Listen To Aussie Teacher SECRET Recording Brainwashing Kids Over JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown


102 Comments on “Listen To Aussie Teacher SECRET Recording Brainwashing Kids Over JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Sorry did he say rules. If rhatvteacher did that to my son I would physically destroy him

  2. Anybody else had a bloody gut full of this shit…i am torn from people in some aspects now…
    The sheep and the normal folk…
    Normal free thinkers i mainly know but the others i just cannot stand being around…
    They can get jabbed 50 times a year all i care and probably believe children should be jabbed as well…

    • Thankfully those kids sound very switched on… Good for them… Also, thankfully lots of kids tend to stick together when they have similar opinions so atleast some of those will be okay. 👍🏻

  3. Disgusting, what are these people thinking. I feel sick to my stomach 🤮🤮

  4. His strings are clearly being pulled by his employers, fearing for his job not the safety of his students! Disgusting display of fear mongering and propaganda in the classroom, thankfully the kids seem to be switched on and aren’t falling for his bullshit! I thought schools were there to teach our kids to make informed decisions in their lives, it seems all they are now are brainwashing facilities!

  5. This scumbag needs arrest for violating all 10 rules of the Neuremberg code and facilitating GENOCIDE!!! Punishment: DEATH!!! No mercy!!!

  6. This lair needs to be struck off with immediate effect! This disgusting wretch has blood on his hands.

    • They are trying all ways to brainwash the children.
      His attempts I.think have backfired the children are showing they’re not easily indoctrinated.
      Praise.the Lord.and God Bless all these children. Keep them safe from these narcissitic bullies.

  7. Great to hear the kids resisting. Sounds like they could teach him a thing or two about critical thinking.

  8. I am pretty sure that heat seeking Teacher Drones are available and maybe able to reach people like him , especially as he seems to be talking a lot of Hot Air and Steaming BULLSHIT 💩💩💩💩!!. 54321 zero and hopefully well on target.😂😂😂😂😆

    • At least some of those kids were speaking up . He was talking bollocks and I don’t think most kids of that age would listen to him. He kept talking them down the wanker. Unfucking believable what’s going on. It this stage I actually think if there parents are for this fucking jab then u can guarantee there kids are. So it’s p to them. I’m for any kid that can stand there ground and say NO. I simple have had enough of it all. People have the jabs or like me they don’t. I actually don’t care anymore.x

  9. At least it sounds like those kids are on to the fact that the guy is a control freak but others saddled with a teacher like that are probably not so savvy.

  10. What a piece of filth this teacher is treating those poor kids like that, and it is very good to see that those kids are really clued up on everything and are standing up to this sick bully!! What a sick and evil piece of scum he is!!!!!!!

  11. Brilliant the kids give him it bk at the end. He is as low as you can go as a human bring on this winter let see what happens to who………..

  12. Love how the kids know more than him. His response “I’m talking”

  13. This guy sounds like PC Principal from the horrific gentrification /pc overload season 19 of South Park. This pandemic is starting to feel like the entire run of this satricical animated seried, which I hope will end – as in the movie – with the execution of Bill Gates.

    • Possibility he’s already been executed ( or taken away for ever and hidden ), since the rumour ZERO new films with his oddness in 🙂

  14. They saw right through his bullshit, gotta love enquisitive questioning kids

  15. Try doing your job and start teaching the children critical thinking and enjoying life instead repeating your perceived ‘rules’ and mental torturing them …what a c£&t

  16. The students thought through this more than he has. The children were pushing back, and that makes me happy.

    • Mannix, even after all the… ‘I’m telling you now’ bollox, they knew it was crap advice.
      He’s read about a pandemic… Something happening to the unjabbed??
      What a complete brainwashed bell end!!

      With a 99.7% chance of nothing happening… I’ll take my chances.

  17. This will only end when the people rise up and drag all these sort of people from their homes and publicly lynch them in the streets… marching and protesting is doing nothing, maybe citizens arrest and if that don’t work then lynch them. The people are only protecting themselves

  18. It’s time to tackle these cunts head on now, they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about but seem to act like they’re some kind of God, some font of all knowledge and everyone better shut up and do what they say or else. He needs a size 10 hobnail boot kicking right into his knackers.

  19. The kids sounded intelligent with good reasoning skills and were just getting shut down by this bully of a teacher.

  20. Those kids were way smarter than him and a damn sight more composed too. What a Twatt,

      • You may have a point! The way the children ‘question’ his comments perhaps shows less ‘respect/love’ that they would have to a regular teacher who sees them every day. They talk back at him as if he is a complete stranger. Your comment maybe spot on. I see that this video cant be streamed in Aussie Land due to censorship…… and the sheep STILL believe its about a Killer Virus! 🤣

  21. I was glad to hear the kids pushing back and hopefully that means they’ll refuse the jab BUT that so called teacher needs is a control freak and probably on the jab pushing payroll too…he was not prepared to let those kids, who I might add are far more clued up than him, say one damn word!!!!

  22. This teacher is a monster and should not be around children. So glad my children are adults

    • Absolutely this person shouldn’t even be around kids is a danger to them.

