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  1. I have a “smart simpleton phone” and that’s the way it’s staying. 😊

    • That’s good news I would also suggest to you all to get a hard copy of a book called The Great Controversy by EG White. You can also get an audio online. This book was written in the 1800s and details all that has happened in the passed and what’s happening now but also what will happen in the future.

  2. Hugo, i agree, and see what you see, but i cannot work at all without a shitty smartphone. If i could get away from it, or someone could come up with a replacement device i would be all over it.
    If i dont receive calls or emails no money!!

    • I have the same problem unfortunately. I did get rid of my smart phone for a couple of months but now I have to use apps for work otherwise I don’t get paid. Gutted.

    • Totally agree with you! I pick up work through emails as I’m out and about doing other work that I picked up through emails 😐 and many jobs are “faster finger”!! If I waited till I got back home to check my emails on my laptop, I would have missed out on a lot of work. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place until this rotten system ends and then I can work all day in my garden, growing food and looking after my chickens and sheep, and who knows what other “normal” stuff ❤️

    • Can you not use a PC or laptop, I do. Do you have to instantly answer every message, I doubt it.

    • Ian, you can get android phones that are wiped of Google software.
      So less chance of being tracked for everything you do.

      There are other ways of downloading apps that you need without signing up to Google play store.

      • Not sure what happened to my last comment.
        Can’t seem to add a link for YouTube?
        Just saw a video by The Hill – violent protests show the world is over covid mandates.

        I know you can’t trust them but glad it’s being noticed and picked up that MSM are not covering it.
        Plus they are not violent at all!

      • Please share more knowledge???? Tick Tock ⏰

    • Try the Nokia feature phones. I got my self a Nokia flip its works fine has what’s app and Google account dose the basic stuff

      • From the comments above it’s the WhatsApp and google account to we need to get away from 🤔 they are basically SPY platforns

  3. I now have a easy phone prime A5 lol old school style i got rid of my S10+ 3 months ago and it wasn’t easy. I didn’t realise how much of a hold they have over you. My life has been so much simpler and happier ever since! lets take our lives back – DitchTheSnitch lol….

  4. Article 23, (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is – Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions ….
    Also, with digital cash, God forbid! If I want to buy something off a relative or neighbour, does the digital cash allow for that? Or charitible donations, like Poppy Day, stuff like that?
    Whatever, they cannot sack someone for not being vaccinated, and if they do, it becomes a matter for the courts to rule on.

    • Got 4 adult kids in Melbourne all about to loose their jobs, because they will not be vaccinated. Virtually NOBODY IS fighting for them, so I suspect they’re a test case ‘strong city’ and if the commie police state crush it, and we haven’t supported the fight, then basically it’s coming to a city near you and me. My Son in laws sister has just spent 22 days in jail for speaking out against the Andrews government.

      • Myself and the rest of the thousands of workers in the mines here in West oz have to be vaccinated by the 1st of December or I’m an not permitted to go to work. Do I lose my job, my house my possessions I have worked for for 25 years? I am so ashamed and upset that I am forced into this, knowing full well it has nothing to do with a fake virus that is bombarded upon us through the media 24/7. I think I will actually cry when I am forced against my will and get this putrid gunk injected into my body. But do I have a say? A choice? No.

      • What a brave family. May I wish you all the best in your fight against such a corrupt system/Government.

    • Great ideas and answers mate.. but unfortunately for us the courts are just as much owned by the un seen forces and 1 percenters…they will pretend to do qhats right by us but in the end the courts get dictated to aswel.. they ain’t the highest of England and also many other countries its like coppers nowadays are more funking Bent than the villains .. its a who to trust jobby .. but getting rid of phones will be beneficial to all but for some like the youngers they have been glued to them since birth they will be setting examples for the next generation which is far from good. But one never knows that they may transform with like minded people like us.. I believe there’s more to it than a one app and currency..

  5. Not me , they can fuck right of. I’d rather die then conform to this utter shit show. You will never get people of there smart phones now. Its like people can’t live with out them. Even I have everthing on my phone. Could use my old laptop tho.

    • Do people not see it even if you comply you will still loose everything your own nothing and your be happy or we will put you on lock down for some made up reason

      • Correct! I would rather have nothing than to lose my soul.
        “Trust in Jesus” sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me”
        For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul.
        I want my riches to be in heaven. If it means living in a tent. So be it!
        Does God not feed the birds of the air, or you not worth much more than this.
        Trust in Jesus! I believe this is our test of faith.
        Each and everyone of us will be tested. The hour is upon us.
        We either cave in or put our absolute faith in our father in heaven.
        No hiding place for anyone!
        You choose heaven or hell!

