british as he was a working man from the East end of London, one of England’s true working people…what do we have today…we can’t even get the british electoral commission to allow the English Constitutional Party to have its say in elections as they are ALL FRAUDULENT but we won’t give up, we WILL GET THERE LEGALLY and once we do these cretins will be dealt with correctly BY DUE PROCESS…ALL OF THEM!! If you want to vote ENGLISH go to https//TheEnglishConstitutionalParty.com and register. Also go to Rumble The Full English/Daddy Dragon, subscribe and follow Graham Moore for the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth relating to England and the English and our ENEMY the british and why they are the enemy of the world and should have NO PLACE in OUR ENGLAND!! Have a good evening. The Full English is on Monday-Friday at 8pm but he may be late on occasions so keep watching the placer (loop) until he comes up live…Thanks all.

      • Sorry mate, ALL politicians are criminals and are vetted and appointed by The Rothschilds via MI5/MI6 which they control – same with BBC employees – welcome to the UKSSR.

  4. this is all set it will play out till the end. I just want it over with . soon oh LORD..

  5. Yeah, and with a bit of luck they will all blow up….got to get rid of the so called queen somehow, havent they, shes dead anyway….

  6. They must be priming Prince George to be the new Gretta Thunberg as she must be quitting to have a childhood. P4 class will be walking out of their class to protest against littering.

  7. Waiting to hear more about mp’s death. Could this be the false flag we were anticipation? Could this a problem-reaction-solution scenario coming? Just wondering!

    • Start of Civil war or use to push in Martial law and complete Covid Plan B.

      When everyone realises, they’ve lost there jobs and businesses and wasted 18months of there lives for renamed Flu then fully expect global civil war.

    • Copied from my post above: If I were a gambler I would wager this will be a psy-op like the fake Jo Cox scam, and the perp (patsy) will either be an anti-vaxxer or a ‘far right extremist’ or both.

    • Yes, the house of commons speaker as already demanded Police protection for MPs face to face meetings.

      • Great news! That’ll keep the the useless muppets off the streets – they can then all ‘bend the knee’ and grovel to their treacherous heart’s content.

  8. That’s not the Queen. Never in her entire reign has she ever come out as outspokenly as this – it’s so out of character for a monarch who has always kept her own counsel. I cannot believe that the person from whose mouth these scripted and convenient words poured forth just in time for the COP summit is the person crowned Queen in 1953. It makes no sense. Either that, or she has gone mad or is in some way compromised.

    • Queeny is top of the pile when it comes to the “elites” always has been and always will be…until she goes!! She hasn’t overseen ANY government laws since 2006-she has NO power any more-the british govt removed it from her…why do you think she now resides in Windsor…not for her well-being, that’s for sure…the british want her out of the way so they can carry out their tyranny around the world as always!! It’s not the English doing ANY of this…it’s always been the british since the acts of union 1706/7 we, the English, haven’t had a parliament…even us English aren’t allowed in parliament yet the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are allowed….I wonder why? The ONLY way to remove the british is to VOID the Acts of Union which gives them their power….we MUST do this in order to regain our ENGLAND. Time for people to STOP voting for the british time and time again….the answer is in the name…if it says british….then it IS british and they will never be removed until enough of us stand up and say NO MORE. Just like the comment above the frenck garage (farage) is truly british NOT for England…never has been…well done that person for waking up to the fraud that he is. Hope this has educated a few more people but I know from the comments on here most of you lot are wide awake and I thank you for that.TEAR The English Are Rising. MEGA Make England Great Again!

      • “Queeny is top of the pile when it comes to the “elites” always has been and always will be.”

        Total nonsense: “Queeny” is a Rothschild puppet and does as she is told.

  9. Hilarious the way Prince Willy Wonka is spouting this rubbish whilst sat there doing a satanic symbol!

  10. Got to fill the media, distract from PCR tests being BS, claiming false negatives, nope reading positive for anything, liars.

    New Variant, Blood Clot variant yeah really, get your jabs 100% safe LOL

  11. Disturbingly, it seems that we have to tar everything with the same brush (critical thinking is OK, mais pas trop!): why is it not possible to conclude that the Covid ‘pandemic’ has been shamelessly manipulated and pushed by some huge, unscrupulous companies (BigPharma mostly, but not only) and individuals wielding huge wealth and influence – even though the virus itself is no more virulent than a bad flu virus; but also recognize that global warming really is a major existential threat for humanity (above all for the youngest generations), almost certainly caused largely if not exclusively by human activity, and for which there is overwhelming scientific,environmental and (for older people) personal evidence?

    But of course global warming contradicts the idea that the free-market has no inherent limitations and for that reason, and for reasons of vested interests, BigBusiness and many defenders thereof have always claimed that it is a hoax.

    • Covid crisis is created by the “the cabal” rather than being manipulated for their ends. They did not wait until something happened to take advantage of, rather they created it so to apply their agenda.

      Similarly, “Global warming” is a scam created (no such threat to humanity exists) by the same for nefarious reason. Research the; Report from Iron Mountain, the Club of Rome, Agenda 21 & Maurice Strong … and then read “The Climategate Emails”. Then you will understand the climate hoax…

  12. It is certainly interesting that the post about the Vatican Conference I posted this week on FB was taken down almost immediately.
    One wonders why ?? 😉

  13. 👮 COP26, Get on the ground and spread em’ out! – This is a Global Takeover and we’re taking control now. Your sovereign rights have been dismissed. Any attempt to dissent will result in Authoritarian pushback. We have your money. We have your leaders. And now we have the power.