  23. Just teacher should be struck off
    For his scaremongering person and telling great lies to children in fact I would let this person anywhere near any kids how the hell can you compare a seatbelt with a covid coronavirus or cough cold and flu and probably pneumonia as well.

  24. This is the sort of person that most are up against.
    The ones that make their feelings known.
    Other teachers not indoctrinated need to make their feelings known, even if the state sponsors a Boris Jonestown type cult member.

  25. According to the Australian government’s own website ( 1 person under the age of 20 has died of or with Covid-19 in the whole of Australia since this so-called pandemic started. That’s ONE person.
    You have to fight these idiots with their own facts.

  26. I would of taken my child out of that school. That teacher sounded like a nasty piece of work spiting government propaganda.

  27. He’s completely incapable of any real discussion and therefore won’t entertain any questions or opinion from even these young kids. It’s exactly the same on most radio stations, any attempt at debate is shut down. WELL DONE KIDS , KEEP RECORDING !

    • As someone mentioned earlier, this clown could possibly be a supply teacher or just a ‘Get Your Vaxtermination Jab’ seller who has been bussed-in to sell this nonsense.

  28. Cant listen to the rest after that worm said people will turn there nose up against being “vaccinated”….If its not the media its schools etc….
    Afraid to say there will be a two tier society as one half will be the complicit brainwashed ones and the other the normal joes that just want to get on with there lives and choose to do so and not by being governed by blatant lies and scaremongering…

  29. What a wanker! Acting as though he can’t spread it himself. Proud of the kids who spoke at the end saying they hadn’t been allowed to have any say. That was just a tirade by a coward willing to put children at risk to protect himself. If I had children I wouldn’t want him teaching them.

  30. The kids were way smarter than the teacher. Great push back!
    Loved it when (after the the teacher said “I’m talking” ) – kid said: “you have been talking for 20 mins straight, nice if we could maybe gave a minute here or there, don’t you think” …or words to that effect 🙂

  31. Hey teacher leave them kids alone all in all your just another sheep in the hall

  32. This teacher is a dirty filthy disgusting disgrace and should be in jail for what he is doing to innocent children! He is a bottom feeder like a paedophile!

  33. Kids putting the sheep straight, he’s not getting any takers there 🙂

    It’s not about you, your taking it to save others, what kinda illogical PC brain washed shit is that madness.

    I really hope they go, this hoax is a test and basically we hate sheep, so we’ve killed you all, sadly I think they’ll come for us hard!

  34. That cunt needs his head chopped off! Fair play to the kids for pulling him up for not allowing to debate the subject!

  35. That “teacher” is a vile representation of his craft. Using his perceived power to cajole these kids…. He said one true thing and that was that these kids are intelligent. Unluckily for him that also means they can see through his paper thin, pointless, waffle, and I’m glad some of them pointed it out to him.
    His entire monologue was empty of anything they could grab a hold of and make a decision with…. Vapid, barren, white noise..
    There is no chance he could hold is own in a room full of these children’s minds in adult bodies because he wouldn’t be able to keep grunting, “UH!” And get away with it without being put straight.
    He should stick to his text books and set curriculum that he’s had year after year to memorize and let the next generation of free thinkers think freely.

  36. That teacher needs to be arrested!absolute scumbag!it must be a sizable payoff!

  37. You send your children to school to learn to read and write and do maths and other things not to be preached at about a jab. Disgusting. The parents should complain. It was good the children stood their ground and gave him a bit of stick. He wouldn’t let them give their points of view. You can see why people want to take their children out of school if this is what goes on.

    • Actually this video gives me hope that the children in society will NOT bend over and accept this vaxtermination jab. These edgey kids weren’t sold on the idea, thank goodness. I hope MANY MANY others feel the same….. time will tell.

  38. Just listening to this absolute moron has made my blood boil! If I ever heard anyone in a role of authority speaking to my children like that about this bs I’d have to physically assault them because obviously trying to reason with an asshat like that is impossible.
    I’m angry more so today as my younger brother who lives a distance away admitted to getting both jibjabs when I was speaking to him. As soon as he told me I could of cried, he’s always been on-board with what I and everyone on here believes but was pressured into getting it by his wife and our extended family. I’m so shocked and saddened that someone normally so strong and opinionated has given in to this absolute shite. Several months ago at a family gathering he was arguing with my aunt about the risks of the jab and reeling off all of the side affects and death rates saying it was still in trial and there was no way he was getting it. Yet here we are, how many more woke people will eventually just roll over??

  39. The things I’m hearing get worse every day, I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone, my god what’s wrong with these people, they are totally brainwashed or have been promised something. Nothing is mentioned on main stream that this jab is experimental, (and extremely dangerous) and scum like this are trying to push it onto children.

  40. Deploying emotional blackmail too. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour! 😤 As for implying that the wearing of a seat belt saves lives, many have died as a consequence of doing so because the seat belt has been the cause of fatal injury. That was the position when my sons life was taken, including his friend, the driver of the vehicle. The seat belt ruptured the aorta, so this teacher knows diddly squat! 😤

    • Love to you, Teresa. Keep believing in the future and hope, like us, that it is better than the past. X

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