        God is good! Christ is king!

  6. NHS app was always a prototype for them jab passes…
    David icke said last year digital ID will be based around everything you need…
    Where the jabs come in as credit to put on your pass…
    2 jabs a year or pills maybe and you get a year worth of “freedom”…
    People have been sold on the jabs being the cure for this “virus” but is never the case…
    They will continuously do what they are doing now until 80% of the world population is bought and paid for by the system and what they want you to do…
    Carries on then freedom is a distant memory

    • Stuart. If you haven`t already seen it I highly recommend an excellent dystopian film called `In Time` starring Justin Timberlake. The basic premise is that in the future time is the new universal currency. You carry it around with you in your body and exchange it by touch. The tag line is `The rich can live forever , the poor die young`. When your time is up you switch off much like if your pass has zero credits / points.

      • Good film, might be a use of graphene oxide, not ruling anything out, no doubt the rich will create clones and backups.

      • You could well be right Turveyd. As you know in the film your personal time shows as a green digital clock under the skin on your left arm. In real life the quantum dot tattoo being developed by Rice Bio Engineering uses luminous ink which shows up under the skin as a series of dots in much the same way. Just imagine if the credits / points count down in the same way as in the film. As for clones and backups I am thinking `The Island`.

  7. the world of Tech is Nigh. They won’t ditch their phones , I have tried advising but it falls on eeaf ears. Look after number 1 and fight the system.

  8. I’m going to invest in a laptop, then get rid of smartphone, I’ve got a little Nokia for when I’m out and about ❤

  9. I read about this in the Telegraph yesterday morning and was heartened to read 99% of the comments were against. I’ve got a doro phone. Does everything I need and you can’t download any apps. The word “smart” in the name should be changed to “control”. Once you substitute the names it all makes sense.

  10. Just seen a video onYT, where someone opened a new box of Kellogues cornflakes, took some out crush them on paper, then took a magnet and put it on top, then moved th crushed flakes and deposited the bits off the magnet and moved them around the paper up to the edge and away. Fortified with iron or graphene?

  11. The trouble is the UK is turning all land lines into digital phones by 2025. It has already happened in my area. If you don’t want that either, how do we phone each other?

    • You can own a smartphone but just don’t download any apps to it.

    • Old style mobiles! They make calls, texts and have torch! Had mine for years, never bought into the seductive smartphone balony.

  12. Hugo mate,its over.Whom don’t you see without their Smart phone, everybody, the Majority.If this turns out to be Fact and hope it does not it has already played out with No resistance.As we talk it marches on, step by step, video by video….

    • I pray it doesn’t but where the smart phone is concerned I really do think your right. Its to late have you been on a tube lately ? Everones looking down at there phone. Its like there hypnosis. Never been afaird of covid and all the crap that gos with it. This on the other hand is scary stuff. Thankful there are people that will not go along with it all. We need to come together as from where I stand I’m on my own. Iv lost friends my family most everone I no is just lapping this shit up. As for the smart phone. We are fucked it’s to late now. There here to stay.

  13. I have a “smart phone” a friend gave it to me,, it lives securely locked in a lead lined casket where it belongs!

    • Maybe we could encourage a few `special` people to join it. And then bury it 6ft down.

  14. On a slightly different tack but very relevant did anyone notice how very underhand this went under the radar.
    Public Health England’ has been dropped, and from 1 October 2021 it’s called the ‘UK Health SECURITY Agency’. This sounds very sinister, and after reading this official link we should be very wary of it. We were never asked about this, and why has it been sneaked through with no public fanfare via MSM?”

    • The commission arm if of the NHS ”’Clinical Commissioning Groups” along with Local Authorities and the POLICE are joining forces in March 2022 as “Integrated Care Systems” which have most recently and worryingly been introduced in Australia. The key line following their first meeting was around ”SAFE houding”, very sinister. Also theGoverment is introducing new rules around Community Deprivation of Liberty safeguards, again coming in March 2022. The NHS are supporting all this.