    ⚠️ You are now subject to our Global reformation plans. Do not Resist! Do not Resist! Cease and Desist Immediately! 💥

  14. The masonic evil satanic elites won’t do with out anything, give up the pedo prince and the rest of the pedofores,

  15. Going by the response of a large number of the worlds population to the covid fraud and resultant ‘lockdowns’, I don’t think they’ll have any problem getting the sheep to follow their fraudulent ‘climate emergency lockdowns’.

  16. As always, Great round up hugo
    thank you

    it’s a tough journey for us all so


  17. Even Nigel Farage has been pushing this agenda now for a few weeks.. constant fear-mongering about the UK going dark. The asshole must have forgotten just how much oil, gas and coal the UK has. We are totally energy independant. They are all in the same club. Remember fake ass Farage’s whole agenda was to water down the Conservative vote and then abandon his voters, numerous times!
    Think for yourselves folks, we don’t need any of these wankers!

    • It’s not possible to ‘water down’ down the Trotskyist Tory vote ‘cos all the bastards are Communists, but the dumb voters cannot see it.

      “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Tories and NeoCons) are Trotskyists”

      — Eustace Mullins

      “When I was in my 20s I was a Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, revolutionary Bolshevik and I had opinions roughly equivalent to Mr Cleverly’s Conservative Party now – which has become an extraordinarily left-wing party since then.”

      — Peter Hitchens

    • Because they know how easily led and brainwashed people have become and will do anything they say and drag others down with them

  18. I’ve known Justin Welby of CofE fame was a wrong un for a long time, the pope, well lets just say I’ve thought all organised religion is a bit dubious. The fact the queen is involved along with the Prince’s just shows how the ‘all in it together’ brigade are all going to prosper. When you realise the music industry, film industry, TV channels, MSM, NHS, UN, WHO, WEF, and any other acronym you can think of is headed by the 1% you realise they are going to throw everything they can at us, if you want to promote your ‘tunes’ you have to subscribe to the elite’s bidding, I love the musicians, artists, actors, comedians, scientists, scholars, sportsmen/women who don’t sell their souls, we need more to free themselves from this evil. As George Carlin said, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

  19. If they really cared about climate change, they would hold the meeting on Zoom not fly out by polluting the air even more. It’s OK for them to travel and not the real humans!

    • I think you will find that the delegates to the COP26 jolly will be canoeing, walking and cycling to Glasgow 😀

  20. How anyone still likes the royals is beyond me????
    Also remember reading a few years ago about plant based foods and flavour enhances using HEK cells or being cultured used HEK cells.
    Was in America but wouldn’t surprise me if it makes its way here next 🤮

    • Unfortunately British Monarchy (True Israel) has a long and bad reputation of producing wicked kings and queens, starting with King Saul. However, they were/are ALL God’s anointed, for better or worse. That is The Truth. Oh and the 640 criminals in Parliament are NOT God’s anointed, hence their satanic evil behaviour.

      More info here if you’re interested: https://yes2faith.wordpress.com/

  21. I expect they’ll all be canoeing in? Hypocrites, bought and sold all of them

  22. Have we ‘stolen George’s childhood’ as well as Gretas? 😂

  23. It’s been called GREEN WASH for years, by people like me who are prepared to labour to improve or maintain gardens and the environment, working with community growing projects and farms that have been practicing earth care – one of the three principles of permaculture, which also include PEOPLE CARE and EARTH CARE…
    instead of disrupting traffic for free insulation (it’s not that expensive if you know the basics), or pouncing around in totally impractical clothing for working with the earth.
    All these self righteous picks need to grab a spade and do some work that maters, instead of shovelling shit on people who already have common sense about how save the planet. Stop the greedy corporate whores who in reality don’t give a shit about the environment or the average working person, in their quest for what? Profit, wealth, power?
    All this could have been sorted in the 1970s, but for big business interest.

  24. Pope is a low level player. If someone pays respects to the Pope is paying respects to Rothschild. This is the case since Rothschild seized control of Vatican’s finances some time ago.
    If you don’t believe check what happened in the Vatican in 2013 to cash machines and card payments.
    Pope Benedict was smart enough to retire.
    If Francis is not compliant with Rothschild he would be just another COVID death this or last year. The poison has been used on popes in the past long before the vaccines.

  25. the black pope (head of the Jesuits)is the power in the satanic vatican,not the gimp in white;I wonder if all them muppets that go for a audience with him,realise they are worshipping satan,lol

  26. Just my personal opinion:
    1) Despite the trillions spent trying to brainwash the planet that CO2 is the main cause of global warming resulting in extreme climate change, there are many independent scientists who do not agree: https://youtu.be/n-W76C0kkwc
    2) Nuclear power is zero CO2 emissions.
    3) A certain dynastical royal family who are part owners of the Blackrock-Vanguard racket also allegedly own 90% of the worlds uranium mines.
    4) Uranium is the fuel for nuclear reactors.
    4) I could be wrong? sure the trolls will correct me.

  27. Staged event like they all are with this David mp bloke…any excuse to bring in new laws is with a faint false flag as per usual…

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