  15. Tomorrow is the last day for my smartphone and tablet. Hello to home WiFi. I totally agree with Hugo.

  16. Thank you Hugo for all the work you do. I do my bit by sharing everywhere in the hope of waking up at least one person! My smartphone is gone and I am about to purchase a simple no app one, I never give my number to anyone in authority anyway – I don’t care who they are. I just say I do not have a mobile and you can contact me on my landline and leave a message, which I can ignore if I so choose, or send me a letter. Sorted.

  17. Let me put this into military terms. I have three words for a smart phone………Chain Of Command.

  18. I understand Hugo. I am so addicted to my smart phone. It is my best friend that I can’t throw away unfortunately. Not having my smart phone is similar not to having my life. What I suggest is not to download their App, lock my phone in my bedroom and won’t mention to anyone that I have it. Honestly, it is impossible to throw away my darling friend. Life would be meaningless to me 🙌

  19. Northern Australia 30 days for death jab or lose your job, all jobs from the look of it and a $5000 fine, MADNESS!!

    USA 2 more airlines on strike so 3 in total, reason being pilots dying of clotts from jabs so not wanting and don’t want to fly, pilot on Delta died from the look of it,mid flight but there trying to hush it up.

    ADE should/might start to kick in soon, if it hasn’t already, lots more “Sudden Deaths” or ” after a short illness ”

    Heard the people limping from 2 weeks back from clots, didn’t see any then, seen a few today, see if more tomorrow or a blip.

    Smart Phone is fine, just don’t install Government crap on it. Would like the peace at times of no phone mind, but at times good, so tricky.

  20. No smartphones for us. In fact the network provider we’re on wants to do away with our PAYG plan in January. so sod them. We’re in a lucky position that we can stand our ground and not give in, and find a way round. But there are many that have been tied unwittingly into the system already, and i understand how bloody hard things could get.

  21. This is the British equivalent of the Chinese Credit Score system.

    • I’m totally fucked then. My credit score is shit anyways. Lol and I couldn’t care less now.

  22. “The smartphone is the harbinger of doom..”
    You are so bang on with that Hugo.
    It’s a total free will situation and so easy to live without one.
    Ditch it, and leave the the NWO floundering in no man’s land.

  23. Technology give people way too much control and I’m afraid it’s too late. So far I have a regular touch screen for now, but I was given a free smartphone through a relative that I ended up selling for a carton of cigarettes!

  24. I have a ‘smartphone’ but have never and will never download any gov owned apps. Never downloaded the track n trace app. (so i never got pinged).
    I wish i could just chuck it away but i need it for work. plus i’m bound by contract till near the end of next year. So i have to make do for now

  25. Have been sh1tphone free now for two months, its easy, you can make all the excuses you want, you can do without it

  26. I agree that people have become dependent on smartphones. But the problem is we’re all embedded in technology. Even if we get rid of the smartphone and use a laptop or PC, the digital ecosystem we log in to will be the same.Makes no difference whether it’s from a phone or computer. They can still track you! The only way is to go completely off grid, and who’s prepared to do that? Just saying…

  27. That LOTR image reminds me of the Olympics 2012 finale! Anyone see that at the time?

    • Cash money. I understand tho most bills now are paid by direct debt and if you don’t have a bank account u simple don’t count. Its so much more complicated then just ditching the smart phone. U can bank with a laptop in fact the laptop is better. Its everthing really just going to the shops ur looked at like u got 2 heads if you pay with cash. All these new self service machines in tescos extra and I mean the new machines apparently they don’t take cash ? I could be wrong Its just what I heard. I hate the way the world is going and its happening faster then I thought. As long as people don’t go along with it it will be impossible to keep track of ever single person in the country. It seems the only ones that will be of the radar are the dingy people that land and run of into the crowd. Keep track of that lot. Lol I think that’s more important. Also all the illegal s that are already here using fake identity.

  28. They may pull the plug on 2g phones, they can say 2g is not longer compatible with the network. Actually I read some time ago that 2 g sooner or later will be phased out, but this was in EU.

  29. research a model of smartphone that can be rooted and install a custom rom on it. Don’t install the Gapps package (google apps). Be Google free (as far as possible) download .apk files for apps that you ‘need’ from alternative sites by searching with duckduckgo (be aware that some won’t run without google play services, but most essential things do) use telegram not whatsapp and ditch facebook.

    • I have to admit I do use facebook. But I control what I put on there and don’t let facebook control me. It is useful as a mass media tool. I have put up posts previously to spread info about how Boris was obviously never in hospital and it was all made up by the bbc (there is clear evidence of this). So hopefully some people were able to realize what their agenda was.

  30. In Mar 2020 I got a text from someone claiming to be Boris telling me to stay at home. Since I didn’t remember giving Boris my number I realized that it must be a scam so I ignored it. If everyone else had done the same thing we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  31. If you have got a smartphone just download any app simple only the people that brag about have these app’s like to do this, and say I got nothing to hide.
    There will be more thief’s stealing these phones or any one else phone as it would have lots of useful identity of a person.

  32. Hugo, you are a modern prophet in the wilderness. The signs and the times people, its high time to take heed… You’ve been warned.

  33. I only watch about 30 seconds of your videos now dude , all the same depressing bollax over and over ………….

    • Ahh diddims. Never mind, there’s plenty of other sites on the net you can whinge about.

    • Guy has a particular vision in the way he sees this Stage and the acts played upon it , come on there times when he has opened your eyes . You mentioned depressing bollax take a look at the World its all depressing bollox but its how you use this depressing bollox. Maybe laugh in the face of adversity then again maybe 30mg or maybe bottle of scotch or just watch 30 seconds and miss the message…

    • It is I agree . Let’s pray these things don’t happen hey. I’m thinking it might be to late. People seem happy in there stupidity. It is very depressing when u no the truth and everone around u chooses to blindly follow the crowd. Lemmings all walking to the edge of the cliff or jumping already , only time will tell the full facts of the last 18 months of brainwashed fucking pricks.

    • It will and if these apps crash which they do already then come on 1 app for everything. Just make sure u keep up to date with your paper ID cause 1 app just isn’t gonna cut it. There’s a lot of hackers out there and they will nick people ID u don’t need to nick the actual phone to do that. Not that I no much about these things but it gos on already . So it would get worse of that I have no doubt. It’s plan stupidity the world would be a bigger mess then it is now. Finger prints and all that shit. Where there’s a will there’s a way. People will be stealing and using other people’s ID make no mistake. We have come so far with technology they have literally let given people the tools to fuck the lot up so it comes crashing down. Think about it. There’s a lot of very clever people out there that are technology minded and totally against all of this or will use it to take everything idiots have. Its called fraud it gos on everyday.

      • They want it all to crash and the quickest easiest way to do this is to get everyone to hand over everything then tell them oh no there has been a siba attack don’t worry it should only take a couple of months for us to sort out so to stop them hackers we may have to reboot everything so may loose power for a bit so on and so on

  34. News on the day!!!

    PCR Tests proven be be pointless, no never, there going, but being replaced by a new cheaper PH test, so entire last 20months was based on fake tests LOL

    New Variant, why they had to Open border with the USA to pretend it spread here, is blood clots and it evades the jabs luckily as only the jabbed will be dying to cover up the jab clots and I guess the sheep will buy it 🙁 even they have to be getting suss here!

    More disturbing, seen photo’s people have seen can’t tell country english speaking so here?? Mobile Crematorium Van’s, they’ll turn up, shout bring out your dead, drag them into the back and bish bosh bash ashes 10mins later, that’s how many deaths we are expecting and soon.

    Can you make this crap up well they can! 🙁

      • They had the crematorium vans in China last year, coming soon to a street near you.

  35. cheers hugo

    you have indeed been warning this
    i have listened hugo fella
    got myself a laptop bout month back
    theses things are not cheap i agree
    but i feel better for paying out for it.

    I have no idea what i doing on it half
    the time lol… but i giving it a go!

    Have great day to u All

  36. Protests worldwide yet most i talk to know nothing about them😷….
    All i heard last 2 days is people banging on about booster jabs😷…
    I say nothing now and let them stick themselves with that shite…
    They wont be so cock sure of themselves later on down the line…
    Even switch off when my family say they are having them..
    Couldnt care a less now

    • “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.” – Author Unknown

  37. Hi I think the covid-19 is now over because our village shop has been refitted out with no counter covers at all and no mass by any of the staff so I presume as a good sign that but what I can hear now their own with climate control going to shut his staying with that from time to time just thought you’d like to know what I found out today Andy

  38. It’s all closing in as we knew, it comes as no suprise, vile as it is. Their term for us is “the vulgar and profane” and the plan these global elites have for us is dire. Will never give in to them to the end.

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